Top 10 funky furniture rehabs for 2009

How about a recap of what transpired here at Funky Junk headquarters in 2009? Here are my top 10 furniture type rehabs. Let’s see if I can FIND 10…

#10. The kitchen cabs.

You like? Kidding! Before.

And the AFTER.

The kitchen was gutted with new alder cabinets installed and one very funky island topper.

#9. Little round side tables.

And the AFTER. 

Primer and paint came first. This was my Mod Podge and music page experiment. Glaze followed the Mod Podge step.

#8. My $5. dresser.


And the AFTER

Dresser was painted white, then glazed. “Jewelry” was added (house numbers) for some instant funk! I LOVE this piece.

#7. Old headboard turned towel rack.


And the AFTER. 

A coat of white paint and glaze was applied with a paint brush for a vintage brush stroke effect. Hooks from Ikea and old house numbers from the thrift finish this off. Still love it to this day.

#6.  Headboard in main bedroom.


And the AFTER.

An old door, gate and metal clad siding were puzzled together to create what I affectionately call this room, the White Trash Bedroom. 🙂 Look how tall the wall looks compared to the before!

#5. Daybed in playroom.

The before would be a plain twin bed. This AFTER daybed was found at a thrift. To dress up the wall, an old authentic convenience sign was hung. Fun!

#4. Dining room armoire.

Before was always the closed version.

And the AFTER.

Doors are now swung wide open, revealing the kitchen office. Metal clad siding lines the interior for a different twist.

#3.  Rope detailed coffee table.


And the AFTER.

The table was primed, painted and glazed. Loose fitted tiles sit on the top that can be lifted off at any time for a different look. I am currently using it tile-less but no pics.

#2. TV stand in bedroom.


LOL!!!! I always die laughing when I see the tiny side table holding it’s breath with that big honkin’ monstrosity on top. Just so you know, this wasn’t planned. It was just what was there for the time-being. Yes I had to put a disclaimer to this one before you all left the funky junk building for good!

And the AFTER.

An old trunk fits the bill much better. I mean, if you HAVE to have that monstrosity in the room to begin with. See? It made the hair on the TV rise with glee! (snort)

And last but not least… one of the most popular…

#1. Front entry coat hook area.


And the AFTER.

An old authentic horse gate bound for a burn pile was saved and put to creative use. I smile at it every single day.

I totally can’t believe I found 10. I amaze me I do!

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28 thoughts on “Top 10 funky furniture rehabs for 2009

  1. Oh my goodness! Visit my blog sometime and look at my “after” pictures of my kitchen. You’ll find that we have very similar taste.
    Everything looks wonderful with your redos!
    Ladybug Creek

  2. I just love all of these pieces you did. I was laughing about the TV perched on that small chest of drawers. It didn’t even look possible…like an optical illusion! I think your number dresser is my favorite makeover. I can’t see what you do in 2010!

  3. Donna! You are my HERO and I am such a Funky Junk wannabee, lol! I loved ALL these projects and am waiting to see what you come up with next! Happiest of holidays to you hun!

  4. Can I just tell you that I have been dreaming of ways to recreate your bed room. I love it!

    and now to add to my day dreaming list… the super cute dresser with address numbers and the barn fence catch all!

    soo inspired!

  5. I’ve recently discovered you and you are a MAJOR favorite of mine! Love all you do, can’t imagine having the talent you do to make beauty out of pretty much anything!
    I also really appreciate your sense of humor…the(snort) made me snort:)

  6. You amaze me as well! I can probably link ten unfinished projects of 2009 if you are interested. 🙂 Love them all and am glad they are all in one post so it’s easier to find them.

  7. oh man… I need a glass of wine and a couple hours to go thru your blog right now. Seems like I saw your bedroom makeover somewhere… but why have i not been a follower????????? I could be in love.

    ps I did an Extreme Makeover. I actually have done 3. I have one picture with Ty… and I look like a dork! Dang the luck! Her pic is awesome!!!

  8. OH my! I love, love, love your blog! I love your creations! I’m jealous, envious, wish I could do that, too about your pieces of wood, tile, metal, straw, aw….all of it!!!

    Thanks for sharin’

    Merry merry

    Kolein – upstate New York

  9. Hey, Donna, you ARE amazing! I love your projects & totally remember almost every one of these. Love, love your bedroom and your kitchen. And I wish I had a horse gate. You do such good stuff & so unique. It’s been great getting to know you this year, let’s have more fun in 2010!

  10. Hi Shelley,

    I honesty just picked nearly any ‘ol creamy white off a paint chart. For the glaze, I used mocha coloured latex paint mixed with clear paint. (how you buy paint before it’s tinted)

    I totally have to do a tutorial on this method. Soon.

    Thanks for asking!

    FJ Donna

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