A dreamy garage sale at a dream home

A beautiful historical home, part of 'A dreamy Garage Sale at a Dream Home, via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

There’s this lovely historical dream home in my own home town that makes you slow down when driving past, just so you can admire it one more time.  You know the kind I mean.

An amazing garden at a historical home, part of 'A dreamy Garage Sale at a Dream Home, via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

I have looooong coveted this place. It sits on  2 acres of wonderful, glorious privacy, with the most amazing grounds.

An amazing garden at a historical home, part of 'A dreamy Garage Sale at a Dream Home, via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

An amazing garden at a historical home, part of 'A dreamy Garage Sale at a Dream Home, via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

It’s just one of those places where you can’t help but taunt yourself with, “If I could buy that, I would!” 

A rustic log arbour walkway in a garden, part of 'A dreamy Garage Sale at a Dream Home, via https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

Every nook and cranny tells a story and there are so many nooks and crannies,  you know you’d never be bored ever again.

birch trees

A dreamy garage sale in a dream shop

But there was another reason I fell in love with this property. It has this fabulous shop separate from the house. You know… a funky junk type shop!

I dream of hosting workshops, and small overnight conferences retreat style, and maybe even have a little room where I could host my own sales once a month with my ever growing collecting. And this place would have been perfection.

A dreamy garage sale in a dream shop

A dreamy garage sale in a dream shop

So when I drove by one day and noticed there was a for sale sign, you KNOW my heart leapt right out of me for a moment. I pulled over and had to stare at the place. Just. Stare.

But I shrugged my shoulders and knew it wasn’t to be. I didn’t prepare and do what I needed to do to make a move like this. Not this time.

After the place sold, (it apparently sold before the sign was dry) a GARAGE SALE sign sprouted up beside the road. And yet again, I lurched to a stop to peer in from the road the night before. 

I didn’t get to preshop, so I head out by 8am the next morning. Naturally, I was too late for the old bikes, but they were out of my price range anyway. Luckily there was still plenty of cool stuff to choose from.

An old schoolhouse light at a dreamy garage sale in a dream shop

Excuse the snowy iPhone pictures, but there is no time to adjust settings with a big, fussy camera when you are dashing for the goods! Like this vintage schoolhouse light. Yowza!

Old windows and chairs at a dreamy garage sale in a dream shop

Old windows by the dozens and even a few old chairs for good measure.

Cow stanchions at a dreamy garage sale in a dream shop

You farmhands will know what these are. I nearly brought them home because they reminded me of my Dad. (they are cow stanchions, they hold the cow in place while they eat and the farmer milks)

Old record player with felt turn table at a dreamy garage sale in a dream shop

Vintage suitcase collection at a dreamy garage sale in a dream shop

It would have been fun to snatch all the vintage suitcases up just to stack. But I don’t have room. Well, I may have if I had MOVED to this place…

Huge toolbox and basket and other junk finds from a dreamy garage sale in a dream shop

Anyway, I ran through the buildings, and grabbed what I fell in love with and started building my pile. Does this look like my pile to you? It was like shopping in Costco with that now or never mentality. 

Old leather chair, schoolhouse light  and other junk finds from a dreamy garage sale in a dream shop
And my pile grew and it grew and it grew…

Old leather chair, schoolhouse light  and other junk finds from a dreamy garage sale in a dream shop

And this is what I came home with. ANOTHER pile with no home for anything. Yet. 🙂

That chair? The comfort level is off the Richter scale. The deep green (real) leather seat is loaded with springs and it’s the most sturdy, amazing sit ever. I plan to strip down the wood so it looks more aged.

The basket… oh my. It’s now my AMAZINGLY huge laundry basket to house our AMAZINGLY huge laundry piles. 

Unusual cranberry glazed clay pots which I’m guessing the owner made. He had a pottery shop on the premises.

MASSIVE toolbox, old window, ancient books for photo shoots (which I used on a barrel in my small cabinets on the wall post HERE) a stoneware jug, cute creamer, old tin, spray snow, and a few other small things. 

And yes, the school house light! Swoon… it’s a swag so it can go up anywhere! Cool. 

A dreamy garage sale at a dream home, without a doubt!

