A moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride with a life update

A moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

Fall Trail Bike Ride

Wow… it’s been a LONG time since I’ve shared a fall trail bike ride with you from my own trails! April to be exact.

I suppose when you’re out there every day, it feels… well, every dayish. I do share lots of daily video clips on Instagram stories, so please follow me HERE if you like to keep up more than I apparently do on the blog! Sheesh! Can someone please challenge me to write more?!

I like to at the very least capture one good trail bike ride post each season, and I can safely say, this one is gonna bring you all things fall in a very BIG way.

A moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

I’m so grateful the trails are still delivering fall. The leaves have nearly completed their cycle with most of them on the ground now, so what better timing than to capture it before all that colour disintegrates.

Has anyone else noticed how quickly Christmas appears to be approaching? I prefer to decorate with a real tree and greens, so I won’t be doing up my house until that is more feasible. However I do plan to start some creation making so I have new accessories to decorate and inspire with!

Do you have any Christmas requests? I’d love to hear!

A moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

However being that it is still fall, it’s nice to still celebrate that.

Going outside just gives the best hit of the season, does it not?!

Remember my fall shed post? All the leaves have already dropped from the shed so it’s ready for snow. Wow! Things sure change fast.

I’m just grateful that fall has been taking it’s dear sweet time on the trails… so this is my happy fall spot for now!

Are your leaves still dropping or all they all gone?

A moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

A view of the wetlands with ducks and geese, part of a moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

If you look at the tall trees, those are blue heron nests. During the summer, photographers line this bank taking shots in the evenings. It’s quite a sight watching them in action.

Now take a closer look at the water…

A view of the wetlands with ducks and geese, part of a moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

A view of the wetlands with ducks and geese, part of a moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

I do believe I found duckville. Aren’t they the sweetest, lined all up along the logs in the evening sunshine?

A rustic bridge over the wetlands, part of a moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

These photos were taken during golden hour, so the natural colour saturation is off the charts this time of day. 

And naturally, when the sun peeks out, it lights everything on fire!

Now that’s a fall trail bike ride!

A fall view of the wetlands, part of a moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

A fall view of the wetlands, part of a moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

 This shot above was taken with the sun hiding behind overcast skies. What a beautiful moody feel though isn’t it?

I don’t know if this happens to you or not, but when I’m near water, my soul does a little flip. It’s like I want to get up close and personal with all my feelings and let the troublesome ones gush out so just the good and appreciative ones froth to the top.

No wonder I love Hawaii, huh?

And yup, still dream of a cabin on the lake. Frequently.

A bench in a fall covered forest overlooking a creek, part of a moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

When I share these gorgeous trail rides, I always have a tendency to start thinking deep. Just like the real deal ride helps me to forget, unwind, and reflect. 

I feel the ramble coming on! Are ya ready?

So, below is what’s new with a little life update.

You can catch up on my past life updates HERE so this post makes sense.

No coffee and the right food…

Since starting all the high cholesterol talks and such, I’m down a solid 10 lb and it’s staying off, and sometimes tips towards up to 15! I’m just eating non packaged, processed real food and making super healthy choices for the most part. I won’t say I love everything from a health food store, but some of the things are definitely growing on me.

I have found following the recipe books I got HERE are pretty much busts. I was having to substitute so many foods from each recipe, they warranted useless. So now I just stock the food I can eat and wing it.

And would you believe I am still off coffee?! It’s been about a month now and it took up until this long to no longer pine for the flavour. I can pretty much wake up without the caffeine hit now, but I admit I still miss my flavourful AM brew. Nothing compares. It’s just different.

My gut health has vastly improved with a cleaner diet, probiotics every other day, and no coffee though so I’ll play that one by ear on when I feel I’m ready to try again.

But I have found the ultimate hot beverage of my dreams finally! I’ll share it in another post because it deserves full attention. You can read up on my previous ginger tea recipe HERE which is a GREAT hint!

What do you other non-coffee drinkers indulge in for your AM wake-up moment?

A leaf covered forest trail, part of a moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

Travel Dreams

I got asked the other day when my next trip is, as someone was missing my insta stories on my travel adventures. Trust me… me too! I’ve been home for 6 months and am now craving for an escape.

I’m still desiring more vast travel, however I’m patiently waiting for my funds to catch up from my last trip.

But I did visit a travel agent to see what she could put together on a trip to the UK or Ireland. Goodness tours are costly! I’m thinking I’m going just by myself and do it all myself… I think I just need the freedom and maybe see about some short tours once there. It’s not as easy as booking Hawaii, I will say that!

