World’s Longest Yard Sale 7 – revamping the junk

World's Longest Yard Sale 7 - revamping the junk

The next part of our story takes us to Alabama. This is our last night and the home reveal is the next day.

World's Longest Yard Sale

We pulled in at dinnertime but had one hour to spare before eating, so we dashed off to a local Walmart to find a few last minute things. 

As you can imagine, being on the road leaves you little time to revamp the pieces. But we did what we had to. After dinner we painted into the night in ‘that humidity’. Ohhhh it was humid!

Check it out…

Actually, it was so humid the paint wasn’t drying.

World's Longest Yard Sale - revamping the junk

But no worries! We had a conference room booked aside so we could work on some things. So we emptied our Yukons and the one Uhaul we had along for the ride and got to work.

World's Longest Yard Sale - revamping the junk

World's Longest Yard Sale - revamping the junk

World's Longest Yard Sale - revamping the junk

World's Longest Yard Sale - revamping the junk

I’m tellin’ ya, we were TIRED. But the adrenaline kept us on the move until the wee hours of the AM. And then GMC Chris sent us off to hit the hay because tomorrow was a huge day.

So with about 3 hours sleep, we hit the conference room by 6AM, loading everything back into the Yukons, resolving to do the painting at the habitat house. 

We had 5 working hours before the reveal.

Habitat house

habitat house

No time was wasted. We basically ran to the house, emptied the works and everyone started on their own room items.

World's Longest Yard Sale - revamping the junk for the habitat house

dresser redo for habitat house

This is the dresser for the master bedroom.  Any guesses what I did to the drawers?

chalkboard paint on drawers for habitat house

Chalkboard paint! And we had some volunteer help from Habitat as well! Whoop!

And while we were busy painting and cleaning, who walks up the driveway holding flowers and donuts?

Restore Interiors and Funky Junk hook up!

Kellie from Restore Interiors! My jaw hit the ground… I yelled, “I KNOW HER!”

Goodness, when your blog world becomes your reality, there isn’t anything better. I’ve been a huge fan of Kellie’s work forever and it was such a treat to have her on board! She spent the entire day with us cleaning, decorating and whatever else needed doing.

And how she stayed so clean I’ll never understand, because…

Restore Interiors - meet Kellie!

… she ended cleaning up all our junk!  Forgive me yet Kellie? She deemed my junk the dirtiest after all… 😀

antique wooden framed mirror

Here’s the vintage mirror I also landed for the dresser.

chalkboard paint on drawers

Purdy! The spray paint worked awesome! I’ll be doing this again.

It was a big day. But it was only the start. Now it was time to stage everything. Would we make it with wet paint still flying? How about those curtains that were still being worked on?! Now I know what a reality show is like. We lived it!

Stay tuned for the reveal next!

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this trip nor writeup. GMC and OnStar sponsored our travel expenses only. My opinions are my own.


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11 thoughts on “World’s Longest Yard Sale 7 – revamping the junk

  1. I see so much amazing stuff that I’m pretty jealous that I couldn’t go along… I’m excited to see the reveal! There is a Hwy 12 sale this weekend in Michigan that I hope to go check out.

  2. What’s a little junk without a little dirt. You guys looked like you had a blast! I can’t wait to see the final product.
    Rachel @ Remastered Relics

  3. Oh, this looks like so much fun, I can’t stand it! How cool that Kellie showed up to help! Your video gave me the first giggle of the morning. Can’t wait for the reveal! xo Jami

  4. here’s a comment from an italian junk lover but best of all a collecter too! I discoverd your blog just recently and I haven’t seen it all yet but I’m planning to, your video is crazingly funny.. you’re nuts!!!! that’s in a good way of course don’t get me wrong.
    Really looking forward for the next post I wander how you fixed that dresser!!
    Hugs, Claudia.

  5. Oh my gosh how did I miss this one. Y’all had
    your work cut out for you. Looks like you had
    a pretty good job. Nice to have others to help.
    I can’t wait to see the reveal.

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