Vintage glass creamers for organizing screws

Vintage glass creamers for organizing screws in a mini workshop on a shelf /
It’s been a LONG time since I stepped foot into a thrift store. 

But, I was craving for ‘new junk blood’, so on my way back home from an appointment, I swerved into a thrift store parking lot to see if anything spoke to me.

As usual, I was about to exit the doors empty handed, when I walked by a bunch of vintage, clear glass creamers.

Vintage glass creamers for organizing screws /
There were a fair amount, and by themselves, they would have held no interest for me. But as a group…. hmmm

So I picked up just the ones I liked, and head out with something new! Finally!

Vintage glass creamers for organizing screws /
Giddy with my new purchase, they were washed, then set on the window sill. 

And there they sat. For a good long week. I just couldn’t come up with a use for them right off the bat. 

So today, I picked them up, and carried them into each room.

“What can you do…”

Ending up downstairs in my paint studio, I was at a loss. Sheesh.

But once they were huddled together on my worktable, I noticed their varying heights.

This could be a very handy visual aid of sizing something….

Vintage glass creamers for organizing screws /

sleeping tuxedo cat watching over some craft stencils /
{ All this excitement is wearing me out…}

“I’ll try and be quiet, Skye. You just rest up.”

Vintage glass creamers for organizing screws /

Perfect! In every way! They were about to become screw organizers for my little indoor work station!

So, I needed to make them a home.

old table top turned tool shelf organizer
Remember my old table top paint studio organizer you saw HERE?

Well, I decided to dedicate it to the screws and drill.

KonMari would not be happy with me. She thinks we should only have ONE place for certain things to avoid overload.

I’d say she’s absolutely right! 

But since I build indoors AND out, I’m always carting my tools all over the land, so they’re always in the wrong place right when you need them. I really need two tool stations with a mini one indoors.

“I mean, KonMari, you have no idea how much stuff I have to trip over on the way to the workshop! With a loaded cordless drill in hand, I’m liable to kill myself!” 

I obviously have a little tidying themed night reading yet to do…

building a mini workshop on a shelf with a makita drill / funky junk interiors
Anyway, one little pallet plank cut to size sealed the deal for an extra shelf. It was screwed (affiliate link) to the table top from the outside, and all was well.

vintage muffin tin tool organizer funky junk interiors

And then I got all fancy. This vintage muffin tin wasn’t doing anything special, so it got sorted from the junk bowl.
oil funnel string dispenser antique tools funky junk interiors

Remember my rusty tool themed work station? The funnel string dispenser was revitalized once again. This time to stay.

Vintage glass creamers for organizing screws in a mini workshop on a shelf /

Vintage glass creamers for organizing screws in a mini workshop on a shelf /
A simple workshop on a shelf! It’s perfect! 

I love the creamers for screws, because you can see what’s inside, and you can bring them with you.

s m l xl xxl. All in order. Now my mason jars filled with screws can go back into my pallet organizer in the workshop!

Vintage glass creamers for organizing screws in a mini workshop on a shelf /

These little vintage glass creamers for organizing screws are just perfect!

sleeping tuxedo cat in the sun /

Dreams the other overtired CEO…

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12 thoughts on “Vintage glass creamers for organizing screws

  1. What a cool idea Donna. The glass does make it easy to see what’s inside and the style adds new dimension to your storage. A little bit of classy glass with woodsy rustic! Love it and love Skye resting on your stencil. He’s probably thinking okay, when do we wrap up? I think it’s lunch time somewhere. Thanks. I really enjoyed it!

  2. I’m like KonMari and You. I too believe same things need a same home but…..sometimes there needs to be two homes for good reason… your reason. A small example for me would be scissors and umbrellas….I have many in different homes because of my needs. Scissors – gotta have a pair in the kitchen, at my desk, in my garage at my work station, in my storage room, where the wrapping paper isetc. I got very tired of having to run back and forth to my desk for a pair of scissors when my need was to have them in so many places. Umbrellas well again I prefer many – a couple in my house, a couple in my car, a couple at my workplace. If it starts to rain while I’m inside and my umbrellas are outside in the car…yuck….and visa versa. And I keep a couple for two reasons….in case I carted one off and didn’t get it back to its home right away or more so if a friend needs ones. As far as your creamers, love them adding a feminine touch to your organizing, as well as the benefit of them traveling with you. I so believe in bins of things for that reason….that I can pick up and it go with me. Another score on your part!

  3. Love this work station and the variety of vintage glass with the wood is awesome. Next week I’m going to take some time to enjoy the quiet of an empty nest and see where my creativity takes me. Feeling the need to create something, this was inspiring.

  4. Perfect! The creamers are a delight to look at and use as you create your projects. Marie Kondo may not approve but you need that second work station. She doesn’t live in the Canadian climate where running outside to your main workshop in the less hospitable seasons is not always a treat. When you need to create, you NEED to create!! Well done!



  6. What a wonderful “girly” idea! (eat your heart out tool men) Now you have a “vintage” mini workshop too!

  7. I love your ideas! You have inspired me! I am working on my craft and sewing, drawing, art space. I go to Thrift stores and buy interesting containers. I have something in mind when I go. Some things I pass by, then go back on double discount days and see if the things I was not sure about are still there, if I still like them I get them. I Kinda let fate play a part in some purchases. 🙂 Great suggestions!

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