World’s Longest Yard Sale – getting ready

So, I’m gearing up for the World’s Longest Yard Sale road trip! 

But things don’t always go quite as planned.

For starters, I got ink all over my brand new favourite shorts I planned to bring. 

Do pens still burst?! Apparently so.

After about an hour, it’s all good! Whew. 

Ya know, there’s lots involved to this getting away deal. But it’s also curious how things always have a way of working out at the same time.

I haven’t travelled in some time. In fact, I didn’t even have a passport until a month ago. Right after I finally filled out the paperwork, GMC emailed me two days later. Let’s see… passport due in my hands July 27th and I’d be flying out July 31st. No problem… (gulp) As luck would have it, it came a few days early. Whew…

But then my pup got sick. I wasn’t sure what to do with a dog fresh out of surgery so I lined up a house sitter. But I worried. She’d need a ton of care. Turns out she didn’t make it which opened the door again.  My cat didn’t work out in another’s home so I needed the house sitter anyway. Now I have one lined up anytime we need one! VERY cool…

So, this trip, it’s a big adventure for me. Even through all the hurdles, I’m going to be boarding a plane in no time. For real. It all worked out!

I’ve always desired to travel through the southern states to glimpse at a firefly, eat grits and boiled peanuts, find out what sweet tea really is and take in real southern culture and hospitality. And now I am.

I think the biggest stress thus far has been deciding on what to wear there. Coming from a girl that can easily wear a coat year around, and never have to worry about humidity, all this talk kinda sounds like I’m about to enter this oven induced steam room with no air vents!

I mean, I look at pictures of people in that area, and they’re wearing normal clothes and smiling. They aren’t crawling under garage sale tables gulping for air or anything. Regardless, I’ve been stocking up on clothing that are made for a heat I know nothing about. 🙂

So with new shoes in tow, I’m beyond excited to fly out of wet coast BC for an adventure that will be quite unlike any other. We’ve got a big important mission ahead of us and what I’m about to be a part of is so hauntingly similar to what’s happened to me that I knew this trip fit me like a glove. It will be an emotional roller coaster ride in the very best of ways.

So I hope you won’t mind hearing a ton about our adventure. Some posts will be all photos. Some all writing. Some videos. It’ll be a real mixed bag as things unfold. So watch the blog, Facebook and Twitter (links below) for plenty of adventures ahead!

Let’s go on a ROAD TRIP. Together!

all road trip updates are HERE

So, any southern tips for this Oh Canadian? What to eat? Check out? (wear?) 🙂


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63 thoughts on “World’s Longest Yard Sale – getting ready

  1. Most definitely light colored, lightweight, comfortable clothes. Pull your hair up off your neck. Get some bug spray. Drink lots of water, carry a wet towel or a spritzer bottle. It does look like this week may be a bit less hot and humid, but that’s not saying much. Sometimes you walk out and it’s like a wall, pushing you back. Oops! I just looked at the weather again! The end of the week looks better than the first part. But have fun! I have never been and I’m right here in Tennessee!

  2. If you’re a beef-eater, definitely try the chicken fried steak smothered in white cream gravy. It’s a southern and Texas staple. If you do make it to Texas, you MUST try the brisket. It is some of the finest, juiciest meat you will ever taste! If you stop at a Mexican restaurant, definitely try some fajitas. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try cabrito (goat) or lengua (tongue).

    Be aware: the term “barbeque” means different things depending on which state you are in. In Texas, it usually means beef, but it can also mean poultry, and the BBQ sauce is a bit sweet. In the Carolinas and Georgia, it usually means pulled pork, often with a vinegar-based sauce that’s tangy. They’re all good, just in different ways.

    Remember to drink plenty of water, carry some handkerchiefs with you to wipe off sweat, and keep a little Canadian currency on you (scratch- and wrinkle-free), because sometimes people collect foreign coins and bills.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  3. Just remebmer your hair will frizz…eat everything in sight…you will be walking off the extra calories. Bloody Mary’s can be a good breakfast when you are short on time and need some morning stimulant, other than coffee. (I could have said water, like everybody else, but hey you are sort of on vacation) . Say Yes Man and Sir, while you are asking if that is the best price! Extra sweetness and that sweet tea will having your ooozing “southern”. My question how are our gettig everything home on a plane??? Have fun.

