Farmhouse DIY desk made from free scrap wood! – Part 3 Reveal

Learn how to build an affordable DIY desk or farmhouse table with a cool rustic vibe, with free scrap wood!

Learn how to build an affordable DIY desk or farmhouse table with a cool rustic vibe, with free scrap wood!

At long last, my pallet farm table DIY desk is up! And I can’t wait to share how cool every nook and cranny turned out!

I have always wanted a long office desk in this office.

With an abundant picture window, I knew the workspace could handle it.

But I also wanted it cool… farmhouse style cool! And all made out of reclaimed wood so I could built it for free! 

Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? But after salvaging wood for weeks, it’s finally here! After sorting out some DIY desk ideas, this style ultimately became one with a strong farmhouse table vibe. And ultimately my very first furniture piece build entirely from scratch too!

I also consider myself a beginner builder.

So if you require a DIY desk or want a DIY farmhouse table, perhaps these plans would work for you too!

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Learn how to build an affordable DIY desk or farmhouse table with a cool rustic vibe, with free scrap wood!

Farmhouse DIY desk made from free scrap wood!


This tutorial ended up being too large for just one post, so here’s the entire series so you can pick and choose which section you’d like to read..

Visit The Entire Pallet Farm Table Desk Series


1 – gathering the goods

2 – the build

3 – the reveal – you are HERE

Visit all 3 parts HERE

Learn how to build an affordable DIY desk or farmhouse table with a cool rustic vibe, with free scrap wood!

This pallet farm table desk is LONG. Measuring at 12 feet long, the desk is prominent, yet well proportioned with the sun-filled picture window it faces.

And I LOVE that the windowsill provides a perfect spot for my little buddy to watch for those birds…

Learn how to build an affordable DIY desk or farmhouse table with a cool rustic vibe, with free scrap wood!

Warm rustic woods against black accents create a pretty cozy office environment!

Learn how to build an affordable DIY desk or farmhouse table with a cool rustic vibe, with free scrap wood!

Materials used


  • 4×4 oak posts for the legs
  • cedar planks for the top
  • reclaimed wood 2x4s for the frame

While I did call it a pallet farmhouse table desk, the table consists of more than just pallet wood.

Building a pallet farm table desk

You can see the complete building plan and materials in Part 2 – the build.

Building plan


Basically put, the table was built with cedar planks for the top, pallet 4×4 oak posts for the legs, and some sections of reclaimed 2×4’s for the framework.

The table is rock steady, not requiring additional strapping for the legs, which I was prepared to do. The heavyweight materials, massive amount of screws and sturdy framing created a very sound piece of furniture.

How to build a Farm Table Desk Part 3 - the reveal! Learn how to build this large 12 foot rustic office desk from free wood using pallet wood, fence planks and 2x4s. All for free!

 Desk design and measurements


  • 12′ long
  • 3′ deep
  • 27.25″ from floor

The desk measures 12 feet long, 3 feet deep and  27.25″ from the floor, which is the perfect typing height for me.

Before deciding on your own desk measurements, keep in mind what you’d like to store underneath. This desk clears the rolling office files underneath.

The desk was designed and built into three sections, to allow for a sitting area in the center without the desk legs being in the way.

Pallet stamps celebrated


The legs on this desk are scrumptiously chunky. Another option could be to use hairpin legs if you are building a smaller scale desk.

To add authentic personality to this desk plan, pallet stamps were purposely positioned to the front of the desk so they could be seen.

Don’t have any pallet stamped wood? Here’s how you can replicate the look!

Pallet Stamps stencil by Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Pallet Stamps stencil HERE

Where to find pallet stencils


Getting the look of stamped pallets is easy! These two stencils were designed for this very purpose so you could change a plain wooden desk into pallet desk decor instantly!

Tip: Stencil with black paint for a true stamped look.

Shipping Crates Stamp stencil by Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Shipping Crate Stamps stencil HERE

The chunky frame desk has all sorts of glorious flaws everywhere you look. The desk base truly does resemble an old farmhouse table!

