Pallet pool noodle storage – quick and easy!

Need a neat and tidy way to store all those pool toys? Here’s how a simple pallet became the perfect pallet pool noodle storage… which also holds so much more! Also included is a rustic gate to hold pool towels. Here’s how!

Need a neat and tidy way to store all those pool toys? Here's how a simple pallet became the perfect pallet pool noodle storage... which also holds so much more! Also included is a rustic gate to hold pool towels. Here's how!

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My truck came with some bad news. The transmi$$ion fried. So looks like summer will be at home this round.

The place that will be doing the work can’t take me till next Tuesday so I had to drive Rent-a-Wreck home. I was able to get up to 20 mph,  revving at 2nd gear top notch. The cure? My son handing me ketchup chips all the way home. It took the tailgaters and curious looks off my mind as we drove home like I was 110 yrs old with the flashers going. Sa-weet.

So once home, we walked to the library, kicking a little green apple all the way there (it’s actually rather fun), loaded up on loaner videos and a ton of books, went home, and I started on a new mystery project to fill my time. PLUS I jazzed up the above ground pool area.  May as well bond with the joint. We’ll be around.

So here’s what I did around the pool!

Pallet pool noodle storage

Organize your pool gear with this pallet pool noodle organizer!

I happened to have a clean pallet on hand. So I simply hauled it out of storage into the backyard, leaned it against the house positioned with the pallet opening at the top.

Then I slipped our pool noodles inside. Done! Instant pool noodle organizer to store all our oodles of pool noodles…  without building a thing!

Do check the condition of the pallet prior to using it though. It may be a good idea to run a sander over it, and also drive in any loose nails. One could even paint it if desired!

Organize your pool gear with this pallet pool noodle organizer!

Pool noodle storage


The pallet storage is actually pretty functional! The pool noodles slip through the top and are easy to grab.

From there, the idea continued to grow! What else can I use this pretty cool pallet pool organizer for

Get some fun new pool noodles from HERE

Organize your pool gear with this pallet pool noodle organizer!

Added hooks to hang larger pool toy storage


Some metal galvanized brackets of some sort (I don’t know what they were from) were positioned along the other pallet boards like clips to hold other pool toys!  It really helps to keep all the pool clutter off the sidewalk.

Check out some other large hook ideas HERE

Organize your pool gear with this pallet pool noodle organizer!

Small hooks for water gun storage


Simple screws were attached along the top pallet board, so the water guns have a place to hang too! 

Not to mention, the open pallet on top is the perfect place to stash a pool net or 2. This pool noodle storage idea has proven to become very handy! Think of all the other pool accessories or pool floats that could also be arranged on another old pallet!

Here’s some smaller hook ideas to use instead.

Shop for water guns HERE

Stock up on some new pool nets HERE

So let’s see what else became a thing around the pool…

Grab a good summer book to read

Pick up a good book to read


So, I took out a book from the library! It’s a great way to fit in some reading without costing anything at all! I think I may just sit and enjoy this!

Check out some fun summer novels from HERE

I’m personally a big fan of Mary Kay Andrews. Her writing always makes me laugh! You just can’t go wrong with one of her books.

a rustic old barn gate becomes towel hooks

Build towel storage with an old gate


Aaaand, we needed a nice place to hang dry pool towels. I happened to have this old barn gate on hand. So I dragged it out of storage, leaned it against the house…

Hang the pool towels on this handy old barn gate by adding hooks!

… then added a few more rustic hooks similar to the original hooks on the gate already to become the perfect place to hang wet towels, or other poll accessories, such as swimming goggles or other small pool toys or pool equipment.

DIY pool storage indeed!

Check out some rustic hooks HERE

Pick up some fun new beach towels HERE

Hang the pool towels on this handy old barn gate by adding hooks!

I suppose the gate or hanging basket could stand to have a shelf run along the top to stash our sunscreen. That’s a simple add for certain!

Stock up on your favorite sunscreens HERE

Fresh cut hydrangeas hang from a poolside towel hook area for a punch of summer colour!

Hang fresh cut hydrangeas outdoors for some instant summer colour!

Hang flower arrangements


And now for some colour. I happen to have a very large hydrangea bush fully in bloom. So I grabbed a plastic clay planter, tucked a jar of water inside, then clipped some hydrangea cuttings inside for a pretty summer display on the gate! This actually  became a neat place to snip fresh cut flowers for different displays all summer long!