  4. Donna, this sounds like so much FUN! I’ll be following your trip and can’t wait to see what intersting things you find. You have such a good eye. I’m traveling right now too and this is what I’ve learned: Bring sneakers, t-shirts, shorts, a hat, sunblock, sunglasses and a camera. Bring a bottle of water with you and whenever you see a toilet use it. I’m so excited for you. Have fun!!!

  5. You do NOT have to like grits. It is an acquired taste, usually best acquired at your grandma’s knee. This summer has been hotter and more humid than any in recent memory, and since you are not used to 90 degree days anyhow, the first day or two could be a shocker. Drink lots of water (not sugared drinks) to begin. Your shoes will be the most important thing of your comfort wardrobe. And I am truly impressed with your ink removal skills!
    On top, dress in layers. You will be moving around and working up a sweat and even psychologically it will feel good to be able to take something off.
    Do you have a hat or sun visor planned? An extra pair of sunglasses?

    I get the feeling you do not have to carry much or for long. If you do, be sure you have either a soft handled bag or a strip of soft fabric to wrap around a bag handle and make it easier on your hand. Those rolling baskets look great but they slow you down and limit access to closest corners. (small spaces) If you find yourself in a parking lot one may be useful.

  6. Oh D! I’m so excited for your trip. Honestly, they couldn’t have picked a better person. It’s going to be so much fun watching your adventure unfold! I hope there is some scheduled ‘blogging’ time. Have a blast friend!!!!!

  7. honey while you are down south you Must try a casserole, barbeque, and for me I dont like grits so dont feel bad if you dont either. be prepared for all kinds of things to be fried. Fried green beans, fried pickles, fried asparagus you name it and we will try and fry it. haha. and sweet tea… my moms has tea, 3 cups of sugar, and 2 cups of country time lemonade in it. very very sweet! excited to see what you find while down here

  8. YES, YES… we took in PART OF IT a couple of years ago. A few things we learned: IT’S HOT..DON’T WASTE YOUR ENERGE AND TIME STOPPING FOR LITTLE ONSIES…stop for the huge fields filled with hundreds of vendors. DON’T stop for the yard sales in edge of little towns you travel through;not the best use of time; NO CONSISTENT CELL SERVICE when you are in the big big field ofvendors..have a plan for when u cannot connect w your shoppers; we decided PRIOR TO LEAVING we would COMPROMISE ON MOTEL QUALITY-not spend our $$ on motels /more for shopping..[take along acan of LYSOL LOL} dress for comfort and be prepared make quick decisions to make best use of time and money.ENJOY..WE DID/hope we can do it again. Recog your limitations & adjust.


  9. How fun! Must pack sunscreen and bug spray. If your hair gets crazy in the humidity, a ball cap might come in handy. No 100% cotton undergarments. When they get damp from the sweat, it’s kinda ucky and they will not dry. ;o) Sweet tea will send you into sugar shock upon the first sip (or gulp). Bring plenty of small bills to pay for your purchases. You’re likely to negotiate a better price, if you can pay with one dollar or five dollar bills. In Gadsden, AL try Top of the River restaurant. It’s a favorite when we’re up that way. They’re known for fried catfish, but they have other sea food. Their fried pickles are Yummo! Safe travels.

  10. You are going to have a blast…Drink water water.Carry a bottle at all times..and cool water because really cold water does not digest as well. I moved from So.Dak. ove 36 years ago,but it was a hit in the face our first summer. Scruncheeees ! You look to have thick hair,me too…and your hair can get so hot on your neck ….so pulled back and up with a scruncheeee!Loose clothes and a really comfortable bra(lets be real, sweat is no fun in some tight stretch Nylon ect. Cotton is better) Passport carry in a keep dry sleeve that can be clipped inside your purse…and I know you will use somekind of fanny pack vs a purse. PS your hands may swell a lil due to change in climate and coming down from higher elevations…We will shop with you and chear you on! Go Junk Warrior’s and what a lucky ending to this event…needs to be video’d for HGTV…If you get a chance in some of those cities…your camera and you would be so happy some of the houses are soo0 charming…Go Junk Warriors….

  11. What a fun trip! Always wanted to do this, now I can do it through you!!!
    Everyone gave you such practical advice…I’ll give you something else…
    Go for the Cute Stuff!!!! and Run! Needle your way in and distract the other person…grab the gold!!
    Really… have a great time!!!

