A hello, staycation ramblings and some blog changes

Hello all!

First up, I just wanted to thank-you for being so gracious in my last post, The Next Chapter.

I think as bloggers (and honestly, anyone in general), we totally guilt ourselves for time off, and pressure ourselves to produce new content 24/7.

However humanity is only human and we all need a little downtime no matter what we do. I had some baggage to contend with on top of normal vacay time but am starting to feel more human again.

Getting use to a new normal is not for the faint of heart. Just when you think you know what you’re doing, you are in the middle of relearning everything you know. It can be downright paralyzing. However I’ve just given myself advice according to the advice I’ve been given…

Acknowledge how you feel, and make it ok… Oh, look at that, I feel so confused. It’s ok to be confused. So I’ll just go about my day feeling confused because it’s normal and ok to feel confused right now.

One foot in front of the other… 

So… a few misc updates and ramblings… imagine what my head is going through with all this goin’ on…

New soil!

I hired my pruner to top up my front yard flowerbeds with new soil. They are looking so nice and lush right now with all the new spring growth! So for those feeling deflated when I removed all those backyard flowerbeds, you are welcome to enjoy my very full front yard anytime you wish!

I admit, the backyard isn’t nearly as much fun as the front, so I am dreaming up what to add here and there. I’m thinking ‘natural forest’ myself.

It’s snowing!

I have also been enjoying bike rides. At the moment, there’s this white stuff falling from the forest trees that resembles the trails covered in snow! I captured it on film so I can share it with you soon! The picture in today’s post is part of that photo shoot.


My little cottage stay kinda did a big number on me. As soon as I got home, all I wanted to do was board up all my walls (and yukky popcorn ceilings) and paint everything in sight (including floors!) white! I did paint a stairway wall that has made a tremendous difference already. Time will tell how to proceed. My permanent decor has been a little too dark for my liking for some time now so I may change out some things…

To sell or not to sell?

Will this ever go away?! Probably after I sell.

I need to trust my gut and just roll with it. But I’m digging in my heels deep. So I’m going to keep moving forward with cleaning up and finishing the house. With eyes wide open. I’ve finished painting a bathroom closet and now onto something for shelving… thinking something reclaimed (so it’s free AND cool!)


Yeah. I cracked open the condos and the flights once again and have been mulling a trip over. Not sure why I am stalling. Oh yes I do know why. I was ready to book when our weather was bad, and now that it’s hot and sunny, I am stalling. How’s that for reasoning?

I’ve always loved Hawaii in summer the best though. It’s nice to come home to warm weather again, so… I don’t know yet. I thought of going elsewhere but right now I am not in a good big-decision-and-planning place. I just need some solitude and rest and that familiar place certainly does it best. I may have just talked myself into it yet… 

GDPR and privacy rules and… what is this stuff anyway?

Have you heard the latest? What this mumbo jumbo is about is international data online protection laws (not applicable to Canada or USA) that want us to use plain english to clarify how your online info is used on our sites.

What I found humorous is their own website was very hard to understand. 🙂

That said, I’m to alert you my privacy policy has changed on my blog and encourage you to read it if you so desire.

I have also updated my subscribe area that offers more clarity as to what you are signing up for.



Really, nothing much has changed other than offer more clarity on how your info is used to perform the online tasks you are choosing to use. They just don’t want me tricking you into subscribing to blog post updates then surprising you with condo sales and world wide trip offerings every 5 minutes if you purchase by Christmas all for the low price of $19,999 a month forevermore.

But if I find a great world wide trip and condo deal, you know I’m buying it and I will share it with you on a blog post or 80 for free!

So anyway, as you can see, I haven’t been completely frozen in time. I am jabbing at things, have scrolled online to see if Maui is in my future again (still debating on that) but since decisions feel like work, it’s easier to float from look for cute condos, staring into space, painting a wall, then wondering if I should go on a trail ride first then make dinner or visa versa.

The only thing missing is a lake out back. And being inside a quaint cute cottage full time… goodness, I have an amazing blog post to share with you soon! Actually, many.

So stay tuned! Lots of content to come. It’s just that this downtime is rather freeing and a little hard to let go of… and those darned flights are pulling me in…


Are you taking some time off? Can you vacation at home or feel like you need off your property in order to get the rest you need?

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18 thoughts on “A hello, staycation ramblings and some blog changes

  1. Down is so amazing and normally I take it without a plan. Which probably isn’t the best but sometimes I like to chill in my own environment because right now with no neighbors it’s just pretty cool and the lake is just down the road.

    Painting is so relaxing, well for me it is… Enjoy!

  2. Yep, Headed to the Grand Canyon with daughter and SIL. No Grandkids. They are visiting the other Grandparents. AND I am deconstructing men’s shirts to wear to the Grand Canyon. New view, New wardrobe, New memories. Can’t wait.