How to build a Farm Table Desk Part 3 - the reveal! Learn how to build this large 12 foot rustic office desk from free wood using pallet wood, fence planks and 2x4s. All for free!
It’s a simple design that certainly offers all the space needed for a cool looking DIY computer desk!

How to build a Farm Table Desk Part 3 - the reveal! Learn how to build this large 12 foot rustic office desk from free wood using pallet wood, fence planks and 2x4s. All for free!

Uh oh… bird on the loose! Atta girl, Teddy! The paperwork is safe once again!

Doesn’t she look great amongst all the wood and antiques sitting on the home office desk?

How to build a Farm Table Desk Part 3 - the reveal! Learn how to build this large 12 foot rustic office desk from free wood using pallet wood, fence planks and 2x4s. All for free!

Loose planks on top

However this stylish desk design has a secret. The planks on top are actually still sitting loose!

Intending to fasten them down, the loose board trial proved the planks weren’t going anywhere. The wall secures the planks and there isn’t enough overhang in front to flip the boards even when you lean on them.

The biggest perk of all is that the loose boards make moving corded desk equipment and the keyboard a breeze!

Rusty junk details used for farmhouse projects

Desk finishes – natural


While the planks on top of the desk could be treated with stain, I chose to leave them natural.

This is a prime area for photography, and the matte finish of the wood is perfect for capturing product photos, so I didn’t want to change that.

Most finishing products will darken the wood. So if you’d like some extra protection regardless of that fact, here’s a few I highly recommend:

Finishing recommendations:


Stain and Finishing Oil in natural – good protection with lower colour change

Hemp Oil – will darken wood

Fusion’s Furniture wax – tends to not darken the wood all that much

For other DIY product paint and stain recommendations, read this informative post:

All About Fusion Mineral Paint

A vintage coke crate becomes an office organizer for this farmhouse desk build.

While the separate planks create desktop divisions, each one is wide enough to take care of writing needs. The computer pad addresses monitor stability and mouse requirements.

Another option to consider is placing a sheet of glass overtop. But I really love the natural, organic look of the wood as-is. A dusting is all it seems to need now and then! And the odd time I’ll wipe it down with a wet cloth.

I just love the butcher block vibe the top planks offer! And it has more character than just a plywood desk would offer.

A vintage ironing board hooked up with a barn light becomes a cool farmhouse light for a rustic office desk!

Funky office light


Since the table top is so long, the custom desk yearned for some visual height to the overall space.

An office light was desired anyway, so a funky lamp fixture was created teaming up a barn lamp and vintage ironing board. Pretty fun!

Loosely stacked baskets offer storage with casual flair. After all, office supplies shouldn’t have to be THAT serious.

A vintage ironing board hooked up with a barn light becomes a cool farmhouse light for a rustic office desk!

A vintage ironing board hooked up with a barn light becomes a cool farmhouse light for a rustic office desk!

Here’s another shot of the desk light from THIS day planner post.

office supplies repurposed file holder

DIY office file holder


And put away that office plastic, because the office organizers here are up-cycled here all the way!

The file holder is created from two hanging plant brackets screwed to a wood plank. It’s ample, easy to grab, unique, and free.

A vintage coke crate becomes the perfect rustic office organizer for pens and pencils on this farmhouse rustic office desk.

Coke crate office organizer


The coke crate is perfect for all sorts of office organizing for pens and pencils and such, plus adds a bit of true blue vintage antique character and colour.

A few faux plants are scattered here and there to soften the woodsy edges.

Learn how to build an affordable DIY desk or farmhouse table with a cool rustic vibe, with free scrap wood!

Cost – $3.00


Are you ready for this?

The entire pallet farmhouse DIY desk cost $3.00 for new screws. All the rest of the wood came from my neighbour’s yard, and from a pallet storage area. For free.

