The Croods… the movie that moved me

The Croods Movie Poster

 My son and I needed to get out of the house today, so we took in the new movie, The Croods.

I had never even heard of it before, but being the movie buffs we are, if something sounds remotely good, we’ll likely go. The trailer sold me so off we went!

Without spoiling anything other than the storyline, this pre-historic family doesn’t get out much. Dad is overly protective of his family and they hibernate inside their cave except when they need to go catch something to eat, which doesn’t fly for the ambitious daughter that wants more out of life.

Things change though. Evolution takes place and they are chased out of the only home they know, and tossed into a world all new to them. A world of colour, new creatures, the ocean… and light.

The Croods

The attraction for them appears to be ‘the light’. They desire to move towards the light for a better chance at life.

The road leading to the light was incredibly gorgeous, but also scary and dangerous. You had to keep your wits about yourself, and simply believe you’d make it.

We emerged out of the theatre totally upbeat! It was an AMAZING movie with nonstop action. It made us laugh right out loud, but mostly highly entertained us. My son had wanted more popcorn but there wasn’t a chance I was leaving!

The Croods movie

After we walked out of the theatre, the crisp coldness caught me off guard. I hadn’t remembered it being that chilly going in. That’s when I realized the sunlight was peeking behind the theatre by that time.

The smile grew wide on my face, as I ‘head for the light.’ And put everything I watched into perspective…

The walk towards the sunlight struck me odd. It wasn’t that far away, yet the walk felt like it was. It was as if the light was backing away from me as I head towards it, just to make things a little more challenging.

The Croods movie

 Once I finally got there, the brightness took a moment to adjust to. But it felt great, removing the bite from the air. Hmmm…. are you following all this?

The Croods movie

The movie’s story could have been me. Actually, I’m embarrassed to say, it IS me.

I’ve been avoiding following my own light for some time. Excuses really.  They just seemed too far off. Too impossible. Too… exposed to the elements. I’d have to make an effort I wasn’t sure I was ready for. So many doubts, so many things to say no to. Because staying in my cave was much safer.

And walking towards that light has been a self imposed long stretch. It’s hard to be light on your feet when your’e digging in your heels along the way!

There was just no finer wakeup call than what this movie provided.


And then on the way home, wouldn’t you know it… we were driving in the shade once again heading for the light… seriously?!

Something tells me this light metaphor is here to stay. Croods, I’m not sure if I’m annoyed or glad I watched you!

This stalling thing? It’s really dumb. If you are handed something really amazing, aren’t you worth it?

If you’ve been stalling in life, go see the movie. I’m curious if you feel as guilty as I do… 🙂

Who else is stalling? 

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28 thoughts on “The Croods… the movie that moved me

  1. You have no idea how much I needed to read this today! Thank you! I resigned from my job last week. It’s time for me to start walking towards the light. I may even go to the movies today. 🙂

  2. I’m right there with you, and scared to death! And I think I have 10-12 years on you? I just got laid off from my job by government budget cuts, just as warmer weather and sunshine is about to bust out all over the place-sounds like a sign to me?! I had already decided when school is out I am going for it, but now it all seems even more doable.

    Thanks for the great post and the extra push I needed. Oh, and the awesome movie review! (have you thought of a 2nd or 10th job writing movie reviews? you’re a great writer!)

    Have a good day!

  3. Oh, Donna….that drive on the way back home is amazing! I wish we lived near some mountains. It is so beautiful. How lucky you are! I’ve been wanting to see this movie. I’m thinking now of taking my niece and nephew since I didn’t get to do anything with them on spring break. Sounds like a fun time! Amazing that you took something so personal from this movie! I’ll look for a deeper meaning for myself.

    Thank you for sharing !

    • Patty, I had the same thoughts when driving home. While at a red light on the higher overpass, everywhere I turned, the mountains circled me. I felt so fortunate to live so close to them!

      Try googling ‘banff Alberta’ for a real jaw dropper mountain view. You won’t believe your eyes.

  4. I think Croods sounds like a movie we need to see. I wasn’t sure what it was about, but after reading your post, it sounds like such a positive movie for everyone!

    And, Yep, I’m a cave dweller.

    I have been noticing little glimpses of light and excited to see them, yet fear what it will reveal. Will it reveal something more than I could imagine or reveal that I’m not as good as I’d like to think I am?

    • Beth, I believe that is why most of us won’t go for it. It’s that negative chatter that we aren’t good enough… it’ll never work if we listen to it! We just have to punch through and MAKE it work. No ifs allowed.

      ie: I’ve been doing more public speaking lately. I have no idea how I’m coming across… I think I blab off topic too much and always talk too long… yet others will come up and say how much they enjoyed it! So!!! I guess just going for it regardless of how we think we are doing is key, in order to hone it.

