A Week of Change – Part 2: A picture perfect room

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Welcome to A Week of Change

This is a short series on encouraging you make those New Year resolutions a reality! 

The intro and all parts to A Week of Change can be viewed HERE


Part 1 – A New Focus

Part 2 – A picture perfect room – this entry

I have to say, you’ve wowed me. Every one of you that has decided to move forward with a plan needs a standing ovation!  You’re on your way. Congrats!

Now I won’t be walking through every step of your new goal with you because they’re all different from one another. However I highly encourage you to find that mentor and continue on your path. I’ll be asking for updates so I want some good reports! 🙂

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See, we have other work to do in between your new career. You still need new blogging material right? Or maybe you don’t want a career but you want help with your house. Boy have I got a doozy for you… read on!

There’s nothing that fatigues me more than walking into an undone room.

I tend to DIY choosing a path of the least resistance. Whatever is easiest and quickest has won the race. However that’s left so many unfinished projects in each and every room around here.

At Christmas my frustration hit a high note. I had great decor here and there but didn’t feel the room was worthy of a full room shot because it wasn’t done!

By golly I want ONE magazine worthy room. Know what I mean? ONE room I can call complete. The one room where if I clean it up, it looks ready for a photo shoot in it’s entirety.

I posted my whoa is me plea of the above on Facebook and the masses went CRAZY. Everyone appeared to feel the same way. And you asked to be challenged.

Well, the challenge is ON.

Sheesh. Look how close the photo studio is to getting done! I actually really need it so I’m not touching another item until this room is picture perfect!

So, do you have a room that desperately needs completion? 

This is more than a one shot deal. This is serious business this round! 🙂

Join the Picture Perfect challenge!

1. Pick your room, take a before shot, then start!

2. Feel free to blog about your progress anytime you wish. In fact, I encourage it. Let’s get some up and running support from your own followers so you can bring this one to completion.

Watch for ongoing support on FJI Facebook and keep us in the loop so we can come over and support you!

4. The last weekend of the month, the 3rd themed linkup during SNS will be for your Picture Perfect room updates or reveals. Everyone will be done at different times, so both are welcome!

If there’s ongoing interest, I’ll run another month end linkup the following month. And another if you so desire! Your updates and linkups will be the gauge. But don’t delay… we may only do one!

Tip: if you apply a label to your picture perfect room posts your viewers can view your entire progress in one long scroll. Include that label link in all your posts!

First bragfest linkup – Fri Jan 27

So.. are you in?

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46 thoughts on “A Week of Change – Part 2: A picture perfect room

  1. great idea! thanks for being such a cheerleader for all of us. 🙂 i totally feel your stress… i’ve been in my home for 5 years and have kinda sorta finished most rooms. at some point, you just have to hang stuff on the wall and walk away. now, to pick which room…

  2. OMG this sounds like so much fun Donna! I need to look over my $$ and see if I can play along. I want to redo our guest bath at least part way till we can get a new vanity.

  3. I’ve been trying to make my bedroom a space I love for over 3 years. Maybe it needing to be picture perfect by the 26th- cause I’ll need a day to take a gazillion pics in order to choose a few good ones- is just the shove I need to finally get this DONE.
    Hope to see ya then.

  4. I’m in! Our master bedroom hasn’t been repainted or re-done much for at least 15 years and it is in sad shape. Tonight (even if my personal trainer in the gym about kills me this afternoon) I’ll go home and fill in all holes. Tomorrow it’s on to sanding. This weekend I’ll buy the paint. And…..you get the picture. Speaking of pictures though, with my computer out of commission and not being able to get another until at least the end of January or beginning of February, there won’t be pictures. But just imagine the first one – 15 years of holes in the walls from hanging ‘stuff’ LOLOLOL

  5. On New Year’s day, my hubby and I finally came up with a “plan” on how to redo the closets that are between our daughter’s room and the laundry. I’ve only been wanting the laundry room done for 8 years now and have everything we need to do the work. I’m thrilled that we’ve finally came up with a cute idea that will (hopefully) work for both rooms. Hubby just needs to find the time to get it started.

  6. That’s so funny! I was feeling so frustrated by the same issue that I took on my master bedroom over Christmas. It’s 95% done now – I need to build a new headboard (have to wait for warm weather to do that) and find a bedspread that I love and I’m FINISHED!!! One whole room. I can’t tell you how wonderful I feel 🙂

  7. Every room in my house is unfinished….but I am focused on the dining room now, it used to be our homeschool room, slowly turning back into dining..I hope to have it done by my sister-in-law’s baby shower late spring…HOPE!