  12. This should be fun to watch… As for grits – you have to think of it like you do pasta. Nobody eats pasta without a sauce. Nobody eats grits plain either. Load them up with lots of salt and butter or throw in some cheese or smoked paprika. (And NEVER eat instant grits!) It’s “yes. mam” and “no, mam” (or sir) and everyone is “sweetie” or maybe even “sugar”. Most single syllable names are pronounced with two syllables. Don’t forget the umbrella. You can actually use it against the sun, too!
    Have fun. And welcome to ths south!

  13. Have a blast!! Wear comfortable clothing. Yes cotton is best. You may not think about it but have comfortable underwear and bra’s! If you can find cotton go for it. Cotton t-shirts also. Keep water with you, have a hat and sunglasses handy too. Best thing in the humility is to take your time. I tried grits they are ok. It is one of those things you need to try just once. Southern food is to die for so go for it!!!! IF you get sweet tea be prepared if you do not drink sweet stuff much. Yikes. lol. Keep small bills on you!! Much easier to shop with. And try not to carry a bunch of stuff with you like purses, bags things like that. In the heat the more you got around you the hotter you feel. Plan to make some trips back to the car a few times to unload if you can. Most of all have fun cant wait to hear all about it!

  14. Practical tips: Bring bras you can wash out at night. I hang them over hotel ac vents after they are no longer drippy wet. You’ll soak one each day. At home in August, I take at least two showers per day if I need to look presentable and I’ve been outside. If you get overheated soak a washcloth with cold water and drape on the back of your neck. Bring lots of cotton socks. Bring sun block. I mix sunblock for babies [spf 70] with liquid foundation so I don’t look like a ghost. Best of luck to you ” )

  15. I just came in from cleaning the barn and was going to mention bras. LOL you will go through them fast. I like the moisture wicking sports bras, they dry quickly and that’s good when you’re in the heat and for washing out at night. They also have no irritating wires, lace or fancies to get itchy. Also since you are going to be tromping through fields and such, be sure to pack some hydrocortisone and calamine cream and some benadryl. The chances are good that you are going to meet some fireants or other stinging biting members of the insect family. With the year round milder weather, the bugs and even irritating plants grow to large proportions! Best to be prepared!

  16. When you get over half way down in Ky. you will have to find a place that has chocolate gravy for breakfast, it’s like having fresh warm chocolate pie for breakfast. See if you can find one of those cooling bandannas that you tie around your neck, they have a jell in them & they stay cool for a long time,I have found them at Lowes’

  17. SO excited to hear you are coming for this sale. Me and my partner went for the first time last year. You can go to and look in our archive blog and find our story-pretty fun and one of the most memorable trips ever. Would so love to meet you-that would be so cool. We are heading out Thursday morning. Where do you plan on starting and what direction are you going? We started in Crossville Tennessee and headed north. In two days only made it half way through Kentucky. We found that we purchased the best treasures at some of the yard sales so I would certainly try and check out some. Jamestown Tennessee was fun. All the hints you have been given are right on the money. As a native Tennessean it has been the hottest summer EVER ! Clothes that will breathe-a water bottle to spray your face from time to time-bug spray,sometimes the walks are through fields and a hat or sunglasses.Ask locals where other good “junk” is–that will sometimes lead you to a honey spot that others are unaware of. We will follow your journey via your blog. You are in for some fun. Last year we had just purchased a new trailor and did not know how to back it up so had to go straight-not much better this time so if you see four women in and SUV pulling a trailor and trying to get it out of a tough spot….that will be us !
    Have a great time !! And WELCOME to the south !

  18. My hair is always my biggest worry when I’m out shopping the sales! Crazy I know! Be prepared for what our humidity will do to your hair. I have tried shampoos, flat irons and even frizz reducing products. Nothing works. Just pull your hair back and wear a hat!

  19. Just plan most of your activities for the morning hours…….by lunch hopefully you can find some indoor aircond venues……..if you find some try to save them for the after lunch time frame. You will thank yourself later. Sunscreen…hat…reapply sunscreen!…….And most of all have fun…..take lots of pictures….network!..get business cards if they have them……..take names!….I wish i was going with you! Hugs! deb

  20. Last Friday, Nate had a show about this very trip. It must have been a rerun from last year but I was thinking about you and how creative you are so, I can’t wait to see what you come up with and Habitat is an awesome cause. I would recommend you bring your patience, our experience is that it’s a slower pace than us northerners are use to with very welcoming, kind hearted people.

