Let there be white! And black. Teen boy’s bedroom progress.

Teen boy's bedroom progress - wood shelves against a black wall | funkyjunkinteriors.net
Work, work, work continues on the boy’s room. And I am making progress! Although it is going slow.

There were so many undone things in this room that needed attention. And now I know why I didn’t take the time to do it before.

Because I had never done some of this stuff before.

Avoid much?

Case in point…

repairing drywall
We’ve all used drywall filler before I’m pretty sure, but I’ve never really repaired gaping holes in walls with drywall before.

And I won’t even say they turned out amazing. Drywallers, you will never have to worry about me taking over your world! I will call you when the going get’s real tough. Promise.

But I could manage these little areas. Plus, they’ll get covered THANK GOODNESS in a wall treatment idea anyway.

I even learned how to fix a big HOLE in another wall. Then I did two! I’ll simulate what I learned in a blog post soon, because a dark hallway did not make fantastic pictures. But not without trying first though.

So, my pie in the sky plan was to paint the entire room white, with one black feature wall. I wanted it light and bright, for a modern edge, yet cozy and still interesting.

chalkboard wall before
Teen boy's bedroom progress - white walls and a black door
4 coats later… whew!

This wall will get another painted chalkboard wall, but this time it’ll be framed in reclaimed wood, and compliment the wall, rather than take it over.

Did you notice the black door?

White farmhouse moulding around a black interior door | funkyjunkinteriors.net
I haven’t really blogged about this yet because I never work on it? but I’m changing all the hallway doors to have farmhouse styled trim like I did on my bathroom window. This is the only one that’s done so far. 

But on a whim, I tried the door in chocolate, then left it for a year, then decided it should be black just now.

LOVE the black! So all the doors upstairs shall be black. Which will really ramp up this white room in a neat way too.

boy's bedroom before
Teen boy's bedroom progress - wood shelves against a black wall | funkyjunkinteriors.net
Once the entire room wore white, it was time to tackle that back wall. Solid black.

Actually, I chose a black that was like a SUPER dark grey. Or warm black. It looked black regardless.

But goodness, it’s gorgeous against the wood! I love it SO much.

And as soon as THAT paint was dry…

Teen boy's bedroom progress - wood shelves against a black wall | funkyjunkinteriors.net
I just had to play. Can I get an amen to that?

Please ignore the pillow… it’s a t-shirt wrapped around a pillow form.

And the bins… not sure how that’ll all work out yet.

But I did crack open the new bedding to try it out.

Teen boy's bedroom progress - wood shelves against a black wall | funkyjunkinteriors.net
Oh, it’s looking so good! As soon the bed was staged, I jumped on it and played on my phone, while both cats sniffed every square inch to check things out.

Teen boy's bedroom progress - wood shelves and wicker storage against a black wall | funkyjunkinteriors.net
The bedding (from Ikea) is distinguished! Love how it’s textured grey on one side and grey striped on the other.

I’m still a little uncertain to the tone of the pine shelf. Untreated pine goes dark and yellowy over time.

I tried a dark wax on part, but that is a ton of work, doing all those shelves, so I may just live with the wood as is, and marry the tones into the wall treatments I have planned.

Anyone know how to remove 6 inches of dark wax? 🙂 And any other suggestions are most welcome!

Regardless, the wood is delicious against that black wall!

And so while, not done, this side of the room is looking pretty comfy!

boy's blue and beige bedroom before
boy's bedroom progress - white walls
I also bought a little closet kit from Walmart that will need installing.

Not sure what to do about the closet doors yet… the bifolds broke, so I’ll either replace, or dream up something else.

Edited to add: there isn’t room for a barn door to fully open. Loved that idea though! (via comments)

boy's bedroom progress - white walls
LOTS to do. And not the best view while on that pretty bed.

But hey… at least it’s finally white!

What would you suggest for the closet doors? Or orangey wood shelf? How about window treatments? Do I need any? And any other suggestions are welcome too!

See all the boy’s room progress HERE

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38 thoughts on “Let there be white! And black. Teen boy’s bedroom progress.

  1. Well you know my view on window treatments – a simple bamboo style blind might be a good way to go. I love the black door idea I believe you’ve started a new trend. White in our home with farm life and dogs is just to difficult to keep clean.

    • Oh, I’ve been seeing lots of black doors online lately, that’s kinda what gave me the kick in that direction. I really love it!

      But they do show more dust… there’s always something, isn’t there? LOL

  2. Donna I love what you are doing and I bet you son will too. How about a barn door for the closet — it looks like there will be enough room to slide it to the left. And I know you could make one!

    • Hey Rose! A barn door was one of the first things I dreamed about, but sadly, there isn’t room to fully open it, which would become an issue. But I do have an idea in getting the look without the issues… I hope it works!

