Empty shelves, corners and trunks. Plus.

Old trunk filled with paperwork during a deep clean and purge.

So, we’re right in the middle of summer… and guess what I’m doing.

And it has nothing to do with gardening. Which I should be doing too btw…

It has everything to do with clearing out stuff. I am in the middle of a massive PURGE. But beyond.

Talk about the wrong time of year! 

I’m gonna blame / thank my sister for this one.  She just purchased a new house and is moving soon.
When she made a casual comment, “I’m not worried though.”, that caught me off guard. Big time.

The word “move” would have me stressed beyond words.

My own house is far from for-sale ready. From unfinished floor tile, to repairs that need attending to… never mind the extreme purging and packing part that would entail monthSSSSS.

“Do you mean to say, your house is ready-to-move mode? As in, you don’t have to do anything to it? You can basically just pack up and go?!”



Wood strapped black metal antique trunk.

Since that little announcement, I’ve been walking up to every little thing that hasn’t done a world of good lately in the house, and have been selling online. 

This trunk for example, is a beauty! But it’s been filled with paperwork needing shredding for years. I mean… come ON. Talk about out of sight, out of mind.

The trunk was also in my way. What makes it not a perfect fit for my home is the fact that the top is domed. It just eats up space which I don’t have. So it’s gone.

Rustic barn gate that use to hang bathroom towels.
This gate has been in my ensuite forever hanging towels. But it’s always full of dust, and felt heavy in the small space. Since I didn’t have a good place for it and it’s hard to clean, it’s gone too.

As you can see from these two listings alone, I’m digging deep. I’m letting go of stuff I actually love because it’s ran the course of time here and / or lost function.

But this round, I’m scraping every square inch, because the doozy comes within those missed inches.

Hanging up a white bathroom vanity door in a small ensuite.
See the vanity? I just hung one of those doors that had been sitting against the wall for… oh, I don’t know… years.

Why? I think my intention had been to replace the doors, but never did. I don’t even remember any longer. The door took 30 seconds to rehang.

Underneath my bed was a vent piece for the front of my fridge. I delayed installing it (for 10 years) because I didn’t have the right screws.

So because I was gutting underneath the bed, I brought the piece to the fridge and layed down on the floor to see what I’d need.

The screws were already in the fridge, waiting for the vent.


My focus for too long has been on surface cleaning. So this round, things are different.

Gutting the corner of the bedroom for new things.
This picture showcases my first empty corner. EMPTY.

Well… close. You get the idea.

Those crooked boards were removed off the walls, so now I’ll be enticed to repaint. They’ve needed it forever. And now I’ve lost the excuse that ‘it’s too much work’ for when I’m ready.

And now that this corner is empty, I’d love to put that tall mirror to work as a standing one. I haven’t had the space to hang a full length mirror in this bedroom EVER. The walls don’t work, it has to be on an angle. So I’m excited for an excuse to build something new!

Floor to ceiling white office storage shelving in a blog office, decorated with a huge twig wreath.
I also ventured into my blog office. It was so messy, I gutted this entire shelving unit and desk area to do a deep clean. Then only put back the necessities. The pretty can come later.

A non working printer and old non working camera and gear… gone.

I’m starting to think there is no reason to store stagnant things… it’s really so dumb when you think about it.

Floor to ceiling white office storage shelving in a blog office, decorated with a huge twig wreath.
See those empty shelves? They are staying that way as long as I don’t need them for anything.

Empty. Dust free. Breeeeathe….

Speaking of breathing, I had a reason for all this crazy deep cleaning too, which went beyond purging.

I kept coughing in my bedroom, which was reminiscent to last December when I returned from Maui. It was as if my lungs closed up from the dust after living in trade winds for 6 weeks.

So, everything that was cloth in my bedroom got tossed in the wash, hung outside to dry, and no dust was left in that room. The result? No more need to cough. Gone.

If I had left the clutter underneath my bed, I’d still be coughing.


I can now see the huge merits of not having storage or surplus. The dust alone is a killer. A place just has to be loose enough to deep clean upon will without making a big to-do over every little thing.

