It all started with a sign

 I remember the day I fell in love with all of you. It was just like it happened yesterday.


Funky Junk's first real project, my before bedroom


my sad little bedroom 

My house had just been finished being renovated, leaving me without a cent to decorate with.

I took in a local home show regardless, which further depressed me. I was just so weary on having nothing in my house that I needed something pretty to look at. But looking at all these high end things I couldn’t afford wasn’t exactly the right place to be.

Or was it…

As I drove home, I nearly came to a screeching halt when I noticed a cool old market sign in the back 40 of a local gas station.


“Can I have that OLD BEAT UP SIGN out in your yard?”

“You wanna clean up my place?! Go for it!” He helped me load it.

He had no idea what he just gave me. And I had no idea what was about to embark.

I had just fired up Funky Junk Interiors not even a whole month ago, which seemed to be a suitable name for collecting forgotten junk off the curb, for decor purposes.

And this was the night I fell in love with you…


my original posts on my reno blog

I created a headboard with that sign. I was so anxious to show you what I had done, I didn’t even finish the room before the photo shoot!

I threw it up on my reno blog and got 42 comments! VIRAL CITY! 🙂

It was right about that time that I fired up Funky Junk Interiors, knowing this could flip into something rather exciting… maybe.

Over time, this wacky project was well received! It was only my 6th Funky Junk post and your feedback and the coolness of the project inspired me beyond measure. I knew I was onto something super cool and never looked back.


sign inspired playroom

So! My point today is to tell you how much I love and appreciate all of you. You gave me the encouragement to not fear putting up something strange and wonderful, and in return, it’s my hope those strange creations continue to inspire you to just be yourself as well. And make your home yours for very little money required.

Happy Valentine’s Day to every one of you! May you follow your own heart’s desires and spread your own joy through your passion every day of your life!




All my strange and wonderful creations. Thank-you for loving them!

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55 thoughts on “It all started with a sign

  1. We love you to Donna! You are a true inspiration both with your ideas and kind words. I always feel so inspired after reading one of your posts. Thank -you for sharing. Happy Valentines!

  2. I always know that a blog post by you will be filled with inspiring words and beautiful photos. It’s always a treat to see your new projects and ideas.
    Have a Very Happy Valentines Day,

  3. I’ve been following along for awhile and have always been impressed with your ability to be yourself and create your own design trends instead of just following along with everyone else. You are definitely inspiring to those of us that want to make our space special but can’t afford to spend the big bucks. Thanks for that! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too. <3

  4. Hail the queen of junk collectors and interior junk design….your ideas are divine, and we appreciate you! I remember when I began reading blogs and I click on yours….loved the junk at first sight…Thanks for years of inspiration(and perspiration attempting projects like yours) You are loved and highly favored by GOD!

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