A spectacular show, during a bike ride egg run

river by the woods / A spectacular show, during a bike ride egg run / funkyjunkinteriors.net
‘Twas a dreary, grey day this fine Sunday.

But that didn’t stop us from firing things up right! We head to the local diner for lunch.

Once home again, I couldn’t stay indoors.

energetic ‘ol me – “Let’s go for a bike ride!”

very full son – “No.”

“No? Why not? It’s not raining… and if you come, I’ll buy you a really good lunch tomorrow when I pick you up after your test!”

“No. It’s too cold!”

“Wear more coats?”

“No. I’m going to have a nap.”

Drat. Food generally works. And a dreary Sunday IS a great day for a nap. I nearly went for it myself.

But… no. I needed to move. As in, I was seizing up from not going out side because of the cold and drizzle. 

But I needed enticement myself. Why should I go out… what should I do?

Ahhhh… I’d go get farm fresh eggs from the other side of the river! Perfect!

tuxedo cat in a rustic crate / A spectacular show, during a bike ride egg run / funkyjunkinteriors.net
But my little shadow had other plans. Her recent ‘thing’ is bombing down the stairs in front of me when she knows I’m heading out, then hopping into this crate as if to say,

“Look! I’m a piece of junk! You can’t possibly want to go now!”

Let’s not tell her I’d stay home just for her regardless… because this quirky habit is adorable!

Finding the exact change, I doubled up on jackets, tucked a touque under my helmut, donned the gloves, (I even wore socks! I never wear socks) and away I went. 

While my little girl watched me until I was out of sight.

They sure know how to get you, don’t they?

trail ride through the forest / A spectacular show, during a bike ride egg run / funkyjunkinteriors.net
It was chilly, but luckily, it was more fun than cold.

I was also pretty pumped… there’s some work being done to the trails through the woods, (not shown here) so come summer, I have a feeling I’ll be able to share even more amazing spots!

trail ride under the train bridge / A spectacular show, during a bike ride egg run / funkyjunkinteriors.net
I love the entire way over here, but this part is my favourite. The smooth, wide trails on the other side of the river make biking here a total glide with so little effort. Just my type!

This is the view right after coming off the train bridge.

trail ride through the heron reserve / A spectacular show, during a bike ride egg run / funkyjunkinteriors.net
moss covered rocks along a bike trail in the woods / A spectacular show, during a bike ride egg run / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Grey days sure look pretty in moss covered forest trails!

Here’s what the trail looks like in summer.

The ride took me through the Blue Heron Reserve once again. And why I leave so late in the day I’ll never know. But they have gates that close at dusk, so I knew I had to hustle and not take too many pictures on my way in. 

Eggs first, pics later. AFTER the gate!

After activating my ‘wild life rusty bell’, I was off.

Farm fresh eggs chalkboard sign in a pretty frame / A spectacular show, during a bike ride egg run / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Right after the reserve, there’s a hill that leads to farmland. And the egg farm is mere moments away. What a bonus!

And great reason to go biking I say! Since there isn’t a coffee shop open out there on weekends… wish wish wish.

I’ll have to just remember to bring my own and pretend I got it out there.

And now that I have time to look… that chalkboard is gorgeous!

Farm fresh eggs for sale in a radio flyer wagon / A spectacular show, during a bike ride egg run / funkyjunkinteriors.net
There is NOTHING like farm fresh eggs.

When I had chickens once upon a time, they were fed raw vegetable scraps from a local deli, and lemme tell ya, I have never ever come across an egg that tasted that amazing nor vibrant in colour. Got layers? Feed them veggies!

So I picked up a couple dozen, then head back, with that gate closure in mind.

Lemme put it this way… if I missed the gate, I’d be riding 2 hours vs 15 minutes. 

No thanks!

And with the potential to get zapped under the power lines. Last time I was out the long way, I had my hands on the metal part of the steering wheel, when suddenly felt a BIG JOLT.

No thanks #2.

Then I had to go back under them to get home. Lemme tell ya, I was barely touching the rubber on the handlebars, with teeth clenched and eyes squinting, while the lines above me {{{{buzzed}}}} away.


No thanks #2945639537.

gorgeous sunset on the bridge that the Great Blue Heron Reserve in Chilliwack / funkyjunkinteriors.net
I quickly became VERY grateful I hadn’t really stopped for pictures yet. Because on the way home, the sun started to set, turning the grey day into the promise of something spectacular…

Along the main trail, there are many forks that lead out to benches in front of the water. 

gorgeous sunset at the Great Blue Heron Reserve in Chilliwack / funkyjunkinteriors.net
So I biked as near to the gate as I could (so I would hear the gate locker truck rumbling down the trail in a pinch!) then watched, minute by glorious minute, a gorgeous sunset filling up the sky.

beaver eaten tree at the Great Blue Heron Reserve in Chilliwack / funkyjunkinteriors.net
What a beautiful spot! I even found a tree that was lunch to some lucky beaver. How’s that for a little Canadiana?

It was right here, I flicked on Periscope, and did a short broadcast. The wildlife sounds really make it come alive.

And then, the show really began.

AFTER Periscope. Of course. 🙂

gorgeous sunset at the Great Blue Heron Reserve in Chilliwack / funkyjunkinteriors.net
It was like the horizon lit on fire!

Truly spectacular.

I wanted to stay longer, but… you know. The gate.

Plus, I still had to cross the train bridge. And I didn’t want to do that in the dark… in case a train came?!

No pressure during this ride…

sunset by a train bridge in Chilliwack / funkyjunkinteriors.net
The sunset appeared to wrap its colourful arms around me all the way to the bridge.

sunset on a train bridge in Chilliwack / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Then once on the bridge… KABOOM.