  3. Donna, do you realize how relaxing your story-telling is for the rest of us? I go thru my email and hit the delete button on 90% of my 100 daily emails without ever reading them. Except yours, which I always open. When I just need some down-time from the craziness of blogging, being a mom, and finance work, I always read your stories. You relax us.

    I love that you’re a creative like me, and think you’ll always find a way to continue that, but maybe consider being a travel blogger that explores hidden getaways. Not the popular spots of Disney or the Amalfi coast, but the hidden gems like that cabin you found 12 minutes from your home.

    You’re not alone. I recently wrote a similar post about my life changing and listening to the universe. You can read it on my blog EntriWays.com. It’s called When the Universe Sends You Signs. Enjoy and Thank You for sharing your relaxing stories.

    • Thank-you Vicki! I nearly didn’t write my last post because I didn’t deliver a big lovely Pinterest worthy reveal! Thanks for the reminder that the mundane can be just as valuable at times. I’ll attempt to get my storyteller on moreso even if a project isn’t coming together.

      Your ‘off the beaten path’ getaway ideas also inspires me… I had just thought when I was scanning the ‘same ‘ol’ in Maui, that the places to stay were just not speaking to me. I craved something original. Guess it’s time to go hunting!

      I just read your blog post… I am so glad you’re ok after your accident! Talk about a wake up call, huh?

  4. Down time is good for the soul. I think it helps rejuvenate the creative part of each of us. That being said, I’ve taking a liking to fixing people’s old dollhouses. How wacky does that sound? It started with a dollhouse fixer upper I did for my church’s Christmas market and women starting asking if I could fix up their old dollhouses for them also. So, I’m almost done with one that was made from a kit in 1980 and I’ve given it fresh paint, new flooring and decorated the outside (after putting all the pieces back together that fell off years ago). Kind of a mini fixer upper project. I found out that I adore working on dollhouses, maybe because I never had one of my own when I was a girl. I’m constantly on the lookout for one at garage sales, etc. My dream is to do a fixer upper and donate it to a women’s shelter, kind of how you did the dollhouse. Sometimes it just takes miniature steps (LOL!)

    • wow on the dollhouse work you are doing. we were given a really huge dollhouse in desparate need of interior and exterior work. unfortunately, it became so interesting i nearly missed being ready for that years Christmas. You are the first person I can even vicariously relate with about the involvement required for a really large dollhouse fixerupper.

    • How facinating Sharon!

      When I worked on my own bookshelf dollhouse and decided to also make all the furniture, I don’t recall ever enjoying a project that much. I found it easier to implement dream features in miniature.

      That was such a fun challenge. I think perhaps I don’t challenge myself enough any longer, so that could be a good start…

      Do you have a place where you’ve been sharing your project? I’d bet many here would love to take a peek!

      Here’s my own dollhouse project for those interested:


  5. You could always come down and visit me. It’s a beautiful area including Jacksonville OR. You would love that town if you haven’t been. I have a room for you when you are ready. Oh, and I have kitties ?

    • Ohhh… what a lovely and generous offer! Thank-you! I’d love to visit your area one day again, it is GORGEOUS. And to spend girl time with you would be pure icing on the cake!

      I use to visit Washington all the time back in the day well before blogging. There are so many hidden gems worth the visit. Thanks for the reminder of what’s next door… hmmm!

  6. Take all the time you need! Life is hard. My mantra is this – “It is what it is” – kind of cheesy but it helps me get through all sorts of things. 🙂

  7. thinking maybe being in such a “funky” time might not be the best atmosphere for making any really big decisions. time to relax and do some deep breathing.

  8. Just when I feel like I’m all alone I read one of your posts ? This was spot on and I’m not quite an empty nester but 3 years down the road I will be. I’ve been tossing ideas around forever but keep coming back to the same spot….living tiny. I think I want to add wheels to that living tiny though because the gypsy in me doesn’t like to sit still for very long. I seem to have the same concern as you when it comes to a workshop. I’ve seen a few people who live and work traveling but not sure I’m that organized. Glad I saw your story today Donna and that white shiplap cabin was perfect. Happy you found that little spot.


  9. I go through that kind of thing now and then, sometimes more often than others. And I go through busy times and blog agony. I’m just so tired. I really really need my upcoming holiday to Greece… and which will invariably bring back the same yearning to live on Paros for the rest of my life…

  10. I’m actually closing up my shop space and taking some time to (hopefully) get healthy again. My body is kinda demanding it. It feels good to take the time to spend with my youngest child. And to just have time to do the little things. I definitely feel like I need to be off property to truly relax! It’s the only way to slow my mind down!!!

  11. Downtime is good time and it really doesn’t matter how you spend it, as long as you embrace it and don’t give in to that silly little voice that keeps on nagging you to do something “constructive”. Half the time that silly bitch doesn’t know what she’s talking about 😀 Have fun Donna, hug your fur babies, go for long rides and smile into the sunshine. You’re such an inspiration

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