  5. Saw the movie with my Granddaughter. Loved it! Always
    Walking towards the light. I envisioned the light being what
    We all search for and need. Jesus!

  6. Great post! Nike has it right. Just do it. Get off our butts and get moving! Curious, did you use any type of filter when taking the sun shot or what did you do? Thanks for the great work and continually keeping us inspired.

  7. So inspiring, I agree you are a very talented writer! I want to go see this movie also. So tell us, what have you been dragging your heels about? Can’t wait to see where that light will take you!! I too, recently lost my job in January and decided to start creating a blog which I hope will be very successful in the future. My Home restoration is my passion and writing about it and sharing it with the world seems to be the direction in which the light is taking me… Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Morning Donna, you have a wonderful way with words and with photos. Thanks for sharing. I agree with Mary B. Blessings and smiles (and lets all head for the light, God!) Emilou 🙂

  9. Hi Donna – once again I feel that you are speaking right to me. I really needed to read your post today. Embarking on new experiences are always scary, but in the end always worth it. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  10. Thank you for that Donna, it is just what I needed to hear at just the right time. My career has always been on hold as I follow my husband around the country (he’s in the military). I’ve held meaningless, unrewarding jobs to help pay the bills. But after my Mother died recently, I decided that life is too short to have so many regrets. So I quit my job without a clear plan of action (super scary!!!) and I have received much criticism for this. But I have held fast with the belief that I would be shown a way.(I too, believe in signs).And now things are starting to fall into place, opportunities are emerging and I am going to embrace them and believe in myself (which is the hardest part). I hope that you will believe in yourself as much as we your followers do.

  11. What a wonderful post! I too, am being moved to follow the light (although I haven’t seen the movie yet)….we’ll see where it leads me! Enjoy your journey!

  12. Donna…I had meant to see Croods with my granddaughter, who I thought would love it. After your rave review I think it will be mostly for me! I really need to get out of my cave, I too have raised my family, totally supported my husband in all of his endeavors (we’ve been in business for 35 years). He doesn’t need me there on a daily basis anymore. So, why am I still sitting here? My daughters and I held our first ever flea market this last weekend at our shop and what a huge success! Public speaking is something I have always thought about for myself. Thank you for this push, ugh, post!



    ps..I will look up the Alberta site for the gorgeous mountain views. We live about an hour from Yosemite, so we have some beautiful mountains and water falls here too!

  13. Donna, I think we all need to be reminded to walk toward the light. I had a particularly depressing Saturday. A week ago, my beloved cat dropped dead in our living room. 4 years old – how does that happen? I’ve been moody about it since, for good reason. He was a cat that thought he was a dog and acted like one, from tail wagging to coming when you whistled for him. How can you replace that? You can’t. But my “coming into the light” moment happened on Sunday when I woke up to a beautiful, unusually warm day. I went and bought flowers and mulch and my husband and I made him a beautiful kitty grave. I felt so much better afterwards. Thank you for the reminder to look for the light. It’s so easy to forget.

    • Oh Karen, I’m so sorry about your loss. That is so hard to believe… and even harder for you I’m certain.

      When we made our special flower garden for Beethoven, I felt better too. Not sure why. Maybe because we created a little bit of beautiful on their behalf?

  14. Saw the movie Friday night with my Grandson. Agree completely that it is a wonderful movie with more than one powerful message. Not only going towards the light, but learning to let go and live without the fear of the unknown. I love movies that not only entertain, but make you think. ;-))

  15. My kids have been begging to go see that. I keep putting them off because I wasn’t sure it was worth spending the money for all of us to go see it. Maybe I will rethink that and see if it is still showing here!

  16. This is so interesting to me that you would post this at this time. I put my house up for sale last week and plan on moving back home to B.C after living in Washington state for 25 years. I am 50 in July and don’t have a job waiting for me or a place to live but I will go once the house is sold and I give notice at work.I want to be closer to my family and my boys are grown and doing their own thing. The funny thing is I am not afraid to make such a huge change in my life. It just feels right and I have to find a place to live with 3 cats and a dog in tow. Don’t waste anymore time,life is to short.

  17. Good post. It works on so many levels in life. I must see this movie with my children. I love the mountains in your pic. Where are you from? I just starting browsing your blog. It makes me miss Colorado

  18. Your little paragraph about being too exposed, too impossible, too far off really hit home with me! Who are we to doubt the God given skill that has been placed inside of us. I doubt my abilities on a regular basis, when really – I should just be RACING toward the “light.” Thank you so much!

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