New uses for…more metal stuff of course!

What would you do with these two beauties?

These real authentic old gears were given to me by my buddy Dan. And I think I’ve found the perfect use for them. Today anyway. 🙂

Here’s a hint…

How about a cool little homework station on the kitchen island?

Yup! Works for us! The works is sitting underneath a mini step ladder with a clip on light. (pics didn’t turn out)

Let’s play again! What would you do with an old heavy duty shower caddy? I’m not kidding you. I’ve never seen one built like this. It has weight to it!

I think for today it can be an office organizer to keep stuff off of…

… the table office area.

Life just gets gooder with more metal. 🙂

P.S. How pathetic is it when you drop your child off to school abit early so you can get in a new photo shoot and post before you take off for the day?!?

What curious things are you using that weren’t originally meant to be? Post your link in your comments if you wish to share! I think this idealism just makes your home more unique and fun. 🙂

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22 thoughts on “New uses for…more metal stuff of course!

  1. I love the way you re-invented the pieces.
    One time my husband and I used the side of a crib as a pot rack in our kitchen. It looked great and worked wonderfully. I wish I had a picture.

  2. Great ideas! I love using old pieces in new ways. I recently posted about using tennis racquet braces to make a Christmas tree. I’ve posted about taking vintage cameras and turning them into photo displays (for my amateur photographer brother), I’ve used old silver plated sugar bowls to make pin cushions. The paper towel holder in my studio is a very old wood handled hand-forged screwdriver that I screwed into a wood base (obvious problem here is that you don’t get to see the cool screwdriver with the paper towel roll covering it!). Sorry I’ve rambled…it’s a topic that I love!

  3. I love your blog, by the way… I wish I could put more rusty metal in my house with out the hubby wincing so much… I’m slowly sneaking little bits in at a time! 🙂

  4. Geez, wish I had a buddy like Dan! Those gears are so cool and I love what you did with them! I’m currently using an old mirror as a tray on my coffee table and a funky metal file holder for my cutting boards in the kitchen.

  5. That is awesome! I like how you put new uses to what most people would consider as junk. I wish I have a creative mind like most of you here. The only resourceful thing I did was when a friend gave me a rusty iron piece which my husband and I turned into a beautiful iron family tree. It is now displayed with my other iron home accents collection at home. Anyway, I love how creative your mind is!

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