Arriving to vibrant flower filled Maui – 1

Ginger / Hawaiian flowers on

(red Torch Ginger)

Aloha, all the way from gorgeous, amazing, vibrant flower filled Maui!

We’ve now been here just over a week. I’ve been instagramming (HERE) about twice a day, however I just haven’t taken the time to even pick up the good camera until now.

We are just having the BEST time! After a week, we’ve finally settled into a routine of sorts. We haven’t done too terribly much yet beause our condo has everything you need… it’s own snorkel bay, one of the best beaches in Maui, as well as 2 pools to choose from. (poor us, huh?) So we’ve just been chillin’ on site, but have a few things planned for this week. More on that soon!

So today, I wanted to show you a little of the gorgeous, vibrant flower filled Maui world we are currently living in, alongside our arrival story. Because there is ALWAYS a story… 🙂

Bird of Paradise / Hawaiian flowers on

(Birds of Paradise)

Our travel day was a long one, starting at 2am. The first flight was pretty humorous… I call those little jets Barbie Doll planes. Luckily, it wasn’t full, so I was able to sneak into the seat behind my boy so we both got our own row with a window. Perfect!

Napilii Point gardens in Maui / Hawaiian flowers on

But the next flight was the long one at 5.5 hours. It felt like 10. I’m not generally the claustrophobic type, but during this flight I was.  When you are squeezed in between two big guys that need elbow room, I felt like I needed to hold my breath and cross my arms (that part I did) the entire time to give them enough air.

Twisted roots / Hawaiian flowers on
I just kept trying to focus on the movie I was watching I could barely hear (really poor earbuds) or trying to snooze… which had me thinking about being stuck in an itty bitty box, so that didn’t work. And my book was buried under my son’s seat with everyone trapped into place with those chair trays piled high with food and boxes… 

Mind over matter… I could do this!

Palm trees in Maui / Hawaiian flowers on

I just kept thinking about what was ahead. I knew it would be completely amazing and so worth it.

And I was right.

Hawaiian flowers on

The moment we stepped off the plane into Maui, the air smelled and felt so different. It was warm, but because the air was moving all the time, it was an AMAZING warm.

Palm trees in Maui / Hawaiian flowers on

Once we picked up the car (and got use to the brakes… heh… Cody says I drive like a video game) we started on our way to our condo.

Honestly, don’t ask for directions. It’s a waste of time (at least in my directionally challenged world). Just flip on your iPhone GPS, punch in your address and just go. It always works. I always buy an international plan when heading into the States.

Pink Torch Ginger / Hawaiian flowers on

(Pink Torch Ginger… if you gently squeeze them in your hand, they give out an out of this world fragrance. Thanks for the tip, VanFam07 on Instagram HERE!

And then we found a little supermarket on the way to our condo. It probably would have been wiser to dump our luggage at our place first, but I wasn’t thinking. I could barely think in all honestly. We were both so exhausted that Cody needed the shopping buggy to hold himself up and I was just mindlessly throwing stuff into the buggy in a complete fog, when I remembered snorkel gear… we needed gear.

I left Cody leaning on the buggy (I couldn’t think, remember?) and I went to the snorkel store next door.

Big mistake. I couldn’t deal with any info. None. Try on stuff? A CD what? Trips for cheap… Uh… no. I could barely stand. I told him I needed sleep and I’d be back the next day.

And then we found our place. Ohhhhhhhhh my goodness, we found it! I’m tellin’ ya, when I get somewhere I plan to go and actually arrive? I want to CELEBRATE!

We slept really well that night.

Flowering tree / Hawaiian flowers on
And when I woke up the next day, I brewed my first Kona coffee, and took a walk, and finally saw where we really were. From the flowers in full bloom, to the crashing waves on the shore right in front of us, the place just took my breath away! 

Which is going by way too quick.

p.s. if you know the names of any of these flowers, feel free to fill me in! 

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19 thoughts on “Arriving to vibrant flower filled Maui – 1

  1. plumeria, bird of paradise and Frangipani are the flowers. Dave and I used to live on Maui…we took amazing day trips…7 Sacred Pools/Oheo Gulch was amazing but not sure how developed it is now…on the same side of island as Willie Nelson lives and windsurfers love…it’s been decades since I’ve been back, loving your travelogue…more please.
    btw, if you’re a coffee lover try Lion Coffee…most amazing flavors and Big Island has marvelous Kona coffee. and, there’s a swap meet on Maui…fresh fruit, flowers, vegs from the growers/farmers and a lovely way to meet locals. Aloha!

  2. Lucky! Enjoy! and keep on sharing 🙂
    We have those flowers and trees year-round here in Guatemala… if the sea and the beach were easily available too…

  3. I anxiously wait to hear all about the place (and of course pics too!). I need you to turn our view of Hawaii from “never wanting to return to Hawaii” to “the first place on our holiday list”. I know you can do it! ox

  4. I’ve always thought that I could be blindfolded, not know where I was being taken, step off the plane and just by the way the air smelled, know I was in Hawaii. Enjoy your time there. We loved to shop at Mana Foods in Paia – a fun hippy town on the beach. Remember sitting on the beach and watching the kids released from their day at school arrive with the boogie boards and surf boards and run into the water. What a happy way to grow up.

  5. WOW WOW!!! what fantastic pictures. The colours of the flowers and that blue sky. Wish I was there…here in Melbourne Australia we are in winter time and it if really cold and windy and yes raining on and off today.
    Keep on enjoy your time in Maui and the company of your young man.

  6. That old tree trunk sure looks like it has some history. The flowers and photos are stunning. So glad you both survived the “travel day” and can now really enjoy your stay. Have Fun!!

  7. Hi Donna!Stopped by for the Link Party and since then have been enjoying your vacation memoirs! The orange flower (2nd pic) is ‘Bird of Paradise’ the white cluster of flowers are Spider Lilies (Crinum) and the huge tree with red flowers(the last pic)is ‘Flame Tree’ (Delonix Regia) also known as Flame of the Forest and Royal Poinciana. We call it ‘Gulmohar’ in Hindi, here in India…I couldn’t resist but rattle out what I knew as they are growing here in my garden! I wish I had the sea and the weather to go with it all!

  8. Where did you stay in Maui? I am planning a trip and your place looks perfect. You have me so excited to go!!

  9. Aloha! I live in Maui and i am a huge fan of your work. I am happy to hear that you are having fun. Where in Maui are you? Kihei? Kaanapali?

    • Hey Megan! We were in Napili and now near Kaanapali, but leaving on Thursday, July 24th. What an amazing home you have! Your flowers, the fragrance, everything… so overwhelmed. There is no other place like Hawaii!

  10. thanks for the info and photos..we are headed to Hawaii in Dec to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We aren’t even there yet and already making plans to go back next year LOL.

  11. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them. It’s about as close to the real thing as I will get. Glad you are having a great trip!

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