Farmhouse desk – check! And I LOVE it. When I walk towards the desk in my home office space, I want to sit down as quickly as possible and just soak up the warm and rustic environment and all the desk storage space it offers! It’s so very me, right down to the last… splinter!

You could of course design this desk any way you wish! Perhaps even a DIY corner desk or L-shaped desk would work for your space? The best part about a custom build is you get to choose!

Once upon a time not long ago I use to run away from this space. Now I visit countless times a day even when I don’t really need to. This farmhouse desk makeover was long overdue, and now this office space gives me SO much more space to work and to play!

I love this desk, the style and the whole vibe. And you certainly can’t beat that cost!

So if you too are in the market for a DIY desk, perhaps this pallet farm table DIY desk would work for you too!

Think you may try to build a similar desk now that you know how easy it is?!

Pallet Farm Table DIY Desk Series


Visit all 3 parts HERE

or visit posts individually below:

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Pallet farm table desk Part 2 - the build

2 – the build

How to build a Farm Table Desk Part 3 - the reveal! Learn how to build this large 12 foot rustic office desk from free wood using pallet wood, fence planks and 2x4s. All for free!

3 – the reveal

Questions answered about the pallet farm table desk

A boat load of questions answered on the farm table desk 

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172 thoughts on “Farmhouse DIY desk made from free scrap wood! – Part 3 Reveal

  1. That is amazing! And buying something that is that size brand new would cost a fortune! I love this and when I have a room big enough I will be doing this.

  2. Lovely ♥
    I love your working table and the fact that it has a window in front of it…you get natural light and air and a beautiful view outside (I hope)…

  3. AWESOME Donna. You sure are a fast mover. Last time I looked, all you had were planks of wood and a pallet or two.
    Enjoy your beautiful new office space.
    Anne xx

  4. Oh Donna ~ I just LOVE this. You did such a wonderful job and are so inspiring to all of us. I love your funky junky style. You have a real talent for decorating too, and your ‘fake’ plants faked me out.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  5. That’s no desk, that’s a runway!! I love the massiveness of it. The lamp is adorable! It’s the second thing I noticed after the here-I-am-in-all-my-glory “desk”. So what’s happening to the old desk?

  6. You are the queen. I bow down to you. You are truly a woman who can see outside of the box..I love how you came up with the file folder..unique.
    That is why you got a book offer- you are a one of a kind woman- wonderful.

  7. I love it Donna! The ironing board is a nice touch for the hanging lamp, so is the coke crate. Your imagination runs while..and we love it in blog land. Mel’s Cabin

  8. That looks great!! Love the ironing board lamp. You mentioned “splinters”…how do you keep them away? My FIL made me a 60″ round table top out of old barn wood (2” thick, huge and heavy). Found an old base on the side of the road. I want to keep it rustic but my husband hates getting hung up on rough edges. Any suggestions?

  9. Donna, this is sheer genius! It’s always fun to finish a room, and then you can’t stay out of it 😉 The size is perfect for the window too, and so much room to spread out. Such clever accessories too! Lovin’ the file holder out of brackets. And well, the cost, who can beat it? xoxo tami

  10. I am going to be showing this to my husband. I love it. I want to something like this for my backyard and then add really modern chairs. Do you think this type of wood can withstand being outside?

  11. As usual, a true funky junk original! It has your name written all over it. Perfect in front of that big window, what a great spot for working or daydreaming. Love the authenticity, the way you embrace it, rather than trying to make it look like something else. It’s beautiful, functional and thrifty! Love it Donna!

  12. It’s simply beautiful and so very rustic. My favorite element of the whole project (other than the cost and talent behind it) it the ironing board with the lamp. My eye went right to it first thing.

    I remember when you did something similar with the ladder project (maybe it’s the same lamp?)

    Did it turn out just as you had imagined it would? because it looks as fabulous has I thought it would!

  13. what an awesome work space! i was just at an auction yesterday where they sold an ironing board just like that for only a few $. i don’t have space for it tho so i let it go, but your use is so very cute! a cool statement indeed!

