Downgrading the ‘ol bike to…

Downgrading the bike to a knee scooter for an upcoming surgery

As the regular readers of this blog will already know, this is kind of a big week in my imperfect little world. I was scheduled for the pulling of a failed tooth and an upcoming surgery I talked about in THIS post.

So while I’ve been fussing and worrying and preparing and trying to forget about everything upcoming by watching a little too much TV late into the night, (anyone else watching The Bachelor?) my dear friend Breida from the blog Breida with a B read thee post, and shot me a private message.

She included a picture of this weird little scooter thing and suggested I get one ‘just in case’.

At first glance from my phone, it resembled a motorized scooter you’d take downtown.

I imagined a little roof with a horn and flag and everything else that could possibly draw attention to the fact that I could no longer walk.

And then my imagination went into overdrive and pictured a kerchief on my head tied at the neck… complete with a cane to shake while yelling out a big hello to my son in front of his place with a big, toothless grin! Oh he’d so appreciate that.

Can one get banned from street sidewalks? Guess that’s one way to find out.

Then I gave the scooter a 30 second glance of real time and noticed one big difference. It was a KNEE scooter that enabled you to coast around freely without hobbling around on crutches.


And then I worried I may actually need it. So I investigated and found a used medical rental place in my own town, and rented this baby for a month the very next day.

Sleeping cat among black and white throw pillows

Practising was a must of course. Once it was home, I hopped on that bad boy, plopping my phone into the basket (to feel more authentic) and sped circles around the kitchen island entertaining the cats.

As you can see, they were thrilled…

Sorry to interrupt your naps guys. I eventually got tired and dizzy and joined you.

Comparing the big bike to the new knee scooter

It’s a cool little gadget! Although I’m not sure I will need it, and I really hope I don’t, at least I feel prepared in case I do! And I can even scoot over for my own mail down the road.

Not quite as cool as the bike trails but it may do in a pinch, EH? Time to look for a kerchief and cane for provided neighbourhood entertainment at the very least…

Thank-you Breida! 

Stocking up on groceries for an upcoming surgery

Yesterday was the big dental day. While the extraction went flawlessly (thank goodness!), the healing is the most challenging part. Nothing a little over the counter tylenol and advil isn’t helping with though.

Being that my foot surgery is on Friday, and I don’t really know what to expect afterwards, today will be the last food stocking day for a bit. Yesterday I picked up some local homemade soup as well as a few other instant things and soft things to munch on over the next little while. I’m also making a big batch of homemade chicken soup too.

Anyway, life is certainly not Pinterest-worthy these days

So rarely is my life perfect anyway, and I’ve found I’ve quieted myself from the blog when I didn’t have anything beautiful to show or profound to say.

Perhaps real life as it transpires, journal style may be worth trying during this healing time… would that interest you?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few last minute things to tend to.


Sleeping cat on a scrunched up sofa

…. so I can take in one of these to help calm down my jaw.

I love the way these guys think.

Any advice on any of this? Things to help get around? Meds that work but don’t do demolition on your system? 

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29 thoughts on “Downgrading the ‘ol bike to…

  1. Well, the drugs from your knee surgery will kill the pain of tooth extraction, if nothing else. I found with my knee surgery that I really did not need the drugs as long as I thought.. Hoping you are feeling 100 per cent soon!

  2. Sending you good thoughts for your surgery!! 🙂
    PS&BTW, I’ve often thought tooth extractions are ultimately less painful than the regular working on them, eg. root canal (at least in MY experience) – UGH!
    I’m sure you’re glad it’s over.

  3. Hi Donna,
    Wishing you a quick recovery! Don’t be afraid- everything will be ok!
    Even if you don’t have any beautiful creation to share these days, just keep writing. I do appreciate when people share their life stories – its becoming more personal and helps me think that we are not that lonely after all. I’ll be waiting for you to come back!

  4. Hi there Donna. Thinking of you this Friday a.m. I have had foot surgery and sorry to say it wasn’t fun but the surgery took care of the problem. I even had it done when my youngest son of five was only three months old. Well, that would have made a great comedy movie. That little scooter is absolutely gonna be a lifesaver. I remember having to crawl around a lot on my knees. On second thought, that may have been to the ages of my boys! I would be ever so curious to hear how the scooter works for you. And yes, Donna, it would be cool if you felt like doing a journal during your downtime. You’re going to have a lot of stories. Like waking up in recovery and an hour later the nurses telling me ‘okay, now let’s get you up on your crutches’! Ah, hello! Are you kidding me! Gotta say I got really good on the crutches after a while. I could do a smooth pivot! Wish you well and hope you are not in too much pain. You have had a tough week. Take care!

  5. For pain I like to use essential oils – they sooth, relax and help speed up the healing process. You can get them from a good health food store. Online of course but would recommend talking to a professional on what would help as they’re not for internal use. Read some books during this time of healing – it’s much better than surfing through the channels.

    Hugs and feel better.