Old barnwood post at a dreamy garage sale in a dream shop

This dream house story was also a reminder that if we sleep at the wheel, we get to watch everything whiz by us. Some other lucky owners get to enjoy all these wonderful nooks and crannies because they earned it.

I admit… the yard was actually too much for me to handle on my own. I already live in a fab home that doesn’t demand constant repairs, minimal yard work I don’t have time for as is, and we really do have everything we need, complete with a mountain view out back.

But… one day I desire that workshop. And barn. And cool old house. I want to fall in love with every nook and cranny and tell stories until you can’t bear to hear any more stories.

This is the second dream house I had to let go of in my area. And this one with that shop was REALLY hard. So there’s only one thing left to do.

Roll up my sleeves and work hard for… ‘third time lucky perhaps?” 

What does your dream home consist of? Or are you already there?

My other fav JUNK SHOPPING places are HERE.

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36 thoughts on “A dreamy garage sale at a dream home

  1. Girl, you got some mad loot!!!! Love the chairs and the light will be fab!! Can’t wait to see what you do with everything!! Happy junkin’

  2. That was such a sweet, happy & sad story. I surely do get where you are coming from. I myself have been caught asleep at the wheel. I have a feeling that something you and your son will love and appreciate, will come along, You just never know what the future holds. 🙂


  3. As tough as it is to let these dreams slip past, when the time is right your dream house will be bigger and better than you are even dreaming!

    p.s. from experience – FINE tune that dream while you wait!

  4. Love everything you got, Donna, but I must say, that photo of the white birch tree trunks had me…I had to cut mine down last Fall for bore destruction…now the limbs are part of my decor which is, I guess, the next best thing.

  5. Wow Donna, this place IS a dream. Exactly the kind of place I’ve dreamed of too, but I also know I’m not in a place in my life to “handle” it right now.
    I know you’ll have a place like this one day when the time is right for you! Thanks for giving us a peek at all the cool stuff!

  6. Oh Donna, I’m so sorry that you couldn’t make this one work. Where there is a will there is a way. Put it out to the universe and it will work it for you. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have completely fallen in love with your blog, and will be a frequent visitor! Your dream home looks suspiciously like my dream home: junk everywhere, gorgeous patinas and stories for days. Thank you so much for sharing this post! 🙂

  8. It was lovely and yes, perfect…in some ways…and certainly “dreamy” in ALL ways. Your future home is out there…just keep looking…and dreaming…and planning. It will find you when the time is right. You’ve got such remarkable talent that whatever place you call home will be lucky to have you! I LOVE YOUR SCHOOLHOUSE LIGHT (and, of course, anything ironstone) !!! xo

  9. I am so glad you got that schoolhouse light! It is awesome! I don’t know what a cow stanchion is but I bet I could come up with something to use them for… frame a wooden sign maybe? Great finds Donna!

  10. Dear Donna

    Make where you are, all it can be. Contentment. Your house has its own nooks and crannies, and they are constantly developing. The objects in your home have stories. Your shed alone is a story.

    The never ending repairs on older homes can be a drain financially, even if you are doing them yourself. Yes, contentment and appreciation for what you have is a good focus. And you have so much. Many are swooning at your home and stuff. 🙂

    Blessings ~ Brenda

  11. Oh the chair~!
    I love the vintage, spring bottom chair. Yes, they are so comfy…
    I inherited 4, barrel back, oxblood, nailhead trim chairs last year whose previous owner was throwing them away. The seats on mine resembled yours, with a few tears. Mine were an eyesore. I loved the leather, so redoing them wasn’t an option. I had a friend suggest one of the cheap, leather repair kits from the auto parts store. It actually worked!
    (I used an iron, very carefully to set the patches)
    I got one where you could match the stain. I was pleasantly surprised. Then, I got a can of oxblood shoe polish and polished and polished and polished. Mine are gorgeous now (yes, its obvious if you look hard that there are repairs on the torn seats, but you have to look hard…)
    You might think of giving it a try to restore that leather beauty~!
    *Olive oil also rejuvenates old leather – just keep it away from the repairs, or it will make them peel…*
    Fun finds~!!!
    Have a Wonderful rest of the week~!
    Jen @ Lace Crazy

  12. Love the schoolhouse light! I purchased one from a garage sale over the summer and absolutely LOVE it! My husband spotted it under a table in a large box wrapped in paper. It makes me sick to think that if not for him, I would have missed it. Enjoy your finds, I’m sure you will put them to great use. Happy Hunting ~

  13. Donna, in your 5th picture there’s a HUGE leaf on the left side of the pic. Do you know what that plant is called? It probably only grows in BC as does everything beautiful! That yard was amazing!
    Nice junk!(or should I say stuff Ha!)

