Christmas shadow box snow scene with fire pit

Learn how to make this enchanting old crate Christmas shadow box snow scene with flickering fire pit! Click to learn through full tutorial.

Christmas shadow box snow scene with fire pit

One thing my mom always had on display every Christmas without fail, was her snow village.

The family would all join forces, and meet up at her place one evening. My brother would generally dig into the crawl space for her special holiday treasures, then unearth box after box, with everyone getting to work.

But without a doubt, the snow village had the most boxes. Every year, we’d carefully unwrap each precious little cottage to create a dreamy little winterscape on mom’s stereo cabinet.

Mom loved the snow village. But when she passed on, I was tempted to take it. But… I had no room. That village was quite an impressive collection!

And perhaps that’s why I was never drawn to collect my own. I simply didn’t have enough flat surface avail.

12 Days of Christmas 2013 via Funky Junk Interiors-011So when I became the proud owner of this sweet originally hand painted print of a red VW bug carrying a Christmas tree by Craftberry Bush, (isn’t it darling?!)  I knew I had to do something special with it. 

Update: sorry but this print is no longer available.

Every time I glanced at that adorable print, the tree kept speaking to me. What do you need little tree…

And then it hit me. I was about to land my first ever Christmas village… or rather, create a Christmas shadow box snow scene with fire pit made with an old crate!

Learn how to make this enchanting old crate Christmas shadow box snow scene with flickering fire pit! Click to learn through full tutorial.
I rummaged through my stash for the perfect crate. The picture was clipped to a clipboard, then held in place with a screw. Perfect fit, with room to play down below.

Wait until you see how enchanting this Christmas shadow box snow scene with fire pit turned out… and just how easy it was to make!

Christmas shadow box snow scene with fire pit


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What you’ll need


  • An outdoor picture you love (you can find the red bug HERE) on a clipboard.
  • Fire pit / mason jar lid, battery operated tea light, faux snow and sticks.
  • Benches / 2 branch cuts.
  • Trees / 2 branch cuts with evergreen sprigs.
  • Spray snow.
  • Plastic snow.
  • Marshmallow roasting / branches and q-tip fuzz.

Learn how to make this enchanting old crate Christmas shadow box snow scene with flickering fire pit! Click to learn through full tutorial.


Small holes were drilled into branch cuts for the trees.

Learn how to make this enchanting old crate Christmas shadow box snow scene with flickering fire pit! Click to learn through full tutorial.
All set up for the winter marshmallow roast. The little tea light flickering under the plastic snow is the cutest thing!

Cute! But this didn’t feel snowy enough for what I desired.

Learn how to make this enchanting old crate Christmas shadow box snow scene with flickering fire pit! Click to learn through full tutorial.
The crate was waxed with Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax (so it would be easy to clean), allowed to cure, then sprayed with spray snow.

Heavy on the bottom, graduating to lighter towards the top.

I allowed the snow to completely dry before setting it up.

Learn how to make this enchanting old crate Christmas shadow box snow scene with flickering fire pit! Click to learn through full tutorial.

The finished Christmas shadowbox

Then everything was set into place.

A battery operated tealight was placed inside the mason jar rim, faux plastic snow topping it to hide the tea light, then firewood. Then the rest just fell into place.

A little scrap piece of gingham fabric was torn and hung from the tree, garland / scarf style. So cute!

Learn how to make this enchanting old crate Christmas shadow box snow scene with flickering fire pit! Click to learn through full tutorial.
Easiest picture frame in the world! My vintage clipboards were too long, so a new one won this round.

Learn how to make this enchanting old crate Christmas shadow box snow scene with flickering fire pit! Click to learn through full tutorial.

But the flickering fire pit did it for me.

I’m sure if you walked into a craft store, you’d find the perfect little marshmallows and more. But when you don’t have a craft store in town, the ends of q-tips work just fine!

Learn how to make this enchanting old crate Christmas shadow box snow scene with flickering fire pit! Click to learn through full tutorial.
We use to gather around the big ‘ol firepit on the farm growing up. During summer, the entire family would venture over every Sunday and we’d sit on our huge front yard (dandelion filled field really) and gather around for a massive wiener roast.

There is nothing like sitting around a fire. Don’t you think it conjures up conversation like nothing else?

Learn how to make this enchanting old crate Christmas shadow box snow scene with flickering fire pit! Click to learn through full tutorial.

The battery operated candle votive fire pit really does give off the cutest little flickering glow under the snow!

