Heap of Change challenge… and we’re off!

Heap of Change Challenge / join us as we declutter our spaces from heaps of shame to award worthy change! on FunkyJunkInteriors.net

I don’t really understand why so many wait until the new year to clean and organize.

Heap of Change Challenge / photo studio before on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
It’s silly, really.

Heap of Change Challenge / photo studio before on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
There are just so many other fun things to do instead. Like go on Facebook. 

Heap of Change Challenge / photo studio before on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
I suppose that’s tough to do if you have HEAPS OF JUNK everywhere in sight though. I pity those that do. Tsk tsk… however did it get so out of hand?

Were they on Facebook too much maybe?

Heap of Change Challenge / photo studio before on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
I mean, ‘I can’t imagine’ hopping on the computer when there’s so much to do… 😀

Heap of Change Challenge / photo studio before on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Maybe it’s in order to avoid what lies ahead? Yeah. Probably.

I’m so glad I don’t fall in that category though… 

I mean, I’ve clearly kept up. Lookin’ spic ‘n span if I do say so myself!

Heap of Change Challenge / photo studio before on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Yeah. If only.

My home is no different than anyone else’s. Probably worse. You are viewing my downstairs office and storage area and photo studio downstairs. And it’s horrendous.

During Christmas, as I was sprinting from project to project, the piles just grew higher. I hired my son to organize it one day, just so there would be some pathways. He did a pretty good job with no instruction. Paths were indeed made. 

But.. sigh. There’s just too much chaos to organize. A good portion just has to go.

And this is only one area that needs me. The entire HOUSE needs this kind of treatment.

What treatment you ask?

Why, the Heap of Change Challenge treatment of course!

I showed you in THIS POST what my house can look like. And I want it back. If you want your house back too, I hope you’ll join in!

Here’s how to play…

Heap of Change Challenge / photo studio before on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
1. Pick a space. Any space. Big or small.

I suggest pick an area that you need the most.

While I would have had more fun gutting closets or dumping out junk drawers (yeah.. what a blast, what was I thinking?!), I chose my work area. Because I can’t work as is.

And unless you wish to be flooded with purging pictures until the end of time, I need a workspace to take shots of other things in between all this chaos.

2. Take a before picture of it.

Sorry, but even if you never share it, it’s a gift to you. You’ll thank me when you see it beside your after.

3. Finish the space. Yes. Finish it.

I could have suggested you just grab a garbage bag and run through the entire house. That works too. But here’s the thing with me.

I need to see progress quickly to stay motivated. And if that means I have to live with heaps of shame in every room in my house except the room I’m working on, so be it. I’m busy cleaning down there, and then getting on Facebook, so I’ll never see the rest of the mess, anyway. Right?!

4. Be ready to show your room complete, or at the very least, some good progress each Thursday, for the month of January.

Yeah, I gave you a week to make a good dent. Because if there’s no deadline, you may stay on Facebook. 🙂

Thing is, I’d like to run this Heap of Change each Thursday, for the entire month of January, for constant encouragement. So if you have some progress pictures, I’d love you to show them off!

I mean, would you like just one room clean, or 4, or maybe even more? It’s up to you!

If there’s still interest, I’ll extend the series into Feb too!

BUT… give yourself a deadline, promise? Otherwise you won’t do it!

– – – – –

5. Two ways to play:

Non bloggers:

Watch for my prompt on my Facebook page next Thursday. I’m going to introduce what we are doing, then invite you to share a picture of whatever you wish!

Your before
Your progress
Your after
Or the amount of stuff you are lugging away.

I’ll choose a few from Facebook, and share them on the blog with my own progress shots.

– – – – –


Blog about what you’re doing with the event logo. As much as you want! Then bring your link over to the blog next Thursday and link up your own progress!

You may also join in on the Facebook prompt on Thursday too! And feel free to add your links.

I’ll pick a few of yours to feature in the post or on social media too.

Who knows… maybe by month end, I can convince a sponsor or 2 that someone deserves to win a little prize for their efforts.  Lemme mull that all over a little more.

But in a nutshell, I really just want your participation so you can have your home back! That’s the REAL prize!

Heap of Change Challenge / photo studio before on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
So are you ready to work? Good! But don’t think I’m gonna leave you hangin’ here. Here’s some advice on going about this…

My method

When every room is a mess, it’s hard. One clearly needs to put things away, but when it’s chaos everywhere, there’s no where to put it. So here’s what I did to get the ball rolling.

