From greenhouse to rustic garden shed! – part 4

From greenhouse to rustic garden shed! Learn how this greenhouse was turned into a charming rustic garden shed using reclaimed wood and vintage windows!

From greenhouse to rustic garden shed! – part 4

If you’ve always desired a rustic garden shed, this is the post for you.

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Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / from greenhouse to shed



This little rustic garden shed started off as a greenhouse HERE that had seen much better days.

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / from greenhouse to shed

Rustic garden shed from reclaimed wood on



Today, it’s a little rustic gem that takes centre stage in the backyard!

This project is PERFECT for non builders as the entire structure was already intact.

This is the reveal post, however you can catch the entire build from the links below this post or at:

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So let’s take the tour!

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / from greenhouse to shed

The details


This little shed has seen many facelifts since the day I moved in.

The first transformation involved an old machine crate flower box that was found at an equipment place. 

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / junk with flowers

With loads of rusty junk garden art added for good measure too of course!

This funky round thing in the soil is a broken wheel base off a wheelbarrow you’ll see down below. It adorns just the right amount of rust to make it a little interesting.

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / rusty tools on walls

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / rusty tools on walls

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / rusty garden tools on walls

Old rusty farm and garden tools were mounted to the sides of the rustic shed to add to the garden ambiance.. plus, it looks cool!

The license plate is off my previous truck. An antique one would be cool, however this one has meaning to me.

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / rusty garden tools on walls

One thing about rusty tools is the fact that they continue to rust even more with age. Perfect I say!

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal!

A revamp


As my photography abilities improved and other small improvements took place, here’s a few more additions…

The crate flowerbed remained, but now you can see two pallets creating a front step as well as a mini sidewalk near the back towards the compost pile. Fun!

Visit how I eventually made a garden gate from a full pallet in THIS post. It’s really cute!

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal!

I started to collect more rusty garden tools so they could gracefully age with the shed.

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / ladder and chain

Here’s a quirky idea! The chain on the ladder acts as a trellis, allowing the ivy to twist its way up.

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / ladder and chain

Isn’t rusty chain scrumptious?! I landed this big heavy chain from a salvage yard.

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / red geraniums in old crate planter

I’ve also used garden tools as a trellis to help the plants navigate upwards. 

Shown are my favorite red geraniums planted in the flower box. A pop of red flowers always seems to fit in!

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / rusty jack and shovel 

Smaller rusty tools serve great as garden art and help to fill up bare planter spaces until plants and flowers fill out.

This old rusty jack and shovel are the perfect companions to the red geraniums.

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / rusty hoe with flowers

 The rusty and white patina on this vintage shovel is amazing and suits this long narrow flowerbed perfectly as quirky garden art!

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / rusty tools in flowerbox

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / rusty tools in flowerbox

Once these flowers spill over the edges of the crate flowerbox, it’ll look fabulous!

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / vintage aqua wheelbarrow with black cat 
An aqua vintage wheelbarrow tucked into one corner adds productivity AND a punch of colour to the rustic garden shed. Teddy the cat fully approves!

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / barnwood styled door

The door


I’m so proud of that barnwood door build! Only the frame was there. Fence wood was added to give it a barndoor look.

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / vintage door handle

The crafty vintage door handle truly worked out perfectly. This door plate and knob isn’t a vintage piece, but it is a pretty decent reproduction of one!

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / canning jar lid wreath

canning jar lid wreath tutorial HERE

And every little rustic garden shed can use a canning jar lid wreath, don’t you think?! It rusts as it ages as well, making it the perfect companion to all the other rusty garden tools.

This little rustic garden shed resembles all the things I adore. Weathered elements, rustic appeal, my love of antique signs, with just a touch of pretty without it being over the top.


More summer pictures of the building and surrounding yard are HERE

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / winter scene

Rustic garden shed 4 - the reveal! / winter scene
This photoshoot is 

snow day-0595

shed in the snow

And it’s picture postcard perfect during winter too!

This little rustic shed continues to morph each year. While it was built in 2009, it’s still standing today and has undergone MANY transformations.

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67 thoughts on “From greenhouse to rustic garden shed! – part 4

  1. Love this! you are so creative. I have wasp problems in the spring and they keep me off of my porch until my husband comes to my rescue. I just can’t seem to hit the little things, I always end up making them mad.