  21. Donna you will have a blast… the southern people are not unlike country Canadians… only they actually talk funnier than we do… eh! Make us proud and have a ball. Can’t wait to follow along.


  22. I understand that Ohio will now be part of this. Wish I had time but just can’t fit this in this year. I’ve never been to this or to Brimfield either. Both are trips that I will take in the future though. Hubby is a teacher. We will be done together in under 2 years so plan to go then. Have a great time. Sausage gravy and biscuits is awesome! Have a great time!!!

  23. It’s hot, hot, hot right now. Maybe a pop up shower or two, but then it is humid, humid, humid. As few clothing as possible to remain modest. Drink suhweet tea, fried catfish with all the trimmin’s, barbeque pork, ice cold real southern watermelons and home grown tomatoes. Grits with cheese and biscuits and gravy. Other than that, if you have any room left you are on your own. We love friendliness, smiles and waves…even though we’ve never met you. Most of the time, we figure out we are even kinfolk somewhere down the line if you talk long enough. We talk funny, but it is so romantic and give directions funny. If someone says it is over ‘yonder’ that may be 10 steps over or ten miles over. Have fun and get some great stuff.

  24. hat. scrunchy. bug spray. sunscreen. sunglasses. socks. comfortable shoes. water. water.water.water… much as I love sweet tea (and I do) drink it sparingly while out in the heat.
    the thing is about humidity is you sweat, then you need to replace that with water.
    we love fried food in the south. enjoy it, but eat small lite meals.
    heavy meals + humidity = sluggish feeling and naps.
    you will love the people in the south, they are kind and extremely friendly and they have the most wonderful accents which vary from region to region.

    you’re going to have a blast! very excited to read about all of your adventures.

  25. First off, when you arrive in the good ole USofA, welcome to America! As far as how to dress…. sunscreen is a must even on the cloudy days, lightweight clothing, comfortable shoes, plenty of liquid to keep you hydrated and hair up and off your neck and under a hat if you want. Small meals and healthy snacks as too heavy of a meal will make your tummy feel not so good. As it is my experience, in the heat and humidity, you don’t really feel like eating a lot anyway.
    Enjoy yourself and take lots of pictures. My girlfriends and I are jealous as we would love to be able to go to this mile after mile, state after state, yard sale.

  26. Being a good ole Ky gal, I always do the 127 yard sale. It will be hot and humid!!! sunglasses. Easy to carry purse with long strap…lots of $1.00 bills…You will most likely get hit with a rain shower during your trip….but you will dry off soon…lol. We always head north instead of south….Ohio and Michigan are both included this year….It seems to me the deals are better North. Make sure you have a cooler in your truck for cold drinks and snacks that do not melt! Be ready for lots of walking, browsing and fun! Enjoy and eat whatever you want….not a grits fan unless they have lots of sugar and butter…thats the way we eat them in KY! Blessings!

  27. I never ate shrimp and grits til moving to the Carolina’s! Sweet tea, what was that? Needless to say, I am now a Southern transplant, and LOVE it! You must get some BBQ too!~

  28. Donna, you cannot fly with any type of aerosol. My husband has had shaving cream in a can taken away, so watch for that. The most important thing will be that your vehicle is air-conditioned as you will need to escape to it often. Other than that, big hat, sunscreen and comfortable clothes. Have fun, it will be great to follow along, don’t ever think you are posting too much, because you wont’ be!!

  29. Oh I just know you are going to have such fun! Take a wagon to carry your items around which you may already do. You will find most people very friendly and eager to help you I do believe. Stay hydrated and like everyone said wear comfortable clothes and sunscreen and you will be fine. Can’t wait to hear and see about your adventure. lin

  30. You are going to have so much fun. My husband and I will be going as well. We find that having a pair of inexpensive walkie-talkies to use instead of cell phones is great for us. That way each of us can go our own way but be able to stay in touch if needed. You will find, for the most part, the most wonderful folks in the world. I hope you have a great time. I have been counting down the days for a year. Please don’t buy up all the good stuff before we get there!