A. Gut your room… into piles

I’ve always said that it’s better to gut a room, vs shuffle the stuff around, then fill it up with only the stuff you want back. But that’s hard to do when there isn’t enough room. So I made piles.

Dump / Thrift store / Curb / Another room  / Keep

B. Have bags and boxes nearby

You know the rule about handling something only once, right? Have your bags ready so you can fill them with your garbage and recyclable immediately. Use boxes for the rest.

C. Round up things that hold and organize

Haul out anything that can hold something. You need a place for the keepers. Worry about beauty later, this is for organization at this point.

Heap of Change Challenge / photo studio before on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
D. Deep clean. The entire room.

Floors, windows, surfaces, you name it. Get out your soap and water, cleaners and vacuum, and go to town. Do it floor to ceiling. Wipe it down and do a proper spring clean. You can do it! It’s easy with no junk around, remember?

E. Move back in.

Move what you need back in, but only what you need. This will keep your space clutter free.

And here’s the thing. Once it’s clean and sparse, you’ll be much more inclined to pretty things up. You just wait and see!

I know I’ve asked for a LOT here. But, you can do this. Your chosen space can be as big as a living room or as small as a junk drawer or as medium as a closet. It’s up to you. What do you need in order pronto? Let’s make a dent in this! Today! Now!

What’s that? You aren’t motivated?

I get it. I’ve resisted until today myself. I’ve made every excuse to not do this. But today, I just got off my chair, logged off the computer, and started. (take that, Facebook!) Once you’re in the zone… you’ll stay the course. I promise.

Oh wait… you need a little extra visual push? Sure thing…

Remember my garage?

garage 2014-3414
Dream workshop from a single car garage on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors
Dumptster found metal storage rack for reclaimed wood on FunkyJunkInteriors.net

You know you want this… 🙂

Now go make it happen!

Ready… set….

Who’s playing? Chime in with the room you think you’ll work on! Why are you choosing it? Let’s support each other in comments and DOOOOOO THIS!

– – – – –

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61 thoughts on “Heap of Change challenge… and we’re off!

  1. Wow Donna, you are brave! I love your transparency through this. My challenge is my garage and utimately my workspace. It’s in a constant state chaos. It’s where all of the extra stuff gets stuffed into from my house. My house is fairly small (1600 sq ft with 2 adults, 8 yr old, a toddler and a hundred pound Akita). A couple of extra things in any room leaves it looking cluttered. So yeah, I need this challenge. The biggest challenge though is facing my frigid garage, space heaters only heat so much! 😉 Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. I’m in and will do our storage shed, family room, and if I can convince my husband, his 20 x 24 foot workshop where Donna would love to hang out. My problem is we leave BC Saturday for Mexico returning Feb 1st…so I really need the challenge extended into February. I love the windows in your office.

  3. You’re pics made me laugh Donna, and also give myself a break! I too have a workroom that has gotten CRAZY and a basement that is about filled to the brim with stuff. It’s good to know it happens to the best of us. I’m in! My family will love it too. I’m excited to start today after work. Thanks for the pep talk. Mimi

    • How can I even choose ‘One’? My whole house is a hot mess! I’m going to start small……with my dresser. Then I will move onto my photography studio! That is a big bad job! But I have to see a little success before I can tackle such a big task. Soooo off I go. And I will post pix of my shameful mess.

