The lazy bike ride and the $56 doll.

Country bike trail along the river and farmland in BC Canada. Part of the story, The lazy bike ride and the $56 doll. \

I took nearly a week off from my beloved bike rides.

A WEEK! I didn’t mean to take a week off. It just kinda happened. 

When I was returning from the rides, it’s like I felt like collapsing. One evening I forced myself up the stairs, and threw myself on the bed fully clothed for just a moment… waking up the next AM.

Overdoing it much?

Since my evenings were turning into vast waste lands filled with groans and going to bed too early, I decided to take a night off. Which got me involved with other good things I’ll tell you about in another post.

However, since my long break, I decided to venture off yet again, this time taking my dear sweet ‘ol time.

Packing the camera assures me of that! That means I’ll have to keep stopping…

Bike trail pond with flowering water plants

As I exited the driveway, my buddy Francis was also taking off at the same time on her bike.

“What great timing, let’s go!” she said.

Francis is a very fit bike ride speeder, so I reserved the right to pull out if I needed to…

Long tall grass during golden hour during a nature trail bikeride

It is so much more fun biking with another! We sped down trails, lots and lots of downhill trails. I was keeping up!

Some days these trails remind me of when I biked through Central Park. But with a much better bike. Remember that crazy story?

Until I couldn’t keep up. The downhills straightened out and some even went uphill. I right away started feeling that sick feeling in my stomach that told me to slooowwwww it dowwwwwn……

“Sorry, but I’m gonna have to go at my own pace. Go for it, girl!”

Besides, I was hitting the prettiest area of the trail, and I needed pictures. Right?!

Aaaaabsolutely, says lazy biker me.

Riverside bike ride trail through the forest in BC Canada

Riverside bike ride trail through the forest in BC Canada

There were all these little nooks and crannies that lead to what I deem private beaches along one part of the trail. So I chose one to just sit and enjoy and think and dream.

There is nothing like the quiet sounds of trickling water and happy birds chirping. It was just perfection!

Riverside bike ride trail through the forest in BC Canada

Now THIS is bike riding… 🙂

Could you imagine having this in your back yard? I’d probably never get any work done.

But boy would I be mentally sound!

That’s when a jogger rounded the corner with a cloth doll flopping around in one hand.

Breathless, she exclaimed, “Did you see a group of moms go by?”

“Yes I did, however they’re quite a fair ways up the trail…”

“Ohhhh…hmmm… ok. I’ll just leave the doll here then. Hope they find it!” She plopped the doll on a fence post, and ran off.

What was I thinking? HELLO… I had the bike… so I grabbed the doll in search of the group of meandering strollers.

Talk about a reason to get biking again…

Riverside bike ride trail through the forest in BC Canada

I eventually found them just up the trail. But here’s the best part.

“Does this doll belong to any of you?” I asked, while approaching them from behind.

One gal spun around, totally wide-eyed and nearly burst out crying.

“OH MY GOSH! My husband just got that doll online and spent $56 on it! My child can’t live without it! Thank-you so much! You are an ANGEL!”

A rush of gratitude gushed through me… don’t you just LOVE it when He uses us in unique ways?

I attempted to find the jogger on my way home to let her know the good news. So I quickly spun the bike around and got to a little huffing and puffing myself.

The lush green trail started whizzed by… and that’s just when I rounded a corner and was treated to… 

Riverside bike ride trail with wildflowers through a forest in BC Canada

Riverside bike ride trail with wildflowers through a forest in BC Canada

… a gift of wildflowers.

It was like the forest was cut into two… an abrupt stop of the lush and green, with the instant start of bloom after bloom after glorious bloom.

Pretty sure they’ve been there all along, but my eyes hadn’t been open to them previously.

Regardless, once again, my face flashed hot. It’s like, you just ‘knew.’

I think I’ll keep up those lazy bike rides after all… 🙂

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24 thoughts on “The lazy bike ride and the $56 doll.

