Questions answered on the pallet farm table desk

Well friends, once again you confirmed that my idea for the pallet farm table desk was half sound. 🙂 Thanks so much for the overwhelming kudos and kind words! I was putzing around in the office hanging other things up during the week so it’s really coming alive. Much more to come!

As promised, here are your questions answered.

A boat load of questions answered on the pallet farm table desk

Learn how to make this quirky barn light with vintage ironing board stand for a rustic office!

Q & A

Thanks for the kudos on the light! It’s one of those things you just prop up to see if it works. I walked away from it, and when I reentered the room, I still loved it. That means it passed the test. 🙂

 Next? Ohh… I have a LIST. 🙂

work table for the center of the downstairs office
another LONG table with a glass top for my signmaking equipment
floor to ceiling shelving in two rooms
finishing up my boy’s room with some pretty funky wall treatments and ideas
laundry room
write a book? 🙂
and I’m sure summer will interrupt this list so I can mess around outdoors

Learn how to make this pallet farm house office desk from free wood!

I’m assuming you mean to graffiti up the desk, yes?

I thought about it, but I’m reluctant to do more until the rest of the room is done. I find too busy is too stimulating for a work office environment. I’m still getting use to the warm wood slowing down my view. I’ll see how the room evolves and wing it. Bear in mind, you’re seeing the desk without it’s normal paperwork strewn all over the place. 🙂 My mind would race if I had too much going on beside the mess that transpires.

Hmmm… the more I look at it, the more it needs some official stamped crate markings with a subtle touch… yeah… maybe I should. 🙂


A rustic blogging office with sawhorse legs, ladder and pallet top and rustic benches for chairs.

Kitchen blog office

Oh gosh, no! These two areas have very separate purposes. I just LOVE blogging upstairs where I can be near my son, especially in the evening hours once he’s asleep. Downstairs is my daytime environment when he’s not home and where I pump out my stencil demos.

Old office desk gets dismantled for a new farmhouse desk!

 The office ‘before’

 I donated the Jetson style Ikea desks I had to a good cause, then lived with plastic Costco tables that I could collapse instantly when the new build was ready to go up.

Rustic pallet stamps are celebrated on this rustic farmhouse desk!

Where there is rustic, there are some splinters! LOL

I just try and sand everything down as smooth as possible. If it’s an area I come in contact frequently, they get more sanding. A good palm sander does the trick easily!


Make a pallet wood walkway along a garden gate with a full pallet!

 outdoor boardwalk

treated wood 

I have some pallets I leave outside untreated, but then again, I don’t care if they disintegrate. However if you do care, I suggest to look for treated wood when building for outdoors, unless you properly protect it. Just remember to never bring treated wood indoors. It’s toxic!

Ladder book shelving in a living room with a built in lamp

 ladder shelf project

Yes! It’s the same lamp I used in my ladder shelf. The ladder is currently waiting for a new home too. 🙂

And, the desk honestly did turn out exactly as I visualized it. I’m able to see a completed project before I start. And I work it until it resembles what I had initially in mind.

The only thing that took me by surprise is #1 that I actually did it and #2 it’s as sturdy as a ROCK. I still see myself as a non builder so when I make something that is structurally sound, I blow me away. 🙂

If you live in Hawaii and I’m part of the shipping, YES! 🙂 Honestly, the unit could be unscrewed and shipped anywhere, making it a dream to move if I wish to take it with me in the future.

Currently, I’m still inventing, honing, doing, finishing my own home. Once I’m more settled in with overdue projects, I may get more serious about finding a permanent place to sell what I love making.



How to build a pallet wood farm table desk for a rustic office

How to build a pallet wood farm table desk for a rustic office

 The 3 sections was a fluke. I meant to build two tables but ran into the glitch on where to put MY legs if the table legs were in the way. And then my too short 2×4’s dictated I figure out a new plan. And this worked! Love it when that happens.

