Junkin’ day with Granny and Grumpa

Boy do I have a post and a half to show you today.

My son and I deem Sundays as family day so we were  needing something to do. Then I remembered this place I had heard about from Karen at Ocean Soul. Apparently there was this amazing antiques place on a farm not more than 15 minutes from us.

Grabbing camera in hand, we set out on our new adventure.

Are you ready for a crazy picture heavy post with plenty of junky delights and horrors? Here we go!

The GPS brought us along some lovely country roads and then we were there. Welcome to Granny and Grumpa’s Antiques! Located in between Chilliwack and Abbotsford, BC Canada.

37936 Wells Line Road Daily 9-6, 604 854-1033 (no website)

Uh…. this was 1 of about 6 buildings just like it… WITH multiple rooms. I was a human fly catcher with my jaw wide open for the first hour while I got aquainted with my new surroundings.

The book on the many things you can do with fruit loops.


It was a dictionary.

Bet fruit loops was in the next edition because this was no doubt the abbreviated version…

Very organized and grouped incredibly well.

This crate collapsed flat like. Amazing.

I nearly came home with this 100 yr old rake. It was pretty cool.

Oh my word… isn’t this pedestal sink amazing?

Crazy for scales.

Honestly, there was so much of one kind of item, it was completely overwhelming.

One entire wall was devoted to pedal cars and wagons alone.

LOVED the signs, but I’d bet I can make them….most of these weren’t authentic but they were nicely done.

I LOVED this metal sign!

The back barns weren’t quite as clean and orderly. See those sewing machines in the back? They lined up all the way to the end of this barn. The last one was out of focus it was so far away.

Long forgotten burlap bags and grain sacks. 100’s of them.

100 yr old pomegranate juicer is what my son read on the tag. Aren’t the graphics cool?

And then we browsed through the children’s section checking out the latest in ancient cradles.

A whole mess of these!

I think I shed a few tears when witnessing this wall at first glance. I don’t remember. I was too busy catching flies.

 LOVE cheese boxes and the like.

WARNING. The below scene is incredibly frightening. (to some)


These particular dolls scare me. You know the ones with the old vintage hard heads and blinking eyes. It’s just that they look so ‘real’.

Three full rooms of beady little eyes.


Righty – “Pssst! There goes her son in the other direction…”

A little creepy.

Surely you know I’m jesting (abit) here. The doll collection was quite amazing and had many vintage specialties.  I could point out a few cuties that I grew up with as well. :)

Next stop?


Bin littered with folding rulers. YUM!!!

I decided to pass on a picture frame because their stock just didn’t measure up…

Son at far left bored out of his tree by now and I had only gone through 1/2 the buildings. No worries. He found an outdoor musical merry go round he triggered to sing and dance while I shopped.

Kitten! I love visiting with resident cats in the most unique places.

Check out that cart! If it had been smaller it would have come home with me. It was amazing.

I’m honestly surprised these photos even turned out. This barn was BLACK.

No idea what these were but they were metal and rusty so that makes them ok in my book.

A building devoted to reclaimed lumber.

“Price check on isle 8042, shelf A78959368, meat grinder section. It was right above TinkerToy #895.”

Amazing collection!

See the spool of thread? They are real. That’s how small this amazing sewing machine loaded with detail was.


This next image may keep you awake for many moons to come.

Look closely at that sign. It reads “Old Hair Curler.”

I visited a bed and breakfast in Snohomish, Washington many years ago and went out to dine one night. I went to visit the ladies restroom, turned to lock the door, and turned again only to face one of these hair curler things on display. But it also housed a warped matching reclining chair begging to be in a horror flick.

I can’t quite remember but I think I may have left the tap running.

Beautiful detailing on that one trunk!

Honestly, I’d love to visit this place again for the sole purpose of taking artsy shots. So much potential here.

Oh how I wanted this! It was an authentic crate that housed these very contents. It was huge!

I wanted these too. ALL of them.