  14. We just snagged our 200yr old dream farmhouse last month. It’s a big shift from living intown in an old Victorian to the cozy casual sprawling farmhouse and we LOVE it. I’ve been crazy about this house for 3 years and we just jumped. Our other house was rented out thank God, because we didn’t even have time to list and sell it.

    Now we have a little flock of chickens, a duck pond, a veggie garden I have no idea what I’m doing with, an apple orchard and my hubby finally has a heated barn workshop. He’s making a New England style duck house with clapboards now 🙂 and we are big on making stuff from cool junk so the barn will be awesome. I’m chronicling my first-year farm girl antics on my blog and am loving your posts to inspire my creativity and ways of seeing the possibility in items.

    And I can NOT bypass a good yard sale either 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your next dream house and I know you will nab the right one for you at the perfect time.

  15. Donna, I LOVE sales like that. I was lucky enough to stop by a sale (twice – a month from each other because the property was being sold) that was at the very first post office for my town. It was the most amazing property I have ever been to. SO much history. I was fortunate enough to buy many cool things. I became friends with the guys that owned it. At the second sale, the one owner actually GAVE me a 9×11 antique rug that was taken out of one of the rooms upstairs. Although it’s in rough shape on one corner and needs to be cleaned, I think about the stories it could tell. It’s one of my most treasured pieces in my home 🙂

  16. You found some great treasures. I would also love a workshop out back, but I want no yard work. I grew up in the mountains, had trees everywhere and no lawn, just paths through the trees. That’s what I dream of- a home in the mountains, trees- lots of them, a stream (with a waterfall would be heavenly), and a small cottage with tons of storage. Too much to ask? I hope not. 🙂

  17. Gosh, I’m feeling for you Donna. Before I bought my Craftsman cottage I fell in love with and completely mentally moved into two other houses, but, you know how the Vancouver market is, those homes were snatched out of my hands by competitive offers. Then, the one home I loved to pieces was completely knocked to the ground. (sigh) But I kept telling myself that my home was waiting for me and it was. 🙂 Lovely job of collecting all those treasures. I’m sure they will look brilliant and fit right into your home.

  18. I do have a dream home!!! I too drive by it really slow and usually curse the people that live there that they are not taking care of it properly. My husband has to remind me all the time that it is NOT my house. BUT your house comes with cool stuff. Such awesome finds! I so enjoy sitting down with my coffee and reading your posts. They are so real and it does my antique/rustic/vintage heart good. Thank you for sharing all that you do.

  19. The landscaping is so amazing at this house! I love it that there are so many textures, shapes and colors, all due to the trees and bushes. Hubby loves to landscape so I can’t wait to show this to him. Thanks for sharing! And I am seriously coveting your new chair and light.

  20. You got a great haul there! Shame about the house, though. That laundry basket looks in good nick, so does most of the other finds, from what I can see, at least you can brag now that you have THE coolest laundry basket in the neighborhood!!! 🙂

  21. Donna, when you started describing the little “Funky Junk ” shack, i felt like you were in my head…I have the same visions when I pass a forlorn little gothic style retail building that has stood empty for twenty years…I can see my shop/studio there, visualize the space down to the coffee bar and comfy couches for all of the students to sit and share their ideas. I have no idea why it has stood empty for so long…maybe it’s finally time to see if it’s for sale! It’s reassuring to know others have the same vision…maybe I’m not so crazy after all!

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pics, story and comments!!! I am a junker, recycler, crafter, save the planet person from way back. I get so many ideas,, I think my brain needs it’s own storage unit for all these things..lol
    I just found your website, but I check in whenever I can. Keep up the good work and I will be looking for more and more ideas from you.
    Thanks so much.
    Linda Dunlap
    Troy, Ohio

  23. My dream home is a cabin! Strange? I know, I know! I just love the warmth of wood. I don’t think I’d ever tire of wood walls, & wood ceilings, especially with a vaulted ceiling with some exposed beams.