How to build a pallet wood farm table desk for a rustic office

Ha! Thanks Ann. I can always count on you for a major high 5. 🙂

And you’re a smart cookie. 🙂 I’ll be taking the planks back off to sand moreso and may put some kind of matte finish on them so they’re water resistant. And at that time, I may do something a little more interesting. I like living with something a little plainer for a bit to feel it out.

~ ~ ~ ~

This pallet wood thing is a total addiction. The back of my truck is full AGAIN and I can’t wait to make a central work table in my office downstairs. I do attempt to collect boards with as few nails in them as possible so it’s easier to work with. Just remember to stock up on that sandpaper! I think it’s high time I purchase a wood planer if I keep this up.

Edited to add: Good news! My blog buddy Julie from Follow Your Heart Woodworking just created a post on how to avoid splintering up your wood when working with it. The term is ‘tearout’. Love the tip, Julie!

How to saw wood so you don't get frayed edges.

Check it out HERE.

Any more questions? Fire away in comments! Please be sure to watch for the answers in comments or to changes in this main post.

So tell me… have I convinced you that pallet wood is a must have yet? 🙂

What would you like to make with it?

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31 thoughts on “Questions answered on the pallet farm table desk

  1. So many great ideas! We decided on old barn boards or driftwood for our kitchen shelving and we were recently lucky enough to find some great driftwood which included old boards and they were free! Yay!I picked the ones with the most “character” with holes and or broken ends worn soft by the sea.At times my friends give me that “Are you crazy?” look.. so it is always validating to read your blog :)You have also inspired my new attraction to rust,I am starting a little collection to add to our rusty antiques on our new shelves 🙂
    Thank you for creating funky junk,I was growing tired of trying to explian my “eclectic” style!

  2. At this very moment I have 9 pallets stacked in my backyard just waiting for warm weather. I am going to take them apart and then put them back together again to make a large barn star for the back of my house. I am envisioning something that looks like a quilt block (since I am a quilter). I am adding a deck to the back of the house this summer and think a focal point on the very bare back of the house will look cool. I just hope it ends up looking as good on the house as it does in my head!

  3. Swoon!!! Everything is so darn fabulous! I need to come and visit…love to see this all in person. Love to get my hands dirty with you as well. Sigh!!
    My mind is racing now…itching for summer….build weather!! Going to be working on art studio and outdoor landscaping. Fun times ahead!!

  4. FABULOUS! That turned out so wonderful and now it is going to get me in trouble with my husband and my neighbors as I see pallets in my back yard in the very near future. lol.
    And that lamp….only you! Love it.

  5. Can I just say that my Dad has a 10,000 square foot warehouse full of pallets.
    Guess who’s going to pay that little space a visit 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Thanks for answering my question! I actually spoke to my husband last night and I think we are going to attempt making a table. I may go the pressure treated route, but I have to check my options. Wish me luck!

  7. I’m just starting to ‘get into’ wooden creations, and am silently collecting wood. Mr. Inspiring mentioned last night that a shed he’s cleaning out has some pallets. I guess I turned around and looked at him a little more quickly than usual, because he said “I guess I’m bringing those home?!” DUH?! Now he’s starting to get it!!!

    Have a great day, Donna!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  8. Hello. Love the desk. I am wondering if you would consider showing us via photos what you mean by how to tell if the wood is treated? I didn’t quite follow what you said about the “evenly spaced cut marks” in the wood. Like you don’t have enough to do already, right? Also, can you tell us what type of businesses generally use these heavy duty pallets. The only pallets in my area seem to be the thin flimsy type.

  9. Ues! I must have some wood pallets. Maybe I missed an earlier post where you might have told us where to get them? I have a big van… I have wheels in my head that are spinning with possibilities… free wood? I love it… my yard (if the snow ever melts) is in desperate need of structural decor and I have no budget for this. I would love to build some fence sections here and there and I’m envisioning using these pallets? I mean, like you said, even if they only last a couple of years, it’s free, right? I’m thinking backdrops for plants, something for vines to climb on… and how about a table like yours for the outdoors that I could use as a potting bench! Picture weathered pots, some stacked, some filled with flowering annuals… ahhh, I want spring…


  10. Great ideas, I have some of those pallets, my mind is spinning now, Oh what I can do with these,whoo hoo. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration too.