Learn how to make this enchanting old crate Christmas shadow box snow scene with flickering fire pit! Click to learn through full tutorial.
This Christmas shadow box snow scene with fire pit can be hung on a wall, or left on a window sill or shelf of choice. Especially cute in a dark corner with the fire pit flickering away!

My own little snow scene is nowhere near as grand as my mom’s village, but I’m sure she’d be happy to know all the memories my version brings up. What would your own little memory filled Christmas shadow box snow scene with fire pit look like?

And now for the really fun part… 

Today’s giveaway offers you a very unique shopping experience you are going to LOVE!

Edited to add: This giveaway is now over.

Meet Lucy


Crate shadow box snow scene with a picture by Craftberry Bush / on
Meet Lucy, of Craftberry Bush!

I’ve known Lucy for a long time. And at long last, we finally got to meet during my Toronto trip to Blogpodium. And I was so thrilled to learn she’s every bit as amazing in person as she is online. Her heart is so beautiful, and anyone that has a chance to run into this girl is blessed indeed.

Lucy has many talents. Her Christmas home tour and photography will leave you spellbound!

But she does something extra special.

She paints.

And at times offers free desktop calendars on her blog…

But she has an extra special way she shares her love of art.

Craftberry Bush Store – visit HERE

Craftberry Bush giveaway on

Craftberry Bush giveaway on

Craftberry Bush giveaway on
Basically put, you can pick one of Lucy’s hand painted designs, then choose what you’d like it to go on! From prints, totes, pillows, iPhone cases, wallpaper, rugs, mugs, and so much more!

Genius. So genius!

Today, Lucy has generously offered a lucky reader a $100 shopping spree from her store!

Craftberry Bush giveaway on
Looooook at all the things ‘my little red car’ can go on! But I will admit, I love the print so I can do lots of things with it myself!


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281 thoughts on “Christmas shadow box snow scene with fire pit

  1. Am familiar with Lucy’s work and LOVE the shadow box you’ve created with her little red car print.

    Currently that is my favorite drawing which I would love to have and just frame up on a wall somewhere where I could see it every day! It makes me happy!

  2. love, love, love your crate shadow box! I wish I had room here to create one too! My favorite over at Craftberrybush is the Red Christmas Beetle. I would love to start my winter mornings with my coffee in such a happy mug!

  3. I would order the Blue Jay feather on an iPhone case and the Feather Set on a wall clock.They’re all beautiful!

  4. I love the “Winter Finch”, it reminds me of my parents who have both passed on. Dad loved to watch the little finchs out his back window and Mom’s favorite time of the year was Christmas, so the Noel and bird both spoke to me.
    I love all her pieces, the simplicity and the subject matter.

  5. Whitetail no. 1 is breathtaking – so peaceful and beautiful!! Thanks for the giveaway- I would LOVE to win!!! A blessed Christmas to you all! πŸ™‚

  6. Her style is just adorable! I’m in love the with the feather collection. That in a pillow would look perfect on our gray couch!

  7. I love the little red car print. I’d frame it and put it in my kitchen so I would see it often. I might even get a tote bag with the print on it.

  8. Picking a favorite design from the Craftberry Bush shop was a difficult task. There are so many designs that I like, but I kept going back to the oak leaves. I would order it on the tote bag, especially since I discovered that the design is on both sides! I’ll have to point out the Pear to my sister-in-law whose last name is Parrish. She likes things that are “Pear-ish”.

  9. Wow! love them all πŸ™‚ but the deer and the mason jar are my faves…probably would just order the print and frame (or tape) πŸ™‚ thanks!

  10. I personally love the Deer Buck with Winter Scarf and the Red Christmas Beetle and would get the print on a pillow!

  11. Ooh! The red VW is awesome, but I’s also digging the Egg Collection! (Since watercolor is my favorite paint technique, I love it all!)

  12. Too many awsome designs to choose just one! However,;I do love the Deer buck with winter scarf~watercolor design. So much so I ordered myself a tshirt! Our home is tucked away surrounded by woods so we love our deer visitors! I would order some pillows for our family room if I were the lucky recipient!

  13. I just love the designs by Craftberry Bush! My favorite is the red VW because it was my first car and I still love them. I wish I had one now! The tree and the falalalalalalalala around the coffee cup is so adorable!! I think I would have to go with the print though since I have so many coffee cups! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to win something and for the chance to see her beautiful art work!!

