You vs. the computer; who’s the boss?

Can you spot what’s missing from this picture?

Excuse the bad photo, but it’s nighttime and changes happen here 24/7.

Here’s the shot you’re use to seeing. 

 If you guessed my computer, you would be right. The Mac is currently residing in my downstairs office short term.

I’m having trouble with the wireless router staying online so I’m fiddling with things downstairs to see if I can improve the issue until my new router arrives.

The picture totally makes me smirk…

What do you think these two are thinking? Or saying to each other? Can two very different worlds AND generations get along?

First thing that came to mind would be them slingin’ corny zingers…


What’s the result of the computer ALL THE WAY downstairs anyway?

I don’t like it.

It’s too far away from the action of everyday life. 

It’s an effort to run downstairs and do stuff on.

I miss my crutch.

Crutch? Yeah. Crutch.

You see, since this thing’s been out of sight, out of mind, I’ve been… doing stuff. Stuff other people without blogs do.

I love escaping online as an excuse to run from stuff I dislike. And I do it far too often.

Case in point. 

*I use to be able to keep up to the gardening outdoors. Reality check: I’m light years away from being remotely ready for summer. And it’s already summer. Whoops…

*I use to envy those with clean homes and wonder how they do it. But I get it now. They have time to clean. Huh…

Scout’s honor… my house has never been cleaner. I come around the corner and BAM.. Clean view + short term memory = where am I?!?

And I like it.

The moral here

Make sure you’re living life, then bringing your stories online, rather than the other way around. 

If you’re sitting in front of your computer stressing that you have nothing to blog about, you aren’t living.

If you refuse to open your front door due to the mess to even a burglar, you aren’t living.

Life, THEN a story. I think that’s what blogging use to be all about, remember?

And you may even get a clean house out of the deal.



Do you let the net take over your life?

How do you fight the ‘urge’?

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28 thoughts on “You vs. the computer; who’s the boss?

  1. Great post. I shut off the computer and went to the beach with my son and some friends today. ALL day. Ate lunch there, swam, played in the sand, took pictures. Went out and lived life outside the “box”. I was going crazy the last few months trying to get my site all “pretty”, but I don’t need to rush. It’s mostly done…I’ll work on fixing up the last little bit as I can, but I will NOT stress about doing work on it (besides actual post writing!!)

  2. I couldn’t agree more with this post! I have been blogging a bit less but it’s summer time and I don’t want to be tied to the computer all the time. I do still have the “what will I blog about” looming over my head but I’m much more relaxed about it and figure it will come to me!

  3. You nailed it!hehe…
    I feel refreshed when I stay away all day. Then I’m excited to see what blogland did while I was gone..
    Enjoy your summer, I’m off to your side of the country in a few days….from Florida to Montana, staying there for a whole month with no computer!!!! Thank goodness for Starbucks!!

  4. Great post and oh so true. These machines can and do take over our lives if we let them. It is so nice to take a break from them. I find that if I turn mine off, I’m not as likely to just go plop down in front of it to see what is going on in blogland or anywhere else.

    So, thanks for this affirmation about living life and who is the boss.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  5. HIlarious but true. My laptop is in the shop this week, and I had to bring my coffee to my upstairs office room to check mail and blogs…usually I do it in the dining room! How annoying, but it does highlight how much the computer distracts me during my daily rounds too. Yet I am planning to buy a Mac (!) yay, and hubs wants an iPad!! So the more the merrier, cuz it is a way of life.

  6. A timely post in these early days of summer. Sometimes the computer does become something of an alternate universe and it’s easy to let the real world just go by. I try to “do my day” and then enjoy blogland in the evening but have to admit that sometimes I cheat just to see what everyone is up to. Love your office spaces..both of them. Great post!

  7. So true! Our computer is downstairs too so I try to get the upstairs work done first (except this morning, ooops) before I get on here for a few minutes or an hour or two. Oh dear. I am trying to get a life since it’s summer now and I can get out and enjoy our world. Thanks for the gentle reminder. And enjoy the world outside of blogdom. Blessings, Pamela

  8. Boy ain’t that the truth! It’s terrible….the house is always messy now…never was before. I do a lot of projects but spend way too much time on this thing!!!

  9. Hello Donna,
    I hope that your computer makes it way back upstairs soon and Internet connection kicks into high gear. For me LIFE is all about creating balance which brings JOY. Thanks for sharing.
    Smiles, Paula

  10. The flip side of it is that having a blog does keep me doing projects I might not be motivated to do otherwise.

    With that being said, the week that my mom passed away, I was away from blogland for an entire week! I played with the family a LOT! So I do agree with your post.

    I wonder if the average reader realizes how time consuming blogging is?

  11. Donna I guess that is one reason I don’t have a blog. I would never get anything done. I had trouble with with my wireless also and found out that it was a modem that had been recalled.
    They sent me a new one and I haven’t had any more trouble. They would tell me to unplug it
    to reset it, I did so many times and then finally they gave up and figured out it was on recall. Hope you get yours straighten out.
    Great post.

  12. It must be in the air. I just blogged about technology taking over our lives. I hate it, but I still let it happen, because here I sit! I’m trying to work in a better, less computer-centric routine, but it’s not easy.

    It’s so shiny…

  13. My computer is definitely the boss of me! I get emails throughout the day with things that I need to do business wise. I check the email often. I also subscribe to some sites so I get an email about a new post. I could just read it in the email but what fun would that be? I have to be there in person. That usually leads to another site and another and another….. it’s a vicious circle. Now that I am on “bed rest” it’s my buddy too. I need a life…. and a maid.

  14. *sigh*
    That was refreshing…I need a downstairs, one level living, small home, everything is easy access. But, I have learned to pull away and go play. My problem is going outside in the morning to water something, turns into…pruning, preening, weeding, folding towels, clean skimmers, playing in the garden, take pictures of anything, before you know it and hour or two…gone! But hey, my tan is looking good 🙂

  15. What a great post…and so true. During a two month stay at my Mom’s house across the state, I was without computer access, unless I wanted to leave her alone and drive to the public library. This was rarely an option as she was recovering from surgery for a broken leg. I missed the net terribly, but found that as time went by, I missed it less and less. One thing that really stood out was the monthly total charges on my credit cards…way down as I wasn’t getting all those sale ads from my favorite companies. Not to worry, I made up for it when I got back home and could get my “fix”!!! Thank heavens I do not have a blog of my own. Linda S. in NE

  16. Sad but true Donna ~ it is the first thing I do in the morning and usually the last thing I do before I go to bed at night. I have cut my time down considerably but I could still do better. Thanks for the reality check ~ check!

  17. Truth: I let the computer get in the way of cleaning my house, but then again, I’d find something else to take the place of the computer as a reason not to clean. LOL!!

    However, I have come to learn that if your having a graduation party, with family members that have never been to your current home (& they’re clean freaks) then you kind of give up the computer a lot more to get the cleaning done & decorations made.

  18. Great post. I am in a slow down period in my blog for the summer. So I can spend more quality time with my son without blog thoughts running around in my head as much. I also took my laptop from beneath my favorite chair in the family room and put it back in my office so I wouldn’t have the urge to just pick it up 200 times a day. Working for me so far.

  19. I cut my cable connection and without tv shows, that I really only used to have on in the background, I find I am concntrating on other things more fully and getting more done.
    Now that I watch selected shows online I am liking tv less because it takes more focus and I can’t wander around the room doing other things.

    I thought I was the last person in the blogosphere to have an older monitor.
    While I am happy to have what I have, what I would not trade for a slim model that takes up less desktop.

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