My sister is currently in Maui and I had a real pull for awhile to join her for a short spurt, but it ended up being too expensive, and kinda the wrong time of year for me.

I haven’t even written about my last trip to Maui and Molokai yet! Are you still even interested?! I think I need to get Molokai up as I haven’t shared that wonderful little island with you yet.

But I do have something exciting coming up in November! My best friend Susan and I are going to hit the Seattle streets for 2 days. We’ll be taking my first train ride from Vancouver to Seattle, a little theatre, and a whole lota girl talk! You can bet I’ll share that!

Any UK or Ireland travel advice?

A leaf and moss covered forest log, part of a moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

A leaf covered trail, part of a moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

A leaf covered trail, part of a moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

Computer blues

For 2-3 weeks, I was down my major computer at the worst of times. I was attempting to launch my new Christmas stencils but the computer ground to nearly a halt, so I had to bite the bullet and be without it.

I ended up using 2 other mac computers I had at home but my one 27″ one is so old, I can’t even upgrade the OS or Chrome to run my store (niiiice)… as for the laptop… well, let’s just say, I just need to start all over again. It’s a slug and I’ve never loved the 13″ screen anyway. 15″ next round!

I use to overhaul my computers once a year when I ran PC’s. Since going Mac, I haven’t needed to but maybe that’s a bad thing because I tend to let them die a slow death before I do anything about it. That needs to change.

Anyway, although the wait was gruelling, I have a super fast computer now so it’s effortless to write once again! I upgraded the hard drive to a 4 terabyte and added more speed as well.

A leaf covered trail, part of a moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

Sigh… you gorgeous trail you.

Yes, I remember you’re there. But hang on… more stories to share. 😉

A view of the wetlands with ducks and geese, part of a moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride along the Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

What weather aches?

You may remember me rambling about some weather aches in the past. Since I’ve changed my diet, they haven’t been back. Not sure if it’s gut or food related or both, but whatever! I’ll take it. I do feel weird tired moments instead and I can live with that.

moody fall bike ride on the vedder river rotary trail in Chilliwack, BC

There was one weird happening that threw me off though.

I had just started probiotics and taking 4000 vitamin D a day when 2 days later, I had tingling pain from my head to my toes. I had NO idea what was attacking me! The weather had changed but I have never felt so much pain before. It was just different.

I suffered for 2 more days when I thought, that came on too quick. So I stopped the probiotics and D, and they were gone the next day. Whaaaaa????

After a chat with my Dr recently, we decided that I need to only start one new thing at a time, and when I’m ready to go back on D, to only take 1000 a day.

I switched from a refrigerated (wheat and dairy) 70 billion to a shelf vegan 50 billion. So far so good.

Have you ever had a reaction to Vitamin D or probiotics like this?!

moody fall bike ride on the vedder river rotary trail in Chilliwack, BC

moody fall bike ride on the vedder river rotary trail in Chilliwack, BC

On the time change…

Maybe some like the time change, but I’m not one of them.

Why do they want it lighter in the AM when we ought to still be sleeping, to only take daylight away in the evening when we are still awake?

The old wives tale back in my day was, they wanted it lighter for the AM school bus pickups. I don’t know if that’s true or not though.

If I want a bike ride in, I have to leave the house by 2:30 to get back before sunset. And it’s hard to get motivated to work after that… so I’m going to swap some days for work then riding I guess. 

Do you like the time change or are you as confused as I on the benefits?

moody fall bike ride on the vedder river rotary trail in Chilliwack, BC

moody fall bike ride on the vedder river rotary trail in Chilliwack, BC

Well my friends, this fall trail bike ride and health write-up was rather therapeutic! And now maybe scroll through the post without reading it so you can fully appreciate those gorgeous trails I get to ride! LOL

Thank-you for joining me on this beautiful fall meander and life chat. I hope there’s something in there (or in the future comments!) that may help with your own quest for feeling better and enjoying life as it ought to be enjoyed.

So… what’s new with you? I’d love to hear!


These trail rides are located at the Vedder River Rotary Trail, in BC Canada. Visit all my other rides and how to find this place HERE

And visit all my other heath / life updates HERE

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34 thoughts on “A moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride with a life update

  1. What I drink first each morning (after 20 minutes or more of swishing with coconut oil) is a large glass of hot water with a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in it. I won’t say it is delicious but my body misses it when I skip it.

  2. Absolutely beautiful photographs! I wish I was biking those trails ?
    It’s starting to get chilly here in Ontario with some skiffs of snow.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of where you are.

