Instagram Update #4 – Christmas, work and food

Instagram Update #4, Christmas, work and food via Funky Junk Interiors

Hey friends! How goes the battle with all things Christmas prep these days? Overwhelmed?

Instagram Update #4, Christmas, work and food via Funky Junk Interiors

1. Yeah, me too. My entire house has looked like this for a good solid 2 weeks now. My exasperated son informed me he had no where to sit and eat his breakfast one morning. I do believe he stood that day…  

2. Nature teamed with vintage junk, a dash of red, and spent hydrangeas are this year’s Christmas theme. It’s looking cool. Now, please oh please sunshine, come into my home so I can take some decent shots. Please?

3. I adore those folding rulers as stars. I really do.

4. The stair project is pretty much complete. It felt so good to finally sweep up after the big event… and remove my shoes again.

Instagram Update #4, Christmas, work and food via Funky Junk Interiors

5. A glimpse into a recent dayjob project. Gets mighty tricky designing something for those roll up doors on firetrucks, but there’s always a way. 

6. A good 5 Guys event is always a treat when you’re on the run. We went there again. I don’t think I’ve EVER completely finished one of their burgers. You know that feeling where you’re starving, but the last two bites would just make you die?

7. Having a little fun at the dayjob. I wrap my burnishing tool (squeegie) with a soft cloth so I don’t scratch thick vinyl stripes. I tend to leave my ‘ghosts’ all over the bays so I decided to make this one official.

8. I adore Friday nights, when my son is in basketball practice. This is when I take my laptop into Starbucks for a good write and a delicious indulge. My current fav is the eggnog latte but I’m going to ask for whipping cream on it next time. You just NEED the whip cream. Vente please. I’m a hard workin’ writer after all. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Instagram Update #4 – Christmas, work and food

  1. I would have to disagree on your level of debris. Unfortunately, you haven’t seen junk til you’ve visited my craft room! But I figure creativity comes from total mayhem. Keep up all the great “junk”! Cheers.

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