How to decorate a bedroom… with messy linens

I love coming up with new ways to decorate the bedroom,, and this last idea came by accident. I was putting away scrap linens having tossed them on my bed when a brainstorm hit. Which also turned into a new headboard look as well.

You can easily have this look if you collect linens and white sheets. Here’s how!

This is really easy. Place various linens you love loosely all over a like minded quit top. 

A warning to the cat was unnecessary… she just rolled with it. Literally.

This is what you’ll be left with. Waves and waves of white lacy things.

Left: A random teal sheet was thrown across the bed for a crumply top sheet look.

Right: I stuffed white sheets in between the two mattresses so the look could travel right down to the floor.

The horse gate headboard received a freshened up summer  tweaking as well. 

The plants are faux this round for a care free garden feel.

The barbed wire wreath is a fun element that I assure you, is out of harm’s way.  It’s hung up to the far right, making standing mandatory to reach it.

The sweater was hung for added softness, colour and fun!

Without the sweater.

And with.

A saw horse at the foot of the bed was the perfect companion to the gate.

I love the ever evolving look this bedroom is taking on. I say yank out your archived linens and see what you can come up with… for free!

Some of you have requested to see a ‘neat look’. I’ll do that one day… as soon as I land the proper sized bedding. This is just a fun way to cheat when you work with odds and sods that really don’t fit your bed. 🙂

Other looks:


‘The White Trash Bedroom’ 

navy/red horse gate headboard look

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29 thoughts on “How to decorate a bedroom… with messy linens

  1. I always wondered how the magazines got that “just got out of bed look” that I LOVE so much. It’s wonderful. I have a question though … I have a VERY similar cat to your lil one and wonder how you keep the black hair from getting all over your white sheets? I have white sheets as well which my lil guy loves to hide in and it seems like I rubbed my sheets in black fur. Maybe he just needs to be brushed 3 times a day, lol. LOVE your bedroom. Thank you for sharing : )
    ~ Deanna

  2. I’m gonna need to know where you found or how you made the tray on the bed in the last two photos!
    I love the look of the navy/red horse bed! Adds just the right amount of color and still has that messy element!

  3. It’s fun seeing your bedroom evolve. I’ve actually done this with various linens, and spreads. I love the messy look. It’s much more inviting. I like the soft blues mixed in, and of course the weathered wood.

  4. I love your bedroom & everything that you do. Please do not do a ‘neat’ bed. You will make me feel guilty! 🙂

    Thank you!!!

  5. This is my first time I comment here on your blog and I regret for not commenting sooner. You’ve got talent!
    I love the soft blue colours in the pictures, and your headboard! Oh and I don’t feel so guilty anymore for not having my bed made up every morning. 😉

  6. Lucious and so comfy-looking. Donna, quick question–your background wall – Is it all wood or part wood strips and sheetrock? I like the look.

  7. Azalee, my cat, would never get herself out of this bed. She loves to roll up in fresh linens. My husband and I like the feel of piles of heavy quilts – we have to turn the air conditioner way down in the summer. I am going to try this look in the guest room if I can throw the critters out. I love how you keep reassuring me about that barbed wire hanging on the headboard!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  8. Crazy here too. Crazy for that bedroom. I.H.A.V.E. G.O.T. T.O. FIGURE OUT HOW I CAN DO THIS WITH MY BED FRAME! I don’t have the boxspring kind of bed and I am forever trying to figure out how to get the bedskirt look anyway.
    Thanks for the added inspiration and motivation.

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