A new pallet gate and boardwalk for the shed

A new pallet gate and boardwalk for the shed - make this in an hour! via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Lest you think I’ll never stop playing with pallets, you are probably right. Thing is, I was creating with pallets before they became ‘a thing.’ And since I had 2 on hand and the garden shed needed work pronto, this happened in a matter of about an hour.

It’s a new pallet gate and boardwalk for the shed! Aren’t they perfectly cute? 

Before / A new pallet gate and boardwalk for the shed - make this in an hour! via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
And here is the very sad and depressing before. Ugh.

So… after I came home from Maui, it was a little depressing to sit in our yard trying to keep this Hawaiian tan going. When you come from tropical lush gardens that are watered every night and trimmed every day with everything blooming and fragrant in sight, you’re in for a shock once you plant your feet in your own yard.

weeding the hedges
I could have sworn the yard looked nice before we left. But I guess everything grew like mad, because I’ve been pruning trees and bushes and kicking up a weeding frenzy.

While I tan. And THIS is why we need to fly away to a vacation! Who can just sit at home? Obviously, not me.

From pallet to boardwalk / the before

So when I came to that sad shed walkway in front of the compost pile, I removed it to weed under it, but it was so rotten it broke. 

For those that ask how pallets last outdoors, they don’t… forever. But I don’t worry about it because they’re free and I can just get more. Like the one above.

A new pallet gate and boardwalk for the shed - make this in an hour! via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

A new pallet gate and boardwalk for the shed - make this in an hour! via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

(open with a plank for the wheelbarrow)

Once the new boardwalk was in place, I turned around towards the boneyard, and spotted another pallet. After holding it up to the space, I knew it could work as a little gate. Cool!

All I did was lay the gate pallet on top of two planks placed on the board walk for height, screw in two heavy duty hinges to the gate and shed and it was done.

A new pallet gate and boardwalk for the shed - make this in an hour! via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

It isn’t the perfect size, but I’m cool with that. I think it looks cute slightly ajar anyway.

At least the geraniums and alyssum are doing great!

Rusty lantern / A new pallet gate and boardwalk for the shed - make this in an hour! via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Even this rusty old lantern got screwed onto the top so it wouldn’t topple over.

grapevines on a shed / A new pallet gate and boardwalk for the shed - make this in an hour! via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
There will be a HUGE grape harvest this fall. Especially since I allowed the grapes to grow all over the front of the shed. πŸ™‚

grapevines on a shed / A new pallet gate and boardwalk for the shed - make this in an hour! via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
lanterns on a gate / A new pallet gate and boardwalk for the shed - make this in an hour! via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

I have a little confession. Earlier today, I was questioning why on earth I had a yard. It’s just a city sized lot, but it’s more than I can keep up with myself. Unless I start writing a gardening blog…

Not that long ago, I was pining for a LARGER yard. Well, I really wanted a barn. But that would entail a larger yard I’m sure.

Wait… maybe a barn in my yard would eat up the yard space… hmmm…

Well anyway, before this little renovation took place, I was having a big ‘ol pity party over the dustbowl styled flowerbeds and spotty looking lawn.

garden shed 2014-3133
The grapevine back in May!

A new pallet gate and boardwalk for the shed - make this in an hour! via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

 But as always, a little minor tweaking always seems to do the trick.

At least in this direction anyway… πŸ™‚

The entire building of the shed series is HERE.

How do you keep up with your own yard?


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41 thoughts on “A new pallet gate and boardwalk for the shed

  1. Love your surprises! Always are great! Pops of red, around the all the neutral woods and greens. And a gate! Awesome

  2. Ha I don’t keep up with it. I’m outside all day about four days a week and by the time I finish the last of the weeding, trimming, hauling weeds and cuttings to compost and trash, it is time to start all over again, there is no end to it if you have shrubs and flower beds. My husband does the mowing, it is so hard to sit on that tank and drive around the yard, he doesn’t do flowers an shrubs so all the trees, flowers, and shrubs is all me and it is a full time job. I love your wood plank gate and wood plank, it goes perfect with your adorable shed.

  3. How I would love to live in BC!! Your yard is so lush. You definitely need a barn. You could get goats and chickens, and I would come stay to babysit your herd while you fly away to tropical destinations! lol Maybe you will make some wine with those grapes??

  4. Always enjoy seeing what you will do next. My yard was once very neat, organized, weeded, and tended. Life happens and has a way of changing things. Now the yard has become what I call the ‘nature preserve’ and is no longer like it was. I have learned to do what I can and not stress over the rest. I have learned to enjoy the natural-ness of my yard. It is still beautiful…even without the finishing touches that it once had.