  8. OH I am so in!! We will have a high school graduation either the last week of May or the first week in June (depending on if school is extended like last year.) This is just one of the many kicks in the seat of my pants that I needed. Yesterday’s post… mentor? Yep still need one and need to go local but just don’t know how to go about it. Everyone I “know” is over an hour away and well I don’t know… they are so “BIG”. I mean so insanely well known and I feel like a peon/wannabe, blah blah blah. So back to the room challenge… It would be great to see it return monthly because each room in our house needs completed!

  9. I’m in!!! My dining room is the first room you see when you walk in the house and the only room I have never decorated. It is getting done this month. I’m dying to repaint my kitchen but refusing until I do something to the dining room. Thanks for getting me motivated!

  10. I posted this on facebook but thought I’d post it here too: You know I’m in! First up is my bedroom. It’s always the last room to get any love and ends up the dumping ground. I’ve almost gotten everything out that doesn’t belong and now the fun part can start! I’m shopping the house and squeezing every last drop of inspiration I can muster out of magazines, pinterest and you ladies. First to take the dreaded before photos… This is gonna be so great!

    For those of us doing bedrooms, let’s band together and be the “bedroom bandits” 😀

  11. Donna,
    Per usual, you are reading my mind.
    Just mentioned to hubby last night (night before?) that while we should probably do the more visible rooms first…we really need to work on our bedroom.

    And, we need to finish our kitchen. I’ve been making some headway on that one. So, we should be done with that one…maybe end of next month.

    Our bedroom is right behind it!

  12. This is fantastic! I just started the huge undertaking of getting my dad’s condo ready to sell. He passed away in November and he owned a sweet downtown loft that had been an old department store. He had only lived there a couple years and had never really finished furnishing and decorating. He’d been rushed to the hospital and spent about a month and a half there before he died, so the state of his condo wasn’t show-worthy. This challenge will be a great opportunity for me to stay focused in setting up and staging the condo!

  13. Hmmm… one room?? My mother often says “pick one room for your serenity and complete it” and I’ve move too many times not to learn the power of this suggestion. But which room? It will have to be the one closes to completion ’cause I’m creating a blog right now. Maybe the laundry room will do. I’ll make a list of need to dos and see what happens. Thanks for the encouragement Donna!Can’t wait to see your finished room.

    Miss Ellie

  14. Just found your blog and I so understand the feeling of not having any room complete and really wanting just one ‘good’ room to show off. My kitchen is the closest and looks finished but I know it isn’t. However there is an obvious room to pick and indeed even before I read your post we had been discussing it.. technically I’m picking two rooms as it’s a bedroom and attached bathroom but the bathroom has barely anything to do now thanks to our builders who finished their part in it today. Will post more details on my blog.

  15. I think I’ll enter the tiniest room in your challenge, Donna! lol! I’m thinking of having new flooring installed in my entryway as a surprise for my hubby next month. It’ll probably take the guys a total of 4 hours to pull up the old and install the new because it’s so stinkin’ small! lolol! But it’ll be a cheap fix that’ll make a big impression when you walk into our house! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  16. I’m in…I say with trepidation. I so need to do this. But where to start? I think my mudroom. You see it when you come in the front door, and it needs more storage- even if that’s only more hooks- because a family of seven living in WI in January has a LOT of winter gear kicking around.

  17. Ok! I AM finally doing the master bedroom….we’ve lived here 9 years and it’s still got the crappy construction grade powdery white paint on the walls. The furniture was gust shoved in and there it has set. It will probably take me more than a month….But it will get done@!

  18. Thank you for this challenge. i just found your blog and i now know it must be fate. we moved into our house almost four months ago…one week after our first baby was born and our seasonal xmas lighting business was in full swing. no time to spare whatsoever!! i am so ready to break out of the builder beige that surrounds me… starting with the nursery!!!
    thanks again for lighting this fire…a deadline is helpful. cant wait to see others rooms!!

  19. I’m in! I told my hubby the other day that I have 5 more projects to finish up then I am starting on our daughters room! She desperately needs an updated from baby to little girl. I have almost all the elements, I just need to get to work! Thanks for the push, I’ll be joining your party, but not sure if I will start this month. Thanks!

  20. I have the same problem as Pat, but I am choosing to work on my living room. I posted my first blog entry about it today. Thanks for the challenge!

  21. well, sheesh. I read this when you first posted it and . . . basically ignored it. No way I was gonna redo a room in my mom’s house in January. But now I’m into some serious organizing of my bedroom/studio. And guess what? It’s just not enough for it to be well organized *seriously?* Yes, seriously. I want it to be all cute and stuff. So here’s what I’m working with – a large pad of scrapbook paper, a painter’s drop, and – of course, paint.

    So I have til next Friday to make this cute, huh? Lemme see what I can come up with. Geez, last time you ‘inspired’ me, look what happened. I basically am writing a book!

    I need to unsubscribe you from email. JUST kidding, bwah ha ha.

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