An old fence wood lottery win

An old fence wood lottery win /

Every so often, life throws you a winning lottery ticket.

There was a knock on our door yesterday afternoon. A neighbour came by to inquire what kind of wood I collected.

How did he know?

Could it be the massive junk pile in front of the house that never seems to go away?

Nah… 🙂

 “Oh, just whatever. I take whatever I can get, as long as it’s solid wood.”

I didn’t think anything of it… until he told me to come get his fence.


You can bet I had my shoes on faster than my feet themselves.

First I envisioned lattice sections… so I really didn’t know what to expect.

An old fence wood lottery win /
And then my jaw dropped.

These were nail free, solid wood planks with nice square edges. No tongue and groove funny business. Very lightweight from being weathered, but that’s ok!

And most planks were barn wood grey.


An old fence wood lottery win /
Most of the fence looked like this. And that was enough for me!

I ran home and (bribed) hauled my son along, promising him (not very) great sums of money to help knock down and load up!

An old fence wood lottery win /
Seriously…. all my boy had to do was knock on the planks with his knuckles, and they fell out like loose teeth.

“ALL those?!” (they go around the corner to the right too, and then up to the road)

“Yes! And then I’ll take you out to eat!”

More bribery never hurts.

Would you just catch that golden sunset along that fence? It was the most perfect evening for this dream come true event!

An old fence wood lottery win /
The fence was so spent, most of it just tumbled to the ground. And this was the result.

“Can I get a BIG slushie too?”


I was just that slushie happy.

Once we got to the slushie store, my son tried to get me to buy a $1 lottery ticket.

Truck full of old barn wood / An old fence wood lottery win /
I told him we already won the lottery.

I can’t figure out why he didn’t agree… 🙂

What would you make with this million dollar XL slushie worthy loot?!

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45 thoughts on “An old fence wood lottery win

  1. That’s a whole Lotto Slushie goodness! I see a stenciled bench, a room divider on wheels (could double as a back drop for photos) and oh so much more. 🙂 Wow,
    what a GREAT haul! So.. isn’t it wonderful for your name to get around your neighborhood? The original social networking. lol

  2. Donna, thanks for my morning smile. One man’s junk…The neighbor wins, fence is TAKEN DOWN and hauled away and you are bragging in your blog about scoring a super win. This is when we all know that the universe has a plan.
    Oh, and you should have listened to you son. The good karma was flowing and you might have been able to hit another jackpot. Just sayin’ that when someone tells you to buy a lottery ticket-buy a lottery ticket!
    You owe him at least lunch to unload, too. Watching his back, he is a treasure.

  3. Holy Moses!!! Jumpin’Jehosephat!!! I’ve turned pure green!!!

    Can’t wait to see these in future blogs!!! Good on your son!!!

  4. Jealous. I’m just jealous! (and very happy for you). Looks like you scored a nice weathered cedar fence. I had a cedar fence in a previous house and if left untreated (I don’t understand why anyone would want to treat them) they turn a beautiful gray. Reminds me of old barn wood. I know your imagination was must be going wild. Can’t wait to see what beautiful projects you create!

  5. Oh you did hit the lottery!….those planks are beautifully weathered and worn….I can see you doing the happy dance!…What is that saying?….”Good things come to good people”…
    Have a great weekend enjoying your winnings!

  6. You’re manifesting like crazy since you quit your day job! Should have bought the lottery ticket!

  7. OH HEAVENLY DAYS! You did hit the lottery! I can think of a million things to do with all that beautiful fence wooed. I got 2 8’x 6′ sections of fence and thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I’ve made shelving, tote boxes, frames, bird houses and all sorts of things. I hope to make a headboard for myself with what’s left.

  8. What a good helper! I would say that is a jackpot too. I think you could make a ton of toolboxes. Whatever you use it for I know it will be something beautiful. Have fun with it.

  9. MAJOR SCORE!!!! What a find and you will most definitely use those boards for years to come. You coulda…shoulda…woulda… have grabbed the posts too as they can be run through a planner, sander and used as corner posts on a beautiful island or…..