  14. I would have never given pallet’s a second thought in home decorating. I love everything you’ve done with them. So creative, so functional, so inexpensive. Perfect….

  15. So much to love here! The room looks fabulous and the desk is amazing but I find I’m really drawn to all the fun accessories. The ironing board turned lamp and the file folder holder were just my kind of projects (I can only handle small projects right now….haven’t made the leap to big pieces).
    Have fun working in this space!

  16. It ALL looks fabulous. The iron board light was sooooo clever… a Funky Junk original for sure.

    Another amazing job, good for you. I really like the price tag on this one.


    Hugs, Deb

  17. This is great!!! My husband used the pallets that were sitting around his base while he was stationed in Iraq to make benches, tables, picnic tables, and even a surround for the port ‘o potties to make it look like an old two holer.

    Currently there is a pallet bench sitting in front of my house. I’ve so far been hesitant to let him make anything for inside the house, but after seeing this I might have to change my mind!!!

  18. *swoon*

    I simple adore that desk.
    The fact that you sectioned it off – so you can site in the center and use different sections for different purposes is brilliant. And, the vintage ironing board for height and light…and…and…wow.

    Breathe, must remember to breathe.
    Love that desk.

    “Oh, honey! Grab your tools!”

  19. ok, remember how I reacted to Kirsty’s (a little bit of sanity, a lot of chaos) barn wood table? (you thought I was crazy, I might add, and even wrote that I was scaring you)



    can I have a little piece of your brain? please.

    I’m so in love with your file holder made out of plant hangers. It’s like one of those ideas for me that is so smart and clever that I’m almost jealous that I didn’t think of it!

    LOVE Teddy, too!!!!!


  20. Donna,
    As always … AMAZING! I love everything about this project, especially the fun wooden ironing table turned light/plant hanger. Beautiful!

  21. I enjoyed looking at all your photos of your new desk. My eye was drawn to the ironing board lamp holder right off the bat. Very creative. I’m surprised your kitty isn’t laying on the ironing board for an even better view of the birds.

  22. Love Love the light hanging from under the ironing board…so cute…so creative…you are always such an inspiration…thanks again Donna…
    blessings, julie

  23. You are amazing! What a great table, and I love the ironing board lamp stand… I bet PB or Restoration Hardware will be thinking they need to find a way to mass produce Donnas table! Love it , thanks for sharing! xoxo

  24. This is so freakin awesome, I can’t even stand it.
    It’s amazing and hard for me, a non-builder, to see how in the world you, a little lady, can build something like this.
    The ironing board…a stroke of genius, for SURE.
    xoxo bj

  25. I love love LOVE IT!!!! Have a bunch of pallets waiting for a useful purpose, will be following your tutorial and have one sweet pallet farm table when I’m done!

  26. Donna, that room is so great now! What a desk you have built. A destination desk I’d call it. With the inviting sunlight it couldn’t be better. The lamp is my favorite accent piece.

  27. Donna, I think I have looked at this post 30 times since you posted it. I have two places that I can use a table like this. I LOVE it! I hope you don’t mind me copycatting. Your style rocks.

  28. You never cease to amaze me! Seriously. You are my ultimate FAVE blogger out there! After browsing your blog daily, I go and get busy myself. Now, that’s inspiration for ya! You have a God-given gift, my friend. The desk is great. Love how you didnt attach the top; ingenius! The file folder thingy is right up my alley. And the lamp!! Sooo gonna be copying that! Thanks for the superb ideas. Blessings!!

  29. Well, instead of a Coca-Cola wooden case, you should have a Moxie case. Because, lady, you have MOXIE! (Northeastern American reference) Well done. And I am sure it is not done yet. Ann

  30. GORGEOUS!!!! Donna, I love how huge, industrial and rock solid it is. I also love that is is plain wood, with just the pallet stamps … perfect authenticity. I (with everyone else) was blown away by the light/ironing board. You never use someting for it’s original use … look at your file holder…Love it!!!

