An enticing swing and a smokin’ colourful sunset

An enticing swing and a smokin' colourful sunset - a story of a Maui vs. home sunset /
My sister’s in Maui right now. On my our beach. Watching those amazing sunsets with that wonderful warm humidity wrapped affectionately around her, and the frothy shore break crashing against the golden, sandy beach.

I’ve been watching her Facebook feed with a big ‘ol smile on my face. It made me open up my own beach photos, just to catch some of that vibe again.

Here’s my Maui Instagram feed to peek at… if you dare.

And while I’m not obsessing over it (well, much…), I did think of her again when I peeked out the window and saw ‘that sky’ yesterday.

Oh my goodness… you know that sky… it’s dusk but the sun is situated in the perfect position to cast the most amazing, golden fire glow on everything it touches.

I love ‘golden hour.’

Maui sunset during golden hour on Kamaole Beach 2 /
A swing hung from a willow tree during golden hour /
No begging me twice! I dropped what I was doing, and ran out back towards the creek, to my fav little spot 30 seconds from my house.

The swing by the creek was begging me to sit a spell.

water reflection in a creek by a yellow swing /
water reflection in a creek by a yellow swing /
Don’t mind if I do!

p.s. Do you have skecher shoes? (Amazon affiliate link) You need these in your life. 

water reflection in a creek by a yellow swing /
Naturally I packed the iPhone with me, so I was trying to quickly capture what I saw.

Everywhere was colour! Even where you didn’t expect it, like in the water. Just magnificent!

But, I needed to up the ante this gorgeous evening. So I raced into the house, poured a freshly brewed coffee into a travel mug, added my precious real cream and (light on the) sugar, and head out on the bike, to my fav sunset spot down the road.

Maui sunset on a side road /
A bike ride during golden hour to watch the sunset along a country road /
Throwing a towel onto the damp grass, I settled in, sipped my hot coffee, and just took it all in.

The air was so crisp! You could see white mist with every breath.

Which made me smile again.

A sunset NEVER gets old. Even when it’s cold out.

Vibrant Maui sunset with black palm tree silouettes /
Country road sunset in British Columbia, Canada /
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.12.24 PM
I did not change my logo to a winking monkey head. That there is a tell tale sign that I used a photo editing program to remove a few wrinkles. 

I may be old, but I’m not an old fool. 🙂

Anyway, the glow was so vibrant, it even lit up my own wrinkle-less face.

blueberry farm during a sunset in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada /
And then I turned around and gasped. The land behind me is on my dream farm property. And the blueberry bushes were on fire!

Kinda funny. Every time I’m out this way, the owners are always making lots of yard noise keeping up ‘my place.’ Thanks guys!

So imagine if you will, a loud leaf blower and the odd car whizzing by. And then the chung and clunk of a train.

The sounds of down home comfort during my sunset.

Scratch that. OUR sunset.

Maui sunset with bike rider silhouettes /
Country road sunset in British Columbia, Canada /

Country road sunset in British Columbia, Canada /
an evening sunset and a swing-1116

So my sister, wasn’t the show just spectacular?

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10 thoughts on “An enticing swing and a smokin’ colourful sunset

  1. Those are the moments when life is giving an energy boost. Reminds you that it is all worth it, keep going. God is still painting and reminds you to look, think and enjoy.

  2. Donna! That was beautiful but I will be honest and admit that my first thought when I saw your photo was “wow she looks so good (since I’m pretty sure we’re close in age) – nice editing! Wish we could do that in real life, although I’m trying to embrace my wrinkles…. Beautiful post, lovin’ our sunsets on Windy Hill also!

  3. Ahhh, beautiful sunsets are worth taking 20 minutes to just enjoy, with a perfect cup of coffee as accompaniment. And I do not live in blueberry-growin’ country, so I had no idea they turned such a vivid red in fall!

    I have followed your paged for a while and really enjoy them. Thanks for sharing such great ideas and scenery!

  4. LOVE me some swangin’ now I tell ya!!! got me one on my front porch!! most favorite place to be all summer!!! (and with a blankie & some hot tea in the fall and so 😉 )
    some beautiful pics of God’s creation too!!
    and you a a lovely young woman!!
    thx for sharing! 🙂

  5. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. We could be soul mates! This is such a “Piper” thing to do!

  6. I love my Skechers! They’re rugged – last a long time, sized the same – every time I try one on in my size it fits, and they are second in sales, next to Nike. If I see the ones you’re wearing, I will definitely try a pair on. They look so comfy.

  7. Hi Donna,
    During a meditation session last night, the vision and colors of your initial photo came into my mind. Thank you for sharing the beauty.

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