    • Ohhhh skiffs of snow is such a perfect way to start winter! Sounds like a good excuse to light up the fireplace and stay in! Thanks for the picture kudos, I think they are the last of fall…

  3. I LOVE your photos and am envious of such beautiful bike trails. I love being by water, also, and am fortunate to have a cabin on a wide river. It was interesting to read about your reaction to probiotics and vitamin D. I start the day with a glass of water and a ‘cuppa’ tea and save the coffee for later. Perhaps burning a coffee scented candle would satisfy your coffee longing. This post was such a delighful read, thank you.

    • Oh Kathy, you are indeed living my dream life with that cabin on a river! You must adore it!

      I forgot to mention that I changed the probiotic to a new one (there are SO many!) and I think I’m taking one that agrees with me now.

      A coffee scented candle is an interesting idea… I had thought it would send me into a fanatic frenzy towards the beans if I did (LOL), but I’ll sniff one in a store and feel it out. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Nice ride…and I’m not even winded, haha!! Try dandelion tea. Dozens of choices on amazon and it tastes like coffee, somewhat. It’s good for you and a great alternative to coffee.

    • Haha! Yes, you have the best seat in the forest I say! It’s funny though, I don’t get winded when I ride because my bike is so comfortable. That was a massive game changer for me. But there are days when I don’t have strength, so then I walk, or just stay home! haha

      I’ve never heard of a tea that tastes like coffee! Checking this out, thank-you!

  5. A dream coffee substitute huh? Well I’ll be all eyes to read about that. While you’re in Seattle I know you’ll want to stop and kiss the ground, I was born there.

    • Ha, I wish! I don’t think there is such thing as a dream substitute for coffee! This is a ‘gotta do this for now but the moment I don’t have to those beans don’t stand a chance’ thing…

      But I like the fact that I can drink what I do at night and actually like it so there’s that!

      The place of birth of the great Bliss Ranch! I’ll indeed kiss the ground on your behalf! With something yummy to eat in between…

  6. Isn’t that amazing how vitamins/supplements affect people in different ways? I too take Vitamin D everyday (5000IUs), but I always had various issues taking probiotic pills. I always got stomach aches and abdominal problems. Now I drink a thick yogurt drink that’s made by a local dairy. I’ve noticed a big difference in drinking the yogurt instead of taking pills. I also try to eat as “clean” as possible and try to move as much as I can throughout the day. I feel if something is working for you, keep doing it! On another note, it’s snowing outside now! Not a sticking kind of snow, more of a dusting, but I love the way the snow makes everything look so fresh and clean. Can’t wait to see your projects for Christmas! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you found something that worked for you Sharon! I totally agree, we are all different so we just have to keep trying and finding what works.

      I’m attempting to stay off dairy for now to see if that was part of my aches and pains issue. So far, no dairy aside from grass fed butter, and no pain so who knows!

      I forgot to mention, I changed my probiotics so it could have been the type. I went from 70 billion wheat and diary refrigerated to 50 billion vegan on the shelf. No issues so far! I’m told they do bloat you for awhile so that’s another reason I choose to take them every other day… slow and easy for me.

      How fun you got snow! I sorda need that to feel full throttle Christmas I think.. I’m so mixed up in between fall trail rides and painting everything red inside. LOL

  7. Love the photos of your trail rides…I need to find some place like that near me to walk…bikes and I do not get along! I feel like I missed most of our fall weather in Michigan. We have snow today and more expected through out the next few days. I have a few things in my garden that did not get accomplished; cutting down the flowering vines and still lots of leaves in the flowerbeds. Knowing Michigan, we will have a warming spell and I will need to jump on it.
    I would love to travel..none this year!. My husband has had back surgery and 6 more weeks in a brace for him. Lots of his daily activities fall on me so I am busier around the house than I would like. I have not started making my Christmas cards as yet and usually have them completed by now..the target is all done by Thanksgiving. That will be a trick to accomplish. I too have made diet changes for health issues…lower carbs, more water, and a goal of walking for 30 mins. each day…slow start on the walking part. It is hard to focus so much on food..so congrats to you for the weight loss and feeling better. I am almost done with teaching my art journaling class at senior community center. I love doing it each Fall but lugging all the stuff is hard. After that I will focus on Christmas and thinking about volunteering again after the holidays. Dreaming of travel maybe for next year. I enjoy your trail rides, it is so beautiful; thanks for sharing.

    • Thank-you Eloise! Sorry to hear biking doesn’t work for you, but it does take knee and leg strength and if that is compromised, I can see it being an issue. Aside from a foot issue, that’s the strongest part of my body so I’m so grateful it works!