  3. My kids demanded some sort of window treatment so they could sleep in! I agree with Carole, bamboo blinds would work and tie in with the wooden shelves. What if you would take a piece of plywood and upholster it, then attach it to the shelves like a headboard? Use an old blanket for the padding and cover it with coffee bags like you have done with cushions. It would make the whole thing very custom! Plus, his pillows wouldn’t fall off the head of his bed!

    • The blinds on the windows now cut out light 100%, they are crazy cool! Kinda disappear when not used which is nice. But they don’t add beauty to the room by a longshot. I’ll think about the bamboo idea, that would look nice!

      I also already tried a headboard, but removed it. It wasn’t the right kind, so I will rethink up something cool… diggin’ the coffee bag reference!

    • Yeah, I tried that on the tall posts going up, but it made the other exposed wood even more orange in comparison. It’s like you either have to cover it ALL up or just leave it alone and work with it. I don’t have enough for a complete cover, but it sure is a tempting thought!

      Maybe I’ll have to watch out for more broken fences… LOL

  4. Depending on the direction that window faces, I would go with a solar-type shade that lets you see out, but prevents glare–maybe a nice light gray or white that wouldn’t break up the feeling of space. I have some in my kitchen topped with valances I made to soften the look slightly. It would be awesome if you could find or make a simple tailored valance in the pin-stripe fabric that could hang from a black rod with the little clip holders–that’s what I used for my kitchen valances so they are not too full or fussy-looking. Have fun–looks great!

  5. Barn door on the closet. I would paint the wood shelves a light gray. I know you love the bare wood, but it would pop. A lot of work now that it’s installed. What do you think?

    • I totally thought of painting the entire thing. I have one painted out white with reclaimed wood supports behind it in my blogging office and LOVE it, but I painted it when it was in pieces all over my driveway one summer. It was a LOT of work, there’s lots of nooks and crannies to these things! But the effort was so worth it.

      That may be what I ultimately do with this too. I was just trying to make the wood work for now if possible. It really adds warmth paint can’t… hard to portray it all in photos.

      I think I’ll get more wood up in the room, then assess that part again. Thanks for your ideas, Laurie!

  6. Donna, for the wood shelves with plastic bins how about fronting the whole thing with shutter doors or doors made from bi-fold doors, maybe painted white? It might sort of look like a headboard if you plan on keeping the bed there. Or keep them natural wood if that is your look.
    Just an image that came to mind when I saw your photo. Good luck.

    • Ahh… doors are an interesting thought! Maybe some here and there even…

      I really love the open feel the shelf offers with the black wall showing through. Maybe different bins…

      I totally have to do away with the plastic bins. Hide them elsewhere! Wish me luck… LOL

  7. Hi…how interesting!
    Yes i also love the idea of a (sliding?)barn door..how cool would that be? is there room for it? and i agree with the idea of some sort of headboard, even if it was just plain plywood with stain; our pillows end up down below every night because no headboard. I love your concept and everything you do , even if it is not my style. On you it looks good! I am not a fan of the plastic bins..that’s just me. i understand the ease of use ..but i think i would at least hide them with bamboo blinds..but that’s me. Or more basket type bins.But after all, he is a BOY!
    I am excited to see the finished project, so, you go , girl!

    • Sadly, no room for a sliding barn door, but I do have an idea to give some doors that look!

      A headboard that compliments the shelf would be a great idea, still trying to figure out a look. I tried reclaimed wood already and it just didn’t work with the tone of the shelving unit.

      Ditto on the plastic, these were toy bins from his youth. I just need to ditch more, hide them or find new COOL looking bins with lids…

      Those baskets would be sweet, I have lots, but I’d have to figure out the dust issue.

      Thanks for your thoughts, Bernice!

      • Hi again…I just realized i replied to ‘no reply” ..what a doofus!

        Anyway i said….”well ….we are WAITING! Anxiously! for future results!

        I just sent your post on the window mouldings to my hubs. We just put an offer on a small house in Salem oregon area. I need a window sill big enough for my future cat to sit on! hahaha And I like the simplicity of what you did.

        Have you run into lead paint issues? This house is pre 1978…dont know if there is lead based paint in there anymore. But it concerns me.

        btw…why arent your fur babies in more pictures??? They are a draw to get us to look at all your posts! ?I missed them , but you said they were there. We need more of those guys!

  8. I’m so not handy. I do have a strong aversion to bifold doors. I like the idea of old shutters for a closet, each one hinged at the wall,opening with a knob to pull the shutter open. Easy peasey, and has a cool junky vibe.

  9. Donna that back wall combined with the pine shelving is perfect! I don’t know if you are going to keep the bed there, but it looks nice and the unit can be like a headboard of sorts. For the closet, you can either add a barn door or you can just leave it like that and organize it nicely. Of course, if your son is like my boys then you won’t want to go that route. haha!