Prefer a more carefree option? Consider faux hydrangeas instead so you don’t have to worry about wilting petals in the hot sun.

Locate some faux hydrangea flowers from HERE

That pallet pool noodle storage plus all these small little changes really brightened up the pool area, plus making the area so much more functional, really flipping a plain pallet into a fun organizational use.

Know what? My outlook has changed already. We are going to have a GREAT summer!

 I suppose I should have named this post, ‘how to flip a bad situation into a fun summer’ because that’s exactly what we will be doing!

We’ve already carved out a few new routines we really enjoy. Nightly walks (kicking that little green apple), evening coffee and slushie on our front bench encouraging neighbourhood conversation, some DIY projects while the boy reads, sleeping in, going to bed late… we are enjoying ourselves!

Wonder what else I could fix up around the great outdoors to enjoy our summer even more while we wait for that truck to get fixed.

Or maybe we aren’t in much of a rush after all…

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55 thoughts on “Pallet pool noodle storage – quick and easy!

  1. Ahh you have such a good attitude. I love the hydrangeas too. Did you make the wire cage thing that the pot hangs in? I do love it!!! Hydreangeas are much much easier to dry later in the summer when they kinda turn a bit crispy on the bush. If you feel the tops of the blossoms now they are pobably pretty soft. And as they age, they sort of dry themselves on the bush so they are much easier to hold their shape as the summer progresses. Cute ideas chica!

  2. Hey Zelda, no, I didn’t make that wire basket. I found it in someone’s dump pile. 🙂 Bet you could make something similar with a simple tomato cage though.

    And thanks for the tips on drying! Awesome!


  3. My daughter and I have a family code word for living on the low-down. We call it “going pathetico” and for some reason all our best memories with the kids are pathetico. You will have a great summer! Our big treat this summer has been our discovery of cold-brewed iced coffee. We feel like we are living the life of luxury as we sip our iced coffee on a hot summer day in our Funky Junk inspired outdoor living room! Why? Because we are learning to count our blessing and follow the bigger plan too.

  4. And here our truck needs all 4 tires replaced and a oxygen sensor…to the tune of $1300 minimum!! Sigh! Gotta figure on how to cover this one for sure. So I feel your pain.
    Wish I had a pool; but we do have a hot tub which is great for our cool evenings…yep you heard right. Up here in the high altitude it gets cool at night…90’s during the day and 50’s at night. Gotta love it!!
    Good luck

  5. I love it!! I have a pool and lots of pool Noodles what a great idea!! I think the pictures came out fine, they look very real like your right there, they don’t look touched up or edited. Your blog is amazing, your such an inspiration to me!! =)

  6. ouch…sorry about the transmission!! But you’ve hit on a perfect way to make the best of the situation…and I love the conversion of the pallett and the gate…brilliant!! So have those chips, swim, stay up late, sleep in and just spend quality time with your son. The 7 day loans always make me laugh — sometimes I manage it, sometimes I don’t but I see it as some sort of weird challenge!

  7. Read your book! 🙂 It’s bound to be a good one…. at least every one of his that I’ve read are good. Haven’t read this one though. I definitely feel your pain with the transmission ordeal! We’re there ourselves right now. Ouch!
    🙁 Van has been in the garage for a week and a half now and it’s a real handicap going without a vehicle that long. (Hubby does have a truck for work.) Anyway, great attitude! I’m sure you’re disappointed but like someone else already said, quality time with your son will mean a lot to him. Cheers! Rachel

  8. Love the pallet idea. We have one of those that’s been in the back of the truck since my daughter’s wedding in May.(you had a little blip of her Arkansas farm wedding on your blog)I’m going to heft it out of there and add noodles. on second thought you are right, that sucker is heavy, think I’ll call my new son-in-law. 🙂

  9. Donna, I’m so sorry to hear about your sick truck! I guess HE wants you to have a staycation this year, which can bring many good times and memories to cherish later on. Love the pallet organizer by the pool and the barn door with the pot of hydrangeas! Oh, enjoy the chips. It’s vacation!! Blessings to you. Pamela

  10. Hello Donna,
    Sorry to hear about your truck needing repairs. I love what you did with old barn gate; just to so functional and fun. Thanks for sharing.
    Smiles, Paula

  11. Oh man…how do you come up with this stuff? As soon as I see it I think, “It’s so simple! Why didn’t I think of it?” I have been desperately trying to think of a way to hold the pool noodles and I have a bunch of pallets lying on the back of the property. Thanks for the inspiration! Lisa~

  12. The pallet, the gate just awesome. Smart idea for sure Donna. I am so sorry about your truck.
    I had to laugh about the book, I would be the same and return it without reading it. Not enough time in one day. Your Hydrangeas are beautiful. If you pick them while they have color in them and put them in a vase with about 2″ of water and put them in a room with the fan on for about 2 weeks they will dry with the color in them. I dry mine every year. I sure hope your Summer gets better.

