My $500 Jeanne Oliver windfall… (giveaway now closed)

This giveaway is now closed. Thank-you for entering! A winner will be announced Monday.

I remember this day very well. My beloved kitten had just been put down and I was feeling pretty low. I was passing some time away on Facebook when I noticed a post on a magnificent giveaway event over at Jeanne Oliver Designs.Β 

I didn’t expect to win. I just wanted to share a new creativity that I immediately fell in love with and appreciated. So I entered and bragged about it on my own Facebook to draw more crowds Jeanne’s way.

And then… I won.

But this wasn’t a little win. This was HUGE. It amounted to a $500 shopping spree!Β 

Well, let’s just say my little depression immediately lifted and I was giddy for a good long while. πŸ™‚ It was the most difficult shopping ever because I loved it all! I’m a tomboy at heart so a chance to girl up my image a little was on order anyway. This just sealed the deal in the most exquisite of ways.

I eventually made my choices and when they arrived, it felt like Christmas morning!

Wanna see?

Each package was carefully wrapped in delightfully eclectic layers. Vintage book pages, scrappy ties, shredded music sheets, post cards, tags, beautiful photos…

and tiny burlap sacks only added to the receiving experience and became instant additional gifts.

And here’s what I did with some of the wrappings. πŸ™‚

So what did I pick out? Get ready for the longest post EVER.

The Linen Line

When I saw the ruffled pillow covers, I knew exactly where it would land. My favorite place to sit is now prettier than ever thanks to these little additions!

A little burlap sack landed as a self made tassel on one of them. How cute is that?

I also ordered up one of her to die forΒ ruffled aprons but they were sold out. (go see them!) But no matter. I was positively delighted with….

The entire bag collection

My must have grab on a daily basis is the amazing ruffle messenger bag. I adore the long handle which gives you plenty of hands free shopping and a place to stash most anything on a trip out. The ruffles are on the stiffer side, keeping their shape perfectly. And the flower is a pin and clip so you can use or remove it as desired.

I tend to dress a little tom boyish so the ruffled touch kicks up the girlie touch just a notch without going overboard. It is PERFECT.

How spoiled am I? I also chose these two ruffled totes. They’re a bit smaller in size with shorter handles, yet long enough to sling over your shoulder while you shop.

All the bags have the most charming of liners along with Jeanne’s signature tag. Top notch designer quality all the way.

A hot hot item for me was this camera bag. The bag was designed to be a camera bag and purse combo so you didn’t have to bring both along for a ride.

But what surprised me even more was using it for my laptop instead! It fits perfectly. The padding and amount of pockets are both ample and everything is easily accessible. And I’m going to be right proud waltzing into Starbucks with this cutie pie on my shoulder this fall when my son goes to basketball next door. πŸ™‚

The Jewelry Line

Ever since my watch bit the dust about a year ago, I replaced that bare arm with bracelets instead. So when I saw Jeanne’s jewelry line, I whimpered and knew I had to have a few things.

Two leather cuffs landed on my lap immediately, one labelled ‘artist’ and the other ‘dreamer’. And I haven’t removed the artist one since the day it came home. It reminds me of what I’m attempting to strive towards and to never give up.

See? I’m even stylin’ while lettering up my firetrucks! See that cream colored button one? That’s another I’m head over heels in love with from Jeanne. (the others are thrift store finds that I also never take off)

And when I saw this black vintage button variety, I knew it would look incredible for a dressier event, especially with my little black dress. The button details are so gorgeous! Who needs diamonds again?!?

The Vintage Line

I also ordered up this adorable vintage black scale from the vintage section. I can’t wait to play with it!

And do check out Jeanne’sΒ blog.Β Her writings and photography are absolutely charming. She sent me the above photo that I will share with you as soon as it’s done. πŸ™‚

New fall line

Some of the above items will no longer be avail once they’re sold out as Jeanne is moving over to her new fall line slated to be out by late October! However my very favorite item will still be available for purchase and we’re giving one away!

Β ~ Giveaway ~

Would you also love to have this amazingΒ ruffled messenger bag?Β 

Such a silly question. πŸ™‚ Go for it!

How to enter to win:

Visit Jeanne’s online shop, share a favorite item of yours in comments and you’re in!

Online shop link is HERE.

“Like” Jeanne Oliver Designs on Facebook and tell me you’ve done so in comments for a 2nd entry.

