Our Summer Adventure 1 – When a miracle knocks

When a miracle knocks... the beginning of a new travel adventure via Funky Junk Interiors

About “Our Summer Adventure”

A blogger who mentally can’t pause her social media world. A boy who lives for video games. This is the story of how an absolute miracle brought a mom and her son into a much quieter, simpler world, far far away from their own internet driven world. With no wifi. Will they survive? You’ll soon find out!

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This cozy little room in a heritage home comes with a story… a pretty amazing story.

I found out that I didn’t have to go to my day job this week, and immediately thought, what on earth can I do with my son? School is about to erupt once again and I envisioned one last getaway. But not camping this time to a familiar place.

My dreamy little prayer for the day had me asking for something super cool, even though I didn’t know what. My imagination led me to envisioning a house by a lake. Yes, I imagine well.

Carrying on with my day, I went to retrieve my email. Uh oh… an email came in with a second request… see, I didn’t respond properly to the first one so they emailed again.

That would be Karen. But Karen not only thankfully persevered, she upped the ante.

“Would you like to stay for a few nights in our vacation home? It’s an older home (heritage) but all fixed up… on 100 acres. Near lakes…”

In trade for teaching her something I know how to do. Make old signs.

Jaw drop… I just stared at the screen before I could type. We emailed back and forth and met for dinner.  Where she handed me the keys.

But not before a good long talk. The moment I met Karen, I knew I needed a Karen in my life and I didn’t even know it until now. She encouraged me, helped to remove fears I had on a road trip like this, and opened her home and her heart to a mom and her son. Just because. 

“Go DO this. We both know this was no accident. You need the downtime with your son and a new experience. You’ll do great! Oh… and the house, it’s nothing too fancy. Just full of eclectic thrift store finds…”

Dream talk, girl. Dream talk…

By the time you read this, we will be throwing the last few things in the luggage and heading out for the week on a brand new adventure to BC’s beautiful interior of Salmon Arm. New area, climate, lakes, junk shops, restaurants… and no wifi. DOH!

No wifi.. you caught that, right? Gulp… But the more I thought that part over, the more I realized, perfect. Just absolutely perfect! The Big Guy upstairs leaves no detail left unturned.

Things may be a little quiet here via new material over the next week, but if you watch Instagram and Facebook, you may see a few quick and easy updates. 

When a miracle knocks… ok! We’re on it!

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18 thoughts on “Our Summer Adventure 1 – When a miracle knocks

  1. I know when I’m at a decision, or having a hard time, just have faith.
    One must carry on and make hopefully good choices, but something or someone comes along with exactly what you need. Sometimes better.

    Faith and gratitude.
    I hope you’re enjoying feeding your soul out there in the quiet with your son. Should be a perfect last weekend.

  2. What a gem Karen is! An older, heritage home, all fixed up with eclectic thrift store finds (and probably some ‘junk’), near lakes, no wifi, free for the exchange of some of your talent…… and it sounds like a really neat new friend (Karen) thrown in the mix in the end! You and son are blessed!!! Have an absolutely WONDERFUL time!

    Looking forward to seeing what neat experiences you share from your time in Salmon Arms.

  3. If I was on a road trip in a strange area, I would choose a country side, by the lake, somewhere in Canada! My favorite vacation ever was when my Hubbie and I took our 2 sons to Seattle and then on to Vancouver, and Vancouver Island, for 2 weeks. BC IS the most beautiful land in all of North America, I had always been told. Once I visited, I KNEW it was the most beautiful. I know you and your son will enjoy your secluded quiet calm by the lake. No wifi, no problem. Count me in. Enjoy! I am so envious but oh so happy for you!!

  4. I’ve pinned your getaway room under the heading”Homey rooms”, this is the first room I’ve seen on the computer that looks like anyone could walk in and be at home. The funny thing is I have been trying to make my living room look like all the white and blue etc.over decorated rooms and was never happy with the results. Now I know why, I like happy rooms with lots of color. Sorry girls the all white,grey,pale blue you have all worked so hard to accomplish, is now boring. Lets see some color in our homes.

  5. Oh what a blessing from God. Go relax and enjoy your son and let everything else just float away. You deserve it.

  6. I am so glad you and your son are having this time. You are a God send to me and many others, now God is giving your Surprise God Gift. Thanks for all you have taught me. Enjoy.

  7. You inspire single moms like myself ,I am right there with you
    on the wake and finding things and making things, looking in dumpsters and barns etc. it’s just the simple things in a complicated world…that makes me happy The most important is God is with you and your son.. he provides …. I have one question what state do you live?


  8. I’m so relieved to finally get the chance to finish this series AND to get your posts again. Not only that, CATCH UP! Somewhere along the line I stopped getting your posts on my feed! This is literally the last post I received & read. I got busy for a while and behind on reading all my fave blogs, so I seriously believed you just took some time off or were dealing with personal issues. I’m so glad it was just some weird glitch. I had to “re-follow” and there you were!

    Just had to stop by and say thank you for always being so transparent, living your faith and inspiring so many with your beautiful treasures. This is one happy reader!

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