  13. I really need to get some pallets. It’s amazing all the things you can do with them. The pictures look great to me (but I’m no expert at all and don’t know the difference between low resolution or anything else).

  14. Donna – so sorry about the truck…I hate dealing with automotive problems! Your outdoor organizing looks fantastic!
    and to do my part…I just ordered my issue of FOLK from your sidebar
    enjoy your staycation!

  15. Love how you’ve repurposed the pallet and crate; and the wood color and texture looks great! Sorry about your truck, but good for you for making lemonade out of lemons.

  16. Well, you can just make anything out of anything can’t you!? Every time I look at your page it’s another “WOW! Why didn’t I think of that?!” After you’ve thought of it, it seems so easy! We just need you to think of all this stuff first, so we can all put all of OUR funky junk to better use! Thanks for the continued inspiration! 🙂

  17. Regarding the lower resolution on the pictures, If it will make your blog load up faster, I am all for it. Pictures look fine to me. Enjoy your site, but it takes a long time to load. I always have frozen pauses and heard my computer cranking up.

  18. I am definitely showing the hubby that pallet idea, at least for the noodles. He’s already put those same metal hooks on the side of the deck for the net to hang on. Too bad I already used my left-over barn door for a decor wall by my garden shed, but this is totally cute to have for towels!

    Sorry about the truck…that can really put a damper on vacation plans. I know I can’t wait to see what’s up your sleeve with your new found down time.

  19. I love the pallet idea and the gate.I am heading outside ( I work by day for my son at a construction co) so I’m going to see if we have a pallet.I have a cheap little pool and this would be great to store our noodles on the patio. I drive a beloved old Suzuki that is paid for and everyday I pray it will keep running. I sooo enjoyed your post and your photo’s!!

  20. #26 Drey, it still loads slow?!? Yikes. I can’t go any lower in res than what they are or they’ll look like total grain. The blog is due for an upgrade so hopefully when that’s done the speed will be tweaked too.


  21. Ouch …transmission problems! Well at least you came up with a positive solution for you guys for the summer… awe a pool …nice! Love, love your poolside organization thingee. You are one talented lady.

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  22. Oh Dear, I am sooo sorry to hear about your truck problems. Take my word here…I do not know “diddly” about transmissions,…but wonder if all those screeeching stops for junque beside the road, and then those “jack-rabbit” screeching tires take-offs before the cops arrive have anything to do with it??? Just saying, and trying to give you a smile to get you through a long Summer. I also vote “read the book”. It’s like exercise, that first step outside the door (that first chapter) is the only hard one, after that, it becomes addictive. Enjoy you Son, as well…he and you will treasure it and remember it forever.
    Linda S. in NE

  23. Oh, Donna, sorry to hear about your truck!
    I fried the motor on my van on Friday, and today I drove my husbands’ truck to and from the city and when I got to our hometown, guess what IT DIDN’T START!
    I just feel blessed that both times the Lord brought us safely home!
    Hope you enjoy your STAY-CATION!!!

  24. Wow. You have made a great stuff in keeping your things. I think that it really looks good and it is very nice to see that you put all those colorful stuff and they all looked lovely.

  25. You are very talented ..keep us guessing! As always you seem to have a good attitude so you will still have a GREAT TIME even if it is at home creating your FUNKY JUNK =)

  26. What a wonderful idea to use the pallets!!! I like how skinny they are, that gives you lots of room for storing things and not taking lots of space.

    -Much love, Trashy Crafter Kim

  27. I read that book earlier this summer and loved it. I think it took me about a day and a half ’cause I just wanted to keep reading. Enjoy!


  28. The poolside pallet and gate are SO appealing!! Smart, smart, smart you are. Love how they tidy up and look great in contrast to the brights and white. One thing – that lotion bottle looks a little precariously perched up there – you could sew a little burlap bag to catch a few items like that and it would look great hanging on one of the hooks.

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