Farm garage sale windfall with a surprise… or 2

Old short red ladder / Flea market and garage sale finds /
I will admit to one thing. Being involved in a local market kicks you into action!

So I went shopping on the weekend again. But with a little surprise in store.

Red bench and twine topped stool / Flea market and garage sale finds /
On Saturday, I wanted to run to the local store for soup. 

Just soup!

So off I went. Landing a nice homemade mushroom variety, I head home when spotting a garage sale sign.

“Hmmm… I should stop. With the market coming up and all…”

So I did.

Parking sign, crates and baskets / Flea market and garage sale finds /
It was at a farm! YES!

But they were just wrapping up for the day and nearly shut down. Nooooo….

I shopped anyway. And threw a few things in the back of my truck, but it didn’t amount to much.

And that’s when I commented to the farmer how much I loved his farm. 

“Any of your barns open with stuff?”


Doesn’t hurt to ask, right? So I was ready to roll out but kept shopping a little more. He finally caught wind of the type of junk valuables I was after, when he asked if I wanted a barn tour after all. 

I think the cloud of dust I left was a sure sign I was into it.

Vintage wall grate / Flea market and garage sale finds /
So basically, we walked through the buildings. It was fascinating! I love old barns and how folks set up. I even got a tour of his wood working workshop!

And then… I had to ask.

“You letting this go at all? This? How about this?”

Turns out, he was willing to part with a ‘few things…’

Rusty black metal trunk / Flea market and garage sale finds /

flea market finds-1085
By the time I was done, there was so much stuff packed into the back of the truck (all dirt colour), I wasn’t sure if there was room for me! (the above was just the start)

But… I made it home with a few windows open along the way. It was a good GOOD day!

Antlers in a metal pot / Flea market and garage sale finds /
And then on Sunday, I had another surprise. My son decided to join me for the flea market. Never saw that coming!

So we stopped at Tim Horton’s on the way for our breakfast biscuits (those are so good!), my dark roast one and one, his frozen lemonade, (promise a teen food and they will do nearly anything) and finally arrived.

Rusty metal handles / Flea market and garage sale finds /
It was so fun! I had my rickety little white shopping cart squeaking along, plunking stuff in, and did ok! Two trips to the truck ok!

Luckily, my boy found the stereo stuff table, and ended up buying his birthday gift right there saving lots of birthday money. Yes! No need to stop at an electronic store on the way home. Fab!

He just turned 16 by the way. Yikes. When did that all happen?

Antique wooden spools of thread / Flea market and garage sale finds /
So! Two big stops on one weekend resulted in all this amazing stuff! See anything you like? I sure did! 

And if it doesn’t sell, I’m all to happy to keep it all! Again. 🙂

Sawhorses / Flea market and garage sale finds /
I’ll likely keep a few things, such as the sawhorses and metal handles, but most of all of this will be coming to The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market May 30th.

White antique shutters and soil sifter / Flea market and garage sale finds /
Antique soil sifter / Flea market and garage sale finds /
So far I’ve only pressure washed a few things. I may do some painting or adding some hemp oil (affiliate link) to bring a few things back to life, but for the most part, I love everything the way it is.

It’s what you DO with it that really counts!

What’s your thought? Do you need to see this kinda stuff in action at a booth, or would you buy it piled like this?

I’ll try and stage some of it, but I’m not sure how it’ll work out with no walls around us and no big furniture to bring.

Metal kettle / Flea market and garage sale finds /
LOVING that old kettle so much. 

Antiques / Flea market and garage sale finds /
Here’s a great barn find!

But… there’s one thing that actually made my draw drop this weekend. And it was from the farm garage sale.

Ready to die?

chippy barn doors of teal and orange /
chippy barn doors of teal and orange /
chippy barn doors of teal and orange /
These doors loaded with chippy goodness were still attached to the barn. The farmer had already head back to the house, but as I was loading, I quickly snapped these beauties.

Trust me. He thought I was ‘mad’ with what I wanted to buy. I didn’t dare tell him I loved these ‘doors that needed a paint job!’

Aren’t they spectacular? I just want to hang them on a wall and stare at them. Or maybe I’ll make my way back with my good camera and take some real pictures…

I’m thinking I should buy him two new ones so he can ‘upgrade’… 😉

And as if that wasn’t enough… ready for one more mind bender?

barn wood pallet wood windfall /
Some folks love gazing at a great mountain view. Or watching the waves lap against a shore.

But I’ll take the view this house has any day! 🙂

This stuff was the tone of barn wood! You just don’t see that all that often.

I’ve yet to have time to knock on this neighbour’s door, but you can bet I plan to. Wishhhh meeeee luck!

Antiques / Flea market and garage sale finds /
Yup, it was a pretty exciting weekend. Between the last haul and this weekend, it’s looking like a vintage market already.

And I haven’t even shown you what else I made lately… that’ll be next!

What would you be hauling home from this latest shopping spree?

Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market
One more thing! Locals, this one’s for you. Those attending The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market, there’s a Facebook party going on Wed, May 20th with a TON of stuff being given away, starting at 7:30 PM pacific. My stencils will be in there too. Go play HERE!

