The all new photo BUILDING studio gameplan

It’s said that one shouldn’t take on renos in December. I do believe there’s some truth to that if you wish to maintain your sanity this time of year.

However, with a hovering deadline to build something by Jan 15th for FOLK, I’m in dire need for a new place to build. My garage is too small and dark (and full) for how-to photos, and outside is too cold. What’s left?

Of course!! The photo studio!

So I went in there last night to clear out the remainder of the junk. And started painting.

I just used a quality kitchen and bath white eggshell straight out of the can. 

And this is what I was met with this AM. BRIGHT!!! Yeah, camera settings were way off but what a happy bright problem to have.

“Jenna, come here! Lay down… gooood girl! Stay….”

I was a little eager to try out the room. With all the lights turned off, this is what I was able to capture. 

With no baseboards, I needed this shot to work, like NOW. A pallet board (what else?) came to the rescue. Boy that anchored her nicely… 

Ever changing baseboards… hmmm… 

Loving that cement floor with just a skim coat of… something.

“Jenna, LOOK!” (and don’t blink)

The natural light is very good I must say.

I think I’m going to like shooting AND building in this room just fine!  Onto paint coat #2!

And in order to avoid a furball fight over blog fairness,

here’s a post on when my cat ripped out the carpet.

Other photo studio updates are HERE

How are you dealing with the darker weather upon us for photo shoots?
Have a fav white tone for the walls you’d recommend?
Photographers… advice?

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22 thoughts on “The all new photo BUILDING studio gameplan

  1. Oh how nice that is going to look..It will be fabulous when you are done because everything you do is awesome..I can’t wait to see it finished..

  2. As an old school photographer, all my rooms were neutral gray (anyone remember gray cards?) so no weird color reflections. (I’m retired now so no help with professional ideas on digital but I do see a blue cast on the above images.) Good luck finding what works for you and what your clients like. 😉

  3. Oh how I would love to have that kind of space. It looks great with just the paint. I really struggle with low light this time of year so lots of post editing is called for. I upgraded my camera to deal with it and I’m having much better results. Enjoy your new space!

  4. hehehe… I’ve avoided painting anything in our house “white” – I grew up in a house that was always C4L4 Eggshell white… 🙂 That said, we are converting our front room to my husband’s studio and I’ve been perplexed about the “colour” to put on the walls… He controls his lighting but we’ve got a huge picture window that does get used for natural lit shots…

    And grey cards – yup, we have one – it’s collapsable and every series of pictures we do, the last shot is always of one of us holding the grey card!

    I LOVE the “baseboards” – what a fantastic idea – did you stain it or does the nice, moist BC air give them that awesome tone?

  5. Hi Donna,
    Thanks so much for the kind remarks regarding my ‘Village Under the Tree’. And especially for putting it up on your Facebook Site…gave me a smile today. : )
    Good luck with this latest project. Man, I would give anything to have “photo studio”. I do all my Etsy “photo shoots” by a big/long window in my family room. It works well only if I do it all at a certain time of day.
    Happy holidays,
    M.L.@the house of whimsy

  6. WOW talk about brightening a room up. That is gonna be awesome for photo shoots, etc. We wecome you to come add your post and join us at Your blog would definitely be an attraction as well as a welcoming compliment to women bloggers around the world.

    The Where Women Blog Team

    P.S. And your cat joke was funny.

  7. Looks like you turned a bright light on in that room. How much you pay your kitty to work? Looks like he has done a good job. You are one
    busy lady, I can’t wait to see the end result.

  8. Oh, for heavens sake. I seriously have to learn how to take photos. After I redesign my blog. After I paint a new collection. After . . . you know the drill. But, really, how lame is it of an artist, who does like 2 tutorials a week to have a point ‘n shoot? So, um, yeah, the short days are KILLING me! ’bout 3 pm I’m running around like a madwoman. (moreso than normal, I mean)

    Next year . . . slr! (publisher’s clearing house, do you hear me? I’m talkin’ to you!)

  9. Reno’s anytime can be crazy but we’re in the same boat around my place. We extending our patio, getting side walks and new driveway and they started Wednesday. This will probably be a nightmare by Christmas. Lucky you to have a Photo room. I’m jealous. Can’t wait to see the finished project

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