6 – An explosion of Lucketts junk… with a linkup!

An EXPLOSION of Lucketts junk - with a linkup! Check out the night before Lucketts and other blogger's stories on the event! Via Funky Junk Interiors

Part 5 was here

Lucketts Eve-old outdoor chair

After yet again stuffing my spring loaded luggage together, Karen and I head out Lucketts way. We went early afternoon because we heard they had done most of the setup for us. Really?! I couldn’t wait to see!

Touring historic Pennsylvania

The countryside when crossing into Virginia was AMAZING. Lovely postcard styled farms against low, rolling hills, dotted with historic homes is how I’d spell Virginia. If I had asked Karen to stop at every farm I wanted to shoot, we’d never have made it to Lucketts.

And then we were there. Seriously, I felt positively giddy seeing the sign above the front steps. I’ve been looking at these pictures forever of this exact image and to finally see it for real? Why I didn’t get someone to take a picture of me sitting on their steps I’ll never understand!

Lucketts Eve-vendor antique show

Setup was well underway. Rows and rows and ROWS of vendors were everywhere you looked. Exciting! This event is HUGE.

Lucketts Eve-Hometalk booth

 The booth

And then I saw our booth. It was totally decked out funky junk style with supplies displayed in the coolest junk containers, stacks of reclaimed wood, tools galore, everything we would need.

1-lucketts booth setup.10 PM

We both shook our heads in amazement at how perfect it was. NO detail was left untouched. EVERYTHING and more for the demos was totally stocked and ready in the coolest junk containers ever. Heather did an AMAZING job!

Lucketts Eve-chalkboard sign blue frame

ACK! It’s real!

Lucketts Eve-Hometalk burlap totes

The Hometalk burlap totes that were to be handed out were totally cute!

Lucketts Eve - the store

Then we head for The Lucketts Store. I was so anxious to see it!

Lucketts Eve-unique toilet paper storage rusty bin

They were well prepared for the event by the looks of it! 🙂

Funny and genius all at once.

Lucketts Eve

Loved the markings on this trunk styled dresser.

Lucketts Eve - barnwood 4 poster bed

Seriously… you know I died over that bed…

Lucketts Eve - funky wooden lights

I’ll take two of the one on the right! Coolest wooden lights ever.

Lucketts Eve - grainsack wingback chair and ottoman

Lucketts Eve - postal pillow

Lucketts Eve - the front desk

The store was AMAZING. Loved the cashier area.

Lucketts Eve-0376

Miriam and Allison

One more exiting thing was about to transpire. Miriam/Hometalk and Allison Hop aka The Golden Sycamore pulled up later in the day and lemme tell ya, I literally blinked to make sure I was seeing them for real! Here they are talking to Luckett’s Heather.

Would you check out Luckett’s ‘parking lot?!’

Allison was even cuter than I imaged. She was the PERFECT winner of the Hometalk / Lucketts trip and it was so cool to take in her excitement.

Lucketts eve-Miriam Hometalk

We three walked the Lucketts grounds. And then Miriam gasped… she spotted a sweet bench with a picket backdrop surrounded with flowers. I immediately knew she needed to sit in that bench and be caught in her moment. So glad we did! I think she needs a bench and picket fence just like this in her own yard one day, don’t you?

Lucketts eve and Funky Junk


Walking the grounds and seeing the good junk was overwhelming in the best of ways. I just wanted to jump up and down and act like a kid! Oh wait… I DID.

Lucketts eve-numbered antique bottles

Cool vintage numbered bottles… love this idea!

Lucketts eve-vendor junk

GAK!! This booth hit a home run for me. I raced around and kissed everything in sight, promising to bring one of everything home with me. Although only one thing made it home, it’s huge and beautiful and can’t wait to show you soon!

Lucketts eve-tolix chairs

Lucketts Eve-metal numbers

Metal covered numbers and letters. Getting weaker by the minute…

Lucketts Eve-vendor setup

Glass door knobs, grainsacks, olive buckets and everything in between. Die.

