Simple but effective branch handled reclaimed wood toolbox file holder

Simple yet effective farmhouse styled branch handled reclaimed wood toolbox file holder for a kitchen phone station. |
Most days, I have high hopes that I’ll accomplish these great things that will shake the very ground I walk on.

Today started like that. But… I don’t know what happened. I think when I stay on the computer too long… well, I’m on the computer too long.

So once I finally lifted my head and looked around…

I made myself wander to the planner, to see what I SHOULD be doing.

But it was buried. 

And I couldn’t even find the calendar.

3 strikes already, and I was still in my pjs.

Coffee themed 2x4 industrial pipe shelf phone station using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils |
In better days, this coffee themed 2×4 and pipe phone station shelf looks like this.

But my collection of files has grown over the past little while, and I knew storing them elsewhere would not work. This is where I need the info, and it’s where I know I will dump them again.

That’s when enough is enough, and a total reset in a given area was in order.

By reset, I gut everything except the main components.

Then, add stuff to hopefully solve the problem.

reclaimed wood branch handled toolbox DIY for storing file folders in a kitchen phone station |
Once I snooped around in my junk stash, my eyes landed on this branch handled toolbox.

You’ve seen it many times. HERE is the original phone station helper, and HERE it is on its side as a shelf.

HERE is info on how to build one.

And probably 100 other places. This guy gets around!

But today, I felt it could become a good file holder.

Except for that stubborn screw inside. I couldn’t quickly find my drill, so I tried to shake it out, but no go. 

ARG. Whatever! 

And that’s when the pest became a perk.

Turns out, when the toolbox was placed behind the shelf on the window sill, the screw kept the files bottoms from slipping forward, when inserting them behind the branch.

adding screw mounts inside toolbox to keep file folders from slipping forward
So, I added a friend.

Simple yet effective reclaimed wood branch handled toolbox file holder for a phone station |
We’ll I’ll be… it worked great!

This toolbox has really low sides, so a back support is needed. (like my window, or this patio rail)

But I could certainly see if a taller back was mounted, it would be PERFECT on its own.

I may have to make one from scratch to prove my point. To myself.

Outdoor patio office, with rustic mini farmtable desk and branch handled reclaimed wood toolbox file folder organizer. |
This little toolbox file holder is going to come in mighty handy when I wish to tote all these files to my outdoor patio farm table office!

But better yet…

messy phone station needing a file sorter

Simple but effective reclaimed wood toolbox file holder with a branch handle. Perfect for organizing paperwork near a phone. |

Simple but effective reclaimed wood toolbox file holder with a branch handle. Perfect for organizing paperwork near a phone. |

Simple but effective reclaimed wood toolbox file holder with a branch handle. Perfect for organizing paperwork near a phone. |
Crate shelves in the kitchen HERE

Farmhouse sign and dried flowers window valance HERE

Today became a pie in the sky day after all!

Well… for now, anyway.

branch handled shutter toolbox for organizing file folders in an office |
Ironing board light post is HERE

Here’s a toolbox made from shutters that works well for this too! Also shown illuminated for Christmas.

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  1. we could use two! One for the pile I make on our island for my hubby… I can pick it up and put it away if needed. Another for my month end pile that sits by my computer. Easier if you have a cute toolbox to put away quickly 🙂

  2. Last photo has me intrigued!!! The ironing board light thingy… More info? Is it a standard ironing board? And is at a chicken feeder light??? I have 2 vintage ironing boards (one was my moms’ a wedding gift from her sister 70 years ago) Love it!!!

    I love everything in he post!