Industrial chic! That’s what I think it is!

Oh my gosh. I think I know what my decorating style is! Finally!

What is industrial chic?

 Margo from Margo’s Junkin’ Journal  says:

“My take on it is anything vintage factory, transit, manufacturing, medical or school related. I’m sure there are more words that can fit, but as you know pictures speak a thousand words.”

So here’s my own take on industrial chic…

Outdoor workhorses and ladders come on inside.

The top of the desk has industrial sized bolts holding it together. (just an illusion… the bolts sit inside drilled holes)

 Complete with rusty old gears for office helps.

(palette desk link HERE)

Those gears land everywhere around here.

Stairs appear to be built from crate remnants from factories long diminished.

 Simple industrial steel rods cut to size are made into rails.

(crate stair link HERE)

(building of the steel rails HERE)

Tools and such are displayed in…


an old factory palette turned TV stand of course!

(palette TV stand link HERE)

 I’m not entirely sure if my fireplace falls under this category, but to me the oversized metal components look a little industrial, like they came off some big oversized antique pizza oven or something.

(fireplace link HERE)

 Heavy gauge sheet metal was fabricated into an island top… that looks somewhat industrial.

(kitchen island link is HERE)

Um… yeah, I’d def say these whatever they ares fit right in. They’re auto parts.

(how to vignette with junk HERE)

I’m even currently holding an industrial chic giveaway. How about that!

(enter HERE)

 Oh my GOSH my house is weird! 🙂

I’m linking up to Margo’s Industrial Chic party.
Join in HERE!
 Do you have a style you can’t quite pinpoint either? 

What’s it called to you?

What would you call my style?

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27 thoughts on “Industrial chic! That’s what I think it is!

  1. I LOVE the stairs! I think it all looks great! I am the only female in a house of men and your ideas have inspired me to compromise “girly deco” in exchange for funky junk. I think everyone will be happy 🙂

  2. Yep, definitely industrial chic! …I could have told you that if you had asked me ;P.

    I like to call my style Vintage Chic…a bit of shabby chic, french country, granny chic with a little bit of retro thrown in the mix 🙂 (But I do have a thing for numberplates so that might almost come under industrial…just…)
    xx Karen

  3. Yes, definitely Industrial Chic! I started following you about 6 weeks ago and you are a true inspiration. I just watched the stair rail video…too funny! I’ve piddled with some woodworking etc but I’d like to do more. Any suggestions on a better style of couch…I so hate the fully upholstered look!

  4. Oh Industrial chic suits very well… Here in Norway Industrial vintage style is very hot… and expensive! Love your blog! Great source of inspiration for homemade industrial chic! I love the gears…
    My style is the something like a coatstal skandinavian vintage repurposed low budget style 😉

  5. You know what?
    I like that you are industrial chic.
    I like that you just do what you do.
    I have grown up around where you live and living the status quo, is HUGE.

    Thank you for being your authentic self. Thank you for being adventurous enough to break out of the mold.


  6. I think that’s the perfect description of your style, but you need to add something to the effect of “homey” or “cozy.” “Cozy Industrial Chic” would be more accurate. Have you seen this salvaged wood coffee table from Restoration Hardware? I think you could totally rock it with palettes like your computer table…

  7. Oh yes industrial chic is so you!

    I am definitely eclectic… even my husband says so! I love old steamer trunks, old wood, leather, natural fibres printed in bold colors, old books, and chrome. So whatever you call that, its what I am or rather what we are! LOL

  8. Industrial Chic- you’re chic! Your house is chic! Even your little doggie is chic!! I love all the details in your home- it’s beautiful!

  9. ‘Industrial Chic’ is YOU! Perfectly named.

    I always laugh remembering my aunt calling her dated 60’s/70’s/80’s decor “Early Canadian Hodge-Podge”. 🙂

  10. Donna I love what you have done to the auto parts. You came into my mind the other day, I was a a Junk Yard the other day and I saw a maga large ‘ranch’ that looked like a tool used for a shipping boat! It was atleast 3feet long. I was too scared to ask the yard man AKA ‘how much???’

  11. WOW….Donna your home is STUNNING….I’m just GOBSMACKED….Your table, stairs & TV table have me drooling Homer style….!!

    LOVE your take on Industrial Chic….!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  12. I love it all, I’m a sucker for gears and you’ve got em. Love that desk set up in the first set of pics. It’s all great, thanks for coming to my party.

  13. I always enjoy visits inside your home. There is so much I love about the elements you have used to create your industrial chic look, but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be the stairs…they are too cool.

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