Last minute staging for a friend and a story.

Yesterday, instead of baking and wrapping presents, I went to help some dear friends set up their house for Christmas.

I’ve been working on a biggish project behind the scenes. I approached a friend in the summer and asked if she’d be interested if I did a quick stage for her home for a portfolio piece. Much MUCH more than anticipated has transpired since! Once the bug bit of a much desired pending transformation, she got serious and her family have been VERY busy, under my guidance, in creating a totally new look!

An old enamelware bowl becomes the perfect backdrop for festive goodness

Rooms were switched around. New floors put in. Walls have been repainted. Board and batten here, there and everywhere. A mantel has been created from scratch. This is one incredible makeover I can’t wait to share with you in the new year once complete!

An unused antique roaster became a display tray

But yesterday, when I paid my friends a visit, they still had nowhere to sit. Furniture was mounded up in the middle of rooms. Christmas was still in boxes. What was meant to be a quick hello turned into a 7 hour event, laughs, coffee and the most fun I’ve ever had!

A fun little ‘accident’ display sits on the floor beside a hutch

Strong men were summoned from here and there (meaning, no male was safe if we found one!) and we shoved and tightened and nailed and screwed and straightened. We set up the major rooms in a jiffy and then the troops all left me to play in ‘my zone’. So I set up a little bit of Christmas for them.

A wreath gets enhanced with a grapevine variety behind, and sticks added throughout

It was an amazing afternoon. If I felt I needed something, I simply talked to myself out loud and voila, they’d hand me something! This old window was a part of a display that they tore apart because I (me!) desired an old window in this area. I love them. 🙂

The stick idea came to me when I set this wreath in place, but it looked too groomed for my rustic taste.

The display was set in between two tall windows on top of a tall hutch. The lamp in this area is like a warm welcoming hello when you enter the room. Ohhh.. here’s a sneak peek of the new wall colour (chosen by the homeowner and is wonderful!) and board and batten too! See? I can do non funk as well. 🙂

The house is a lovely farmhouse style and the decor was made to match.

BUT… did they get by with no funk at all? Of course not! 🙂


I ran into the back 40 to loot the joint and found this amazing tool carrier still loaded with… well, tools. I happily (and very quickly before they caught me) plunked this and that into the bin and created a unique rustic centerpiece for their dining room area.

Building a fireplace mantel from scratch going up just today

I totally cannot wait to show you the reveal of their home! The befores and afters will astound you! Coming soon in early 2010.

Sharing and helping friends was by far, of much more value than any baking or wrapping could have accomplished. May the spirit of Christmas touch each and every one of you in such a way where you too can have an opportunity to focus on giving, rather than receiving.

It is now time for family, friends and festivities. A heartfelt Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends! May this season bring you extra special memories!

All the best, and see you soon!


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14 thoughts on “Last minute staging for a friend and a story.

  1. Love all the holiday touches but my favorite is the toolbox centerpiece…gorgeous…fabulous and all of the above! You did a great job..can’t wait to see the rest! Happy Holidays!

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