      Yes, the focus on food is such a time pull! I use to give no thought to food and now it’s the first thing I have to think about… or else! I just decided health had to come over and above everything else right now or I can’t do anything. Your body only puts up with so much.

      I hear you on the lugging stuff. I attempted a few vintage markets but the lifting was over the top for me. I needed a team of help which I didn’t have so I choose to do things that don’t need lifting instead! Being mobile is a LOT of work.

      I hope your husband mends quickly and perfectly so you can attempt an escape soon! Being a main caregiver is no easy task so kudos!

  8. Your Fall bike ride photos are stunning! That’s a lot of blue heron nests in those trees. As much as I enjoy your trail riding posts when I saw you were doing another health update, I had to come over and read. I started a cleaning living program a month ago. The first two weeks of detox were brutal BUT I noticed the inflammation in my body disappeared within days. I’m navigating our stairs like a normal person again – this is BIG – struggled since 2015 after double knee surgery. The aches and pains in my body have dramatically reduced and I’ve lost a dress size. It’s amazing how gut health affects every part of our body and I noticed my brain is much sharper too – far less brain fog. The first thing I did was cut out refined sugar and processed foods. I’m also fasting every day from 7 pm – 10 am. Like you, I’ve also introduced supplements, two being probiotics and Vit D. I add one drop (1000 units) of Vitamin D to my morning coffee…I will not give up coffee. I’ve been taking probiotics every day but noticed you are taking it every second day and I’m wondering why and if I should be doing the same?

    • WOW Marie, this is amazing news!

      Yes, I do also think the diet change is related to the pain I use to feel. I do have a bag of rice cakes for when that need hits, but that’s pretty much it for processed food! I cook larger meals so I have leftovers the next day, otherwise I’d never leave my kitchen! haha

      I decided to take probiotics every other day because of my possible issue with them previously. I’m super sensitive to supplements or anything unnatural so I’m testing things out to see if perhaps the amount I’d been taking was just too high for me. I was on a refrigerated 70 billion (it had dairy and wheat too!) and now I’ve changed to a dry shelf vegan 50 billion. It could have been the type I was on so I’m just playing it safe to start. If I feel good, I know I’m doing something right! If you feel good, I’m sure you will be ok. There’s just so many different types and if one doesn’t work, I decided to try another vs. give up.

      I had to give up coffee because my gut health was so diminished. Coffee is super acidic and I saw a change almost immediately, sad to say! haha

      I hope to get it back in my life at some point.

      • Thank you for the prompt reply! Oh okay, that makes sense. I’m only on 10 billion dry shelf vegan. I have a smoothie every day for lunch that also has probiotic in it plus I add plain greek yogurt. I probably should be off coffee or at least reduce the daily intake because I have (working towards HAD) stomach acid issues. I so appreciate these health update posts, I find them very helpful! xo

        • I think 10 billion is a good idea to start with. I likely went overboard not knowing what I was doing.

          And I hate to say it but the coffee will likely slow down your progress, unless you aren’t experiencing any other negative symptoms. It was the last to go for me too! Finding a good substitute is key.

  9. Good to hear from you! Your autumn looks beautiful. Ours in the foothills of the Rockies was almost nonexistent. We had a sizable snow and a hard freeze early in October that occurred even before the leaves had started to turn and almost all fell off in their green state. Since then we’ve had another record-setting series of lows and another snow of almost 15 inches. That snow is all gone but we really didn’t enjoy much fall color this year. I’d love to see more posts of your delightful and creative crafts on your blog as I don’t do Instagram. So I’ll look forward to that as Christmas comes closer. Best of luck with your continued diet improvements! I think I should try to stop the coffee myself and am trying to cut back.

    • Good to hear from you Teddee! Sizable snow already! That’s so quick!

      Thanks for chiming in on what you’d like to hear about on the blog. I’ve been sharing more on social media lately because it’s been simpler, however I’m officially moving back to the blog again!

      I’m already slathering paint on stuff downstairs in the workshop, so I’ll be sharing a crafty project next week for sure!

  10. you did begin a new dose of a vitamin at a very high level. best to begin something new at a slower pace.

    Ireland: land of my dreams. I loved it there, hire a car and just ramble, see the castles, kiss the Stone, visit a pub, its a bit like going back in time.

    The UK is great for history, pick your spots before going over, its a busy place near London!!

    I’m with Abbi, a warm drink of water I feel “opens you up” after a nights sleep, apple cider vinegar is very good for you, cleansing too.

