World’s Longest Yard Sale 4 – bloggers, GM and shoppin!

World's Longest Yard Sale Road trip 4 - bloggers, GMC and shopping

One very big highlight for this trip was meeting the people involved. 

I arrived a day early because of my time zone differences so I was rested and waiting at the airport for the rest of the troops. And then they came. It was an awesome feeling watching my blog life meet reality! Finally meeting the bloggers I had been online friends with so long and the GMC team we’d been talking to so much lately, it felt like coming home to family.

GMC headquarters and OnStar in Detroit, Michigan

And then we went to pick up our rides.. at GMC headquarters and OnStar in Detroit Michigan!

Pretty Handy Girl and Beneath My Heart bloggers

The building and programs were so impressive! So you know the cameras had to come out.

GMC headquarters in Detroit, Michigan

We toured the entire facility and received info on what the GMC Yukons and OnStar offered.

I’m totally going to tell you more about both soon, however here’s a quick glimpse.

GMC headquarters in Detroit, Michigan

GMC headquarters in Detroit, Michigan

GMC headquarters in Detroit, Michigan

GMC headquarters in Detroit, Michigan

Everywhere you looked was gorgeous!


We first received info about OnStar. OnStar is a program you load up via a rear view mirror that offers roadside navigation, hands free calling, and so much more.

We also got a peek into the OnStar Command Center where all the action happens. Amazing.

And then we picked up our rides! Oh my gosh… wait till I share some features with you!

We aren’t finished the tour yet, so we’re still learning about everything. Trust me when I say, we are well taken care of in every way and that is due to the features of the Yukon and what OnStar offers. More on this soon!

After our training, we head on down to do a little shopping. The local Habitat for Humanity Metro ReStore opened their doors wide open so we could do a little extra head start shopping for our chosen family’s home.

See, we’re doing this yard sale for several reasons:

To try out the features of the GMC Yukon.
Try out OnStar with a real road trip requiring real travel needs
Take the trial on the road while shopping for a family in need, decorating their brand new home built for them by Habitat for Humanity

The bloggers were chosen to pick out what we thought could enhance a single mom’s home with our finds. Isn’t it amazing what can be done when a group of folks come together with a plan?

Each blogger drew a room to decorate. I’m working on the master bedroom for a lovely single mom. Fun!

Traci scored a great mirror…

and Brooke already had a vision when she landed this adorable shelf.

Actually, everyone brought something out of ReStore! 

Even I lucked out! I found a cool lamp and lovely vintage styled dresser for the bedroom. 

And then it was time for to head for dinner. And what a delightful drive we had.

Detroit is loaded with historic buildings. It was so hard to leave.

And this was across the road from where we had dinner. What you see is Canada! Isn’t that crazy?

It was nearly like I never left home. 🙂

Besides my blog, Facebook and the other’s blogs, you can keep up with all our fun on twitter at:


Next up… hitting the big sales!

all road trip updates are HERE


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15 thoughts on “World’s Longest Yard Sale 4 – bloggers, GM and shoppin!

  1. Thanks for showing the beautiful side of Detroit and you didn’t even get to the real beauty of Michigan—-all the lakes! So nice to see the positive side of our beautiful state 🙂 Loving your adventures, can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Wanted to take a minute to say Thank You for your beautiful pictures of Detroit. As mentioned above, too often all people show are the negative things going on in Detroit and the surrounding areas. Makes me miss “home” even more!
    Hope you’re having an amazing adventure! Can’t wait to see and hear more about this wonderful thing you’re doing to help this family feel more at home!

  3. I think what you guys are doing is so sweet. What a blessing!

    I am having so much fun following along so I can only imagine how much fun it is to be there doing it all! Beautiful city!

    Have a safe trip! Looking forward to ‘going along’ via blog posts and pretty pictures!

  4. Donna I am so glad you made it to your ride. Love your ride…we are a General Motors
    family here. That is wonderful and fun buying for someone else. I can’t wait to see what all you acquire.

  5. hi donna…..thank you for posting these lovely pictures of detroit. i was born and raised there and even though i don’t live there anymore, it is so close to my heart. this is a place that will definitely come back…it is strong and beautiful. once it was known as “the paris of the midwest”. i have no doubt it will be that once more. have fun there….keep posting pics of your road trip wherever it takes you….love your postings and your wonderful blog…..

  6. The older buildings are similar in Boston, if you look hard enough (in boson, not detroit!) I think we all hear about the “bad” in each others cities. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to the midwest, but I love “seeing” it! What an adventure!

  7. Hi Donna! It looks like you’re off to a wonderful start and I’m having fun following along! Travel safely, I don’t need to tell you to have a wonderful time…I can tell that you already are! xo, Kimberly

  8. Donna–I am SO glad you got to visit the ReStore! I have one here in my town and I go there all of the time. I also love to help with the build projects when I can. What a great trip you are having AND helping others in need. You rock!

  9. Oh you are taking me back. I had never been to Detroit until a conference last year and man what I wouldn’t have done to be on a trip like this where, beyond staying at the headquarters and conference center, I actually got to really partake in some Detroit history. All said, looks fun and all for a good cause.

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