A bike ride found my beloved sunset

A bike ride and a sunset on a country road / funkyjunkinteriors.net
I have a little confession to make.

I’ve been trying not to miss ‘my beach’.

Kamaole beach in Maui / funkyjunkinteriors.net
It probably does NOT help that THIS is my iPhone background now, does it?! 🙂

This was the last shot I took of the beach before we head home. I truthfully cried over this one.

Well anyway, the last few days, I actually (finally?) forgot about it.

Until tonight.

A bike ride and a sunset on a country road / funkyjunkinteriors.net
It was one of those evenings where you’re too tired to do something actually productive, but not tired enough to just chill out in bed with the laptop watching Netflix. I wanted to do something easy, and fun.

So I hopped onto my trusty bike, and peddled just a very short distance down the road from my front door.

But I didn’t get very far.

A bike ride and a sunset on a country road / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Because, to the right of me, THIS was going on! 


Country field with a fence post and long grass / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Skechers in the long grass / funkyjunkinteriors.net
A bike ride and a sunset on a country road / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Giddy, I sat on the grass along the side of the country road, whipped out the iPhone, and started clicking.

And of course, reminiscing.

For 6 long weeks, each night in Maui, at precisely 6:30 pm, I’d brew a fresh travel mug of kona, slap on the backpack lawnchair, and saunter out to the beach for the sunset show. No matter what.

Whether we ran late for dinner (I’d park a snack in front of my son), or even if I was too tired from a full day of something else, the sun set always won.

It even became a game of sorts. I started challenging myself to snap a new sunset picture each evening that ‘told a story’. (you can see some of them on my Instagram #funkyjunkmaui2015 HERE)

I truly owe you a sunset and beach post, so I’ll put it on my to-blog-about list. I think I’m brave enough to post it now. I think…

So anyway, once we returned home, I made a valiant attempt to find the sunset here. 

Know where I found it?

On a side road, if I jumped high enough. 


So not the same.

bike ride caught sunset-5624
But today was a game changer. From glancing up to this masterpiece…

A bike ride and a sunset on a country road / funkyjunkinteriors.net
… to glancing down to greet this, 

how did I not know about this magical spot not even 5 min ride from my own doorstep?

A bike ride and a sunset on a country road / funkyjunkinteriors.net
It’s not the ocean, on a humidity filled island, accompanied by salty, fragrant, tropical breezes blowing beach hair about. While wearing shorts and a tank.

It’s the side of a country road with ongoing traffic, the odd dog barking, cool breezes snapping around me, and a lawn mower buzzing in the yard across the road. While wearing my heaviest farmer jacket.

A bike ride and a sunset on a country road / funkyjunkinteriors.net
But I sent a thank you to the Heavens up above all the same. Because I get to come here every day FOR FREE, in just a few minutes.

I found my sunset friend! Right at home.

So tomorrow… coffee and sunset, we have a date!

And just to add a little chill factor to the story… can you guess what time I need to be here for?

6:30 pm.


What are the odds?

More bike ride adventures are HERE

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10 thoughts on “A bike ride found my beloved sunset

  1. Just beautiful! I love sunsets – it’s just the most beautiful time of the day no matter what is happening around you!

  2. Beautiful, how the heck did you snap photos and scope at the same time? You savy techie lady! Enjoyed the live version but you’ve got a new background shot as well. Have a great weekend, and enjoy your sunset tonight!

  3. I too have found my favorite sunset spot, less than half a mile from home. It is right on the gravel road south of our house, looking across the neighbor’s pasture to a ridge with several trees on it. When I was still teaching, I was often coming home at sunset time and enjoyed that view so many times. Now that I’m retired, when I see the sky looking pretty, I just jump in the car, drive down there, and take photos until it gets too dark. Wish I could share some of them with you!

  4. I miss seeing the sunsets, too. When I lived out on the prairies, they were a sight to behold. Breath-taking! Living in a big city in Ontario, I have to say it is a rare sight to even see a sunset. Way too many building, always in the way. *sigh* Same thing could be said for sunrises.

    I found a real treasure this past weekend when I went out on a walk in a direction I have never gone before. Less than a 3 minute walk from my front door is a nature walk with a beautiful little stream running alongside it. Walking along, I could be out in the middle of the country, listening to the babbling brook that comes complete with a heron and mallard ducks!

    I do miss thing about my former home (mostly its location out in the country) but I’ve learned to look for the positives wherever I am. There is beauty all around us but we often forget to open our eyes to it. I’ve been having major issues with my feet and it has really impeded my ability to get outside for walks. I’m so glad I persevered last weekend because I’ve discovered my local Shangri-La!

  5. I am so happy for you Donna, the universe has embraced you with a shower of blessings. Enjoyment abounds, that these things are possible. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  6. Hi! I can so relate to this. We were just out in California for two weeks and were beside the Pacific almost the whole time. One of our hotels was right by the beach and the constant sound of the ocean was mesmermizing. Now we are back home again in Indiana, and I miss the ocean but I do take time to enjoy the beautiful fall scenes and the gorgeous sunsets. Always learning to bloom where I’m planted (which can be hard since our boys and grandkids live in CA and CO.)

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