    A cabin on the water is wonderful … in the good seasons. don’t forget it needs care during the bad weather too. unless you don’t mind mice, greeblies, wood damage, blocked ditches, etc etc. renting one saves a ton of work and capital to spend travelling. just a thought.

  11. Our first snow today in southern New Brunswick, on Canada’s east coast. Very wet, heavy flakes. I have been without my beloved coffee now for 3 weeks & I’m wondering “does it get any better?” I try to ‘like’ herbal tea first thing in the AM, but it’s just not cutting it for me! I yearn for my java! I also gave up ‘sugar’. Or rather additional sugar, because Lord knows there’s sugar in everything! ketchup, pickles, cereal, even in ‘Windsor’ salt. (yes, check the ingred’s list) So I purposely stopped eating dessert (except at Sunday family dinners!), treats, chocolate (oh my heart!), basically sweets of any kind. Someone told me not to eat anything white ie. sugar, rice, flour, potato, etc. I can give up those easier than I can give up chocolate. I’m down 5 lbs, have less head fog, but the aches persist unless I work out 2-3 times a week in the gym. But I don’t feel as depressed in the mornings now that I eat less sugar, & less processed foods. So the struggle is worth it. But somebody please invent a hot drink that looks & tastes like coffee!
    Looking forward to reading your updates. All the best as you continue on your health journey.

  12. I did have trouble with taking too much vitamin D. I’ve been following your health journey with interest since I have lots of digestive issues. I think it’s pretty amazing you could give up coffee! Glad you are seeing improvement. I have been drinking celery juice powder supplement first thing each day and adding a scoop of collagen to my coffee. I really think this has helped my skin and my hair is definitely not as thin. I take my probiotic at bedtime. It seems to work.

  13. We did Ireland on our own, my hubby and I, and it was fantastic. We rented a car and drove around the country staying in bed and breakfasts along the way. We got to meet the most amazing people and could stay as long as we wanted at the sights. The Cliffs were beautiful but we had to spend several hours waiting for the fog to lift. I felt really bad for the people on the tour busses. They were on a schedule and when it was time to leave they had to go. I would have definitely been unhappy if I couldn’t have stayed! We planned the trip, booked our accommodations from home. Would definitely do it again. You can do it!! Cannot wait to hear about your trip!

  14. I admire you for being so determined & taking control of your diet for your health. The coffee would be hard for me. Actually, I think I’m more addicted to the creamer!
    As for traveling, we’ve been to Ireland 3 times. Each time we’ve just winged it. We fly into Dublin & have reservations there for a few days, then we rent a car and just go. When we find a town we like, there is always a place to stay. So many people open up their homes as B&B’s. Plus, there are also hotels. The people in Ireland are so nice & always willing to help. They also give advice on places to go that you may not have heard of. If you decide to go there I’ll be happy to tell you some of my favorite places.

  15. Hi Donna,

    Your photos are so beautiful. It’s so good you make the time to ride the bike. Look forward to hearing about your Hawaii trip.

    Have a great day!

  16. Try Teeccino (organic roasted herbal tea) for a coffee substitute! Flavors include Dandelion Mocha Mint, French Roast, Hazelnut, Vanilla Nut and Macarenas Chocolate. I buy it on Amazon and love the stuff! It is caffeine free so it won’t give you the energy boost, but it is very delicious and healthier for you!!

  17. I second Machelle’s choice for Teccino. It has a full bodied taste and works great with creamer.

    Ireland is a beautiful, friendly country to visit. Tips: If you plan on renting a car, get an automatic as a stick shift is on the opposite side of the car! Fly into Shannon Airport as it is much less busy. You can always drive over to Dublin. There are wonderful sights to see on each coast. My favorite little spot is called Achill Island on the Northwest side. Not touristy, a great place to bike ride! Go before September for the best weather. I would get lunch at local stores, many of which have hot deli items. Pubs at night do not serve food as they do in the States – only alcohol. The West side is where people go on holiday so places are open a bit later there. And you can hear them speaking Irish. Have fun planning!

  18. Hi Donna! What a absolutely breathtaking scene. I live in Florida and we only have 2 seasons. Winter and Summer. I have only been here 2 years. I am from Texas and i miss my home state! After i lost my mom, things just happened and i decided to sell my house and move closer to my daughter and grandchildren. I really thought it was a door that God opened for me. I have some regrets but i will never regret being able to watch my grandkids grow up So the moral of this story is :)…. if you ever want to hang out at the beach and go thrifting in sunny Florida, you will have a place to stay.

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