  14. Donna, I love your shadow box. For me part of the Christmas joy is having something in your house that evokes a memory from your childhood and all the people who were in your life during that time. I’ve started a tradition of tying the names of those who have died onto a slim scrap of fabric and tying the fabric onto my tree. It’s a wonderful reminder that my family is still all around me. For the same reason, I loved Lucy’s red cardinal. Sighting a cardinal is supposed to represent the visit of a deceased loved one. So I would love to have Lucy’s red cardinal on a pillow in my living room. Thanks so much for your blog. I love it. Christmas blessings, Liz xx

  15. Hi!
    I love so many of her designs…since it is Christmas time I think I would like the Christmas Beetle in a pillow. But for everyday I love the buck pillow and the do what you love pillow…..Oh so many choices! Thanks for the opportunity! karen….

  16. I love Lucy’s store and her designs. The one design I think would be ideal for me is the deer on the T shirt. There’s something incredibly friendly about that sweet little face.

  17. I’m in love with Craftberry Bush! I ordered the VW Bug print on a pillow. I loved it so much I just bought another pillow! This time, it’s the deer with scarf. I can’t wait to get it! Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. I love Craftberry Bush! Thanks for sharing her with us! I’m with you on the red VW and Christmas tree print and pillow…Perfect! My first car was a VW Beetle Convertible. I loved driving around with the top down during the winter, especially when snow was falling. People looked at us like we were crazy. Of course, we were, but we had so much fun!

  19. I am in love with the Red Beetle. The Pillow, the print, the phone case. I can’t get enough of this Red Beetle.

  20. I would love to have that red VW bug with Christmas tree on Vector – it would look fabulous over my mantel. Thanks for the awesome offer.


  21. Wow! All her items are so beautiful, but I think I would have to go with some throw pillow covers… I particularly like the ball jar with poppies.

  22. I too love the little car (and the fact that she gave a free download of it on her blog a couple weeks ago) and would love love love to have it on a pillow because I know hers would be much lovelier than if I tried to make it with the download. Thanks to you and Lucy!

  23. What a sweet little project! I love it!!

    I really love the little red bug. I think I would choose a cute Christmas pillow if I win. Or…I also know my future Daughter in law would love the mason jar print on, well anything!! Now the jar with the flowers or the lemon?? Oh my goodness so many choices!!!!

  24. Oh my gosh that is one of the cutest shadow box dioramas I’ve seen in ages Donna! The snowy firepit and mini marshmellow sticks are so adorable. It conjures up memories of days spent in the country during the holidays ski dooing and warming up by the fire.

    Lucy is one talented artist! There are so many of her images that I love, the Deer Buck, Red Cardinal, Wren and the list goes on but my favorite for the holidays is definitely her Red Christmas Beetle! I love it as a throw pillow or art print. Thanks to you and Lucy for offering this Giveaway!

  25. I love the pink peonies in blue jar! I just renovated a bathroom and would order the shower curtain – the colors would match perfectly. I’m using my grandmother’s blue Ball jars in other places in the bathroom. I also really love the “do what you love” design on the t-shirts – that fits my daughter to a T (pun intended!).

    Thanks for offering such sweet giveaways Donna!

    Merry Christmas. . . . . . of the rusty, funky sort!


  26. I love the simplicity of Lucy’s artwork, there is an incredible gentleness to it! I would order some of the prints, I have two frames on my stair case that have tired pictures in them and need something new and stimulating!

  27. I love, love the Buck Watercolor Pillow. I’ve seen it on several blog sites and it looks great with Christmas decor. Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. I love the little red Beetle with the tree on a cushion.
    Your little snow scene is so sweet, and I loved the story that went with it. Thank you.

  29. I would love to order a shower curtain but can’t decide which print I like the most.They are all so beautiful.

  30. I love love love the “red Christmas Beetle” and would order it on a pillow.
    I have followed all 3 on instagram and am happy to do so!!
    My user name is canihaveurattentionplz

    Love all your things (shadow box is adorable!) and I also have a snow village (so does my mom) that I have to try to find a place for every year!
    Been following you a long time!
    Merry Christmas


  31. Love your print & shadow box idea – genius! And I LOVE Craftberry Bush! Thanks for introducing us!! I am in love with the turquoise VW Beetle watercolor – perfect for my office! I am going to have to pick up a print or canvas of it & let it serve as my inspiration to FINALLY get my office reno finished over the holidays!! Also, love all the birds – might have to snag the cardinal print for my mom for Xmas.