    Nice job!!!

  10. I would use some to cover the wall behind my pellet stove! I’ve been looking for some to do this actually – what a haul!! 🙂

  11. Hi Donna. How did you get so lucky? I’m so jealous:) I would plank a wall in my bedroom with some of that wood. Have fun buildin’

  12. I would cover a wall in a room with it or even a small corner in the house to add drama. So fun! all that wood.

  13. OH! MY! Goodness! you hit the jack pot! WOW!! All the signs and tables and other goodies to make! Can’t wait to see what you do with them!

  14. I am VERY jealous!!! You are a lucky lady!! I would make signs, signs, and more signs!! I saw one that I plan on making… it read:

    (crazy) (maybe yours??)

    on boards of wood put together…about 18″ x 18″ centered right in the middle!!
    So cute!!
    Have fun with all that wood, wish I was closer, I would buy some from you!!


  15. Wow! Congrats on the win! That wood and a couple of windows would make such a wonderful garden house (or shed). A lovely place to read, or plan your next project, or of course, to use for planting and a few tools. I like the sitting room idea better but whatever works. I’m looking forward to see what you do with it. 🙂

  16. WOW…just look at that drool-worthy barn-wood patina…you really did score large! I’d be tempted to maybe do a wall or even a ceiling with them. When we moved to our home last summer, we were blessed to find lots of old wooden fencing just laying around in behind the shed along with some old lattice. Unfortunately, the fencing isn’t nice straight-edged planks like you’ve got there…it’s picket fencing. I’m thinking of maybe doing a few arrow-shaped signs with it and maybe a headboard, too. The old lattice would make a wonderful addition to a message board, I think. I wish I was as creative as you and could come up with unique and beautiful projects…I guess I’ll just have to keep reading and steal from you…hehe!

  17. Omg! You make me laugh! So funny! For me, I honestly don’t know what I’d make…that’s not entirely true. I’d make some signs. Boring? Maybe. Oh! And I’d do something with chicken wire too! I love chicken wire! Put that together with weathered fencing? Look out!!! This I do know, there is absolutely NO WAY that I would say no to that offer either! When my kids were younger it took bribery to get them to join me in “rescuing” such items as old, red bricks 🙂 But now? Well, lets just say I’d go way out of my way for them NOT to know anything about it until AFTER I got it home! For some reason, they no longer see the beauty in such things! Fortunately for them, their Mama still does! Lol!
    Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  18. I see a my shed getting bigger-old wooden wagon for my shed decor outside as a planter and so much more. Wow what a lotto to win..Yee Haw

  19. Wow! You really did hit the lotto. Don’t know why your son didn’t agree (-: I would be in hog heaven with all that wood. I would make lots of signs and wood caddies. Our last house had a cedar fence and we were replacing a little at a time so I was able to use those pieces, but here at new house we have chainlink.

  20. the tool box would look great on my table. We just put a kitchen in for me after 43 years of waiting we live on a farm. When we first moved here the gypsy moth had eaten a lot that they were almost dead. My husband cut them down and had them sawed into boards. We used the boards in the kitchen the boards were oak that is they type of cabinets I got. Our boards went around the windows and door ways and on top of of a little bit of ! Our table is being Mage out the oak boards from out farm. We had a beam running through the middle of the kitchen and the farm my grew up on he asked is parents if he could us a piece of wood from the door from shed that blew off yeas ago. It means so much to us that the boards are from our farm and my husband his so proud that he has something from his home farm where he grew up. You have beautiful ideas. We also left some logs exposed on the piece of our kitchen where it is log house.

  21. WOW!!! I’m thinking we could do all my floors, and wood on some of my walls! I have lots of ideas…..just one problem…that truck is parked in the wrong driveway! HAHA. You always have such great ideas I can’t wait to see what you do with all that wood. LOVE your website and all the ideas you come up with.

  22. I would be sure that I had died and gone to heaven…..that win would probably keep me up nights just thinking what I could do. Happy crafting!

  23. Love this story, it’s the kind of thing that makes us repurposer types sigh with longing..thanks for sharing, it made my day!

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