  31. Have lots of fun and dress for heat and humidity. Don’t know about where the sale starts further north but KY and Alabama will be hot and humid. We lived in KY and it’s hot pretty humid even in Sept. Have some wipes you can refresh yourself with. It will be dirty sometimes also depending on the area for a sale. Some of them are along the highway in grass or dirt areas. By all means wear comfy walking shoes, maybe have some bug spray.
    Most of all enjoy all the experiences you’ll have, will meet lots of different kinds of people. I’m jealous, I’d love to be going. There is so much awesome stuff and some not so but so fun to see what you can find. Having an open mind is helpful. I’ll sure be looking forward to seeing all the pictures and hearing about your experiences.

  32. Oh honey, wear the lightest coolest thing you own! (it was 105 at 9am in the shade here this morning in the sweltering south) A must eat: fried dill pickles! You are going to experience culture shock of the best kind, good old southern hospitality, have a blast!

  33. Donna,
    OMG you are so lucky!!!! I cannot wait to see the treasures you find.I am sure there will be many.Have a fun and safe trip!

  34. Definitely scrunchies or pony tail holders because you WILL want your hair up. This summer has been so brutal that I’ve worn a ponytail every day even though I’m 44 and in a professional job. Try to schedule being outside early in the morning or late evening because from noon to about 6:00 p.m. the heat is brutal. Don’t expect the same energy level you normally have because heat will zap you! Y’all is plural, not singular but people don’t expect a non-southerner to say “y’all”. Fried okra, fried green tomatoes are a must. Have fun!

  35. Donna, I’ve lived in hot, humid Texas nearly all my life. It will be quite a shock for someone unused to our southern climate. I haven’t seen this mentioned in other comments, so take it from me…one good thing to take with you is a couple of containers of baby powder, or I get the scented cornstarch. Keep one on you, and a spare in your suitcase. Put the powder everywhere from your shoulders to your knees ! I know this is a little personal, but we’re all ladies here… It’s best wherever you have elastic — under your bra and undies — and wherever you rub (between your cheeks, if you get my drift). This will help immensely to keep you a bit drier and more comfortable. Whenever you get a chance at a restroom, wash off with a damp rag or paper towel and re-powder. You won’t regret it. Also, if you can take a large handkerchief and plastic baggie with you, when the heat is really getting to you, put some ice in the plastic baggie, wrap the hanky around the bag, and put on your neck, tying the hanky in the front. This sounds drastic, I’m sure, but I think you’ve figured out by now that we all know what our heat is like for someone who can “wear a coat year round.” I’m SO envious of you getting to do this junking trip, and look forward to hearing about everything you do, everything you buy, and everything you eat ! Have a GREAT time, and stay out of the sun at every opportunity.

  36. If ya ain’t dirty, ya ain’t doin’ it right!

    Oh, and the peanuts go in your coke. All soda pop is coke, but peanuts go in coke…the real coke.

    Humidity is your enemy and it will be everywhere! Drink lots of water.

    Most important…HAVE FUN! I will be doing the Ohio leg and it is fun! Woot!

  37. Sorry Donna, I have no tips for you because I’ve never been to the South. I am just so excited for you and I know you will “wow” us with all your finds and experiences. Have a wonderful and safe trip. Linda S. in NE

  38. You’re going to have so much fun Dnonna. I’m a bit envious !! Bring flip flops, it’ s good hot for tennis shoes…111 degrees here today in Central Arkansas. Be sure to have some home grown tomatoes and if you can make it to Hot Springs Arkansas, McClard’s BBQ is the best on the planet ! Also, we’re only about 4 hrs from the Canton, Tx First Monday Flea Market,you would LOVE it! Have a blast, I can’t wait to see your treasures. Suzanne Black

  39. If you get too warm…..try a frogg togg chilli towel..(available at Bed,Bath & Beyond…..cools you down several degrees/holds water…place around your neck outside…..when it drys out just re-wet…..also pack a small cooler and pick up water bottles at local super markets….save on stopping so much. We pack a snack bag of 100-calorie snacks/fruit so we don’t overindulge….have fun! We will enjoy going with you on your facebook/blog!