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29 thoughts on “Farm garage sale windfall with a surprise… or 2

  1. awesome haul!! I can’t wait to see pictures of your display for the show. I’d shop “as is” but you’re so creative I’d also love to see the things you makeover.

  2. Let me get my bib, I am drooling all over myself!!!. Oh, how I would love to shop with you anytime! That is right up my alley. Good luck with your sale. Have a blessed day, 😉

  3. Oh Donna, what a great haul! I can hear Angels singing. Great luck with the pallets. Mm mm goodness! :)))

  4. Nothing like a barn sale!!! We were at one this weekend too and I came home with a gorgeous barn door – all chippy and grey and brown paint. Love it!! Well, it didn’t actually come home with me – it went straight to my booth. Nothing motivating like an empty booth to fill!

  5. You had the perfect weekend! I love ALL the stuff you got. Happy hunting this weekend coming up!


  6. Be still my heart! Wow, you were in the right place at the right time, a junkers dream. I’m sure the mountain of pallets will be yours some day soon.

  7. oh my gosh, Donna! Sometimes the day just has the nicest surprises. I desperately love those old thread spools. Will you sell 3of them to me? I am very serious. They would be a treasured addition to the other antiques in my sewing room.

  8. Wowza! You’re latest find is a jackpot! I would have been in awe over all of those goodies. Actually, I could see several of them in my own home so it would be hard to part with many of them. If I were to see these items randomly displayed in a booth, looking more like they belong to one another and not necessarily arranged in any particular order….YOU BET I would stop and browse. I love it when booths give a room appearance inviting me in to browse and enjoy. Wish you were near me…I would so love visiting your booth.

  9. Oh Donna…..what a wonderful day you had! Wou you sell me three of those thread spools? Seriously, they woul be a wonderful addition to the vintage treasures in my sewing room.

  10. You made some great finds at the farm/garage sale. I’m sure your booth at the Market will be a great place to find good stuff! If I was able to stop in I’d be buying the wooden ladder. They are hard to find these days. I love the patina and red color. Can’t wait to see how you stage this and what you do to enhance some of your finds!

  11. Those chipped up, painted doors just need to be hung on the wall! Beautiful colors! Man, you made a haul! What a way to start the shopping season!

  12. i have been recouping from back surgery so i have to shop with you lol, the thing i love about your shopping is you always buy things you love, and in turn i love them too great hauls donna xx

  13. I am SOOOOO excited to see what you do with all this! How fortunate you are to be able to find all this in your area. You’ve got some busy days ahead of you but then it’s all fun, right?? 🙂 -Bev

  14. Love all that good junk. I wish we had places like that where we live. Just have to scour the thrift shops and yard sales…….

  15. Donna,
    WoW! Looks like a great haul. I noticed the framed mesh metal screen, and have to tell you (just in case you don’t know?!). I saw on Pinterest a magnet board made from one. Glue some magnets behind some funky old things e.g., old buttons, small vintage knobs, any hardware that would work not being too heavy, and add some hooks to the frame or your new pull handles. And you would have a Yathzee, for sure!!! If I was there I would buy it from you for myself 🙂

  16. you do GOOD!! not much of that kind of yard sales around here! ( I wish!)
    have fun “playing” with all of your treasures!
    brenda 🙂

  17. The register cover pictured in your post…I purchased a couple of them a few years ago for $.10 each and still have no creative uses. I sure would welcome any suggestions/ideas.

  18. Awesome, awesome stuff!

    If I am not mistaken, the white & orange label on the green box is from King’s Transfer Van Lines (or King of the Movers) which was a company that my grandfather started around 1920! I am so curious to know!

  19. WOW!!!! Awesome finds, Donna!! Boy, I wish I lived near you!!! I’d love to be going to your Farmhouse Market!!! Have a great time and keep us posted! 🙂

  20. Donna you are one lucky girl. I’m so excited for you, I’ll just bet you were in “chippy paint heaven” drulling over those doors. They are beautiful <3 I so wish i was your neighbor, i would probably be out in your driveway everyday waiting to see what beautiful treasures you have found on your way home that day. What town are you in ? I would love to come for the "The Ole Farmhouse Vintage Market", obviously it looks like i might have missed it this year, but maybe i could come next year ( = that would make this girl very happy. I too am very excited to see what you do with some of your treasures. Have a great day.

  21. Everything here looks absolutely amazing!! I grew up in the country digging through my grandparents’ barn, shed, and chicken house. Some of my weaknesses are old metal toolboxes and glass insulators – I’m not sure what it is about those, but I can’t resist!

  22. WOW…you hit the motherlode over the weekend…go you! There’s just sooooooo much rusty, chippy, caked-on-dirt goodness in this haul, I’d be hard-pressed to pick a favourite to comment on! Man, am I ever going to pout now, knowing I can’t be at the market to pick up on some of these treasures. It just isn’t fair! Please let us know how it goes at the neighbour’s because I’m pretty certain you aren’t going to let those pallets slip past you if you can help it!

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