Facebook link HERE.

Facebook, tweet or blog about this giveaway event and tell Β me you’ve done so in comments for an additional entry.

(1 entry)

Giveaway is available WORLD WIDE. (you rock Jeanne!!) Winner must have email available in profile or on blog. If you don’t have a blog, please leave your email in each comment you make. Winner will be chosen next week by

Good luck friends!

And Jeanne, this one’s for you.

!!!!!! xo

This giveaway is now closed. Thank-you for entering! A winner will be announced Monday.

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  1. True Korrie, many are. The new fall line is launching soon but some of those sold items are restocked regularly. Sorry for my poor timing on this… watch her blog and Facebook for restocking as it moves quickly!


  2. oh my gawd – i’ve been in love with this ruffled tote ever since i first saw it! i hope i win it!!! and btw – everything you picked is awesome! πŸ™‚

  3. it is so hard to choose a favorite from her site…but I guess I’d have to choose the ruffle bad or the vintage button bracelet or gosh I even love those darling burlap bags. I’d be thrilled with any of it. Thanks for sending me to her site.

  4. I am blown away by the fabulous gifts she made for you…just stunning! Love each of the bags but I love the laptop use one the most…such a great will look chic and no one would ever guess it was not a purse! Love the bracelets too…especially the elegant buttons.

  5. Well, I love everything but would really like one of those ruffled totes! What fun you must have had shopping at her online store….dreamy!

  6. In LOVE with her stuff! I also liked her on FB. My favorite is for sure the messenger bag.Although anything with ruffles is amazing. I don’t have a blog or anything so I am going to sign on as anonymous but my name is Melissa Starr. πŸ™‚

  7. Really hope to be able to get one of the camera bags (but it says sold?). Also love the ruffle bags. Heading over to like the fb page now. πŸ™‚

  8. Hey Donna!

    That “artist” bracelet is soooo you…I love it. Well, I adored all of the vintage rings on her site…and totally need a bag for my laptop. I’ve been using an old one of my hubby’s that he got for free at work. Two words: not cute.

  9. I think all of your readers understand how difficult it was for you to lose your beloved cat, but doesn’t life just work in wonderful ways? At your lowest point, you are reminded about goodness and maybe, just maybe that special someone above wanted to remind you to keep your chin up.

    It is so kind of you to share in your windfall, Donna. I love, love, love the cream ruffled apron, so cute and feminine in the nicest way!

  10. Best giveaway ever. I am in all kinds of love with the Ellison camera bag. You have one!?!?! So jealous. I check her website frequently to see if any more will be available for sale. The messenger bags are adorable, too. πŸ™‚

  11. I would LOVE to win a beautiful ruffle bag! My favorites in her shop are the button bracelets, the ruffle bags, and the Sweet Friend print.

  12. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to enter. I left Jeanne Oliver a comment, “LIKED” her page, and posted about the giveaway on my profile page, Distressed, But Not Forsaken. Thanks so much! Judy

  13. Love love love the ruffled messenger bag. In 2010 i was at Na Da farm sale and I saw a women with the cutest bag. She told me it came from J. O. But the bags were sold out. Then, when they were back in, my love lost his job. Found a job and was laid off again. So i’ve been trying to rationalize buying one but haven’t been able to. SO, maybe with some lady luck i’ll win!!!
    your family’s so cute. Love your camping stories.
    Karen R

  14. Congratulations on the big win! She has such amazing stuff! My absolute favorite, though, is the She Was Living Her Purpose print. Beautiful artwork, I could see that proudly displayed in my craft room/office! Thanks for hosting this terrific giveaway!

  15. Congrats on your fabulous win. What a fun shopping experience.
    Several of the things that I liked were sold but one that wasn’t was the vintage crochet lace.
    thanks for a chance to win the great bag.

  16. Lucky you!!! What an awesome prize to win! I love the Ellison Camera bag. Too bad the pillows are sold out – would have loved one of those! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Jenn πŸ™‚

  17. OMG love the bag, and the spools and the print kit and the ruffled pillow and apron and the vintage black button bracelet and the creative soul bracelet….
    -goes into a swoon-

  18. WOW!!!! What a fantastic win!!! I love all of things that you chose. I went to the site and I love her stuff. Her art is amazing. I just may have to order one of her prints “She Loved Deeply” Her bags are fabulous too!!!