  4. Hi, Donna! What a wonderful helper you are! This is a much needed series and I’m sure you’ll have lots of grateful followers. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Donna, I had started purging most of our entire whole house on December 28th 2014 Because:
    1. it desperately needed it and
    2. my hubby was home to help me!
    How did it get this bad you may ask? Well that is a long sad story in itself that I will summarize into:
    A) I had major surgery August 2012 with a bad outcome. Two year recovery period in which I had to have Intravenous Total Parenteral Nutrition (food and hydration).
    B) Had to give up my 30 year career as a nurse, 2 years after getting my Masters in Nursing.
    C) My beloved 41 year old son and best friend died of a sudden cardiac event January 2, 2013. To say the least it would have been easier to crawl into a hole and die with him,
    D) In the 15 months that followed his death we also lost my younger brother to a rare GI cancer, my mother and then my father.
    My husband worked full time plus mandatory 20 hours a week overtime. I did only the essentials. Laundry, vacuuming, washing windows sporadically, quick meal prep and a lot of grieving. I rarely left my home and things just piled up around me. These “things” started crawling up the walls and even connected at junctures to make tunnels. LOL
    What was in this collection? Oh my let’s see. Boxes of IV supplies that were left over after I stopped having Home Health Care. Boxes of Extra large clothing because I weighed over 200# and lost 100#. So I had years and closets of clothes. Some were packed into boxes or into well meaning stacks. Boxes and bags of sympathy cards, memorial wreaths, ribbons, obituaries, etc. All tucked nicely and stacked on a tunnel to look at later. Small appliances that needed to be put into their space in our barn but who cared?
    Our formula: If we have not touched, or thought about, or looked at it in the last 3 years then it had to pass the test of Do I still need it it and because? or We will donate it. or It is trash. We had extra large black trash bags for trash. Once it was in there I did not want to see it again. We had large packing boxes for the donated clothing and other items. We took the time to clean out as we went along. For instance. I had tons of linens from when my son lived with me for a while and then when my father stayed with us for a year. Some things were good and some needed another life. We took all the items out of the linen closet. Washed and dried and rearranged it with the purged linens. I do not think we will have to buy shop rags for a while as we ended up with a great bundle of reusable rags.
    Now I did take pictures of the before. I guess I just wanted to see our progress and actually see it in a photo. Now I am onto the Fixing it up stage. In my bedroom I have done all the cleaning. I am ready for painting walls ceilings, trim, some furniture and making it my heavenly retreat. A place for peaceful reflection of all the good times with my loved ones but more importantly for a celebration of the daily thankfulness for those that are here with me that have made “living” so worth it again. Thanks Donna- you are one of those people. Keep inspiring us lady. You are awesome!

    • Karen, I hope you don’t mind me chiming in here, but just wanted you to know how touched I was by your post and my heart goes out to you! I dearly hope this experience will be cathartic for you, but at the same time, I also hope you won’t put too much pressure on yourself, either, because you have been through horrible trial after horrible trial…I can’t even imagine…all of that HAS to be a shock to your system, so I hope you will go easy. And I soooooooo dearly hope things get much better and brighter for you very soon! One thing is for sure, if you can pluck up the strength to tackle this challenge after all you’ve been through, anyone can…you are truly an inspiration, Karen! Wishing you much success with this challenge and anything you set your mind to!

      • Susan, you made me read Karen’s post all over again. And you nailed it.

        Karen, you have overcome so very much. I sincerely hope this challenge gives you that perfect little hideaway you’ve been dreaming about for way too long. Is 2015 your year? Let’s make it happen!

        • Hear, hear! Let’s root very hard for Karen and hope that this is the year that brings her the bliss she deserves! And I sooooooo hope with all of my heart it does!

          And I have to say, BRAVA to you, Donna, on your brilliant transformations because I know that took a ton of hard work and that’s an understatement! Your post succinctly encapsulates how we seem to talk ourselves out of what is best for ourselves sometimes. We all do it. And now you’ve given us the inspiration to get real and get to work! Thank you! 🙂

        • Donna and Susan, Oh my ladies, your words of inspiration are amazing. Susan my body will not allow me to “over-do” it too much because I do end up either sick or just drowning in grief again. This time it was a week long sinus thing. Where does all that nose stuff come from anyway?
          Well one box of Puffs Plus (200 count) later I am ready this morning to tackle a small octagon table that is in sad shape with multiple layers of paint. I need to do this as an inspiration for the next step of the challenge. I am hoping that some of Donna’s DIY Chalk Paint will be the base coat needed to turn this Sad Sally into A Shining Susan (get it). 🙂 Pictures to follow. As always love and thanks for your inspiration. Your designs and love of the work you do is what I love! It is going to be nice in Indiana today for a few hours. How about where YOU are? Hope there is sunshine in your world today. Karen

    • Wow, Karen, it is amazing that you can go on. People are resilient, though, and you are proof. I find that the most difficult part of going through things is the “idle” thinking. I can make decisions about what to do with things, but the thoughts that I have around that are difficult. I think about the losses I’ve had this year, and it makes me sad…sometimes too sad to continue, so I go to the computer to not think deeply for a little while. But, I, like you have, will get through the rooms and things I must tackle. We rent, so I won’t be doing much in the way of altering walls and floors, but we will be sprucing up what we can. Thank you for letting me know that even I can get through it.