  5. Consider yourself lucky you don’t have a bigger garden cuz I’m wishing I hadn’t made mine so big. After moving to the country I went crazy landscaping on all sides of the house. I was 40 then but fast approaching 60 and trying to figure out how I can downsize it cuz it’s too much to take care of now. The trees and shrubs have filled out beautifully and it’s beautiful BUT…

    • I so get it. I was on 5 acres before this place and the workload never ended. I loved it, but you have to be cool with an imperfect yard to maintain your sanity.

      My gardener brother once gave me the best tip ever… if you can’t or don’t want to maintain it, just mow it. And that’s somewhat true. The more we plant, the more we have to maintain as it grows. Lawn is the easiest way.

      Maybe you should have a free plant party and invite your neighbours to come over with buckets and shovels. πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful yard and thanks for sharing. We’re in drought stricken California and now have two dead brown lawns and barely any flowers in pots. It’s times like these I’m envious of those that live in the pacific northwest.

  7. OMG! I just noticed that you have a vintage glass doorknob on your shed door. I just LOVE that. Your pallet gate and walkway look wonderful. I really like the rusticity (probably not a real word) it adds to your yard. Is that a honeysuckle vine growing over the roof? It’s amazing and I bet you have hummingbirds too. I’ve slowly started adding more and more perennial flowers to my yard, which means less and less grass to mow. I really like it and so do the butterflies and birds and wildlife. I just spied three black swallowtail caterpillars eating my fresh dill yesterday. I was going to use it to can pickles, but I’d rather have butterflies than pickles!

    • Funny!

      I’m not sure what’s growing on the roof, but there’s a massive honeysuckle vine all over half our back yard chain link fence. I love the roof whatever it is though, I take pictures of it every year. LOL

      I agree, perennials are totally the way. I need to remember to pick more up when in town. I have one flowerbed with NO blooms at the moment. Oops.

  8. Love your blog! I keep my yard by constantly tidying and plucking weeds every day and have a BIG cleanup a few times a year. My yard is a large country garden with lots of interesting bits and bobs tucked in all over. And I have a little shed similar to yours which I love decorating, although it turns into a storage shed often! Thanks for your interesting posts and photos, love it !

  9. Donna: Welcome home from Hawaii; must be a bummer to go home from Paradise!
    I love your little shed with all the pallets and greenery. I think it really looks cool!
    Thanks for sharing…I used to own my own home, but now rent and don’t (can’t) have anything in the yard and do miss all my “junky” stuff!
    {{HUGS}} Joy

  10. Your yard is so much greener than anything here in CA! To make you feel better, ours is overgrown with weeds right now and it is too darn hot to do anything about it! I love your yard! Have a great week! karen…

    • I’m now kicking myself for not showing the MASSIVE weeds I pulled in another bed. They were so tall they towered over me! In full bloom of course. I actually thought they were flowers at first so I just let them grow. They were probably the healthiest plants I had… ha!

  11. Very hard to keep up with a yard by yourself! I am craving a really small space that I can concentrate on and make a huge statement, that will be more satisfaction than a large yard the is just OK. Here in the BC Interior it has been high 30’s C or high 90’s F for so long so I don’t work during the day..before 10 am or after 8 pm and it’s still too hot to enjoy. Watering alone takes hours! Next yard, I’ll do it small and to perfection and just sit and look at it and enjoy!

    • I agree. I think that’s why I’m always tinkering with the shed. I’m happy looking this way but I don’t dare turn around. πŸ˜€

      Isn’t our BC weather unbelievable? I’m half tempted to get central air connected after this summer!

  12. Keeping up with a big yard and gardens is a challenge… sometimes I win and sometimes I sit and stare at it while watching the weeds grow! Interestingly enough… this does not seem to deter me from dreaming of a barn either!
    I love your new/old pallet gate especially that genius spade handle!!!! How perfect!

  13. Love your new boardwalk and gate made from pallets! πŸ™‚

    Maybe I need a long tropical vacation so I will feel like tackling my yard, because at the moment it could sure use some TLC. It’s tough doing it all alone, I don’t know how YOU do it, especially raising the “kid”. I just have 2 cats and a dog and there aren’t enough hours in the day. (the mowing/yard comes LAST on my list) πŸ™‚


  14. I lurve your space and all your junk. You always amaze me with your creative uses for not so exciting things. :0)


  15. First I laughed at your comment about planting your feet in your own yard after lounging in a professionally maintained landscape. I get yard envy in many situations where gardening is a higher priority than at my house. It has been a beautiful summer in Wisconsin weather-wise, my plants love it but so do the weeds. It’s all I can do to make sure mine doesn’t look like an abandoned house sometimes. In case of ’emergency’, I have a weed whacker.

  16. I love the gate. LOVE IT! I love little rooms all throughout a garden, and this is a lovely little spot. Even though your plot may not be so big, I believe it is so soul satisfying to get your feet and hands in dirt and grass at least once a week. We need to reconnect ourselves to the earth, and this is the best way to get grounded. Love the flower beds too. Sharing on FB today πŸ™‚

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