    I know what you mean about building something that turns out fabulous … I recently built a bookcase and am working on a headboard … I feel like I can do anything now. Thanks for being a great role model.

    PS … sorry if I use the verb love too many times …. but really what is not to love?

  31. You did such a wonderful job Donna. it’s a one of a kind treasure. On a side note, I’m really intrigued by your desk lamp. Very nice. And I noticed your kitty was really intrigued by something on the other side of the window. So funny 🙂

  32. FYI: I love your pallet desk so much it is getting a mention in my newest post over at the little old blog. Have a wonderful week!


  33. hey Donna

    Thanks You for sharing this idea, very interesting 🙂
    Plan to do similar desk, I need a big desk like this one !

    bye from France 🙂


  34. Wow! What an incredible piece. I love that it’s in sections and the boards are loose – easy to pack & move if required. You could even rearrange it if a new space didn’t have such a great window & length!

    The ‘lamp’ is just miraculous! I love the idea of making weird things into lamps (I see things a lot, I have never transformed anything yet, thanks for the inspiration!).

    I came here from the “Roadkill Rescue” site because this is such a great idea for our Linky Party too this week. The theme is ‘Creative Final Resting Place Ideas’ this time.

    I’ll have to go read the rest of the story now!

    Would you like to add your post to our site? We’re somewhat new, yet getting good traffic already and ranking very well for the search engines.

    We’d love to host your ‘link’ there this week too! Today is the last day, hope you can join us!

    Pam Hoffman

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  36. Think about the impression your office furniture has to give to clients as well as staff. Office furniture for a firm of accountants needs to be different from a graphic design company or a call centre.

  37. I love the ideas you have for the old, left over wood. I love the desk.
    My boyfriend works in the oil wellhead industry and has all the wood pallets and wood tops from some of the containers and I’ve asked him to save them cause I wanted to try to think of some how to recycle them, but my mind seems to be fried and then I saw the desk. We are getting ready to move into a new place and I’d love to make me a desk like you have.
    Please keep up with the good ideas for people like me who has some of the materials, just not quite sure how to put them to good use.

    Thank you again,
    Ms Jane Linley

  38. Donna…I love your creativity. I just transformed my den into a craft room…I need those wire carts under your farm table….can you tell me where you got those?

    Thanks 🙂

  39. So many fun ideas here. Like the ironing board light and plant stand. Really like the file holder . . . am wondering how to adapt it to hold paintings and art work.

    Great space you have accomplished!

  40. I love your office!! After 13+ years of selling RE I’m finally getting my own office! I have been stuck in the kitchen working around the family. We are now official empty nesters so I can actually take one of the rooms. I have the wood floors installed, it’s painted and I’m getting ready to MAKE IT MINE!! I’m calling my new office Rustic-Craftsman. Any ideas on a more secure/locking file cart???

  41. So good looking, rustic and practical with it’s removable planks. My 12 ft outside work bench ( free from a curb ) weighs a ton. Love the little ironong board. I’ve got a little one, think I’ll stack it on top of my large wooden one. Thanks for the inspiration!

  42. Awesome job! Can I ask where you got the wire rolling filing cabinets? I’ve been looking for some

  43. Donna:

    I would love deets on how you constructed the ironing board lamp. Maybe a future post? Fantastic job as always.


    • Hi Kristin! I seriously just hooked the barn light onto the ironing board. It would be the most boring tutorial in history. LOL The light was already built so that makes things easy. Just look for a light you love and give it a try!

  44. Thanks for the inspiration. After my work space was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, so much stuff is being thrown away. Millions of weathered fence boards, tons of lightly damaged furniture. It makes no sense to buy a new plastic and fiberboard work station while all this other stuff is being mulched and burned. I am going to try to make a new desk from fence boards and scrap lumber!

    • What a fabulous way to turn lemons into lemonade! I’m glad you chose this route. Your new workspace will have YOU written all over it, which in return will inspire you even more to create what you do best!

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