Owner, “You aren’t gonna cut them up are you?!?”


Here’s an idea for those of you that like those dress modeling body things…

And winner of the craziest contraption, this mustang bicycle lawnmower.

I would have went for it if the banana seat was still intact… :)

My son bought home the car he was holding. And would you believe I came home with nothing?!? It was all so overwhelming in the very best of ways. But now I know where to go when I’m after something in particular and honestly, that’s all I need for now.

Coolest couple and place ever! We WILL be back.

Want more?

You can check out Karen’s own photo shoot of the same place HERE.

And more junk hunting posts of my own are HERE.

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  1. What a great place! I went to a Flea Market today where an old couple had a booth. They were 92 and 94 and spry as could be! Junking is good for the body!

  2. amazing…and overwhelming! I can see why you didn’t come home with anything – too hard to choose! thanks for sharing

  3. Love it. Found a place like this once in North Carolina. I was so overwhelmed and in awe I also came away with nothing. Next time I’ll be smart enough to take my camera along.

  4. OMGosh- I can’t believe that place! I am amazed at how organized everything is! It is like a hoarders with OCD! Love it! I think I would have been too overwhelmed to buy anything either-and that “curling machine”…uhhh…super scary! xxoo Diana

  5. I have never been in any place like that. The organization is great if you know what you are looking for, but if it had been less organized I would have appreciated the surprise factor more. of course then I would pick something up, see a different one in another building and have to run the first one back, and on the way see a third I liked better…
    maybe I’d just like to go picking for them.

  6. All I can say is OMG! That place would have flipped me out (in a good way). I think I would have been paralyzed and unable to move in any direction. I totally get the “fly catcher” pose!
    …and I can’t believe you came home with nothing!
    I wish we had a place like that here… Anything here that sold that stuff like that would be a designer store with major price tags!
    Glad you had fun, wish I was there!

  7. It looks like a great place to visit. Love the bicycle lawnmower contraption! I swear though, your son just is getting more grown up and handsomer every time you post his pic! I just love his smile.

  8. Haha! I, too, get brain overload in these places and usually end up leaving emptyhanded. When either of my (adult) daughters is with me, we tend to get the wet your pants giggles when we hit the dreaded “doll” room. All those EYES!!! Oh, the junking memories your son will have when he is older. :@

  9. WOW! What an amazing place. I’d be overwhelmed too! Thanks for giving me a good laugh as I really enjoyed your comments in this post. I can’t believe someone collects and stores and hopes to sell some of this stuff. Incredible!

  10. Speechless!
    Thanks for sharing and your witty commentary…loved it all!
    My two grown kids have lots of funny stories of being dragged into these junking ventures…your son will have too! Great post…:)

  11. I laughed out loud at the dolls (lefty and righty)!

    What is it about places like that, if they have 30 yardsticks you don’t buy one, but if there was only 2 you buy them both?

    Fabulous place though, do you think they sell much because it looks like many years of collecting or hoarding?

  12. That is a lot of stuff! I bet that you will be back many times. I’m sure I would have found something that I couldn’t walk away without. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  13. Well. My parents and siblings live in Chilliwack so the next time we head over from the Island, I know where the car is going. Yes. What a place. Look at the size of that dictionary – oops Fruit Loops Directory.

  14. #25 Julie #12 Donna, prices were high for many things and somewhat reasonable for others so hard to say how much stuff leaves the grounds. Grumpa knows his retail and he remembers everything you ask him about and KNOWS what he wants for it. Nothing is priced btw.

    That crate panel I wanted was $80.


  15. What a wonderful disneyland of a junk place. The dolls hung up on the wall reminded me of some that I saw n Bakersfield, CA. They were all stapled to the wall and a sign below them read “Little Bits O Trouble”. Creepy? … I know. Take anything home with you from there?


  16. Love your trip to Grumpa’s! I think my favorite was the lawn mowing bicycle. So sleek, so sporty, yet functional. A total package. Oh and the trunks- beautiful. What a fun day you and your son had.