    • Wow, thank you for sharing your story.
      I just wanted to send you a message to say Thank you, and to say that I completely get how things build up, become so overwhelming, to the point that you become embarrassed, isolate yourself from the outside world, and cannot see a way to improve it, so just avoid it and continue to put it off.
      I have been feeling like this for 17 months! Today I came across this blog and for the first time in those 17 months I do not feel alone. I have wanted to complete the clean up using the Kondo method, but felt too overwhelmed, and being able to go through this together in small chunks will be a huge help.

      Anyway I just wanted to say, you are not alone, and together we can achieve this, one step at a time.
      Even if we only manage to do a small chunk a week, they all add up!
      Keep it going!

  6. All my rooms in my house are organized.. I’m one of those people that “everything has it’s place”…..except my garage… I organized, rearranged several times and need to redo it again once it gets warmer out..It is -1 degrees here in Pa. and my garage is not attached and has no heat.. so therefore this challenge will have to wait for me..lol

  7. You have inspired me in so many ways. One by using my ironing board at the front door for “entrance” that we don’t have. But I don’t know what to put on the ironing board. Also, I don’t have a mudroom but tried to make a wall like you did and named it things about us. However, it has turned into a wall about me really. But they neither one look as good as yours. Was wondering if there was a way I could send you pics of them and you tell me what else I need to do. I love your ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I loved this post! I had to laugh at the pics and showing them to my hubby made him realize how good he really does have it, when he complains about my ‘piles of crap’ everywhere!

  9. Donna,
    I am all in you can see my space on instagrm #CraftySpaceRevolution a few of us starting working on a Saturday and sharing our fun. Doing it together seems less daunting even if it virtually. I started my plan and as life would have it my Mom was hospitalized. Reroute Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years because we all know our family comes first. I am now back on track to finish Dancing in My Craft room. Thanks for being a willing partner. I look forward to all our progress next Thursday!
    Happy Creating a great space,
    Karen Marie

  10. Thank you, Donna! So thorough and so transparent. Thanks for the support. I have 3 hot mess spaces (laundry room, bedroom and garage). I’ll start with bedroom and take a photo before I start. I was planning on doing this today, anyway, instead of work. So it’s nice to have comrades.

  11. I’m starting in my living room – Christmas has come and gone…but not according to my living room. Thanks for the pictures, makes me not feel quite so bad…lol

  12. great idea in principle but I know from bitter experience that this is just too much for me to handle. So I’m going to be getting rid of 10 things a day for 100 days instead – that is bite sized decluttering and it seems to be working for me. I’ve been amazed at how liberating I have found it. And, having told me parents about the idea, they are doing the same thing and constantly asking me whether I’ve done my 10 for the day so that keeps me on the straight and narrow.

  13. I am all over this! Already started in my sewing room! Thanks for doing this challenge for the month! I have a lot to clean out! Time to get off the computer and get back to it!

  14. Wow! What a great post. And I Always love your pics because they are so real and not just ‘prettied’ up. Real life….like the rest of us out here. Even the cats are in on it. Love the cats.
    Thanks for this and for letting us know that even you stay on the computer too long. Reading blogs and YouTube is my quicksand…..where do the hours go? And the laundry, vacuuming, and everything else is still waiting when I log off.
    I’d love it if you would extend this into February because I want to go through every room in my little duplex. I have all this ‘stuff’. Much I don’t even know is there so it doesn’t get utilized. (I think Someone needs to make up a Household Inventory that we could fill out as we go with catagories like Linens, Crafts, etc. so we could just look through it and use these items)
    I am starting with my bedroom which has to double as office space as well. By getting some order and visual peace it will help a lot.
    Soooooo, since it impossible to purge this space it seems the best thing to do is work on one side of the room at a time and do the middle last. Getting it done by the end of the week allotted is .And…..everyone else is doing this, too. Won’t feel so lonely.
    By the way, I can’t send pics at this point because, even though someone ‘gifted’ me with an awesome new Nikon camera…. but I’m sacred of it…that is another goal for January and February….do you have any good photo posts for people taking baby steps?

    • Joan, I most certainly do have a suggestion.