  32. I am loving all the wonderful Christmas decorating ideas!
    I just recently bought my first pillow from craftberrybush.
    The deer pillow.
    I would love to buy the red car one for my home!

  33. OMGosh, her work is amazing. I would have a hard time deciding which piece I would want but I think it would have to be the red beetle on a tote.

  34. My favorite is the Cardinal, which I would love to see on a throw pillow. The Cardinal is our state bird. I love to see them at my bird feeder in the winter when it is snowing. That pop of red among the snow is so beautiful.

  35. Isaw you on funky junk. She had the cutest red bug picture. I think that is my favorite (at the moment) I would like the red bug in a pillow. ❀

  36. Oh my goodness, the Ball jar vase shower curtain! Such whimsy! And I love that I have a little red car carrying a Christmas tree in a snow globe on my window sill as I type…

  37. I would order pillows, and I am totally torn between the buck, the fawn, and the red cardinal! All of Lucy’s work is so beautiful, and I love the vignette you made!

  38. Oh my the Red Cardinal print on a canvas or anything really….My first grandchild, 5 months, died on March 28th and a Cardinal landed on my son’s deck that afternoon where friends and family had gathered. He said it felt as if his son was telling him that he was OK. I think of John Pearson every time I see a red bird. Thanks for the chance to win. JP’s story

  39. I love, love, love the red beetle print. I want it on a pillow and the print!

    I am following Funky Junk Interiors, Inspired by Charm and Craftberry Bush on Instagram!

  40. I would love one of the Iphone cases with either the feather or the cherry blossoms on it–I can’t decided yet!

  41. Love your website and your creativity. I just checked out Craftberry Bushs’ shop and all of her prints are adorable but my favorite one by far is the buck with the winter scarf!

  42. Oh my how generous! I love the owl shower curtain. I have started collecting owls this last year. My parents passed and they had a yard ornament business called Owl Hoot. Owls make me smile and think of them. Of course there is so many other things I love. Thanks for the chance.

  43. Following Inspired by Charm as well on instagram. Love you all. Thanks for providing so much inspiration. username PAMBALLARD

  44. The peonies in the ball jar and the VW are probably my favorites, but I also like the blue bug and the bird nests. I think I would get several of the smaller prints to spread the love around the house. (I also like the “Love” print…heart shaped! Man…so hard to choose just one! Thank you!

  45. Such a tough decision on which of Craftberry Bush’s designs, there’s so many I want. But I think first would be the Snow Owl on a shower curtain for my daughter πŸ™‚

  46. I would love the VW bug with Christmas Tree on top made in a pillow! Love this…oh there are lots of other items I would love but at this time of year the Red VW w/tree is my cup of tea..
    thank you from the Coast of NC!!

  47. that is such a sweet idea!!! I know I don;t leave you enough comments Donna, but I am here all the time checking out your blog posts and pinning away!!! Christine from Little Brags

  48. Wow, her art is amazing. I would pick the red Christmas beetle on a pillow. Thanks for sharing her site with all of us πŸ™‚

  49. Love Lucy’s work, those finches and the eggs really call to me, but that little red car really screams my name! I think i too am partial to the prints so you can mix, match, and move around

  50. I loved perusing the Cranberrybush site. There are so many wonderful creations. I love the red beetle you showcased in your blog today, but I am smitten with the Pink Reindeer. It is unusual in its content and color (not your common red and green) and could be used throught the winter season.

    I must also comment on how wonderful your 12 Days of Christmas collections have been. I am blown away each day at how much I love each thing you’ve created. I’d say that you’ve outdone yourself this year!!

  51. Donna, I love your shadow box. I think Christmas is a time when we stop and reflect on our memories of past Christmases and loved ones who are no longer with us.
    I love the deer head and the Ball jar print, but I especially love the red beetle print.

  52. What a great artist she is. I’d love the red cardinal or deer buck with tie on a pillow. Love your shadow box. You gave me an idea to display my stirrups and spurs!

  53. enter to win $100 of Craftberry Bush Product:
    I’d select the Snowy Owl watercolor by Craftberrybush on a pillow- my girlfriend in Regina loves Owlsher family room.

  54. I love the red car and tree on a pillow. I have a vignette with a rusty truck and a tree in the back. Definitely a theme going. I love your snow scene a lot!