  10. Wondering about bamboo shades for windows and closet. maybe even a couple on the shelving unit to hide plastic tubs. I probably wouldn’t put them on the entire shelving unit it might be too much ch, but one or two areas might be ok. Can’t wait to see it all done.

  11. With the pine shelving; my suggestion would be to face-frame the horizontal posts with reclaimed wood. Also frame the edges of the shelves to give them more heft. And your farmhouse window framing technique would look great above the shelves, taking them all the way up to the ceiling. With all the wood going on, I’d make a very low-profile upholstered headboard that doesn’t eat up lots of visual space.Maybe with a cool funky junk clip-on reading lamp. You could totally do a barn door for the closet by custom building a bi-fold one that looks like a solid door when closed and adding faux hardware above. I’m really liking everything you’ve done so far! I’m looking forward to the final reveal.

  12. Hey Donna! So good to have a chance to comment. Been busy as a bee here. Maybe getting different bins would make a difference on the shelves and painting the wood a shade of grey would look great. It’s amazing the amount of choices there are for storage bins and you could find something that would still go with your style and look sleek and grown up for a teenage boy. You are right, the wood does yellow over time. We had a closet with no doors and we hung a really nice floor length tab curtain on a rod. It’s easy to slide back and forth and it’s a neutral color so it goes well with everything. What about painter’s drop cloths. I’ve read where some make curtains out of them and even upholster furniture. Could you frame the closet out with something like barnwood? Something with a weighty look. Seeing the trim around your black door gave me that idea. If your shades do a good job of keeping out the light, then maybe keep them and finish the windows with some shutters or a wood framing that would maybe tie in with the closet. Or even again, just some simple curtains from a drop cloth, or a sheet. Oh, ideas, ideas, and more ideas. I had fun thinking them up and sure wish someone would come in and do my house. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing the progress.

  13. That’s coming on really well! It looks like a lot of work, but well worth it. I have a wardrobe that has like a roller blind; strong fabric is attached to a wood panel at top and threaded through a pole at the bottom. If you add ties, you can hold it up open if you are putting things away or close it for a clean look (mess hiding). I didn’t make mine unfortunately, but I think it wouldn’t be hard to do and if you don’t like sewing you can use wonder-web, no fraying material or even something like pvc. I am really enjoying catching up with all your posts after being bogged down with studying. I feel so optimistic about getting things done, very inspiring – thank you! Ness x

  14. hmmm I don’t think the barn door subject has been visited enough. LOL for real though, could you install a track on the ceiling that runs from the closet to the right in front of the alcove? That looks to be enough clearance and as long as whatever is in the alcove doesn’t stick out, it might work. He would just need to keep the door rolled over in front of the closet when he needs access to whatever is in the alcove.
    Oh, just thought that perhaps a floor roller might be needed on the bottom to help with stability.

  15. Hi Donna,
    Have you thought about trying to remove the wax and then “oxiding” the wood with a vinegar and steel wool wash or with a tea wash? Then, could you use the bi-fold doors on the closet if you took them apart at the center hinges and put hinges on the sides, so they open in the center, instead of folding in the center? Although I do like the idea of the barn door on a long track to go to the left or right of the closet. 🙂 Have fun!

    For the window, you could make a valance with your barn wood, just over the top, and make a little display shelf for some of his favorite toys, so he can see them now and then, out of the bins. Something like what you’ve done in your entryway. Cheers!

  16. Hi Donna,

    I would just sand down that area where you tested the stain…it’s pine so should sand pretty easy I would think.

    If you did paint or stain them a nice ash grey would pop against the black wall and tie in with the bedding…just an idea.


  17. You’ll get there Donna…just keep plugging away… I love the contrast with the black and white and the raw wood with both.

    I’m also working on a room for our son. He is 18, a senior in HS, and a really great kid. I wasn’t sure when he aid he wanted to paint his walls burnt orange, but even asks for so little. So they shall be orange. Sigh…just hoping I can pull it all together.

  18. First off, great job on replacing the drywall. It may not be pretty, but you did it right! What about some sort of wood valance, maybe with some black pipes in there somewhere. Or maybe using the black pipes as curtain rods for a valance? Since this is your son’s room (boys = needs to be durable) why not make some sort of salvaged door for the closet. Doesn’t need to go all the way to the top or all the way to the bottom. Kind of like homemade shutters maybe? I’m kinda thinking about the black door idea for my home. I have cheap hollow wood doors that I painted, but don’t much care for the color, black may be the key……

  19. I love that bedding from IKEA! I bought the same when I was near a store in August … it was a splurge for me. It reminds me of old-fashioned “ticking” material, which I’m having a hard time finding in the fabric stores here in Saskatchewan. The room is looking great!

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