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DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 467 - Dustpan flowers, wreath nest, vintage mantel, boho cans, DIY Buffalo Check, plus! Features and new up-cycled projects! #upcycle #salvage #diy

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Happy weekend, all!

I’m so excited… I’ve made it my mantra lately to work on a room until it’s finished to completion this round, and I’m so proud to say, the ground work is now done, and next is the pretty stuff!

First I had to get rid of the contents in the room HERE (easier said than done) which I wrote about in THIS post. If you struggle with downsizing, this read just may encourage you to ‘let it go…’

Black sidetable with stenciled Houndstooth wood panels-007

A vintage side table makeover with houndstoothed shingles by Funky Junk Interiors

I also did a DIY that is a little bit upscale and a little bit rustic… and the secret is in the shingles! 

Aaaaand… I’ve also landed a new toy I cannot WAIT to show you next week in the revamped room. It’s changed EVERYTHING about the room and I’m so thrilled to call it mine… all mine! 😀

In other news, you brought over some wonderful projects last weekend and here’s a few highlights from that party…

Vintage fireplace mantel wall decor by Dabbling and Decorating, featured on Funky Junk Interiors

Vintage fireplace mantel wall decor by Dabbling and Decorating

Don’t have space for a real fireplace but wish you did? This post will convince you to pick up a salvaged one and use it as vintage wall art. Oh my goodness…. I adore this stunning look, plus it offers you a shelf too!

How to Buffalo Check your DIY projects (sign, picture, stool and shelf) by Organized Clutter, featured on Funky Junk Interiors

How to Buffalo Check your DIY projects (sign, picture, stool and shelf) by Organized Clutter

Carlene shows how to cozy up your projects in charming ways with a charming Buffalo Check pattern in medium and large! Yup, there’s two scales to choose from! Her post shares all the details!

Aren’t these so perfectly executed?!

Vintage dustpan flower holder by Knick of Time, featured on Funky Junk Interiors

Vintage dustpan flower holder by Knick of Time

I think it’s time I dust off my vintage dust pan so it can be as pretty as this wall hung flower holder! So farmhouse perfect!

Wreath easter egg nest by The Boondocks Blog, featured on Funky Junk Interiors

Wreath easter egg nest by The Boondocks Blog

Now’s the time to collect grapevine wreaths so you can use them as instant egg nests for spring and Easter! Genius idea and so beautifully and naturally rustic.

Boho tin can velvet ribbon planters by Pillar Box Blue, featured on Funky Junk Interiors

Boho tin can velvet ribbon planters by Pillar Box Blue

If you’ve noticed the trend of hot boho colours, you can easily bring them into your home with vibrant velvet ribbon! Click to the post to learn how this was so easily done. Aren’t they cool?

What did you make this past week? Link up below!



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17 thoughts on “DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 467

  1. Donna thanks so much for the feature. I am really enjoying that guest bedroom progress and am curious to see what happens to your new bed. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you Donna for your 467th DIY Salvaged Junk Projects. Looking forward to seeing your sewing area join your guest room.

  3. Have you posted the features differently this week? Usually I can click on a feature and it brings me to that person’s blog/website so I can read the details. But this week, no description is posted and there is no link for each featured picture.???

    • Hi Mary, all the features are exactly as always. Are you still finding the same issues? If so, can you please let me know what device and browser you are viewing from? I’d like to investigate. I had some issues earlier with a video ad that seemed to blank out comments, could be a similar thing you are going through.

      • I think it was my internet connection. My internet is through the cable tv company, which is way better than my other options. And our utility lines are underground. So, it usually is pretty reliable, we seldom have problems here.

        I went back later in the day & it was back to the usual way. Sorry to startle you. I have never had it look like that before, so I thought there was something done different.

  4. Hi – Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble linking up this week. I’m getting this message “Sorry, your browser seems to be blocking third party cookies.
    To continue simply press the following button.” Except clicking the button doesn’t seem to do anything, nor does changing my cookie settings. And I haven’t changed anything on my end since the last time I linked up. If it’s just me, I’ll eventually figure it out! Technology some days!

    • Hi Annisa! The new linkup feature appears to be more ‘secure’ than the old. I’ve also noticed browsers have upped their security which is harder to bypass some stuff. I’m having loads of fun with Chrome myself…

      Can you let me know what browser and device you are using? I’ve reported it and will get back to you once I know more.


      • Hi – No worries. I’m sure it’s just something quirky going on here, but I’m on a Mac laptop with Safari 12.0. Maybe I missed an update or something.

        • Hi Annisa, just heard back. Apparently it’s a Safari issue. Safari needs to accept cookies from new sources in order for popups to work. This may be the first time you’re using the new inlinkz so it wants permission. Next time you won’t go through this. Just not sure why it wouldn’t accept the info. You may want to ensure your browser allows pop ups… this doesn’t explain why it works for other things though. Ugh. Sorry, I’m not sure what else to suggest.

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