You are cordially invited to the themed linkups. ALL of them. Again and again!

Ever feel like this?

Yeah.. me too.

You want to make something in particular but you’re at a complete and utter loss for inspiration.

Well… didja hear the news?

What news you ask?

That Sat Nite Special’s themed linkups are now all reopened of course!

awesome mutilated comic strip source

What’s a themed linkup?

If you’ve been hangin’ around FJI for awhile, you know by now the weekend parties held here are called Saturday Nite Special, with 3 categories to link up to. The 3rd linkup is an everchanging theme each weekend.

 {sample HERE}

When the party ends, generally so do the linkups.


just the themed linkups are now staying open!


Because every weekend you continue to create new fantastical things that need a place where they can be located easily for those looking. 

(besides, Kolein needs your help…)

How does it work?

Easy! Say you desire inspiration on.. oh… a sticks, twigs and branches theme for example.

1. Scroll down FJI’s right sidebar until you see the above button.

2. Click on it and this is what you see.

Live links in alphabetical order! 

Now click on sticks twigs and branches, and you get…

You will be greeted with a choice of either:

selecting the full original SNS post


*just scrolling through the themed links, 

* Eventually. 🙂

Some links still have the full SNS post attached only until I can change them all over.

Do the themed linkups need to be new to SNS?

No. Themed linkups that have been in other headings on SNS previously are welcome! And they can be older ones too. The theme is what this one’s all about here.

A link back is much appreciated.

There’s a new trend in town where many are no longer linking back to the party in their posts, but rather, show buttons on their sidebars or hidden pages. It’s my personal preference to have your post stay linked to the party/blog if it’s to sit in these archives. These links will send traffic your way for a long time to come and in return, and it’s nice to have your guests come by here too so they can also enjoy the archives. 🙂

Want another reason? If you SAY Funky Junk something or other and link back in your post, that picks up in google. And that is very cool.

Wow… I’m already in there!

Please check the links before you add yours. From time to time I see alot of wonderful links that totally deserve to be revisited over and over again and will be adding a few carefully chosen ones myself. 🙂 So.. you may be in there already!

I’ll be moderating the works and deleting where necessary so if you spot something amiss, please contact me and I’ll get right on it.

My goal is to offer up one of the best DIY inspiration archives possible. You need something? You have an easy place to look and plenty of it to look through. Thanks to you!


No collard greens tonite. 🙂 Ice-cream for all!

SNS’s themed linkups. Our hero. 🙂

Go ahead. Click the button and try it out!

Any comments or suggestions? Fire away!

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17 thoughts on “You are cordially invited to the themed linkups. ALL of them. Again and again!

  1. Donna,

    First off, love the sense of humor in this posting! And again, permanent links are such a great idea!

    Thanks you so much for the feature in your sidebar! That is so amazing, especially coming from you!!!

    Thanks so much again,

  2. This is a very, very, very good idea. What a win-win proposition: people who link to your parties can get ongoing traffic, people who missed the original link-up still have a chance to join in, and you can get ongoing traffic as well. I’m sure that you’re putting a lot of time into setting this up, so big thanks and KUDOS to you for all that work! May you be richly rewarded for all your hard work!!

  3. Donna your always brain storming….i will sonn be a blog follower a year and i must say i follow over 300 blogs and alot of my 1st ones came from your link parties and from your side bar….so i look forward to this alot….not sure i can follow 400 blogs !!

  4. OK, you have the best photos! Where do you get them?? ahahahahaha!!!


    Seriously, this is a wonderful idea. Do you EVER sleep?

    I LOVE this idea, because at the end of the day I really want to be at every party YOU DO and NOW I CAN….I’ll just be fashionably late!

    I am a follower in the truest sense. I need a jolt to get my creative juices pumping through my brain and then my veins, so seeing what everyone else is planning helps kick me into gear.

    Thank you for all that you do. Really. Every single bit of it. You totally rock! Forever!

    And I do admit that having a few more friends stop over my blog is really a wonderful thing! I just hope to be able to inspire someone with something. I don’t have too many NEW ideas. But maybe someday I will!

    (collard greens are REALLY good for you!)

  5. donna,
    you are SO awesome! i was just thinking about how many SNS’s i’ve missed posting & linking to due to family/life issues. this past weekend being one of them (dad had to go back into hospital) i was picture ready, just not post ready.
    thanks for doing this, not only for such a case as above but in finding/searching the archives for ideas!

  6. I’m so glad you are doing this! I know I’ve gone back a few times to a themed link party to see what else was added after my last visit. This will be so much easier! Yay!

  7. I love that you’ve opened up these themed links for future linking, and that you’ve made a permanent link to them on the sidebar!!! I could seriously spend HOURS looking through these things. Such incredible inspiration!!

    But if I neglect my clients and make no money for the rest of the month, I’m totally blaming you! 🙂

  8. This is so one of my favorite blogs and now, with permanent links, I have a place to search any number of things.

    Thanks a million for all the time you put into your blog…it’s awesome.
    P.S. I’ve been working on WHITE/COLLECTIONS posts for next time…will ck back later to see the theme for this week.:)

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