      For the short term, you may wish to just use automatic until you learn your settings.

      But then look into the Shoot Fly Shoot courses. They start from the very beginning of DSLR learning. The first class was a little too beginner for me, which makes it PERFECT for a newbie!

      I have a link right on my sidebar blog that will take you there. I highly recommend them!

      Please know, that link is an affiliate link, so if you purchase through it, you’re helping to support my blog. Thank-you if you do! 🙂

  15. I can soo relate. I seem to be the most unorganized person around so I think this challenge will be good for me. Thanks for the motivational push.

  16. I’m going to do my office/art studio. It’s been two years since I’ve done an art show, mostly because I don’t have any room in here to paint/collage. Thanks for the challenge, Donna!

  17. I’m moving from a 2,800 sq ft home to 500 sq ft trailer, AND sorting through 20 plus years of raising kids AND doing it by myself, so I’m using this challenge to stay upbeat and motivated! Got rid of a lot last summer, now for the rest! Starting in the dining room, with the dreaded piles of paperwork b/c that’s my least favorite thing to do.

  18. I’m so in on the challenge. First I have to take down the Christmas tree, we had our major family celebration last weekend since one of my sisters couldn’t come at Christmas. Then its out to my garage to get control of the piles out there. I had started on it before Christmas, but ended up put a lot of the tubs and junk back in it when I discovered the family was coming to my house for a meal. After the garage I head off to the sun porch and then the guest bedroom. All of these rooms are full of tubs and boxes from when I moved into the house a year ago! I know my perfectionist Martha Stuart like sister just rolled her eyes when she saw that I hadn’t done much to any of the rooms since she was there in August. In my defense, I work 60-70 hours a week and am tired when I get home. I however am also fed up with living in chaos and want my rooms to look finished instead of piles and tubs. So I’ll definitely will be sending pictures of before and after. I’m ALL IN 🙂

  19. I gave up facebook because I spent too much time on it and I didn’t like the tone of what was going on. I am trying to motivate myself to switch bedrooms on the first floor – we are taking the larger room back and making the smaller one into a den. We are having an energy audit on Saturday but after that watch out, the paint brushes will be humming. Thanks for the inspiration and for the kitties.

  20. Donna, you have just inspired me to get my basement in order. I want to use the space for my chalk painting and “junk”projects. I don’t have any tools yet – because I’m afraid I’d lose them in the mess.
    I’m typically organized however somehow this space has escaped me.
    So…..enough with the excuses and I’m jumping in “Heal of Change” Challenge -pictures and all !! Boo hoo to Woo hoo here I come !!!

  21. OMG, where to start. I have 2 days off after non-stop work over the holidays. I have been doing mini ‘to do lists’, and have knocked off small heaps. There’s HAVE to do, NEED to do, and Want to do. My art area and office area need the most organizing, so I will do that first, but after I take the tree down, put the xmas decorations away, and so on. hahaha! There’s a special kind of ADD for cleaning house, I’m sure.

  22. I had every hope of doing this challenge but I know I can not complete it in January or even February. We just called hospice for my Mom and she will be my focus.

    I sincerely hope you will do another challenge as I have a downstairs office so cluttered it has lost it’s original purpose! And in the better/warmer weather I would like to tackle my detached garage which has become an additional storage space.

    Good luck to everyone with their challenges. This is such a great idea. I will definitely check in on the progress.

    • Elaine, I am jumping here to extend my hope that everything goes smoothly with your mother’s journey in Hospice. Just having had both parents and my younger brother in Hospice in one year I can tell share that their support for the patient as well as each individual family member from age six to 66 was amazing. Their staff spoiled my parents and allowed my brother a trip to the East Coast that he only had dreamed of before. Anyway, best of luck! A huge ((((HUG)))) and lots of love from someone who understands!
      Perhaps Donna would consider another Purging for 2016. NOT that any of us will need it 🙂 Karen

      • Thank you Karen. So sweet of you to comment. And I am sorry for all the losses you experienced.

        I wish everyone heaps of luck with the challenge. I am going to love seeing all the decluttered rooms!

  23. I’m IN! I’ve got 2 spaces…basement and garage! Hmmm….which one first?! Thanks for this motivational challenge!
    But to be honest, I’m really wishing that HDTV would just come and “pimp my garage” and make an awesome workshop for me to work in!! Pfft….yea right! LOL

    Thanks Donna!