  2. I could move right into this little cutie! And by clicking on Part 1 I was able to see the surrounding landscape . . . Girl! You live just this side of Heaven, don’t ya! Absolutely gorgeous!


  3. You did a fantastic job! It’s gorgeous! I love every detail. 🙂

    I wouldn’t go near the bees either! No way! In fact, I’m having a similar dilemma with wanting something out of my attic. I even attempted to retrieve it but the BATS scare me to death, so I’m still trying to come up with a solution. I was dive-bombed by one 1/2 way to my treasure. 🙁

    Good luck! Again, your outbuilding is just amazing!

  4. Love, Love, Love it, wasps and all, so when are you going to start renting out the new accommodations???

  5. Fabulous! Wherever did you find that awesome print/poster (?) of the cows in the before pic? My son says we NEED one like it.
    As for the wasps, have you tried one of those glass jars with the cork or glass stopper with the raised hole in the bottom? You just add juice every week and the wasps get in and can’t get out, they drown (I know, not very nice, but it really really works). Love the addition of the licence plates. Beautiful BC indeed!

  6. I absolutely LOVE it! The old saw and shovel are great and I really like the flower box. As for the wasps ~ I have no tricks or suggestions, wish I did.

  7. It’s fantastic! Love that Coke sign. 🙂

    I also wanted to let you know that I just posted about starting an “Alternative Home Decor Database” on my blog. It’s basically an A-Z list of alternative decor items, and I envision each item as a link to a photo somewhere on the web. I just included a link to your ladder post (hope that’s OK)! Since you are the queen of clever decor uses for alternative items, I invite you to send links my way to be included! Here’s a link to my post if you’re interested.


  8. Oh, I live in the country and we have so many wasps. If I find a nest, I will go to it early in the morning and spray them. They do not move very fast in the early morning. If it is hot or warm do not spray them. Good luck. Also I love your little barn. The tools are a real nice touch. Sandi

  9. Thanks for your kind comments everyone! The building is just so cute out there in the backyard!

    The cow mural was done by an artist friend. She looked at my Lang calendar that was all about cows and asked me if I’d like to have a mural done for my then barn. The mural is on a sheet of plywood and was all done by freehand!

    The mural displays cows at fullsize and was designed to have the whimsical illusion of cows looking out of a barn window. I simply brought the sign with me when I moved and it was a tad out of scale with the greenhouse. LOL

    The inspiration for the calendar can be found at:

    Funky Junk Donna

  10. I just found a bee hive in my eve last night. I don’t think I will be building a cozy home for them 😉 I’m so glad to see the finished project. Way to go on and don’t let those pesky bugs get in your way. Great job!

  11. Your blog is AWESOME!!
    You have a midas touch w/unappreciated treasures!
    Those lucky wasps!…..they have the best place in town to hang out! “Stinging” cute!!
    I want to grow up to be as clever as you…

  12. I have just been inspired! Thank you for these pictures. I’m pretty sure when we tore down our old garage last summer I found about all of those old rust metal pieces in there! My hubby didn’t understand my desire to keep them. Now he will get it! And, we have the perfect old shed to use. LOVE it!!

  13. Love your shed……..but what about the inside!!!!! I’d love to see what you could do with that. The Bee”s could find another home.

  14. I absolutely love, love, love, your shed. You are so creative! I want to know how you got my cat, Teddy, in your picture? Isn’t it a riot, I have the exact same cat and named him Teddy because he looked like a Teddy Bear when he was a baby. Thank you for sharing your creativity with those of us who are not the least bit creative. Keep it coming.

  15. Just found your website while looking at building a wood screen door. Enjoyed viewing your storage shed. I have a side patio I am thinking of enclosing for our cats. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas.

  16. I love garden sheds. I built one all by myself. I wanted one with a tall roof like a church. One day I was at the dump and checked out the Re-Use building. In it was a beautiful wooden screen door. It was all I needed to start my build. I’m lucky as I come from a family of builders. Although I never worked as a builder I helped my dad, following him around while growing up. It is true, children see and absorb more than what the parent thinks. This is my build and my tribute to my dad. I have it in my blog here.


    • Mary Ann, I sure hope it’s ok to pin your post because that shed is gorgeous! I’m so glad you left your link. I’m blown away by the beauty of your yard AND shed. Just incredible! Thanks so much for sharing!

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