rustic twig Christmas tree ornament on a branch

rustic twig Christmas tree ornament on a branch /
Every Christmas, I’m inspired to gather my shopping supplies from the great outdoors, and come up with something different. So today, I’m sharing my newest… a rustic twig Christmas tree on a branch ornament, made in minutes!

You may recognize the method. It’s a variation of the original twig garland created HERE. With the tiniest of twists…

If you gradually cut all the twigs at different lengths, it resembles a rustic little twig Christmas tree!

So…. let this finally be the spring board to bringing you moremoremore easy and quick, ideas for Christmas! I can hope… 🙂

Here’s how I did it…

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rustic twig Christmas tree ornament on a branch /

How to make a rustic twig Christmas tree ornament on a branch or whatever you wish!

Supplies needed:

String or twine (thin to tie twigs)
twigs of choice
heavier branch if desired
garden clippers

1. Gather twigs of like minded thickness. 

I purchased this bundle of craft twigs from a thrift store a few years back. You can find them most anywhere.

Or go totally rustic and go for the natural twists and bends nature provides.

2. Cut a whole bunch in graduating lengths.

tieing the twigs / rustic twig Christmas tree ornament on a branch /
3. Pull a piece of string, 2 arm’s length.

4. Finding the centre of the string, create a loop, and insert the longest (bottom of the tree) twig.

5. Tighten, then do another knot for extra strength.

tieing the twigs / rustic twig Christmas tree ornament on a branch /
6. Create another loose loop, insert another twig…

tieing the twigs / rustic twig Christmas tree ornament on a branch /
… tighten, double knot (or double tie??)

tieing the twigs / rustic twig Christmas tree ornament on a branch /
Continue until the last twig is used.

The twigs naturally twist, creating a tree like image! 

rustic twig Christmas tree ornament hanging from a ladder /

Rustic twig Christmas tree ornament on a vintage hanger /

Rustic twig Christmas tree ornament hanging from a vintage glass doorknob /
Rather cute, aren’t they?

Now I get to figure out where mine will live over Christmas… to be continued.

Below are a few items that contain affiliate links. The twigs would work awesome for garlands!

twig garland / Here’s the original twig garland, done the same way, but with all cuts the same length. twig pinecone garland / And here’s one done with grape vine branches and pinecones, broken at their natural joins. chevron twig garland for front door / Here’s a chevron, or zig zag branch garland used for my front door. Playing with twigs is fun! Think you’ll give the much quicker tree variation a try? Any interest seeing it done on Periscope? Sometimes it’s just easier to show than explain… Note: this post contains some affiliate links so you can easily find some of these supplies. There is no added cost to you. Full disclosure page is HERE.

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  1. What fun! I love shopping in nature for my Christmas decorating. I think I might have to give the twig garland a try. This Sunday afternoon our whole family went for a walk in the woods to gather evergreen boughs. It was so fun and then I have been having a blast decorating with them ever since. I did also come back with a weathered branch to use in my decorating.

  2. I enjoy decorating and crafting with Mother Nature finds. I think they offer such a warm and homey feeling, especially through the holidays. I really like the grapevine and pinecone garland. And I’m in love with the ornaments on the sweet! I can’t wait to get outside this afternoon and find a branch to make my own! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Very easy to do and elegant and fun to do with kids, I bet, Donna! I love the idea of using natural elements in Christmas decorations….fit’s my philosophy of ‘Simple Christmas.’

  4. Too cute. These are the things I love, the little surprises you find here and there. Would be great at the end of your drapes also. Thanks for another inspiration.

  5. I save “things I love” to my Pinterest boards all the time but rarely do I find something that I have to make right now! That is how I feel about your twig tree and hanging.
    Thank you!