  24. Hey Donna and all of you brave women tackling the clutter demons,
    I’ll be watching and cheering from the southern hemisphere!
    Just had bilateral hand surgery, so the clutter clearing will be off the list for a month or so! But I’ll be hot on your tracks as soon as both hands are fully functional.
    Looking forward to seeing how you all go. 🙂
    And remember “Life is what happens whilst you’re busy making other plans and clutter is what happens whilst you’re busy dealing with life!”
    Best of luck to you all!

  25. I just read this post and I am in, even if it’s a few days late. I have been taking care of sick parents, but will be able to put in an a few hours a day, I hope, to start this challenge. I am going to start today in my living room where all of the Christmas decorations are piled from the house and my antique booths. Going to take pictures now, and post them on my blog. Thanks so much for the kick in the fanny to get started. I typically work so randomly around the house, this time I will try it one room at a time.

  26. I am in! As I commented previously, I purged last month but was still left with a few problem areas; my utility room being the worse. Busy schedule this week but I know I can at least get “before” pics, gather boxes and other storage (or get rid of) containers, and sort through the blankets and sheets. That alone is going to be huge for me. YAY! First time participating in something like this! I am excited!

  27. I don’t exactly have a commotion going on in my rooms. What I do have is a studio space that has a bunch of stuff that we just don’t use any more and a bedroom/dressing area that has boxes of decorating items that have not been used since our move about 4 years ago. So, the studio space: We have already started going through it looking for things that we are not interested in doing any more. The boxes are being stacked IN FRONT OF boxes we have to go through, so I think when we clear out some space from the first wall, the things to go will be stacked there. We started in one area and will be following the wall all the way around. I think that will be best. The bedroom/dressing room: We were told not to put nails in the walls when we moved in, so our decor stayed in boxes. We were hoping this would be a more temporary housing situation, but my wife has been unable to find a permanent full-time teaching position. We are willing to move practically anywhere east of the Mississippi. She has put out over 200 applications, has had 4 interviews and no offers in 4 years. She is working as an adjunct professor at two community colleges. It is two, because of the Affordable Care Act, which is a very good program, she can only work so many “contact hours” at each college before she is considered full-time and must be given full-time pay and benefits. And, the colleges don’t have much incentive to hire full-time teachers while adjuncts cost so much less. So…I have decided that we will be clearing out our house AS IF we were moving on. I want the belongings we keep to serve our needs. Needless to say, the decor we used at the old house is not serving us in this house, and much of it needs to go. First, the things are in boxes, and second, they don’t work with this house. We will look at each and every piece critically. It is finally time. In a few months, we will have a yard sale. The purpose of the background that I told about above is this: We have to believe that by clearing out and getting rid of some stuff, we will be allowing other changes to move in, like a new job for my wife and a new life elsewhere. Our move will be lighter and less complicated than it could be if we moved right now. So, here’s to all of us…{cheers}

  28. Is it too late to jump in??

    I have a really bad section of my basement and this could give me weekly deadlines to have to meet, even though I only have a couple weeks left to this month. Being held accountable will help progress move along as well as dangling a carrot of possible prizes makes the challenge even harder to resist.

  29. Okay Donna, that garage of yours got me excited!!!
    I WANT organization in my pantry, because right now it looks like an earthquake and then a tornado happened in there and it’s not pretty.
    I’m going to take pics tomorrow and do a blog post! I’m super excited about this!

    Wish me Luck!

  30. I’ve already started on my side entrance with Serena’s Challenge, but if you’re okay with it, I’ll join up with you too. I figure double the motivation might mean I’ll get it done! It’s where I always come in and where my guests do too and there hasn’t been anything welcoming about it. No place to put coats or hats & gloves or even my keys. Sigh…

  31. Wow! Thanks, I love this post! I have seen so many ‘how to’ organize posts, but this one really inspired me! The pics of your projects (and Karen’s comment) nailed it. I have set a goal and am on a MISSION! I hope you will continue the challenge into February, I would like to participate. Thanks again for your post…your HEAP OF CHANGE is my heap of hope!

  32. OK I am as ready as I’ll ever be. Knowing that many of your followers will be going through the same thing kind of makes me feel better, and they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So I won’t be ashamed to post them. My project will be my sewing room. Wish me luck and happy organizing fellow junkers!!!

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