  19. Jeanne has some many wonderful items to chose from on her site. I adored the vintage scales and would use as a plant stand. Visited and like her on facebook too.

  20. I love all of Jeanne’s line ~ I have been wanting one of her messenger bags since last year! I remember reading that you had one and I was so so excited for you. Loving everything that you picked out ~ I never saw those button bracelets ~ they are adorable. I already like her on Facebook and she is on my daily reads ~ what a beautiful person she is ~ heart & soul. I am also tweeting your giveaway right now! Lori

  21. I have dreamed of the ruffle bag for some time now.. It has been the one item I keep calling my hubby to look at.. I can’t wait til Dec, when my birthday is… I need to win it.. πŸ™‚

  22. I have to admit there are three things I am completely and totally in love with… ironstone plates, vintage tart tins, and the daisy chain bag (I have the same EXACT fabric in my closet just waiting to be made into something lovely!) And don’t get me started on bracelets…. Let’s just say I love bracelets!

  23. Girl YOu chose awesome prizes!!
    So I wnet on over, and how on earth am I suppose to choose one fave thing??
    Will my entry still count if I say several??
    books, ledgers, the cream bag, the rusty scale….
    love them all!!!
    guess if i have to choose it would be the ruffly cream bag

    thanks and blessings


  24. I have the Cream Ruffled bag from .jeanneoliverdesigns saved as My favorites ! It’s my CREAM DREAM BAG !!
    Liked her on Facebook too !!
    And posted about this giveaway on my Facebook !
    That outta give me a great chance at a win ! LOL
    Thanks so much !! I love your stuff and I stay up late cruising your Blog !
    YOU ROCK !

  25. I liked the fireman ledger (sold) and the postal scales (also sold). You gotta be quick with those great items on there. I also like the messenger or camera bag.

  26. Ok you mention all the beauty but you failed to mention the presentation of her website, the presentation of her photos, gorgeous! I love the bag…and I deserve a gift to me so I am going back to find a treasure to make my day…just to get the gift wrapping…I love that.
    You are amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  27. WooHoo!!! Please count me in, I love the ruffled apron. I love everything she has in her shop. I
    really love the vintage button bracelets.
    Congrats on winning, that is like a huge WOW!!!
    I love all the things you picked out and you
    looked really cute with your ruffled bag.

  28. Goodness, Donna…you really won a fabulous prize, and chose so many beautiful things. On my 1st time to Jeanne’s site at your suggestion, I would either chose the “Letting Go” bracelet, or the cuff with the same saying. Of course I love the bag you are giving away. Thanks for the chance to win it.
    Linda S. in NE

  29. Hi Donna, I’m back again to tell you that I liked Jeanne Oliver on Facebook.
    all the best, and by the way that’s a gorgeous photo of you and the dog and the messenger bag! Your healthy eating is obviously a great success!

  30. Wow! I was checking her stuff out earlier today…how neat is it that there is a giveaway for her amazing stuff? Woot woot! I gotta tell ya, I’ve been (as my husband says) “trying like a steer” for about an hour to get on your site…finally success! I love all her stuff, really love the camera bag.

  31. Thanks for sharing your windfall and Jeanne Oliver’s sites. It is the dreamy creamy apron I love. And I liked her on FB too.
    Cheers and good luck to all.

  32. I have visited your online shop & Love, Love, Love Ellison Camera Bag. What a fashionable way to carry your camera, especially for girly-girls like us. I have also tweeted to all my friends, hopefully they too will stop my for this awesome giveaway. I am now a fan on FB. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs to you. SP

  33. I do love vintage fan, however, with 3 young kiddos, one is bound to lose a finger. I also love the cream ruffled tote – too cute!!

  34. Cheez Donna, can I only pick one thing I like? Can I just say I love and adore a whole line! And then just not choose a line at all, because I love it all, jewelry, linens, bags, clothing, vintage, art. It is truly wonderful stuff.

  35. Donna, once again I’m struck by the similarity in our aesthetics. I’m not what you’d call a “girlie girl” either. My style varies (depending on my mood) between casual contemporary and bohemian chic. Thanks for turning me on to Jeanne’s site…her ruffled bags are PERFECT no matter what my mood. Love!

  36. Ok. Went to Jeanne’s shop. Love all her stuff, by the way, have for years. I am in love with the Gracie necklace (My daughter’s name is Grace) and the leather cuff with fabric. So great you are doing this!