Lucketts Eve-vintage cannisters

LOOOOOVE these old neutral toned kitchen cannisers! Why haven’t I noticed those spoons until only now? ARG!

Lucketts Eve-reclaimed wood

If I lived closer, I would have emptied out this booth.

Lucketts Eve-rusty metal numbers and lettersLucketts Eve-rusty metal numbers and letters

Rusty, metal numbers and letters. Overwhelmed yet? I sure was!!

Lucketts Eve-shabby farmtable

Lucketts Eve-shabby white vendor setup

Lovely white / shabby booth.

Lucketts Eve-vintage pedal cars

Cool, vintage pedal cars. This was a toy booth.

Lucketts Eve-old stacked crates

See those stacked empty crates? They’re waiting for the crowds to fill up during…

Next up… Part 7 – HT Lucketts Meetup day!

Hometalk gets Funky Junked at Lucketts

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19 thoughts on “6 – An explosion of Lucketts junk… with a linkup!

  1. hey donna, great idea putting all the posts in one place !! cant wait to read them all … ( love being first ) ..lol ..your photos are great ! but of course they are… funny how certain things we all took pics of, and others ..each each of us had our own perspective ! see you again soon ! somewhere ??? jeanne

  2. Donna..what a great idea to have this Lucketts Link party…a great way to see it all…It was so incredibly fun and meeting so many fellow bloggers was just the greatest!!!…Thanks so much for the opportunity to experience Lucketts again!! …loved your pics…you were truly a “kid in a candy store”…..

  3. Hi Donna

    Have you come off of Cloud 9 yet? I’m sure I would still be floating if I was you.

    And thank you so much for featuring my compost bin pallet project on the weekend. For some reason, I couldn’t link up to thank you on that post. I’m always touched that people even notice my work. Thanks so much.

  4. OMGosh! I LLLOOOOVVVVVEEEE these pictures!!!! If I could have gone, I would have come home with $0 in my bank! Happy, but broke! HA! I can’t wait to see the purchased item….must be special to have been chosen among all of that great stuff. Can’t wait for your next post!!!! PS….LOVE the picture of you “devouring” the junk!

  5. When I wrote this last night, I didn’t know I’d be linking it up here. I think you’ll get a laugh out of it!

  6. Hi Donna, thank you so much for having a Luckett’s party. What a great idea! Your photos were so wonderful. Wish I had seen the bottles with the numbers. Would have bought some for sure! And the HomeTalk booth was so full of charm. What fun!

  7. Thanks for the linkup Donna! I love looking at all the pictures! I will most definitely have to spend more time there next year…so much I didn’t get to see. It was so great meeting you and the other bloggers…and Miriam though!

  8. I think I would have been doing backflips, Donna. Thanks for all your fabulous pics. I hope to make it there one day. Soooooo wish I lived closer.

  9. I was Loving ALL the photos, but my heart literally dropped (or maybe stopped) a moment when I scrolled down to the petal cars!! Oh be still my heart!!! 🙂 I love all the junk!

  10. WOW….WOW…you must have had so much fun!! I wanna come visit there….i would need a big truck to get all the awesomeness home…wow

  11. Hyperventilating at the antique toy cars….gasp, gasp, gasp…Thank God husband is next to me to revive me!

    And the metal chairs…ACK…they’d be perfect in my kitchen at the counter I redid!

    SOOOOOOO wish I was there with you!


  12. Hi Donna!
    I follow your blog and read all your posts as often as they come out! I really enjoy what you do, the pieces you create, and the places you get to go! This would be my dream job. I know this probably isn’t the right time or place to be asking you this, but how would I get started in doing a blog like this? If you want to email me separately, that would be fine, or just comment on this stream if you would like. I am really looking into it and would someday like to linkup with you as well! Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!


  13. I so wanted to go to meet everyone but, alas, my son’s birthday was that weekend! I am so making it next year! Love all of the posts and pics of this fun and soon to be nationally recognized, I am sure, antiques fair!!

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