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This day started just like any other day. My freshly brewed hot coffee joined me for my morning browse online.
Spam / delete.
Spam  / delete.
Oh… now there’s a nice comment!
Spam / delete.
Hmmm… this one doesn’t look like spam… Click…”

BlogPodium, a blogging conference in Toronto, Canada

“Hi Donna,

I don’t think our paths have ever crossed but I’m a big fan of your blog. Your projects and personal story are inspiring.

(People are SO KIND!)

I wanted to reach out to you about BlogPodium, the conference I created for Canada’s design and lifestyle bloggers.

(Wait… there’s a blog conference in Canada?)

Now in our fourth year, our next conference will be happening on Saturday, September 13, 2014 in Toronto 

(Fourth year? TORONTO!!! How did I not know this?!)

and I would love to have you as one of our Keynote Speakers.


Past keynote speakers have included Nicole at Making It Lovely and Sarah Richardson

(Are you kidding me? How did I fall into this category?)

and when I asked attendees who they’d like to hear from at this year’s conference, one main recommendation was you. 

(What?! Speechless…)

It would be fantastic if you graced our stage this year.

As one of Canada’s most successful bloggers, 

(I read that line about 80 times)

Your consistent risk taking, belief in yourself, and excellence in blogging is a story I know will inspire our attendees.

I’d love to bring you to this side of Canada 🙂

Jen” (from The Rambling Renovators)


I sat for about 30 seconds digesting the words and request. Disbelief and gratitude overwhelmed me.

You know that feeling you get when you question if you’re taking your life on the right course? This email diminished that doubt in an instant.

I was just gifted with another amazing opportunity to share my own dramatic life change, and how others can also change theirs, through their God given talents and personal passion. I will get to share blog secrets, how I continued to LOVE blogging through a changing blog world, and so much more.

And I would get to meet more bloggers I’ve only dreamed about meeting!

And take in Toronto!!

So I did the only thing I could…

Keynote speaker, BlogPodium, Toronto, Me? Yes! - my next adventure to a Canadian blog conference via


Keynote speaker, BlogPodium, Toronto, Me? Yes!

Now you know what a keynote is, right? You help set the tone for the conference. You say your own thing, but you capture the essence of the entire weekend. Why are we here? What brought us to this point? And how do we move forward in meaningful ways?

And how on earth did I ever get to land on a stage at BlogPodium?! I’ll let you know as soon as I figure that one out! 😀

I’m just sooooo grateful I get to share what’s on my heart in a whole new way!

Fairmont Royal York in Toronto-001

Photo courtesy of Fairmont Royal York


And then I checked out where the the conference will be held. The Fairmont Royal York is jaw dropping amazing! LOVE a little history in the mix and this hotel does it.

Fairmont Royal York in Toronto

Photo courtesy of Fairmont Royal York


Additionally, doesn’t this scene make you a little giddy for more? What’s to see and discover while in Toronto? With my curious mind at work, you KNOW I’ll be taking in that CN tower at the very least! 

What brings me even more pleasure is the fact that my camera will be hard at work, capturing a beautiful city. If you’ve ever been curious about this area, you’re about to experience Toronto (and possibly more) in full colour! Giddy!

I love this. No, I LOVE THIS!

I just want to say I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS all day long!


And yea, it goes without saying, if you are a blogger and would love to experience a one day blog conference in Toronto, click here for details. Because I would LOVE it if you’d join me! All of us! Come and play and learn and travel and be inspired!

Thank-you Jennifer, for including this west coast blogger into your mix. I cannot WAIT to step onto that plane in September and fire up this new adventure…

BlogPodium Website

BlogPodium Blog announcement

Sign Up!

Call out for speakers

Rambling Renovators Home Tour
And then there’s Jen and her amazing home….


So… what do you suggest I see when visiting this area? I can’t wait to get lost all over again… 😀

Read the entire Blogpodium series HERE.


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35 thoughts on “Keynote speaker, BlogPodium, Toronto, Me? Yes! – 1

  1. This is so exciting. I live in Canada and have never heard of this before now either.
    Congrats on this great honor. I would love to be there…Something to think about!