  1. awww – and ‘awww’ again! Lovely story. I can’t keep up w/ others when biking either (not that you can’t – sounds like you’re way better than me!!!). But there’s something about my physical make up that just ‘isn’t there’ – and doesn’t seem to get there no matter how much I try… (altho admittedly – the ‘trying’ department has been quite scarce…) NEED to get at it somehow… again. Care to come encourage me? 🙂 Love your little biking photo shoots 🙂

  2. Wonderful post!! And Donna, please go to the doctor and get a cardiac stress test!! So that you have many many more years of bike riding!!

      • Definitely dooo this! Insist on it,sometimes they don’t take women seriously. Too many of us out herejust pooh poohed at..then …..
        This doesn’t sound normal…so get checked out.
        And haven’t you read it is ok to break up daily exercise into 10 minute bites? Doesn’t mean much to me but that’s the latest I have heard. So ride for 10, go slow ,smell the roses or whatever..then ride 10 minutes. If we can do it walking or jogging we must be able to do it riding!
        And get a good checkup..this doesn’t sound normal. Unless you are a couch potato..and we all know you are not! We love you, donna!

  3. beautiful photos! I also love the sound of the water…peaceful! i needed a feel good story…now time to get on my own bike…stationary…but I best get to it…not getting any younger…yikes!

  4. What gorgeous scenery. This could even make me want to go bike riding…almost lol. Love your posts Donna.

  5. I take it that you never found the jogger. Angels come in all shapes and sizes and I think maybe your jogger was an angel just as you are! I swear by taking a B-12 pill every day for energy. If you haven’t had a physical in a long time, maybe you’re due. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adding more vitamins to your day! We want you around for a loooong time to come! 🙂

    • You are right, the jogger was no where to be found.

      I’ve upped my cleaner eating hoping that will help. I’ll see if I stock B12… I think I may have everything else but! haha Thank-you!

  6. Wow! Your photos are just beautiful! You live in a very picturesque area of Canada. I have been to BC–Vancouver & that area –but your countryside! Ahhh! You are one lucky girl!! ♥️

  7. I so enjoy your photos; the countryside is beautiful and you are blessed to live there. Keep up the good work with the bike riding!

  8. Great story. Beautiful pictures. Hope your o.k. Seems like you might need a few blood test to check things out. Best always.??

  9. Ah Donna, the photos are breathtaking. You and your camera have a way of capturing the sounds and soul of a space. Yeah, ‘sounds’. Who hasn’t heard a stream trickling, leaves rustling and the air just ‘existing’. Thank you so much friend for taking the time to take the bike ride and then paying attention to your uncomfortable stomach and stopping for photo shoots. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have such beautiful landscaping in our own back yards. We certainly would be mentally sound. LOL! Have a wonderful day!

  10. What a lovely story and such beautiful shots! I’m glad to have come across your Funky Junk site! Can you please, tell me what make of camera you use for your photos? Thank you for sharing the story. I look forward to reading more of those you’ve posted.

  11. I enjoy your stories & photos, & don’t want to be a pain, but I feel your last photo offers a teaching moment. While those flowers are indeed beautiful, they are a European, non-native, aggressive plant with a common name of Dame’s Rocket. They spread & crowd out native plants. So I would warn everyone not to transplant any of them. In fact, cut the flowers in masses of indoor bouquets, so they don’t go to seed & spread further. I am pulling them out of my southern Ontario forest property.

      • Sorry, I didn’t make my point clear. Dame’s Rocket are not wildflowers. They are not native to Canada. They do not belong in the wild. They could go in a cultivated garden as long as they cannot escape into the wild. They are aggressive spreaders that crowd out Canadian native plants. They are harmful to our native environments & habitats. Even though they are beautiful.

        • Great info to know Gloria, thanks! I get asked alot about flowers and plants when I shoot them and I actually know very little, except when I like what I see! haha

          Appreciate the share!

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