Funky Creation Alert – bedroom makeover Part 1

Have you finally caught on that whenever I name a new post Funky Creation Alert, it may be something wired a little differently? Yessiree… 13 eggs to a carton in Funkytown. (insert song here)

Ooooooo lala… it’s rough, but it’s cool. I like the ivory and white together.

Tip: for the indecisive like me, find chippy things that have more than one hue and your work is done! (antique white? white? antique white? white? etc)

Mmmm… yes. I like this. A little of this and that collected from my fav thrift stores. There’s some colour, but enough lightness and pretty too. (bearing in mind, my bedroom is mine alone so I don’t have to make it man-ish. Manish. Man. Ish. sp? What ev. I’m an artist not an english major)

Tip: collect over time. This little collection has been saved from a few thrift travels and different locations. It takes time to build the collection of your dreams. My goal was to tie it all in with my quilt.

Now let’s see… would this work? Well, it hides the flakey stuff so not sure…

Tip: experiment! Do you have any idea how many times I change my mind in the course of an hour? Hundreds even. Grab whatever you have on hand and play. Yes, I wish I could have gone and purchased the ultimate door etc., but utilizing what you already have forces creativity. Everytime I’m forced to do just that, something good has come of it. Even a flop is a good thing if you learn something from it.

Close your jaws, all. I have BIG plans here in the works. And you can bet they are making me giggle some. (that’s an edgy good thing)

Tip: When I’m creating something, I like to lay it out all in one place for a visual. And as my bed is a king, the lawn was the best place to do it. And then I drag it into the house to see it in that light too. (Oy that door was heavy!!) The visual is important. And the funny thing is, what I see in my head when stuff is leaning in the garage is exactly how it generally turns out. I love that.

‘scuse me while I get to work.

“doo doodoo WON’T. YOU. TAKE. ME. TO…. dooo doodoo FUNG KAY TAAAWN…”

To be continued…

P. S. Not sure I even WANT comments on this one yet… 😉

So what about you? How do you go about creating?

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12 thoughts on “Funky Creation Alert – bedroom makeover Part 1

  1. Ooooo girl! I’m totally stoked to see what you’re cooking up. Love all the tips too….and thanks for the ‘hot find’ feature! Any decision on this weeks Saturday Nite Special theme?

  2. Whew… you’re being very kind! LOL!!!

    Yes Cindy! 80% of the voters want a window treatment party, so we’ll run it!

    However, I am still encouraging ‘anything goes’ entries. Just label your post as window so window shoppers can spot you easily.

    I put up a sticky note and the button on the sidebar is now named too.

    No one is ever disincluded at a party at SNS. 🙂 See you Sat!

    FJ Donna

  3. How funny, I have a pile I’m saving on the side of my little farmhouse…that looks very similar to yours! hahaha….great minds think alike. Hubby almost took it to the dump here and I about had a fit! It is like a blank canvas waiting for art to be performed on it! Which will indeed happen soon!

  4. Lorie, the sign is going on the wall behind my son’s playroom daybed. It’ll look VERY cool there too. 🙂

    I took alot of cues from reactions here as to what to do with the sign. When it was in my bedroom, a few said it wasn’t for them but would look cool in a themed room of sorts for kids. I was sort of desiring a girly whites bedroom so I just had to find more ‘junk’ in order to make the swap.

    The bedroom is coming along, nearly ready for a reveal. I’m workin’ at it!

    FJ Donna

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