A twiggy lampshade, and a tour

twig and wire cage lamp shade

I think one of the nicest gifts a blogger can give themselves is to pretty up a room.

I realize we do that for blog posts and such, but wouldn’t it make more sense to just do it for ourselves any ‘ol time?

Confession. My house is generally in a big messy state. I’m always dumping something out to use it somewhere else, leaving piles all over the floors. I borrow from one room to another because I don’t have two of something. And on it goes. I leave a mass mayhem trail and cloud of smoke behind me in whatever I seem to do!

So it comes with great pleasure that I have a reason to pretty up my home. I’ve been crazy busy fluffing up my bedroom and am moving onto some other rooms in the home too. I’ll tell you why in a moment!

Lemme just tell ya, my bedroom has been a dumping ground forever. So it was a real treat to throw it all in the hallway and focus on a pretty room for me. Well, for a blog post, but yes, for me too!

I now walk into that room and feel like a magazine is coming for a visit. I cannot wait to show you!

Backing up, I’ve always loathed my side table and lamp beside my bed. So I scrounged around my junk stash and found a twig twisted garland thing (what are they anyway?) and some wire basket of some sort.

Do you see what I see?

twig and wire cage lamp shade

Wind… wind… wind… done!

twig and wire cage lamp shade

I liked the lamp base I had on hand, but the brassy gold would not do today.

twig and wire cage lamp shade

A little shot of black spray paint worked perfectly. Fast too!

twig and wire cage lamp shade

YES! Ohhhh this is gonna be cool! Ready?!

twig and wire cage lamp shade

My new wire cage twiggy lampshade! It is just the right amount of quirk, yet pretty enough to be in a bedroom. Looks really cool lit up too!  And it only took a few minutes to make.

But what’s that the lamp is sitting on? Did you notice? I’ve been building too! And you’re gonna see that table very soon! And more…


All will be revealed next week, in a huge Summer Tour of Homes!

I’ll be showing my home on Wednesday, but I’d totally suggest to start with #1 on Monday because there is quite a lineup to be had! Don’t worry, I will remind you when it fires up.

So! Off to go clean and decorate yet another room. And another… and another… whew…

But I have to say, the nicest gift one could give ourselves is using our talent to go and make our homes beautiful, just for us. We rarely take the time to do that, I know. Boy do I. And the push is hard because time is limited. But when you make the effort, you’ll sit back and wonder why you waited so long.

Not yet convinced? On Fri June 7, you can link up your own home tour over at The Shabby Creek Cottage. So there! Now you have an official reason too!

Happy fluffing, all!

Curious… what state is your house generally in? 

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19 thoughts on “A twiggy lampshade, and a tour

  1. Interesting to note that you have a book titled catching fire underneath your twiggy lamp shade. Did you do that on purpose? haha

  2. First of all… great lamp! (Why didn’t I think of that?)… and my house is usually (no always) a mess! 3 teen+ daughters living at home make a huge mess behind them… (ok I have a little something to do with it!) lol

  3. hey there – i love the lamp shade – have you ever seen those Edison bulbs? I think one of those would look perfect in there!
    Getting my bedroom prettied up is pretty high on my list right now. . .
    now, if only i could find that list. . . ..

  4. Love the lamp and especially love the table! I’m off next week and am going to attempt to make a bench since I can’t find one the right size for my entryway. I can’t wait to see the house tours! My house is generally straight although I do tend to have “piles ‘o stuff” sitting around here and there on tables. And of course there is dog hair – with 3 large black Lab mixes it is NEVER ending!

  5. Donna I love your blog and have been following for quite awhile. I can cerainly relate to – I’ll just dump this here and continue on with whatever. But it is so hard to go back and pretty things up unless I am under some pressure.

    I love love love that lamp.

    I am sitting quietly with my Mom in palliative care (91 years) and it is all peaceful. And it is so good to go to my favourite blog posts and feel the warmth of all the talented writers. Keep blogging Donna.

  6. Another fantastic blog! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lampshade – very cute! And I can’t wait to see the entire “ruler” table!

    Ps…if you get a moment pop on over to my blog today – you might like a couple of my “junk/vintage” finds!

  7. I just love your triggy lampshade – such a great idea! And your whole night table vignette is so pretty 🙂

    My house is generally in a state of mayhem! Stuff lying all over the place, furballs floating down the hallway and collecting along the baseboards, muddy paw prints on the sofa & floors…. it takes a LOT of work to make any room in our house photo-worthy! But those are all the things that make our house our home 🙂

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