What a wonderful evening!

Since being home, I’ve felt a lot lighter on my feet. The ride really did the trick!

As for the egg run… all I can say is, I get my eggs ‘down by the river’.

With a light show you certainly don’t see on the way to the local store!

And now I can’t wait for breakfast…

Edited to add: The trail is safe, being well populated with walkers and bikers. I was just very selective when I took these.

Pictures appear darker than what it really was. I deepened the tone so you could see the sunset colours a little more.

The train bridge has a pedestrian walkway, so there IS room for both person and train, although that would not be my first option by any means! 🙂 

I am very grateful so many of you care! 🙂 I will be careful, promise!

How to find the right bike for you! Tips on shopping and what gear to get / funkyjunkinteriors.net
How to find the right bike…for YOU!

If you’d like to know a little more about my beloved hot rod bike, I wrote a great, informative post on Ebay HERE. It leads to all the bells and whistles I have too… literally. 🙂

I’m so in LOVE with this crazy thing.

Even in the cold. 🙂

(disclosure / I partnered with Ebay to write the post, which does not contain affiliate links)

Catch my other bike riding adventures HERE

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20 thoughts on “A spectacular show, during a bike ride egg run

  1. Beautiful Donna! The sound of the birds and the view soothes my soul! What a nice way to start my day here in Maryland. We are shoveling our way out of three foot of snow. I am so looking forward to getting out. For now your post gives me a fix! Thanks!

  2. Oh sweet girl nature is most definitely a gift from the good Lord and I’m sure the pictures don’t do it the justice they deserve. Good for you for getting out there and enjoying it all and if you’re ever longing to come to the central coast of San Luis Obispo, CA I have plenty of space and lots of beauty to share?

    • Hi Zan! The ride through the park is maybe 5-10 minutes in the stretch I went. But it leads off to many different trails, so you could ride all day if one desired! If you went down the more remote paths, I’d suggest to bring a friend. They go on for MILES. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your evening ride; such a beautiful spot to enjoy nature and get inspired or solve a problem you have been pondering! Teenage boys are move into sleep than enjoying the world around them. They are the same the world over.

  4. I worry about you 1) on a railroad trestle!?! Will they be making a trail/bridge so you can avoid being on the bridge with a train!?? and, 2) Make sure someone knows where you are going and when you’ll be back. A woman being out on a trail alone can lead to trouble. I don’t know how well-traveled this area is or how far the ride is, but I worry about you!

    That said…thank you for the bike trip! I loved seeing the sunset, the water and hearing the Canada Geese. What a treat!

    • Haha, if you view the post with the full picture of the bridge, there is a walking pathway on it meant for pedestrians, although I still wouldn’t want to be ON it if a train were to come! That’s why I just glance both ways and dart! 🙂

      I wasn’t alone… it’s a well populated path. I think I’d better put a disclaimer in my post. Thank you for your concern!

  5. Before I saw those stunning sunset photos, I was thinking the very same as “Fonda Rush”!! I was/am concerned about your safety, Donna. I don’t wish to scare you and hamper your enjoyment (as I loved* bike riding too) but there was an “incident” many years ago involving a woman cycling alone down a country road in Oakville, Ontario. My daughter used to horseback ride in the very same area on weekends and we always ensured she rode with a group. Re (loved*) bikes, I have a lot of sacroiliac joint problems and, unfortuately, find cycling exacerbates the pain but had to smile when you said you felt “lighter on your feet” later! That’s exactly how I’d feel after a ride. Thanks for the beautiful photos!!

    • Hi Elaine! The pictures appear darker than it really was. The path is also well populated with walkers and bikers, so all was very safe. I’m a fraidy cat type so I wouldn’t do anything too risky.

      Thank you for your concern! 🙂

      • TEXAS Thanks. So fun to hear geese and see sunset. Love to read your
        blog and see pics. admire your building abilities and your spunk ( as we
        say down here ). Nature is relaxing. I can see similar sunsets over small
        lake out my kitchen window. Currently have migrating ducks. more often
        a blue heron or two. Always many turtles and squirrels and various birds.

  6. I’d buy local eggs too in order to enjoy that beautiful sunset! What are you going to make with the eggs? I’ve never purchased farm fresh eggs – please tell me more about them!

  7. I love my fresh eggs. I have about 25 chickens. The local market saves veggies craps for me to feed them and when there is too much snow on the ground for them to free range forage I buy them a big bale of alfalfa to toss into their nice large pen. They love it and I get those deep orange super yummy yolks too.
    What a beautiful bike ride. We have too much snow and ice right now to go for a ride but I can’t wait for Summer. (Spring here is typically covered in snow too so Summer it is)

  8. thanks for the beautiful tour—I received a tri-wheel bike for Christmas last year…sadly I wasn’t able to use it last year, but am so looking forward to the new year and getting out in our Lake community and eventually to our forest preserves…maybe even pick up eggs at the local market, Thanks again—beautiful! Sandi

  9. Donna, I was in BC last week – we drove out from Saskatchewan. As we came from Kamloops, through Hope, and approached Chilliwack area, I wondered where you lived since the area is beautiful and looked a lot like your pictures. As I read this post I see I wasn’t far off!! I sure appreciated the weather (except for the rain – Burnaby has more from what I experienced) and while we were away we missed a real cold snap at home. So thank you for your insight and keeping my mind in a warmer place!

  10. Looks lovely! Glad you had a peaceful, beautiful ride, and shared it with us. I needed pepped up as I had just shared with my older sister that our other sister had taken a turn for the worse. Nature is one of God’s way of helping us – so thank you!

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