Empty shelves, corners and trunks. And beyond. That’s my goal.

So this is why you haven’t seen any pretty stuff in the past little while.

But it’s coming. With new space, new projects!

Cleaning out old trunks during a deep purge, with a kitty helper.
Keep goin’ kitty, you’re doing a fine job!

Need a little more cleaning enticement? Here you go…

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12 thoughts on “Empty shelves, corners and trunks. Plus.

  1. This is simply amazing! Was struggling to find inspiration on my next wealth out of waste project and this post is exactly what I was looking for! Your creativity is absolutely inspirational

  2. I get excited when I read others are cleaning out because my life has been revolving around downsizing for a good year. My husband says, I’m the anti hoarder now and I’m not sure that’s a compliment. I found cleaning out o be a fantastic experience because you learn so much about yourself. At this moment in time I could pick up and go, just like that… and hopefully that will be the case very soon. You’re doing awesome things here!

  3. How exciting!! And the bonus is that by selling some stuff you’ll find people who buy it will be loving stuff that you no longer love! Doesn’t your old stuff still deserve to be loved!! Yea!! That and the extra cash–awesome!!

  4. Besides the health benefits, purging seems to rejuvenate emotionally on some level. You feel “in control.”

    I think this is why the tiny house phenomenon has taken off. When things begin to own you, your health, your time and space, instead of you owning them, it becomes imperative to make a change. The tiny houses offer this to older folks who are tired of hanging onto their “stuff.” And are a decent alternative for young people who want to begin their adulthood without debt.

    Getting things sorted out is a lot of work, but SOOOOOOO worth it. Enjoy the process.

  5. Hi Donna! Sweet lady!
    Finally!!! A kitty picture! Woohoo!
    On another note,what an awesome job you are doing. Sometimes it’s not easy to come to terms with what to let go,but in your case,the more space and less clutter and cleaning work you can do…the more time you will have for your creativity and projects. And that is a good thing. I hate the gottado’s,don’t you? Where you would love to work on a project,for pleasure,but the gotta do’ are in the back of the head saying…….really,I gotta do this or that before I can do pleasure projects. Grrr
    We are remodeling our kitchen,and I am down to the bare necessities,and actually it feels very good. All that stuff in other closets ,some in the garage,no upper cabinets,4 glasses,4 dishes,cooking on an electric fry pan,or microwave…really is liberating! But the dust from the demolition,aacckkk.
    Anyway…good for you. This has to be another feel good action on your part. I remember your laundry room,your wood storage,your boys room,you felt pretty good about those,didn’t you?
    Keep on keeping on,we love you! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Nothing (NOT ONE THING) like your 86 year old dad asking to stay with you to jumpstart a huge purge and deep clean. Front closet, under all BR sinks and the kitchen sink too, the fridge is spotless. So many things, donated or ready to be sold.

    It’s a good feeling!

  7. Have you ever watched the show “American Pickers”? They pick rusty junk to resell to put the beloved items into the hands of people who appreciate them. I try to think of this every time I need a reason to let go of some wonderful piece I really don’t need anymore. I have one of those domed trunks too. Mine’s full of clothes hangers. Really? Why am I hoarding clothes hangers in a trunk that’s not useful because of the lid? But if we loved them enough to drag them home with us, someone else will love them enough to buy them too! (Haha) Think of how beautiful your house will be after you’re clutter free and the windows are open and a warm summer breeze is blowing. Now I’m getting inspired to de-clutter!!!!

  8. You are an inspiration. Thanks for the nudge. I, also, have a trunk or two that need to be emptied and the stuff repurposed. Maybe at a second hand store where someone else can get use from it. Great encouragement. And…I am happy that you are Canadian. So many of these websites are located from the states. Keep up the good work.

    • Yay, glad you are inspired Susan! I love my still empty trunk! haha

      Proudly Canadian! I think there are just less Canadian bloggers because there is less population in Canada. The numbers are likely all relative. Thanks for the thumbs up, eh? : )

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