  55. I love it ALL! I would start with the VW Christmas Bug pillow and then
    get the same design in notecards for Christmas thank yous. Next would be something with the Blue Jay feather and the beautiful red cardinal.

    These designs just make me feel Happy!

  56. I love the Blue Jay Feather!! Love that color blue!! I want it on the IPhone case. I would get to enjoy it all the time!

  57. with a $100 gift card I would be selecting a whole couchful of bird / egg / and “bless this nest” pillows. thank you for introducing such a talented artist to us.

  58. LOVE the Christmas beetle!! I love the throw pillow for my favorite chair in our parlor and the tote bag to carry all our gifts to Gram’s house!

  59. My Favorite is the Red Christmas Beetle and I would order the art print. Our first car was a red beetle, and the print brings back wonderful memories

  60. My favorite is the Do What You Love artwork. It’s antlers with pink flowers. I think I would like it best on a print.

  61. Her work is all wonderful! I really love the bless this nest. I’m crazy about throw pillows, so I would like it on a pillow. Thank you!

  62. I love the Cherry Blossom print and would probably choose that in a framed print….though I’m pretty sure I would agonize for hours before choosing!

  63. Hmmmm … this is one of those cases when I’d like to say: one of each, please. But I really, really like the Beetle with the tree on top. How cute! I’ll take it on a pillow. You guys are great! Thanks for the give away!

  64. I am in love with the pink peonies in the blue jar. I would love to have some of these. Actually already ordered two copies of the red bug for my daughter and I. Thought we would make your campfire setting.

  65. I have an old chest that is a little the worst for ware. Champness I think will breathe new life into it. Would love to try.

  66. I would pick the pear watercolor print because I just love pears and collect different media depicting them. There are so many lovely things to choose from …but her pear is just the best!thanks for the chance to win something!

  67. Hi Donna, love your warm little fire ready to roast marshmallows. After going to Lucy’s Craftberry Bush sight, I adore the Noel Wren print. When I was little (first grade?) my Dad and I built a wren bird house and I was so proud to be able to make something with my sweet Daddy. Thank you (Donna and Lucy) for such a generous give away. Blessings and smiles, Emilou πŸ™‚

  68. Your project is Absolutely Adorable!!! The VW bug painting is wonderful! How fun! I love the Blue Jay feather and would love it on canvas, but don’t hold me to that! There are so many beautiful designs that I could change my mind! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  69. My favorites from Craftberry Bush are the nature prints. I’d have some put on pillows. I am sorely lacking in that area.


    Congrats Sherri! You have been emailed! Fri Dec 19th 2014 – Donna

  70. My favorite is the fawn with the wreath around her neck… in fact I just ordered the phone case for a phone I don’t even have yet! Weeee, so cute!

  71. If this shadow box isn’t the cutest darn thing. I am so in love with it. The campfire is just too much! I love everything you do, but this little area is just darling. You get an A Plus as far as I am concerned!!! Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  72. I love her artwork!! I would for sure get the adorable red bug with the tree in a print and also on canvas!! Amazing Talent!! I also adore the pumpkins!! I could spend a fortune!!

  73. I ordered the red car with tree (on a pillow) last week; eagerly waiting for it to arrive! I LOVE your shadow box idea, may have to place my own version near the pillow. So happy I found Lucy, and your blog!

  74. I’m absolutely in love with your snow crate!! Growing up, we used to set up something similar using the old wooden crates that mandarin oranges came in (almost 60 years ago I’d never heard of a clementine).

    Last weekend I ran into a dollar store and saw a crude little wooden stable that made me stop and pause, thinking of my Mom’s little crate. I thought to myself I’ve got to make one in memory of Mom (first Christmas w/o her) but work has been overwhelming this week.

    I’ve been given a not so gentle nudge to get busy this weekend. This will be a labour of love. :o)

  75. Just love love love your adorable shadowbox with Lucys darling little red car! Such a sweet creative pieces! I want to try that one day! Thanks for the share….its stinkin fabulous! πŸ™‚

  76. I love the red beetle with the Christmas tree and the deer with the scarf. Both adorable, but they all are… and I would have them framed.
    Found your sight from Inspired by Charm, I totally love Michaels taste, and follow him through my email. I don’t have Instagram or Pinterest. Thank you for this giveaway.

  77. I would pick the Forever Tree and put it on a framed art print. I have a lot of bare walls in my house that need some decorations.

