A $2 chalkboard, burlap and twine bulletin board


I was called upon from my church for a very special project. They desired to have a bulletin board of some type and asked if I’d be up to giving it a go. Would I! My premise with these kinds of projects is, use what you have. So here’s what I came up doing just […]

It all started with a sign

old sign headboard

 I remember the day I fell in love with all of you. It was just like it happened yesterday.     my sad little bedroom  My house had just been finished being renovated, leaving me without a cent to decorate with. I took in a local home show regardless, which further depressed me. I was […]

A walk through Franklin, in Nashville, Tennessee


Last September when I attended Bella Rustica near Nashville, Tennessee, I had the extreme pleasure of taking in a little Franklin touring with a local friend. Wikipedia reference of Franklin, Tennessee HERE.   Wikipedia reference of Nashville, Tennessee HERE. I met Sandy Leeper at Bella when we were both preparing the barns for the show. We struck […]

Dear blog… it’s the cat’s fault.


It may nearly be time to write a Dear Diary Blog kinda post. Because, quite honestly, things change by the second around here and you can’t mess up a Dear Blog post, right? Dear Blog, I told myself, “Yeah, you should start a regular thing on your blog… as in a schedule. Go on, you can […]

Using our gifts to gift others


 “Could you take some pictures of our church service?” The first time I was asked this, I froze. I was still using my point and shoot at the time, and knew taking pictures of a huge sanctuary would require a much different lens. So I made the promise that I’d indeed take pictures after my […]