  6. Keeping you in my thoughts Donna! Everything will turn out fine. Make sure to have a small snack when taking Tylenol or Advil, it will burn your stomach lining if you don’t. In your down time you can always start planning what/if you want to do to your landscaping. Since it’s cold outside now and you really couldn’t do anything out there even if you wanted to, it would be the perfect time for planning? Hugs & prayers, Sharon

  7. Enjoy reading all your posts, real life posts as well the Pinterest worthy posts. You are a talented and creative artist and writer.
    Take care of yourself. Will be here when you are ready to carry on.

  8. Hi I just wanted to say good luck…. Your posts have made recovery from many surgeries more bearable… The scooter certainly looks more fun than hobbling round on walking sticks and less painful too. Take care and try follow doctors orders….

  9. I always felt the after surgery discomfort was easier than the anticipation of the procedure. I knew it would get better from that point on. Sounds goofy, I know, but mentally it helped me. Foot surgery is not pleasant though..but’s you will do better than you think!

  10. Good luck! I know you will do great. Think of all the people that have this procedure done every day and they are fine. Sometimes our brain just runs away with itself and we have to reel it in!

    For me – I vote to have you blog about whatever you feel like. I always find something interesting and read every one. So, please stay in touch if you are up to it.

    Hopefully your son and sister will be waiting on you hand and foot. (LOL)

  11. Hi Donna, I sure hope you aren’t experiencing Dry Socket from that extraction. I’ve had several molars extracted as well and only once did I get Dry Socket. What helped me is pure clove oil. If you can’t find it, your pharmasat should be able to order some for you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from both this week.

  12. Donna,
    By the time you read thid your surgery will be over. Your scooter should help you feel the wind on your face until your ready for the trails. Wishing you a speedy recovery with little discomfort.


  13. Dear Donna

    You sound prepared! I have seen folks using those little knee scooters and they seem far more comfortable than crutches.

    Anticipation may be the worst part of all of this. I will pray for you.


  14. Glad everything went well with the first procedure and I hope it goes well with the second. Please be careful with the Advil. I have been told never use anything but Tylenol so please be careful. Also I LOVE seeing the kitties.

  15. My Dear, know that many of us are sending many prayers for your icky week. I think you have planned well. If I were there, I would be checking in on you every day but letting you have your privacy. That little bike ought to do the trick. Snuggle in with the cats. Rest is the best medicine and the Advil will do the job with inflammation and pain. If you do carbonated drinks, I don’t anymore, but if you do the MT. Dew goes well with the Advil. Suggested by a Neurologist for migraines. Does the trick for pain. I think the anticipation of an event like these is worse than the event. At least it is for me. Much blessings.

  16. You sure have a lot on your plate, Donna. I’ll be praying the surgery and recovery go well and that your down time provides good mental/emotional rest. And also that your creative juices flow in new and interesting ways so that once you’re well, you’re ready to hit the ground running 🙂

  17. Hope you have a speedy double recovery. This might be a good time to take in some of the goodness PBS has available. Would especially recommend season 1 of Victoria……so good! Season 2 is just starting on Sunday nights…..

  18. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery from the tooth and your foot surgery. You’re a strong woman and will do fine.

    My thoughts are with you ?

  19. I twisted my neck hauling firewood last week. Very painful.

    In the ER they gave me a shot of Morphine and Valium, and Prescriptions of Steroids and Muscle Relaxants!!! It is a week later and my neck is much better-going to go to physical therapy too.

    The main thing is to take it easy. Stock up on movies and books, and be a couch potato for awhile. When I got up and tried to work, that is when my neck started hurting again.

    Take the painkilling drugs you need when you need them. That is what they are for. Hang in There.

  20. I’m glad to hear the tooth thing went well Donna, maybe an ice pack would help, maybe….. I don’t know. My Ouma always made one for us when we had a sore tooth. Not sure if it was the love or the ice that made it feel better but if I remember correctly it worked. So I’ll be holding thumbs for the foot op on Friday. In the meantime “scoot on” and hope you have a relatively pain free week

  21. Aw, I feel for you! I had a similar foot surgery in 2009 and while it was hard to get around after, the healing phase was so worth eventually not having the pain like before. I wish I had those cool wheels though! You will still have a new attitude toward your country’s disability program when you scoot around town.

    I wish you a quick recovery!

    P.S. I just found your blog a few weeks ago and I really enjoy it 🙂

  22. I’m so sorry you’re having to endure all these physical challenges-yuck! Hope you’ll be able to be patient with your healing and just be happy to be brainstorming all your future creative endeavors!

  23. Hi Donna,

    Sounds like you are on the road to recovery for both the tooth and foot. I have used a knee scooter several times, only because my Dr does not like crutches. I was zipping all over the place. I was not able to put any weight on my foot after an injection for Achilles tendinitis, which was the last resort. I also had a boot from my toes to my knee. On the scooter for a month. Only drawback…does not do well on stairs or steps. Great invention! Let us know how it goes. Read all your posts even though I don’t always respond. Good luck Donna.

  24. What a challenging week! I hope the surgery goes well. Hopefully you are getting two for the price of one in terms of recovery time. I had to laugh at your image of calling out to your son, so funny! This might sound odd, but I appreciate the tooth stories because I’ve had similar issues and thought I was the only one out there who was traumatically losing teeth. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but it’s good to know it’s not just me.
    Best of luck with your recovery. Please do write about whatever. All your posts are appreciated!

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