  17. OMG, that place is amazing! I totally understand you, though, on the brain lock due to overwhelm, I get the same things when I walk into a place like that and have total sensory overload! There are so many things I saw that I want, I am dying to get a nice big old gesso and wood frame to make a bulletin board out of. Went by a resell place here in West L.A. and they wanted $140 for a 24 x 36 frame, which of course I could pay less for that new (these people were a total rip off).

    I may have to take a trip to Canada! Thank you for sharing this place with us!



  18. I can’t believe Granny & Grumpa’s was only 15 minutes from you and the rust hadn’t mysteriously beckoned you sooner. LOVED the Righty and Lefty comments… laughed out loud at that one. Thanks for sharing your Sunday with us!! :)

  19. Funny thing when I stopped in there last year, I was the only one in the place, the owners didn’t even come out to check on me. The dog followed me from barn to barn and waited for me at each door though.
    I was glad the dolls were in a complete separate room, because they freak. me. out. Gah. I’d like to go back with a friend and hopefully Grumpa will be around to give me some prices.
    Thanks for the tour and reminding me I need to go back!

  20. Cool and weird! And that hair curler thingy, my mom used to describe exactly that as the machine they used to perm her hair when she was a kid one time. She said she could still smell her hair burning and the pulling. There is a place like that, but not as organized, on the Trans Canada near Sudbury Ontario. Lots of buildings and add ons full of stuff.

  21. Donna when I picked my jaw up and was able to talk, I screamed, that’s my little sewing machine I got for Christmas when I was a little girl. I still have it and the book too. It really sews, chain stitch. The “hair curler thing” is an electic waver. I have my mom’s from the late 30’s, I also have her hair dryer and it still worked when we put it in my dad’s shop about 25yr ago. My mom was a beauty operator in the 30’s and 40’s. This place you went is awesome, OMG, I had my mouth open wide.
    I would love to go there, if nothing else just to look. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us. (I also have all mom’s books and all her hair stuff like curling iron no cord had to put it on stove to heat and the book with real hair samples in it to choose your color you wanted. All of her culers and waving clamps)
    I am a collector so I can’t get rid of them.
    I am a true junker o.k. I have said it now I feel better.

  22. OH….MY….GOSH, Donna! What a totally unbelievable place! Surely it’s one of a kind! I can just imagine how the wheels in your head were spinning and creating as you wandered around with your mouth hanging open. lol! WOW!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  23. That’s crazy! Where how do they get all that stuff?! How long were you there?

    BTW, I agree about the dolls. How could something that brought us so many hours of enjoyment at a young age look so creepy to us now?

  24. OH-MY-JIMINEY-CRACKERS! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I can imagine being so overwhelmed with the choices that you end up with nothing. something like going to an enormous buffet. and six buildings’ worth!!? I would’ve just stood there and sobbed.

  25. Donna,
    I love you blog!! The doll pics and comments are hilarious! American Pickers, Frank and Mike would love this place, if the price were right. Keep on blogging. You are an inspiration to me as a single mom of 2 boys!

  26. I’m soooo glad you made it there! I had a feeling you might like it…LOL!!! I loved your take on it too…the fly catcher…totally!!! You took a ton of pics, I took a ton of pics and none of our pics are the same…that’s how much stuff there is!!!! You are so lucky to live so close, although that is kind of dangerous too…LOL.

  27. Again, Wow!
    But this time, I have to agree, those dolls were creepy. I don’t watch horror movies, but I remember one my kids watched with a doll that came to life? They reminded me of that. (but the last one was cute!! lol)
    And again…those scales!! I can’t believe you bought nothing!
    Debbie :)

    • Better late than never!My better half shows me a self guided circle
      farm tour in the Fraser valley and I picked the right one!Granny &
      Grumpas Antiques most likely the largest in Canada just unbelievable.
      The owners are old folks down to earth people &imagine they are only
      40 minute drive from our place.i will be back and spend more $