  11. I just love how you are teaching how to make anything you want with FREE wood! Great for those on a budget and for those of us who love to save a dime! Thanks.

  12. I love your pallet desk! Thanks so much for the Q & A. I’ve always wanted to know more about your desk area. My FIL built the dance floor for SIL’s wedding out of pallets. It was a gorgeous outdoor wedding by the lake. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. With all those pallets around, does your son like them? I can envision a multi-level teen room with a loft bed and a platform sofa and maybe a hidden refrigerator. If he hates them, you could upholster the frames like did with a vintage blanket.
    When you make the next work table how about a section that you can drop in a sewing machine when you need to sew something. How about a few drawers underneath to keep the tools? Can you make an outdoor shower using pallet wood? Ann

  14. I can clearly see Ann isn’t going to allow me to slouch around! Way to keep me movin’ ahead, girl! I’m on that drawer idea for sure… now where is that url at manhattan nest?!? Sounds cool.


  15. Ann aka:Nutbird…lol! I was thinking Pottery Barn and some type of cubbies for baskets underneath that center work area she’s planning…Ann went for the PB TEEN effect 🙂 love the fridge idea, my son’s been trying to get that one by me for years.

    I’m still drooling over your whole work area. It’s so…yum!

    oh and by the way; I now see pallets in my sleep. when i see them out and about i have to curb my desire to snatch them up.
    (your rolling your eyes aren’t you)

  16. Oh my goodness!
    Donna at Funky Junk quoted my comment!
    I’m fairly certain I’m under-dressed!

    Wait, this is Donna…
    I should be wearing my flannel! lol.

    What would I build with pallets?
    I love the whole PB Hyde Park series of tables. I think that style would transition nicely to palleting.

    (Hmm, I think I just verbed a new word.)

    I could also see pallets (with all the cool stamps showing) as the vertical sides to a kitchen baker’s rack. Maybe chain link fencing for the horizontal shelving using piping for structure?

    Rustic-Industrial? Breezeway-Chic?
    (A breezway is a Chicago term for an alley for you non- Chi-town folks.)

    Limitless. I tells ya.
    Donna, yer an inspiration.

  17. Back in the mid 80’s my old singer sewing machine got ruined by a leak in the shed. I was able to salvage the 2 drawers and the base. I used pallet boards to make a top but it is not long enough to hold my computer, lamp, and very large old mail box for paperwork. I have noticed how you used your boards vertically and I used mine horizontally. There are 2 holes on each side that I put screws in cross boards to screw the top boards on. I’m trying to decide on how to make a longer top without using the 2 cross boards. We don’t seem to have pallet boards as readilly available here as you do so I want to get it right the first time. It is such an inspiration to read your blog and see your projects come to fruition in such a wonderful way. I love my junk and find it hard to part with as it just seems to make me love my home more with using it in my decor. It is so good to see how you are inspiring others to embrace the love of junk and save it from our landfields. Thanks for all your hard work in in such an enjoyable blog.

  18. Ok it may be cloudy and rainy in the banana belt, but there is sunshine in that brain of yours!!! How do you find the time or energy!!???

    Pallet wood will remain used for pallets in my life right now. But now I know what pallets are!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to you!!!


  19. How about The upholstered bed is on July 23, 2010. Door 16 helped him get a new web site set up.
    I also have a few ideas for the book. You will need some accessories to make, not just big pieces of furniture. And some lamps. You need to have something for the less tool able (like me) to make. Got to go to bed, just got up for a snack and got sucked in again. Ann

    I was looking for a large farm house style desk in my office but I couldn’t find anything that I like unless I am willing to shell out $3,000.
    Great job. You are so creative!


    I don’t see any nail mark on your desk. How is it staying(?) on the frame?
    What is holding it together?

    Marvelous job!

  21. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it. Could you tell me where you found the roller file cabinets under the farm table? Those are a perfect size!

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