  78. Love, Love, Love the shadow box that you created.
    I am familiar with Lucy’s work and a follower of her blog and Facebook page.
    love her little rd car with the tree design and the deer pillows.

  79. I love the throw pillows. And I love the Red Christmas Bug and the Red Cardinal. Just the pop of color my room needs.

  80. Everything you do is so amazing it’s hard to decide what I like best. I do love the deer buck with winter scarf but just like most people I love the red beetle, either framed or as a pillow!

  81. My “newest” favorite is the little red Christmas beetle with the tree in back, but anything Lucy creates is simply beautiful. So simple, and original. I would be delighted with just any old thing she has painted.
    Thanks for the chance!
    Happy Holidays too.

  82. Her pillows are amazing….I love the “Oh Come Let Us Adore Him” and the fall acorn with leaves one. I’d love to win something!

    All your Christmas decor creations are brilliant!

  83. I’m really torn between The Chrismas Beetle print and The Cardinal pillow. both are lovely. but Fawn with Flower Wreath is too beautiful. a pillow from it would be lovely.

    I do already follow all 3 bloggers mentioned:@mscraftberrybush, @funkjunkinteriors, and @inspiredbycharm. my username is suthnheart.

    thank you so much πŸ™‚

  84. I like the print of the Floral Bouquet that I could frame, and the little red Bug with tree …..Thanks for the chance to win.

  85. I first saw the red VW print over at The Turqouise Home and loved it in a frame, but now that I have seen it in the pillow format I am not so sure. I also love the fawn with the floral wreath…that would be a great print for Valentine’s Day and spring!

  86. Hi Donna,
    Your crate-shadow box is darling, I love the ribbon on the little tree, it all makes me remember decorating my doll houses.

    I sure do like the red bug pillow, I would make a spot for it on my love seat, straight away.

    Warm Holiday Wishes to All


  87. Never been to Society6’s site! Fabulous items! I really like Lucy’s Wren Watercolor Wall Clock… that would be perfect for the kitchen in my new home I’m getting ready to move into.

  88. I have been a follower of Craftberry Bush for a long time. There are two pillow top covers I’d love to have…the deer with the wool scarf and the “bless my nest” cover.

  89. Love all of Craftberry Bush’s art! My favorite design is the Watercolor Nest. I’d love to have it framed and hanging on one of our walls.

  90. I don’t know which I love more–the snow owl, the deer with the scarf or the red bug with the tree on the hood. Any of them would be fine in a print!

    Love them! I would put them in our vacation rental home for others to enjoy!

  91. Lucy is certainly talented! I adore the ball jar with flowers on the shower curtain! That is what I would choose. Just beautiful art!

  92. The reindeer watercolor looks like he is about to catch snowflakes on his tongue just darling! I think a tote, so I could festively carry library books, although this might have to be all year round. πŸ™‚

  93. Catching up on my blog reading and came across this post. I LOVE your shadow box. Love it. It is positively wonderful. I came across the print a few weeks ago (in another post I was reading, that blogger has it, too) and I’ve fallen head over heels for it. It brings up the best memories of my mom. Every time I see the picture, it brings a smile to my face. My mother loved red VW bugs & Christmas…and those two images together have made her feel VERY close this year. I need to order my print yet and I will…I’m just not interested in letting that feeling slip away!

  94. I LOVE the VW Beetle with the tree. Seriously the best print there. I would love it on a mug for my coffee and other drinks throughout the holiday season!

  95. Oh my word!! I love Craftberry Bush!! I am ordering the pillow with the Red Christmas Beetle and the Deer with plaid scarf!! I kinda want one of everything!!

  96. Rd Cardinal artwork of craftberry bush is wonderful! reminds me of my grandmother… I decorate with cardinals at Christmas because it reminds me of her. She loved them… collected figurines of them and fed them all winter long!
    thanks for the chance!
    BLESSINGS to all for a warm and wonderful Christmas!

  97. Oh my gosh..I love this site! My home is tropical/nautical Florida vintage 40’s therefore..I just love her flamingo items..BUT, because of my love of cottage/cabin because of my up bringing for Christmas I decorate in a Rustic Cabin theme..with deer, plaids etc. Therefore, I love her deer pillow with the plaid scarf.
    My mom’s first car was a bug and because of my vintage theme I just adore this print up above and the pillow is are her cups.
    I SO wish I had instagram so I could enter again. haha..I have twitter, pinterest, facebook..but, not a fancy phone.
    THANKS so much.

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