A gazillion pretty SNOW pictures! With some junk. :)

We are having some major winter weather in our region, and it. is. AMAZING.

I love a good snow storm. There’s also speculation that school may be closed on Tuesday.

So here are a few snow pictures from today, since snow days mean we head outdoors!

Except for the cat. 🙂

Caption this. 🙂

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. 🙂

Got snow?

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48 thoughts on “A gazillion pretty SNOW pictures! With some junk. :)

  1. I have had enough of the snow!! We received 24 inches in a 24 hour period. Yuck! Yes I know it is pretty but…driving in it…sucks!!!
    Your pics are fabulous for sure!! Glad someone is enjoying this stuff!! Ha!!

  2. Love your photos of the snow,, I moved down to So Florida to
    get away from all that snow but it’s sure beautiful.
    As for the Sofa.. Great Shot of your son just enjoying the
    Stop by and see the photo I posted today. My Son took it
    from his living room window.
    Nice post.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful. We are getting right now as I write this a thunder storm with lots of lightning. Really weird for Southern Indiana this time of year……been very warm here.

  4. I wish we had snow…a good snow fall is like a day of sunshine to me…I love it! Here it’s raining…and I thought are house was going to blow away last night! Have fun out there today!

  5. I love snow too, love winter, it is my favorite season and I LOVE a good snowstorm!!! Your photos are perfect and once again you make me feel good. Also loved your “shopping with your son post” and good for him [and you] buying the 30$ coat!! I hate expensive name stuff and wish people didn’t try so hard to keep up with the “names”.

  6. Beautiful! I can’t stop taking pictures of the snow, either!! Although…. today I probably can…it’s 30 below in central Alberta today and supposed to be colder tomorrow! Stay warm. And here’s to hoping about that snow day!


  7. OH MY GOSH DONNA!!! Beautiful breathtaking pictures!!! WOW!!! I really love the “joker on the couch”…he’s cute!!! I have heard of a “couch potato” but not a “couch joker”.
    Love his hat! Your picture of your shed with the mountains behind is absolutely gorgeous! That looks like a painting or a puzzle you would put together. Thanks for
    sharing all that beauty. By the way I’m with the cat, I’ll stay where it’s warm.

  8. These beautiful pictures give me snow envy! It nearly never snows in San Antonio. We have winter like y’all have summer–just enough to call it that. 🙂 Enjoy the peacefulness.

  9. Your snowy pictures really warm my heart! I too love a good snowstorm but we get very few here in North Texas. Please send some our way, and thanks for sharing.

  10. We are predicted to get snow this weekend. My husband is thrilled, it is pretty but gets in my way of building things, working on a recycle bench right now and the snow will definitely hinder that! Rats. I may have to shelve the project until I get the other one out of my studio. Love the night shot!

  11. Wonderful shots; the loveseat pic cracks me up – Cody just needs an old clunker TV on a box in front of him — and popcorn! We’ve got lots of teeny tiny flakes and COLD. Supposed to be -48C with the wind tomorrow a.m. I think it will be a hot chocolate/movie/crochet day!

  12. Hi Donna; Your pictures are stunning – I especially love the black and white one! Good for you for keeping a positive attitude about our recent weather – being from the prairies originaly it always amazes me how everything here shuts down when this happens! (schools are closed but the kids are all outside playing anyway)! Too funny~
    Have a great day!

  13. Such PRETTY pictures! We used to have a couch and loveseat similar to that! Funny that yours is outside, but I don’t judge. ;^) Were there plans for that couch?

    It was 50F degrees with thunderstorms here this morning, but supposed to get down to 15F and snow this afternoon. We’re having some crazy up & down weather here since last Spring. My daughter wants snow, of course. Keep warm Donna!

  14. CAPTION: “Hey Mom, Check out this really COOL COUCH!”

    oK… Donna, can we see some reprints of these? Perhaps Greeting Cards? (suitable for framing?) …Cause I can’t fit ‘art’ into the budget. Postcards, yeah. But ART no.

    These pictures could bring in some $$$$!


  15. Love the lamp pole!

    Yeah, we’re a bit south of you (Puyallup) and we’re still waiting for the Mother of All Storms. 2-4 inches predicted for last night. Nothing here. 1-3 inches predicted for today, a dusting, but nothing to notice. 6-18 inches predicted for the Seattle area tonight. We’re about 35 miles south and a bit east of Seattle, apparently in the Banana Belt!

    Your pics are WONderful!

  16. Oh my gosh, Donna! Do you actually have mountains in your back yard…??? Wow! They’re beautiful!!! We’re getting snow here little by little. It’ll be 40 degrees for a few days then drop down to 20. Weird weird winter so far. But we’re almost half way done, thank goodness! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  17. Beautiful pictures! We have no snow in Arkansas but we had a little last week that collected in a few places. I miss the snow. I’m from Iowa/Illinois originally and trying to get back. Too hot down here in the summer for me and I’m an outdoor gal. Where in Canada are you? I used to go to Ear Falls fishing in Ontario but looks like you must be in the west where the mountains are…gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  18. You’ve captured such beautiful photos Donna! I love your shed you have in your back yard – so great! And….you are welcome for your “junk” pieces. I thought of you when I was putting these together – glad you like them!

  19. Donna, before I got to the bottom of this page after looking at your winter pictures and many others over the last few
    days….. I wanted to write. I want to live where you live! Your pictures of your area make me feel so good inside.

  20. I’ve really enjoyed all these walks you’ve shared. I love the snow too and miss it (I live in Victoria, not to far from you but we hardly ever get snow.) That night shot really reminds me of Narnia 🙂

  21. Donna,

    I love your Funky Junk!

    Your photography (winter ones, especially) shots are beautiful! What kind of camera did you use?

    Thank you,

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