    I love the setting where you usually find log cabins as well. The mountains! *swoon* I love the mountains!

    Of course I dream of a “modern log cabin”. Not the old drafty kind with no indoor plumbing! My log cabin would have lovely real hickory wood floors too (can’t do w/o my wood floors ever again!).

    Then that lovely log cabin would be decorated with a lot of photos, and old stuff to make one feel like they sort transported back in time… but not really.

    Aaaaah, thanx for asking about MY dream. Now I’m off to attempt to fulfill part of that dream by hanging up some old horse equipment… might as well do what I can in my non-log cabin to make me feel like I’m on the road to my dream 🙂

  24. Those cow stantions also reminded me of my Dad. Brought tears to my eyes. (He has been gone for six years) And the butter mold reminds me of my Mom. (Who still lives on our farm in the Okanagan) All of it makes me miss BC. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing your beautiful finds. I am actually about two days away from breaking ground on my (our) dream home. It’s is a very busy and exciting time.


  25. This house and extras are incredible… so “House Beautiful” or “Romantic Homes” worthy!

    We’re living in our “dream” home. When our 1st son was 2 yrs old we were in search for a home to buy. We toured through a lovely 2 story condo with a curved staircase that had personality and charm. We fell in love with it. It was too expensive for us so our search went on and our lives went on. We talked about the darling place with the lovely staircase often through the years. Thirty years later we sold our family home located in a sleepy town to a young couple and their baby girl. Just what our empty house needed to give it new life. But they needed to take occupancy quick and we had no place to go yet. Two condo sales fell through that were in estates… we were frantic. I got on the internet and somehow found a site that leased condos. I emailed and got an immediate response that they had the perfect place, 3 bdrm, fam rm, lv rm, din rm, 2 car garage & pet friendly. I thought too good to be true. I made an appointment and the directions took us to the same condo complex from 30 years previous. It was the same floor plan except it was facing a pond with a pair of swans & mallards. We couldn’t believe our eyes! So we have come full circle and are living on “Golden Pond” and enjoying life. God is good!!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  26. Loved this post! You really snagged some great stuff. Love that chair, can’t wait to see what you do with it. I would just leave the leather seat that way…looks great.
    Yes, there has been a few houses I really wanted and I did get one I loved with a view of Seattle and the waterfront. Loved watching those ferries go in and out. But I am very happy here in my 107 year old farmhouse just outside a small college town, in the open spaces of the country. I have made it a very pleasant home. Someday, I might get out into the woods, but for now I am content.

  27. Loved the dream home story. When I was a kid my mother and I moved. A lot. So in my adulthood I have found it very hard to stay content in ONE home. So, I too play the “drive by real slowly so I can gaze at that house over there” game! I appreciate hearing about someone else doing the same thing, and dreaming.

    Rock On, Send out the positivity as you are and it will all come back to you! ;0)

  28. I live in Portland Oregon, and we have a lot of old and Historical houses and homes here, my friends old house is where the series Grim is filmed an old Victorian home. Love your site and the inspiration I get from it. I’m an Artist and would love to get into another home, I’m in a condo now, maybe a farmhouse with a barn and a place to have an Art studio and teach workshops and classes and maybe have some of my students to stay like a Bed and breakfast, that is my Dream and to travel and teach workshops around the country, with my awesome husband. He is into all the same things as me. He is also an Artist in his own right a Glazer, he does high rise buildings, like 30 floors high. He can cut the glass, mats and make frames for my paintings, but I love to find vintage and antique frames and old paintings. He is from the south, can’t wait to go junking and antiquing in Tennessee and North Carolina next year in Early May; a belated honeymoon, can’t wait, will be so much fun. Keep doing what you are doing it is great. You encourage others to follow their Dreams and so do I. My friend calls me the Painter of Joy. Have a great week, the weekends are the best, watch out world when you see the crazy look in our eyes, when we see a sign for any kind of a SALE and our arms wide open to grab our Treasures!!! Nancy Busch-Driver

  29. Please ell me where that store is and is it still open? I live in Chilliwack and am hoping it is not too far from me….but who am I kidding…..I will drive for hours to find something like this!!!

    Eagerly awaiting your reply,

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