Stereo storage – unique!

We all love our stereos, but we don’t always like to look at them, do we?

 Here’s a quick little solution if you love funky old trunks and boxes and don’t REALLY care that the speakers are placed ‘just so.’

Here’s an old coffee crate I found on the curbside. Loved the typography and how light the wood was, not to mention that fun slightly rusted galvanized edge. Cool!

The black box is an old wooden trunk turned on it’s SIDE, creating a cupboard of sorts. The two speakers will sit just like you see and the light toned box slips right over them. The fit is perfect!

Drill your holes where desired to push your wires through.

Hide your wires the best way you can. As the baseboard hasn’t been installed yet, I stuffed it into the edge of the hardwood and wall. Ugly wires simply disappear! And I make sure the baseboard is loosely tacked on so I can move wires around at a later time.

I placed the main components into the trunk. It already had a wire chain attached.

Decorate with your favorite doodads… (in which these days just the cat is enough for me)

And you have yourself a merry little funky stereo storage system! When we need the stereo on, I simply open the black door if I desire the sub woofer effects, and lift the smaller box off the speakers.

Now just so you know, not everything around here is ‘just so….’

Ech… another day.

How about you? Do you have something interesting storing your electronics? Please feel free to post your link in your comment if you do! I’d love to take a peek. 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Stereo storage – unique!

  1. My electronics and I struggle. I have cords in front of my desk that come out of the front…which shoul be against the wall but cannot be due to the configurations of the room…and the size of the darned [email protected] So..there is a hole in front of the desk with a ton of cords comeing out. All I could do is set a huge basket of ivy on the desk in back of the computer and let it drop down covering bit of the stack of cords..and then where they run along the desk to the door and then over the threshhold of the little sliding door…I bought a braided heavy runner and ran it along the front of the desk covering at least some of the unsightly stuff! Cords…it is a constant source of irritation! At least you did better then I did!! LOTS better.

  2. Oh goodness, what a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing! You really found a cool trunk and box too, I think that is half the challenge right there! 🙂 I never find neat stuff like that on the curbside, LOL!

  3. This is a great idea too! And, I love your haircut. Is that a weird comment, or what?!? I’m going post a link to this on my blog – hope that is okay?!?

  4. LOL Joyce!! Just wish the hair would stay lookin’ right all the time. Today is not such a day.

    As per sharing?!? Absolutely! I thank-you!

    You know, I had my stereo sitting in those boxes for sooooo long and procrastinated in the drilling and hooking up part. So dumb. It took me less than 30 min to do it all. (resulting in a 3 hour photo shoot of course…)

    FJ Donna

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