  40. Oh my you are going to have a total blast. I drug hubby kicking and screaming last year for the first time and he loved it …We are so excited about going this year . We live in Tn so we started in Gadsden, Al last year and only made it 20 miles in 3 days. SO MUCH GOOD JUNK, came home with a full truck, smiles on our faces planning this years trip…Yes it was horrible hot and humid…So take lots of COLD water, light healthy snacks and something to wipe your face with ….Dont worry about makeup it will be gone in a hour but you wont care cause everyone will be in the same shape.
    Do pace yourself cause the humidity will kick your butt, light weight cloths, good walking shoes cause most likely you will get muddy
    We are starting up by the Ky border this year….Cant wait leaving in 2 days….Oh yea Camera……Have fun your going to love it…….Bea

  41. When I moved from the Pacific Northwest to Kentucky years ago, I was really surprised by how much more intense the sun was, and how many more bugs there were. I found it best to have really good sunglasses, use a hat and wear layered clothes. Sometimes a tank top with a loose open shirt over it is best because sunscreen can get really sticky. Disposable wipes can help you feel refreshed and putting bug spray on your clothes is better than putting it on your skin. Most of all…have FUN!!!

  42. If you get to Chattanooga, be sure to dine at the Station House in the famous Chattanooga Choo Choo complex. Chattanooga is an old-new town. Recently, bike rental racks have been set up all over downtown. A must see is the Bluff View Art District…this is for fun.. museums, art gallery, Rembrandt’s coffee house. I recommend the cream cheese brownie and the Italian Cream Cake. Forgot to say the Station House restaurant is the place where the servers are your entertainment. Great music and fun. The salad bar is on an old railroad luggage cart. Boiled shrimp is a favorite along with slaw,, salads of all kinds. Your server usually takes your order and then takes off his/her apron and goes on stage. First on our list…you’ll love it. Be careful on that highway. I’ve been several times and it’s hard to get a good spot if you are in a large vehicle. I have to say, that I’ve been to both individual homes and to the fields…it’s all good or not. Just like a weekend of sales. Enjoy!!!

  43. Make sure to drink lots of sweet tea – and most of all have fun! Southern people are some of the nicest on earth, so you’ll feel at home. Just make sure to relax, stay cool & have fun!!!

  44. Being from the Pacific Northwest and making the trip to Georgia/Alabama at least every 3 months, I know exactly what all these ladies are talking about. I always feel as tho I am the only woman who is sweating profusely and every step is a burden in this hot and humid weather! Seems to me Southern women just know how to respond to that weather so much better! Drink lots of water, let go of any visions of cute hair, rest when tired, bring a portable small battery fan, get a bra that wicks moisture away from you and wear sleeveless…regardless of your non love of your arms, lol. No one cares! Also, if you tend to be allergic to mosquito bites, bring a BITE STICK ( local drug store)….helps a ton. They have “see me nots or No See ums” that are vicious there!
    Have an awesome time!

  45. I can’t wait to travel with you on your road trip! I love them, even with other folks as my guide! Might think of wearing a wet bandana on your head, I wear one working in the yard just rolled up as a headband. And, water to keep wetting it! You will be soaked with the humidity so maybe quick dry clothing and lots of bags or trunks to pack your goodies in.

    Let’s Travel!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  46. Hi Donna,
    Wow – what a trip!! Need a co-pilot? How about a navigator?
    I live in London, ON so we have humidity all the time but not as bad as the south. Can’t help as far as food is concerned. I’ve also always wanted to tour the southern states and this would be a great way to do it. Lucky you! Lots of layers, cotton clothes, good walking shoes, maybe rubber boots, if you have access to a freezer at night freeze half bottles of water (fill and wrap them in towels the next day, helps keep the water cold), bandana for your forehead and one for around your neck, keep cold water on them. Another crazy thing, drink hot beverages (if you can get your mind around them); they cause you to sweat and when the sweat evaporates it does make you feel cooler. Remember that the US is not metric! I love being in the states; I still think better in non-metric terms!
    Take care and have a great trip! Can’t wait to see you updates!
    P.S. Sorry again about Jenna. It did occur to me, though, that Beethoven will have a play mate (if they got along, that is!).

  47. you will have a great time…i went a few years ago and only did kentucky and tennessee in 3 days and we had really pick and choose our stops…just ask the vendors where to eat–they usually know!!!! hot, hot, hot!!!! BUT soooo much fun and GREAT people!!!!

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