  2. Congratulations! I’m sure it will be loads of fun and I know you will find just the right things to talk about.

  3. there is the Castle in Toronto, can’t remember whose it is or whuy its there, but our kids went to it in 2000 and still talk about it. make sure you get down to the caribbean section of town too. jerk chicken, beef, goat, whatever. and say hi to yonge street for me, its been a few decades since i’ve seen its eclectic venues – from uber fashion fancy to grunged out nowhere. and have fun. and know i’m praying for you. don’t forget to pack your wings……

  4. Wow! i could feel your excitement just reading your post!

    Congratulations Donna! well deserved.
    have a blast! and knock ’em dead!

  5. Why wouldn’t they want YOU! Your story started before blogging, and that was obviously recognized. Blogging is sort of the frosting to your story. Secretly I think they picked you cuz you have great hair.

  6. I’m so excited for you Donna. Your a genuine Canadian treasure. Enjoy every minute. I recommend The Hockey Hall of Fame for a visit.

  7. I’m so glad you said YES! I can’t think of a better person to speak at BlogPodium – you are an inspiration. Thanks for the kind words Donna!

  8. A huge WOOOO HOOOO DONNA!!! I am SO thrilled with and for you!!! I was in Toronto once… I was 16 or so and completely blown away. WONDERFUL city and people. Congratulations again!
    ~ Christina

  9. So proud for you! You’ve worked very hard and of course great things are going to continually come your way!!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS!! It’s no less than you deserve! 😀
    You’ve inspired SO many of us with your blogs, ‘funky junk’, and personal stories that this was bound to happen…and it’s just the beginning 🙂

    Now, if we could just convince you to come back again to Ontario to do a workshop or two…
    (Pretty please??)


  11. That’s just Fabulous Donna!

    I know you’ll have a great time and so will everyone around you. You have a marvelous sense of fun. 😀

  12. Woot woot! That’s amazing news, Donna! I know Jen and Rambling Renovators and she is just fabulous; it only makes sense that wonderful you would join the ranks of BlogPodium.

    I haven’t decided if I can make the trek to Toronto this year, but if I can… I can’t wait to hear your presentation!

  13. Aaw, I’m getting a little teary eyed! I’m so excited for you. God’s using you in a big way. You deserve this great honor and opportunity! I know you will be an inspiration to the group there and it will be so fun for you to meet up with all the other bloggers. I’m sure you will have a blast exploring and sharing a new city with all of us that can’t be there. Congratulations, Donna!


  14. Donna, that is sooooooooo exciting! Of course everyone wants you there as keynote speaker – your blog is just the best. AND we all feel that we know you personally …..and it feels like you know us personally. GOOD FRIENDS cheering for you. Enjoy! Mardy.

  15. OMG!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS, too!!!!
    Congratulations, Donna!!!!
    You are the best, yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!

    I will be sending you an email, I guess the last one I sent ended up being deleted as spam!

    Enjoy this wonderful time of your life!!!!
    You deserve it!

  16. May I suggest that you check out The Elegant Garage Sale on Mount Pleasant, south of Eglinton when you are in Toronto. They’ve got a website. From this ex Torontonian’s point of view, skip the CN tower and go to Toronto Island for a picnic. Better yet, go to Niagara-on-the-lake, Niagara falls, or, closer to Toronto, Kleinburg.

    Do you use Trip Advisor? Lots of good info there.

    What every you choose, have a great visit.

  17. Oh my goodness, Donna! What an incredible opportunity for you! I really have to see about making it this year, it’s been rolling around in my head, but haven’t committed. I’m from Toronto, it is a beautiful city and you will really love your time there! Recommendations on what to see? Where would I start?? lol How exciting, I’m so happy for you!
    Debbie 🙂

  18. CONGRATS!!! So proud of you! I am very excited to see you in TO this September! I was considering going this year…but was waiting (not sure what for). Now I KNOW I will go…and make a birthday trip out of it!
    Hope you have a great time in TO…perhaps you could check out the junk shops on Queen west…or the Beaches district in the East end.
    Its all good…Especially in sept! Patios are still hopping and the nights are cool.

  19. Hi Donna

    I’m so excited to be attending my first blog conference. And super excited that you will be a keynote speaker!! Been a fan of your work and your journey for a long time and can’t wait to see/meet you in person!

  20. Donna,

    Congratulations! I can’t think of any other blogger that I would rather hear from than you! I keep watching to see if you’re coming to Oklahoma. Wish I could be in Toronto!! You’ll do great!


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