Reclaimed wood message centre and nagging Grocery sign

Reclaimed wood message centre and nagging Grocery sign /
Pretend for a moment, you live in a rambling old farmhouse.

The kitchen cupboards are imperfect. White, chipped, and some hinges may even squeak.

The countertops are reclaimed wood. Imperfectly perfect.

The floors underfoot are black and white checked linoleum tiles, classic, striking.

And in the corner of the room, sits this quaint little reclaimed wood message centre and nagging Grocery sign, with a splash of strawberry red to seal the deal.

Perfectly placed right beside that slamming screen door, while heading to the grocery store of course!

Reclaimed wood message centre and Grocery sign /
Are ya feelin’ the vibe? Awesome!

Because if you are anything like me, you forget to pick up groceries all. the. time. So maybe this can help.

Will you forgive the fact that I don’t have a broken down tutorial of either one? Trying to whip out projects quickly for the olde farmhouse vintage market requires some full steam ahead moments. 

But believe me when I say, simple instructions will do the job. All it took was two fence planks (story here) and a couple of Old Sign Stencils.

Reclaimed wood message centre and Grocery sign /

How to make a one board message centre

select one plank, and cut a picket tip

– cut down some of the length to create shelf parts or use an additional like minded board

– cut a 45 degree angle on two board chunks

– cut two square board chunks

– lightly sand all edges

stencil Farmers’ Market along the picket, purposely cutting some of the top off

– predrill holes for all joins, then attach with screws from underneath shelves or behind plank

– use rusty hinges to hold the bottom shelf intact (for mail), and twine to hold it in place as shown

– screw on a bulletin board for a grocery list or notes

– hang a GROCERY sign beside it to remember to write your grocery list? 🙂

Who else forgets to buy groceries? Sigh…

Envelope holder shelf on rusty hinges / Reclaimed wood message centre and Grocery sign /

How to make a one plank nagging GROCERY sign

select one fence plank and lightly sand

– coat plank in a sloppy manner with white paint (I used Fusion Miner Paint

– let the white cure, then lightly sand unevenly

stencil GROCERY onto plank one letter at a time, placing in a downward direction

– allow paint to cure, then lightly sand unevenly

– beat it up a little with sharp or heavy things for realistic distressing

– drill two holes with spade drill bits, then thread heavy twine through to hang

Red metal vintage kitchen stool with pull out steps /
I couldn’t help but stage both projects with some fun colour. This red vintage chair / stool is amazing, isn’t it? I’m going to miss it because it’s going to the market.

Grape basket with Fusion's Fort York Red wooden shoes /
And if you look closely, two tiny wooden shoes got hit with a little Fusion Mineral Paint Fort York Red, plus Antiquing Glaze. They use to be yellow, so a little light sanding perfected the look! 

Note of interest.. the antiquing glaze leaves a nice smooth topcoat with a satin sheen on top of the paint, even though this paint doesn’t require protection. As for red? I’m so fussy about red. This tone is perfection… a cross between a warm and a cool. I. Adore. It!

Fusion sent me these products to try a while ago, and being that they really go a long way, you’ll be seeing them again.

The cute basket, wooden shoes, 5, and clock will be at the market too.

Reclaimed wood message centre and Grocery sign /
I’m afraid I can’t put a guarantee that the nagging Grocery sign is nagging loud enough for it to actually work.

But just like kids and puppies and kittens… it sure does have cute workin’ on it’s side…

Do you also need reminding to grocery shop?!

Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils.34 PM

Visit the stencil store HERE.

Visit more Old Sign Stencil projects HERE

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  1. yours is much cuter than my dry erase board …I keep a running list, snap a pic on my phone and head out

  2. i love this message center, and the grocery sign, and the stool, everything. I really like black, white and red together. On another note, ever since I saw your bathroom I’ve wanted to redo our master bath Funky Junk style. Well, on Saturday my daughter and I attended Le Chic Vintage Market in Fort Wayne and I bought the neatest wooden box with a single drawer. It had great patina and attached to the front was a black and white license plate and two black wooden knobs. I thought right away that is a Donna’s style box. I’m going to use it in my bathroom. The vendor I bought it from was the nicest lady too and so helpful. I love Junkers. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I LOVE this Donna – especially the grocery sign – I think I need one of those in my kitchen.
    I need them for everything – not just groceries – I write lists for absolutely everything ( and get immense joy from ticking them off lol )

  4. I am diggin’ this big-time and it’s a timely post because I am knee-deep in picket fence planks…now I know what to do with one of them, at least! But how I really wish I could be at the market to pick up on that luscious, little chair and maybe even the shoes (absolutely crushin’ on that red!). Your booth is going to be the star of the show, methinks…can’t wait to hear all about it! Hope you have a great time and make a killing, too!

  5. I’ve been wanting to buy a vertical hanging message board, but now seeing yours, I may not have too. This is too cool! I just bought one of those clip boards at the thrift store because they’re so handy and I have a bunch of old wood scraps, too, yay! The grocery sign makes the perfect compliment, as well.

  6. This is such an awesome looking sign! Also the message center is perfect, the two pieces really complement each other well. Now you can never forget to get those groceries! Pinned it.

  7. I love this you do such wonderful things, i have to pin them so in case i find some of this junk at estate sales cheap i know what to do. You are a genious. Thank you so much Donna.

  8. That stool is what is missing in my kitchen! I love everything you have put together!! So happy to run across this on pinterest! Stunning!!